"didn't you use to do this in highschool to me" she nods "yeah but this college is called highschool haven" she says putting highschool in air quote.

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Kevin's Highschool Days

The funny thing though is despite some of the hard subjects highschool, a few of them were quite easy. okay enough of that, i'm just going to skip ahead to the current time here.

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[Karma's Fate] - New Beginning (Chpt. 1)

I knew everyone here at least had a good time in highschool. they lived everyday of highschool as if it were their last, knowing this day would come. i was relieved to start anew, but i didn't want to be reminded of my high school past.

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Ryan_ now my life is simple but what really annoys me and gets under my skin is i'm still single i've tried everything to get a date i'm not looking for a permanent mate but a casual mate like a boyfriend girlfriend thing i'm still in highschool

Blast from the Past

It was more than just him wanting to be fucked by his old highschool bully. charlie had found himself a boyfriend soon after leaving highschool.

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RHS profiles

She plays softball for the highschool.

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Thats Highschool For You Ch. 2

On the way to the 6th floor, we found out that we actually lived in the same neiborhood, only 2 streets apart actually, and went to the same highschool; franklinson high.

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A New Beginning

#1 of highskool they say your highschool years are the worst of years of your life. i don't know yet, since i'm not in highschool yet. but i'm gonna be after this summer is over. the summer is the best break you have from school, teachers, and bullies.

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Cats and Dogs

The conversation died a bit as other highschoolers began asking kent questions.

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Full of Life: Or Lack Of

Sure as heck didn't help that i lived in a rural town that only has one elementary, middle, and highschool.

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A Steamy Day at Hortonville High

"one day rainbow dash walked into the hortonville highschool locker room. she was very hot and sweaty from the awesome workout she just did.

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Highschool Wrestling

One was that our highschool lost 3-0. no surprise there. the other was a small slip of paper. i opened it. it was jake's phone number. i walked to the garbage bin and acted like i was throwing it away, but quickly pocketed it.

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