Angela Thomas 2

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#2 of Angela Thomas

Story about a blind genetically engineered wolverine going through life in society. Trying to become a citizen the world she's been thrust into. Well, so what others tell her. She just wants to be happy, live, and maybe find love.

Angela Thomas 2

By : John Hartman

"Hey guys, I got some more info on that case in Seattle," a kid announced as he came up to a few other kids and a large wolverine at a table. The large wolverine didn't look happy sitting there. The others actually did their best to act like nothing was out of the ordinary as the kid put the paperwork on the table. The kid then speaks, "Apparently this couple not only been going out for years, but they been living under the same roof."

"Oh?" The only girl in the group responded, "That's weird, why would anyone want to live with a morph? What's that like? I mean, fur shedding all over the place..."

"Grrr," the wolverine bared her teeth as she gave a threatening snarl at her.

The girl started to look annoyed, "Stop growling at me Angela. Animals do shed their fur."

Angela snarls, "Stop calling us animals, you hairless ape."

Another kid in the group stands up, looking tired of the wolverine, "All you do is snap at us. What the hell did we do to you?"

"You can't even see how you are insulting me?" Angela asks seriously, "Okay, fine, I shed, anyone with fur sheds, but stop talking about us like we are fucking animals you fucking shit heads. Do you want me to start asking questions like, 'Oh why do I want to live with a fucking human? All they do is talk about others like they are so fucking alien while they get so fucking pissed off if you don't know what they know and even more pissed off if they have to explain themselves.'" She then stood up and walked away, "Fuck this, I need a break from you guys before I do something I'll regret later."

As she walked off, the others started to angrily talk amongst each other on how they are getting frustrated with the wolverine. Only to her surprise, she heard one boy speak up, "She's right guys. We do tend to be a little insensitive with our questions and what not about her."

"What do you know Eric?" The girl says sharply, "You are the main reason she's been angry since the start of this assignment. All you do is poke fun at her till she walks off like she's doing now. I can't help but think you agitate her to the point she refuses to work with us."

"Oh sure, blame me, as if you are doing any better," Eric responds. He then sighs, "I'll admit, I have no idea how to get on her good side. I've been trying since we first met."

The others start to laugh, "You? No way. With the way you grill her, it's obvious you despise her."

"Oh fuck off," Eric says angrily, "Have any of you met a morph prior to high school? Huh? Any of you ever had a morph as a friend?" The others shook their head, which made him say angrily, "Me neither. How the fuck would I let alone you guys know anything on how to socialize with one? Everything we done so far pisses them off. Especially Angela." He then grumbles, "She's so different than the others since she is considered wild and dangerous. You both seen the adults reactions to her coming to this school. Took her caretakers months to convince everyone she is fine. And not once she's harmed us."

"Yet you are scared of her," one interjected.

"As if you are not," Eric says matter of factly. He then sighs and look defeated, "Seriously, despite how we are clashing, it's obvious she's trying to work with us. Maybe we just need"

They all turn their head as they realized Angela was still in the room, standing at the door. Her back was toward them, but she was obviously listening in. After a moment of silence, she turned around and walked back towards them, silently sitting down. They all just sat there, silent for a while till she finally says, "Okay, this is news to me. guys are trying to get along with me, hmm?"

The room was silent for a bit, then Eric spoke up, "Yes."

Angela gives Eric a menacing look as she turned her nose to face him. He backs up a little bit as the others just watch. She then says to them, "And you guys notice I've been holding back and realize I can easily hurt you, right?"

The others nodded, forgetting she can't see. The girl then says, "Hard to tell with how you snap at us, showing us your teeth while being so close to our faces."

"I have no idea how horrible I look," Angela says seriously, "I just know it usually gives me better results than sitting here begging for respect. I've been told I look like a giant puppy, what ever that looks like."

"Eric says it for them," we can tell you are holding back.

"Can someone else speak besides Eric here?" Angela sighed in annoyance, "Cause me and him obviously have bad history. And I can't see your faces, so tell me what you think. You guys must be using body language, 'cause I've been hearing nothing so far but Eric and Jessica here."

Everyone, in an adlib, started talking out of sync and going into random subjects that all related to her. After a moment, Angela just sighs and says, "Well, I feel like shit."

"Well, you do treat us like shit," Jessica says with confidence.

"Doesn't help that you talk to me like shit," Angela growls back. She then says, "I am not some fucking animal. I hate being compared to an animal. Why is that so fucking hard to understand?"

"Well, because you are...," Jessica was responding back, only to jump back in fear as Angela slams her fist onto the table, actually making it crack as she snarls at the girl. She then stand up and walk away, cursing in a monstrous tone as she storms out of the room, this time slamming the door behind her.

"Well, she is," Jessica grumbles, "Just like the rest of them. Don't mean I don't respect them. Fuck she is so complicated."

"Yeah," Eric sighs. He then shrugs, "Well, let's get back on subject then and maybe when she's calm down, we can get her opinion."

"Fuck," Jessica says angrily, "She picked this subject, she should be leading this."

"Well, she never had to do a group project before, so...well...we'll have to help fill in the blanks for her," Eric grumbles, "Now, about that subject of interspecies relationships."

"I think it's fucked up," one of the kids said, "I mean, why? I don't want to sleep with Fido."

"Uh, Adam, we are talking about Morphs, not your pet dog," Eric grumbles.

"Morphs, familiars, what's the difference?" Adam asks seriously.

"One can talk, drive a car, and tend to itself," Eric says seriously, "So they are considered sapient as equal to human."

"But just because they are like human, don't mean they are human," Jessica responds seriously, "I heard most morphs genitalia matches their familiars, it's kinda gross."

"I wouldn't know," Eric says seriously, "And I don't want to know."

"Fuck, with all these crazy shit in the news today about morphs, gays, transgenders, what the hell?" Adam throws his arms up in the air. "You born with a dick, you go in the men's room, not other due to dress. Shit."

"What does that have to do with this?" Jessica asks, "I agree, but that's not this subject."

"It is," Adam says seriously, "Think about it, we are going crazy as a nation. Guys think they are girls, girls think they are guys. A cat thinking he's a human, a human thinking he's a wolf. What the fuck is going on?"

"No one has come out and say they are a wolf inside," Eric sighs, finding Adam more annoying than Angela.

"Oh go online, there are weirdos who think wearing a mascot costume makes them capable of being close to the animal of their dreams," Adam says angrily, "And I found reports that I brought with me of these individuals who hound morphs romantically because they think they are, let's say, a wolf, therefor they need to date a wolf morph. It's fucked up."

The others looked interested as they took the paperwork he brought out and looked them over, Jessica chuckling, "Well, Angela has found a lot of documents about cases where mixed species couples were caught and prosecuted as unfairly. You found documents on the nuisance of a bunch of wackos."

Adam smiled proudly as he said, "Well, if nothing else, we have both sides covered. Hard to make a case if we ignore the other side."

Angela comes back into the room, her face looks a bit wet, and her goggles are missing. But she wasn't in the mood to care about how she looked at the moment. The others watched her sit down again as they'd never seen her like this before. Angela then twirled her dark shaded goggles around with her fingers as she squinted from the light, obviously the lighting was bothering her as she growled, "What'd I miss?"

The others had never seen her eyes before and actually stared at them, noticing they are very white and foggy where they normally would see black in her irises. Jessica was the first to break the silence, "Why your eyes are so..."

"I am blind," Angela snaps back, "I asked, what'd I miss?"

"Why is your face so wet?" Eric asked nicely.

Angela was silent for a bit, she then says, "Okay, fine, I was crying, happy? Now what the fuck did I miss?"

"That was a lot of tears to cover your face," Adam stated, actually looking disturbed, "Crazy tear ducts."

"If you ever fucking cried and tried to hide them, you would wash your face too, then hope drying it up would wipe the trails away," Angela growls, "Obviously, it doesn't work well on me."

Eric sighs, then says, "Yeah, I can relate."

"Same here," Jessica responded.

"We made you cry?" Adam asked. He then laughs, "We made a wolverine cry...hurck."

Angela swung her hands out and wrapped her hands around his neck, "Yes, and you are about to make me cry again. And I am tired of being humiliated, come on, keep it up, give me a reason to lash out so I can be put down like the animal you say I am. I am so fucking tired of coming here for your fucking amusement. If I can't get along, or even get my request to get out of this fucking hell hole, then maybe I need to do something drastic."

Without thinking Eric started to pet Angela's head, "Angela, Angela, please chill. Okay, we obviously don't know how to...socialize with you. There's no reason to lash out." He then decided to hug her, "Come on, let him go. We are not here to harm you. We may be a"

"Of a jerk," Angela let go of Adam, letting him drop back in his chair and grab hold of his neck with fear in his eyes as the wolverine is actually shocked of Eric's actions.

Eric continued to pet and hug her, surprised this is actually working, "Yeah, jerk. Look, like we said before, we had never dealt with you or your kind before. Just be patient..."

Angela turned to face him in a threatening manner, which made him jump back to avoid her. She then just sighed and slumped in her seat, "All I am asking is to not be considered an animal."

"What the fuck? You strangled me," Adam finally got out of his shock and started to yell at her.

The wolverine started to look apologetic as she replied, "Sorry."

"SORRY?" Adam asked. He then got on his feet and slugged her in the face, knocking her off the chair. She gave a surprised look when she took the hit, then rubbed her cheek as everyone else started to grab Adam as it was obvious he wasn't going to stop from there.

"Yeah, I guess I deserved that," Angela growls under her breath as she slowly got back up onto her feet.

Adam was struggling to get past the others as he kept yelling, "You fucking retarded fleabag. You shouldn't even be in here, let alone anywhere. You are nothing more than just some stupid show animal!" Angela just stood there with her nose pointed in his direction as she just lets him continue yelling at her angrily. Eventually he breaks free and jumps on her, knocking her onto her back. She then gahs and erks as he continues to slug her in the face as he continues to yell obscenities at her while the others yell at him to stop. "Fucking monster, all you do is bitch and moan all the damn time...GAH!"

Everyone was shocked when Eric tackled Adam, knocking him onto the ground. He then pinned Adam under him as he says, "Don't try it. I am on the wrestling team."

"Why the fuck are you defending this fleabag? She obviously wants you dead," Adam yells angrily as everyone just stood there shocked. Angela just rolled onto her side and started to sob as Adam then taunts her, "Aww, I made the puppy cry."

"Are you fucking crazy?" Eric asked, then reminds him, "Just moments again she had you in the air by your neck with only one hand."

"She's pathetic," Adam said angrily as he struggled to get back up, but with no avail, "She's all bark and no guts."

"Well, maybe it's because she knows the adults would kill her if she did attack," Jessica spoke up, getting out of her shock.

The others started to snap out of it and one of them replied, "Yeah, that's right."

"I'll tell them she did this," Adam says angrily.

"The hell you will," Jessica says angrily at Adam. "It's obvious you knocked her on the ground and beat her face in."

"Self defense," Adam says with a smirk. He then looked surprised as Jessica got on her knees and smacked him across his face, "What the fuck was that for?"

"Try explaining how everyone started to attack you?" Jessica taunts. The other boy backs away, shaking his head. She then says to him, "I am not asking you to beat him. I am asking you to be honest here when asked about this."

"Oh, okay, I can do that," the boys quickly responded.

Eric grumbles, then got off of Adam. Adam quickly got up and tried to throw a punch at Eric, only to get surprised as Eric grabbed his arm and threw him over his shoulder. Adam lay on the floor in a daze as Eric taunts, "I told you not to try it."

The others tried to help Angela up, but she just pushes them away, just wanting to lay there as she covered her face as she sobbed.

Adam slowly got up as the others watched him, "Okay, fine, but this is not over." He then storms out of the room leaving them behind.

After a moment of cleaning up the mess they all made, Angela finally stopped crying and slowly got up onto her feet. She then says in a whine, "Goggles, where are my goggles?"

Eric stopped what he was doing and searched the ground. He then put it near her searching hands. She grips it and mumbles, "Thanks," as she then stood up, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. Then putting it on, grumbling, "The light was starting to bother me."

"You can see light?" Jessica asked cautiously, hoping not to offend her.

"Yes," Angela says weakly, "And I see shapes and changes in light depending what's around me. It's all blurry shapes of lights and colors. Though what the exact color is in front of me is not even clear."

"So how do the shaded lenses help?" Jessica asked.

"It just lessens the glare and intensity of the light, that's all," Angela responded as she sat back down on her chair, perplexed. She then asked, "You guys really going to protect me?"

They all stopped, as the they turn to look at her. Eric then said, "Well, despite you choking Adam, you lashed out cause you felt put in a corner by us."

Jessica grunted, then shrugs, mainly to Eric as she responds to Angela, "Yeah, that's not fair to have that type of pressure put onto your shoulders. I don't know. I never meant to make you snap like that. You honestly feel threatened by us?"

The wolverine sighed, then nodded. She then growled, though not angrily, "This day was so unproductive. I don't think we have anything down for this project."

"Yeah," Eric agrees. One of the teachers came into the room with Adam, rambling on about what Angela did. The teacher looked over at everyone, then at the wolverine. He noticed that her face was matted where tears would flow. He came up close to her and inspected her face as Eric says, "Adam really beat her good."

Adam glared at Eric as the teacher then says, "I don't want to hear anything out of you two." He then asked Angela if she was okay, and she nodded. He then says, "I was expecting you guys to get along when I assigned you all into a group." He then says, "You guys go to the principal's office. He'll figure out what you all would be punished for."

"Hey, I didn't do anything," the one boy who avoided getting physical complained.

"True, but you are a witness, so hop to it, all of you," the teacher sighed. Everyone else groaned as they picked up their things and headed out toward the hallway. The teacher sighed as he touched the damaged table they were working on as he grumbles, "They don't realize how lucky they are."

"What the hell Angela?" Jenny asked as she was not happy being called in to pick her up early in the day, "You don't react like that."

"I don't want to talk about it," Angela says gloomily as the van pulled into the lab's parking lot, "I just want to get a long bath and ignore my problems."

"You got a whole fucking week to do that now," Jenny scolded, "So let's get this over with."

Angela covered her face, "Ugh, please, not now."

"Fine, but you and I will have this talk eventually," Jenny scolded, "You are not going to pull this shit once you are under my roof." She then started to chuckle, "Though, I must admit, you getting suspended for raising a brat by his neck is impressive."

Angela chuckles a little, then growls weakly, "Yeah, I guess I am stronger than I thought. Meh, I would have preferred to find out differently."

"Don't tell anyone I said this, but his Dad is a dick," Jenny chuckles, "I am surprised you had to do a project with him. His Dad is a very vocal parent against you being in the school."

"Oh yeah, I know that," Angela says annoyingly. The van finally stopped in a garage area. Angela smiled and wagged her tail as the van door opens up and a familiar scent comes in. She then says in a chipper tone, "Hello Jerome."

"Hey Angela," he comes in to give her a hug. She smiles as she hugs back, sniffing a little, "Did you come to see me?"

"Of course, silly," Jerome chuckles, "And Jenny here." Jenny just rolls her eyes as she got out of the van. He helped the wolverine out of the van as he asked, "So what's this about you getting into a fight?"

"Please, I don't want to talk about this now," Angela sighs as she stands next to him, putting an arm over his shoulder as she wanted to keep him close.

Jenny chuckles as she follows them. Despite it's obvious Jerome is trying to flirt with Jenny, Angela was keeping him close and smothering him almost as they walked toward her unit. From there, the two humans sat down on opposite chairs as the wolverine got undressed. She then plops onto the sofa, smiling, "Heh, so hanging out with us today Jenny?"

"I may as well, since my day is shot for the time being," Jenny chuckled.

"Sweet," Jerome smiled brightly. He then got up and walked toward the kitchen part of the unit, "I'll make something for all of us."

Jenny quickly snapped at him in a commanding tone, "Sit back down Jerome. I am only visiting, and that food in the pantry is for Angela's rations. Either she cooks for herself, or you cook for her. But you don't take any of it or serve it to anyone else but her."

"Party pooper," Jerome sighed as he decided to sit next to Angela. He then pulls her near him so she's resting on his lap as he pets and cuddles her, making her melt on him. She just gave a silly, pleased look on her face as he talks to Jenny, "I do buy extra stuff to put in the pantry so I can make more servings."

"Really now?" Jenny smirks as she pull out her notes.

Jerome blinked, then says quickly, "Uh, I don't recall that being against rules."

"Nope, it's not," Jenny chuckled as she writes it down, "But it explains why she's got more food in her fridge that what's been handed to her."

"How do you guys expect her to cook?" Jerome asked, only to chuckle when Angela presses her face into his chest as she hugs him. He then put both hands behind her, rubbing her back as she made noises that indicate she's pleased.

"I have no idea," Jenny responds, then says to Angela, "Come on pup, you are being too puppy like."

"I don't care," Angela says firmly, "I want to be close to him."

"Aww, you really like me, don't you?" Jerome smiles.

"Very," Angela says as she shifted so her head was resting on his lap, facing him with a dreamy face, "I miss you everyday."

Jerome gave a sad look on his face as he reached down to gently touch the wolverines face. Despite smiling warmly at him, she winces from the bruising she got from earlier. Jenny just looked amused at the two as he says softly, "Woah, that kid must have punched you hard. That's some nasty bruising there." He continued to check her bruises while petting her face.

Angela just blushed and didn't care about the sharp pain when he touched her bruises as she said in a dreamy tone, "It was worth it."

"This is not worth anything, why would this be worth it?" Jerome asked seriously, finding that statement weird.

"I get to be closer to you," Angela gave a dreamy, romantic expression to him.

Jenny tried not to laugh as Jerome smiled and decided to tickle Angela's sides, "You silly girl, you always get to be close to me regardless of a fight for not." He then smirks at her, "Besides, I am supposed to scold you for your actions today, not reward you."

Angela pouted on his lap as Jenny smirked, "He's got a point Angela. So let's stop the flirting for a bit and get this out of the way."

Jerome blinked, then looked at Jenny, "I wasn't flirting at you this time. Honest."

"You are so blind, don't even know when a person is laying on it thick on you," Jenny smirked. She then commanded, "Now focus you two. Angela here's got a week suspension. So, during that time, we need to show sign that we did punish her for her actions."

"Funny, I thought being sent home was the punishment," Angela still pouted, folding her arms as she rested her head on his lap still.

"Nope, you are just pulled out of school for a time," Jenny says seriously, "The punishment is expected to be dished out by the parents or guardians."

"Aww, but she's obviously sorry," Jerome said as he rubbed the wolverine's chin. She smiled warmly at him, then gives his arm a long lick, making him chuckle, "Don't do that. That's messy."

"Mine," Angela just states with a chuckle in her voice.

"Bad girl," Jenny sighs, then point blank say to Jerome, "Angela is hitting on you strong. Can't you see that?"

Angela actually gave Jenny a dirty look as Jerome continued to pet her face. Jerome asked, "What are you talking about?"

Jenny smirks as Angela growled a little at her, making Jerome give Angela a playful noogie. The wolverine gahs, then says to Jenny, "Don't ruin the mood. Some things are probably best left unsaid."

Jerome looked confused as he looked at Angela. The wolverine then shifted, scooting up a little till her back was on his lap, exposing her chest and tummy as she wrapped an arm around him. Jerome chuckles as he rubs her tummy with a hand and the other traces her navel with a finger as he asks Jenny, "Do I want to know what is going on?"

Jenny smirked as she can see from Angela's position that her nipples are very perky, the wolverine having done more than made it easy for him to give her a tummy rub. She wanted to show off her breasts to him. Jenny thought for a moment as she watched Jerome and could see he's totally unfazed by her nudity and the situation. He was totally taking this in a casual manner and not noticing Angela's passive attempt at seduction. The woman then just laughed and commented, "Nothing more than Angela here needing to learn to be a bit more straightforward."

"I am straightforward," Angela growled weakly as she just laid there with a silly, satisfied look on her face.

"To a degree, but you can't bring yourself to more than silly 'I love yous,'" Jenny chuckled. She then says seriously, "Then again, I can't blame you, no matter how ready you may be for a rejection, it still hurts when it happens."

Jerome blinks, then playfully swats the wolverine's hip, making her yip, "You naughty pup you. You have a crush huh? You know from what we told you that you can't get romantically involved with anyone outside of your species."

"I know, I know," Angela sighs, now looking hurt, "But whom could I find love with? There's no others of my kind here."

"True," Jerome responds gently. Jenny watched to see what he'll say as he continues, "I understand. Though despite what is going on in Washington, till YOU are considered a sapient being AND till things are cleared where any one can date others outside of their species, you can not pursue."

Angela just looked hurt, then quickly got up and went straight to the bathtub saying nothing. Jenny was able to catch a tear going down her cheek as the wolverine slammed the door to the bathroom. They then heard the tub running as Jenny sighed, "Well, that upset her."

"I don't know why," Jerome sighs as he got up to go to the fridge for a soda, "Every time we talk about this subject, she just up and leaves."

"She so loves you Jerome, can't you see that?" Jenny said point blank to him as she got up to talk to him close to his ear, trying to keep this as quiet as possible.

"Why you treating this as a hush...?" Jerome asked, only to have his mouth covered.

"You fool, this is no ordinary friend love, or sibling love, or daughter to father figure love," Jenny whispered to Jerome, "This is the 'I want to settle down with you' type of love. This is the 'I want to be intimate with you' type of love."

Jerome looked shocked, then says in harsh whispers, "No fucking way. She's not that type of girl." He started to look angry, "I help raised her, I even stuck with her when others back away from her when they realized she's the genetically engineered dangerous one. She's not a pet, she's my little girl. My little sister," Jerome started to tear up a little as his mind start to raise red flags in his head as he continues to state his stance on her innocence. "Maybe it's a bit unorthodox that I let her get nude and cuddle up to me for a petting, but that's how we hung out for years. Nothing changed other than she's no longer a pup."

"She's a young woman who is just learning about her body and is finding herself interested in intimacy," Jenny said seriously, "She's no longer the young little girl who just wants to come up and cuddle. She's a young woman with hormones kicking and in what I seen today she wants you to do more than pet her safe areas. Didn't you notice her nipples?"

"Well, it is a little nippy in here," Jerome shrugged, "I noticed, but didn't put that thought in. I seen her naked all the time for many years. I never paid attention." He then says seriously, "Only recently since the push to get her into public school did we even started to make her dress up. Not like we had clothing for her prior to this."

"We should have made her dress up when we realized she was not a typical wolverine," Jenny stated.

"Prior to realizing Angela could even speak, we all believed she was nothing more than a giant, genetically altered version of her kind," Jerome started to get angry, "Fuck, it was ME who had to fight with these idiots to take a fucking moment out of their damn day to sit down and watch me talk to her. She was considered to be nothing more than a damn animal. And even when I did show them that she could talk, they thought it was a damn fluke. We knew nothing about her kind, so how the hell would we have known prior to her that she would be so human like that we should dress her up for decency?"

Jenny actually gave him a sympathetic look, "That's....quite sad. But you are right, sorry."

"It's okay," Jerome sighs, then grumbles, "I was just a kid then myself. Well, early teens. I came here with Dad sometimes. He was one of the lab personnel." He then looks a bit moody, "I should be thankful for this for Angela's sake, but I also feel insulted that I am only here for her. I am sure once she's out, I'll be pushed out the door."

The woman actually looked sad, mainly because she had talked to the higher-ups in the past, and they all had voiced their desire to let him go, but couldn't since their 'pet' worked well with him. All she could do was give him a sympathetic pat on his shoulder, saying softly, "You really think that, do you?"

"I am not stupid, Jenny," Jerome says quietly, "I get along with fellow workers, but I am always butting heads with the bosses. Always have, even when I wasn't an employee here. They even told me when I first started here that I am only hired to help keep Angela happy. And honestly, I am happy when she is." He started to smile a bit, "And being naive, I worked hard to prove myself here. Try to learn other things, and be productive here other than being Angela's babysitter. Which I was fine with, but I know I won't be needed forever. Angela will grow up soon and be on her own. So I tried to find ways to secure my job here. Sadly, despite being helpful in other areas now, I know my time is up. Eventually they'll get her moved off base with some foster parent, and I'll be pushed out of this job."

Jenny says softly, "You really do care for Angela, do you?"

"Yes," Jerome says seriously. He then quickly went up to the bathroom door and knocked on it, "Hey Pup, you doing okay in there?"

"Yeah," Angela responds, "I'll be out in a while. I just...want more time to wash up."

"Okay, give me a call if you need me," Jerome says, then walked back toward Jenny. They heard Angela says thanks as he says to Jenny, "Honestly, I do hope she finds love someday. But I never dreamed it to be me. I found her outside that day. She was just a tiny little puppy. Everyone was scared out of their mind when I carried her in my arms." He then chuckles as he thought back, "I fought to keep her, what did I know? I knew enough that she was a little baby. My ideal was that a baby anything could be tamed and domesticated."

"You were the kid who found her?" Jenny asked, a bit surprised.

"Yeah, easily forgotten me," Jerome chuckles, "A hired civilian lasted much longer here than those who are assigned here while on active duty."

"What was your reaction when you learned she's a...well...morph?" Jenny asked.

"Surprised, and even more curious about her," Jerome admitted, "But of course at the time, not considered a morph. But a scientific mistake that escaped, gone wild, and somehow bred till they reached a large number to be a nuisance. Though we know nothing about them past how vicious and deadly they are. But she not once had showed signs of ill attempt or danger to me. So I and even some of the staff here at the time convinced the higher ups to let us keep her and get ourselves a chance to learn about her. You can see how far we've gone with that project."

"Yeah," Jenny agreed. She then chuckled, "Funny, just when I figure you out, you throw me a curveball."

"What do you mean?" Jerome asked.

"Don't worry about it," Jenny smirked, not wanting to give him any false hopes in his pursuits toward her.

Angela came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her torso. She then smiles at the two of them, wagging her tail, "Nothing feels better than a long hot bath to wash the cares away."

"Glad you feel better," Jenny smiles, then goes up to hug the wet wolverine in a towel. She smiles and hugs back, nearly dropping the towel, but was able to prevent it from fully going down.

"Aww, what's that for?" Angela smiles wide. She then wags her tail as Jerome takes a turn to hug her. And she purposely let the towel drop. She hugs him in a way that would come off as creepy as she pressed lowered her herself so she could press his head between her chest as she rub her chin over his head, "Not that I am complaining."

Jenny was going to say something, but decided to say nothing as she went to the fridge. She was worried for her, but not due to the risk of Jerome harming her; he was blind to her advances regardless of what is said. She was more worried about her heart maybe broken once he does realize what she is after. But sometimes a harsh lesson due to one's actions is better than forcing a warning on a person. She brought out a soda and opened the can as she heard Jerome chuckle, "Down girl." Angela just chuckles, then start to lick his cheek and neck, making him blush, "Okay, okay, I get it already, enough with the licks."

"It's how I kiss," Angela says in a low growl. She then let go of him and headed toward the couch, plopping herself onto it. She sprawled out as she her nose and ears obviously pays attention to him as Jenny finds the scene both cute, and disturbing.

"Well, it's that time for me to get back to work," Jenny looked at her watch, then went up to Angela to ruffle her head, "Stay out of trouble." She then faced Jerome with a serious face and barks a command, "And you, don't slack off and tend to her." She then heads out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"Think she'll ever like me?" Jerome sighs when Jenny is gone.

Angela looked disappointed and rolled onto her side, answering, "I doubt it. Though if you quit trying, I think she may be keen on hanging out with you more."

"Maybe," Jerome chuckles, then sat next to her on the couch. Angela decided to just turn around and face him as she lay on her side. She then pressed her face on his tummy and lap as she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. He smiled and petted her with both hands as they lay there silently for a long while.

The next day, Angela was sitting alone in her unit due to her suspension, chatting online from her notebook. Her earphones constantly chatted to her as she typed furiously on her special keyboard, looking frustrated.

MonkeyChik : I am so frustrated. I swear, how blunt can I be?"

SiameseDream54 : Well, no man is that daft darling. Either your not using the right word, actions, or even body language. Humans are so fickle. Even you are being fickle. Seriously, press your breast to his face.

MonkeyChik : I DID! I did, it didn't arouse him or got his attention in anyway one bit.

SiameseDream54 : Nude?

MonkeyChik : YES!

SiameseDream54 : O.O Well, I guess nothing more you can do than just reach out and grab his dick and suck it. Humans mouths give good suctions. I can't compete with that.

MonkeyChik : Oh? How about...dogs?

SiameseDream54 : Nope. Tongue bathes and blowing hot air on dicks can only go so far. Though dogs are more pleasant than us cats. Takes a real talented feline to give a good tongue bath. Getting a virgin kitty to give a tongue bath is asking for trouble. Heh, I made my first lover scream by accident."

MonkeyChik : Why?

SiameseDream54 : Our tongues are just like our four legged cousins. You ever had a pet cat before?

MonkeyChik : No.

SiameseDream54 : LOL, I swear, it's like you live under some sort of rock or in a laboratory.

MonkeyChik : Grrr!

SiameseDream54 : Oh stop acting like a mutt, not going to get this cat to hiss...unless you got a large tool aimed for my tail hole.

MonkeyChik : You are so nasty at times.

SiameseDream54 : Heh, I love sex darling. And I am open minded, and not shy to be open about it.

MonkeyChik : Don't you get in trouble?

SiameseDream54 : Sometimes, but it helps I live in an area where they don't give a shit. That, and our laws here in Canada isn't as well enforced as it is on your side of the border. BUT then again, we still have a lot of sapient beings still on our avoid list. But we don't make it a point to hunt them out. Those poor wolverines in your state. I understand they are dangerous due to them attacking and mauling anyone that comes into their sights. But I can't help they are a bit misunderstood.

Angela just froze there as she was not sure how to respond. With how she is brought to believe about them, she too was scared of her own kind. Though she did tear up a little, since it means this person probably would give her a chance if she knew who she really was. She then sighed and started typing more.

MonkeyChik : Well, I am sure there are some nice ones. Just from what I can tell, language barrier is harsh. Ever heard one? The noises they make are horrendous. Hard to make them out, even if they would speak slow.

"I would know," Angela mumbles to herself. She then stopped and sniffed the room, making sure no one is in the area. She then went back to typing.

MonkeyChik : I want to do I go about...grabbing his dick?

SiameseDream54 : LOL, I wish you could see, cause then it would be easier to just say go for the crotch. But basically, put your face up there, undo his pants, yank the garments down and put your lips on that flaccid penis. It will get hard from your attention. Humans got hot penises. They don't hurt and spread you out like canines, nor do they have spines like felines. And when they are done, they go soft and painlessly slip out. Just, brace yourself for your first insertion, any penis will hurt for a first time.

MonkeyChik : Heh, wow, jumping the gun though, I just want to learn how to turn him on.

SiameseDream54 : I just told you, silly. If you can't get him enticed with your body, you must get hands on with his body. A best way to get his dick to rise, if nothing else, is to get a hand on his love handle. And once you get him up, mount him and get him in your love box.

MonkeyChik : What if he rejects me still?

SiameseDream54 : Oh, I'll be shocked if he will. He sounds so close to you as is. I bet he don't even realize how much you mean to him. Or at least not realize how much he is missing. Humans, I don't get them sometimes. There are some exceptions, but the one you are dealing with sounds like the extreme case.

MonkeyChik : I am actually heavily considering this. Just...I am afraid he away. Or...or turn out to be horrible.

SiameseDream54 : Not everyone's first time...or first 10 times...or even not every time will be good.

MonkeyChik : No, I mean, what if he turns out to be a monster in bed?

SiameseDream54 : Oooooh, if he's huge, I got to fly over to meet this man. Meow!

MonkeyChik : ....that too. But no, I mean, what if he turns out to be one of those who like to tie up his lovers and beat the shit out of them as he violates their butts?

SiameseDream54 : Ooooooh, I NEED to get over there to meet this man.

MonkeyChik : You scare me sometimes.

SiameseDream54 : I'll be serious here. You say you knew him for a long time. If he was that type, have you noticed any sadistic tendencies from him? Have he ever tried to talk you into BDSM?

MonkeyChik : No, actually, he gets scared if he thinks he harmed me.

SiameseDream54 : THEN NO WORRIES! Seriously, like I said, you furless apes got too much hangups with sex.

MonkeyChik : Hey, no reason to go that low.

SiameseDream54 : Sorry, just I am always working on loosening up Virgin Marys. Get annoying after a while. If I was there, I would do more than coach you, I would loosen you up myself, then drag that man in for a threesome.

MonkeyChik : Ack, baby steps, baby steps. OMG, glad we are far away.

SiameseDream54 : X.X Aww, party pooper. Seriously though, take my advice. When you are alone with him again, undo his fly, whip out his dick and suck it. He'll go from resistance to begging for more.

MonkeyChik : Okay, I think I'll try it later.

SiameseDream54 : I bet this is making you wet, eh?

MonkeyChik : Uh...yeah.

SiameseDream54 : Don't be shy. I find this hot. I actually came during this conversation.

MonkeyChik : OMG, SD!

SiameseDream54 : Oh, don't be shy. You can rub one out. I bet you are a sexy woman. I would love to watch you two go at it. Too bad you can't send me a pic. I sent you a pic. Though that was before you told me you are blind.

MonkeyChik : I...never really...explored myself...yet.

SiameseDream54 : OMG, really? Wow, no wonder you have no confidence in seduction. How do you expect him to respond to your attempts if you don't even know what you want for satisfaction? Get your clit between your fingers and start working on it now.

Angela looked scared as she sniffed the area. She then asked in a weak voice, "Anyone in here? Anyone? Hello?" After a moment of no response, she leaned back and spread her legs a little. She then slipped a couple of fingers in her canine like mound, trying to find her clitoris. After a moment, she finds her big clit deep inside and grunts, closing her legs from the sensation. She then just does what she was told. She had read up on masturbation before. But always stopped due to feeling weird since all she'd found were human directions. And realizing she's a bit different to a woman. She growls to herself as she vigorously rubs her clit, "I will do it this time, I will do it. No one's here, I will do it. Holy shit this is...this is...oh...oh..." A lot of lewd wet noises start to emit from her fingers going in her sex organ as she continued to work on her clit, "Ignore the noise, ignore the noise, eww that, no, ignore the noise."

SiameseDream54 : Still there? You went silent.

The wolverine whimpered as she continued to rub her sex. Her face looked determined and intense as she lift her legs up and put them on the edge of her desk as she continued to rub her sex. Eventually she pushed back in a powerful climax, making her yip. She then accidently kicked the table, sending her office chair flying across the room till it tripped over a rug and send her flying onto her back, making her yip in shock. She then laid there in shock as her senses were both overwhelmed with both pain from the crash, and the intense first time pleasure of her orgasm. After a moment, she put her hand on her crotch, yipping as it felt very hot, wet, and sensitive. She just laid there for a bit till all the sensations died down. Angela then got up and found her seat. After sniffing and groping the ground, she eventually found her earphones. She then quickly went back to the computer, hooking everything up as she got organized again.

MonkeyChik : Sorry, I did your suggestion. It feels so weird and gross.

SiameseDream54 : Don't like it then, huh? :(

MonkeyChik : Well, normally I just stop, but I really wanted to cum for once. And I must admit. It felt GREAT.

SiameseDream54 : LMFAO

MonkeyChik : What?

SiameseDream54 : I find it funny how some people, not just humans, would find their bodies disgusting. Gotta get past that if you want another to adore your body.

MonkeyChik : But what about my mind.

SiameseDream54 : It's hard to get both And you need to pick which is more important to you. Yes, there are those who will adore everything about you. But more times than not, it's one or the other for some. And depends what you are after. Me, I love sex, sex, sex. So you better be ready to fuck me cause I am not interested on the theories of why the sun burns and stuff like that.

MonkeyChik : Heh, I get it.

MrsSlyC845 : Hey you two. Did I miss much?

SiameseDream54 : I made little Miss Prude here give herself her first orgasm.

MrsSlyC845 : Aww, how was it?

MonkeyChik : It was good.

MrsSlyC845 : Sweet.

MonkeyChik : :D Yeah, it felt great....oh shit, I gotta go. Caretaker just got into the unit. Take care ladies.

Angela quickly turned off her PC as Jerome got behind her and put his arms around her tummy as he rest his chin on her head, "Hey Puppy. I came to check up on you. How's your day home from suspension?"

"Not bad," Angela smiled as she put her arm over his, wagging her tail, "You free from work yet?"

"Nope," Jerome chuckles, "But I wanted to be sure you are doing well."

The wolverine blushed as she leaned her head back onto his chest, enjoying the hug. Jerome silently petted her tummy as he looked down her muzzle. He then recalls the conversation he had with Jenny about Angela yesterday. He raised an eyebrow as he decided to take a look at her breast over his arms and was surprised how hard and obvious her nipples were. He actually looked at them for a bit, for the first time noticed how attractive they were, despite being almost a black colour that blends in with her fur. While he was doing this he was noticing a musky smell from her. He looked at her face again and noticed how content and happy she looks with her eyes closed, just leaning up against him. It actually made him feel guilty for looking her over like that. He then froze as he realized what that musky smell was and he looked down at her lap. Her legs were a bit spread open and he can see a wet area near her crotch like as if she let out a little urine. He then shook his head as he look away as Angela noticed his change of mood, "Is everything okay Jerome?"

"Yes, everything is fine Angela," he chuckles nervously. He then acts like nothing was bothering him as he cuddles her again.

Angela looked concerned as she gently made him release her so she could turn her office chair to face him. She then asked him with her nose close to his nose as he eyes, despite blankly looking at him, seem to sink him in a little, "Are you sure? Your mood never shifted like that before. Is everything alright?"

"Yes Angela," he says softly. He then pet her head gently, "I am just amazed how my little girl is growing up."

"Of course I am growing up," Angela gives a little pout as she folds her arms, "You've not been able to pick me up in years, silly."

"Yes," Jerome chuckles. He then stood up and walked toward the fridge.

Angela started to look very worried as he is acting different all the sudden. She start to plead with him, "Are you sure? I may be blind, but I can sense it. You know this already, from your breathing. And when I am near, your heart beats. You must have saw something. Is it something I should worry about?"

Jerome sighed, then came up to her, facing her again. He could see the worry in her eyes as he petted her head. He stared at her eyes for a long time, which worried her. Then he finally asked, "I love you puppy, you know that right?"

The man watched as he could see the wolverine's eyes start to light up with life, even showing affection as she says softly, "Yes, I know. And I love you too. More than you realize." She then leaned slowly close to him as he watched her silently, curious to what she has in mind. She got as close till their noses was nearly touching each other. After a moment, her eyes went from affectionate to passionate and daring as she then slowly, with a hint of nervousness, gave his lips a light lick. They then just faced each other for a long time, which made her eyes go from a nervous, passionate look to a look of pain and fright, "Jerome? are quiet."

Jerome was silent, not sure how to respond to this. Never in his life had he dreamed of this, or even considered this maybe a possibility. He whispers softly, "I am sorry Angela. I...I can't." He quickly stood up and quickly left her unit, "I need time to think. is too much."

The wolverine desperately got up and grabbed him before he left the unit, "Jerome, no, please, wait..."

The man turned to face her, which made her stop and gave him a silent pleading look. This silence lasted for a while till she slowly started to lower her hand away from him, tears started to come out of her eyes. After a moment, Jerome says gently, "Angela, there's so much I want to say right now, but I can't. Not yet. Don't force me to make a quick decision right now. I need time. And I need time to be alone to think about this." He then left her unit, closing the door behind him. She slowly turned toward her bed and got on it, weeping as the rejection cut her deep.

That night no one came to check on her, though a random lab person came in to make her dinner. She was heartbroken since he promised to make her favorite dish. Though she really didn't care about the dish as much as seeing him at all. Instead of going online to talk to her friends that night, she just felt too hurt to socialize. When the morning came up, she was hoping he'd show up since he's on a schedule; instead, Jenny showed up instead.

"Morning Angela," Jenny says sympathetically, not even trying to cover up the mood as she woke the wolverine up.

Angela just burst into tears as she see it was Jenny instead of Jerome, "Jenny, where's Jerome?"

The woman scooted up to the wolverine and gave her a motherly hug, "Jerome didn't say. He just walked into the main office and said he needs to give his two weeks in. Boss took it as an invitation to send him packing that moment. He no longer works here."

The wolverine just starts to cry uncontrollably as she mumbles "sorry" over and over again as Jenny just held onto her, trying to calm her down and remind her everything will be okay.

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