Angela Thomas 3

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#3 of Angela Thomas

Story about a blind genetically engineered wolverine going through life in society. Trying to become a citizen the world she's been thrust into. Well, so what others tell her. She just wants to be happy, live, and maybe find love.

Angela Thomas 3

By : John Hartman

A wolverine sat by herself at a table during lunch period, looking gloomy as she just pokes her burrito with the claw tip of her index finger. It's been a couple of weeks since she'd last seen a childhood friend of hers, and all she could think about was blaming herself for him leaving. A boy came up to her and sat across from her. She didn't react how she normally would as she said in a sad voice, "Hi Eric, why are you sitting with me this time?"

"You look so glum," Eric stated, "I know it's been almost three weeks since we'd been suspended...."

"I am not glum because of our suspension," Angela snarled at him. She then sighed as she whimpered, "I am just...sad..." She then covers her face with her hands, "I can't talk about it."

"Try me," Eric said seriously, "I know you and I didn't get along in the past. And I'll admit, I am horrible, but I am trying."

"So your idea of trying is to act like you are some friend with a shoulder to cry on?" Angela snarls a little at the boy.

Eric sighed and threw his arms up in frustration, "Okay, fine, I get it, I treat you like shit. I didn't mean to, but I did. How many times must I say sorry?"

Angela sighs, then says weakly, "How can I trust you? I mean, let's say you broke the glass in the window pane? Would a simple sorry make it new again?"

"No," Eric says angrily, "But I can at least clean up the mess and even try to replace that pane of glass. But if you want to keep walking all over that fucking glass, I can't stop you." He then angrily got on his feet and walked away.

The wolverine sighs as she decides to eat her burrito. Once she was done, she got up and wandered to the exit. Despite being cold still and not having much on for cold weather, she didn't care. She just wanted to find something to remind her she's alive. She followed the wall as she walked around it, knowing there's another entrance to the building as she tries to waste time before the bell. Her nose breathes in the crisp, cold air, making it bite the tips of her hairs. By the time she got halfway toward the other entrance, she was starting to walk by an area not too far from trees and foliage. She continues on till she catches a scent that makes her stop. She sniffs the walls, then got on her hands as she smells the scent on the ground. She then quickly got back on her feet and started to quickly run as she realized the scent she picked up was a wolverine, like her. Or a wolverine in general. She does not want to find out--does not want to give it a chance to find her. She ran, every now and then scraping herself up against the wall and tripping over things. She had explored the area long enough to get a good idea of her surroundings.

The wolverine got into the building and quickly headed to her next class. On her way there though, she noticed a scent of a male she'd been trying to avoid. She then looked frightened as she hears a bunch of kids start rushing toward her. She cowers from where she stands as she whimpers, "Not again." They all knock her onto her back, making her yipe in pain. They all then quickly kicked her a few times before running off, taunting her. She just sobs as she slowly got back on her feet, whimpering, "I said I was sorry Adam, fuck." She then noticed her goggles are missing since the lights were bothering her. She growls, walking slowly in pain, "Damn it, those things are not cheap." She growls at nobody that needed to hear it.

The wolverine makes it to biology class, looking quite beat. The others look at her as Adam chuckles at her, "Aww, did the puppy get beat again?"

"Leave me alone," Angela whimpers.

"Heh, listen to the big puppy whine," Adam taunts as the other laugh, "Aww, gonna go home and cry to your master? Gonna ask him to make it all better by giving you tummy rubs?"

The wolverine remembers Jerome and how she misses him and his petting that she just started crying right there on the spot. The others laugh as their teacher walk in and says to the class, "Stop tormenting her." He then look at Adam, "You, I am sick of you, get out."

"Sure, I'll be happy to," Adam says in a snotty attitude, then walks out, "I'll pass regardless since I get my work done."

"Tardy," the teacher says, "If you don't go to the principal like last time, I will mark you tardy and that won't look good on your grade either."

Adam just grumbles, "We'll see about that," and leaves the classroom.

Some of the class still were showing signs of taunting the wolverine as she continues to cry and whimper like a pup the lessons start up. Eventually she calms down as she got into the lesson.

Last period they were all in English class, and nothing was eventful till near the end.

"Okay class, your assignment for tonight will be...," the teacher fell silent as alarms go off with the overhead speakers blaring an announcement, "Everyone stay in your rooms and barricade the doors. We have a wild intruder in the building. Repeat, stay out of the hallways and barricade the doors, we have a wild intruder in the building."

The teacher obviously was filled with dread as he quickly got up and picked up the phone, calling main office. The kids just sat there and asked what kind of wild animal would require them to barricade the doors. Angela holds still as she listened carefully to what was going on. Her fur then stood on end as she realized there's a horrific snarling and growling coming down the hallway, and it was coming fast to the point the kids were starting to panic.

"That sounds like a wolverine," the teacher dropped the phone and quickly ran up to the door to make sure it was shut tight, "Though it doesn't sound normal."

Angela jumped out of her seat and charged for the door, making the teacher scream as he jumped away from her. She quickly grabbed a table and threw it at the door just in time to see a large, monstrous wolverine like throw itself at the door through it's glass window pane. The glass cracks from the impact as it snarls and growls loudly. Angela cloud not see, but she can hear and sense its presence. The kids in the classroom and in the neighboring classrooms were all panicking as Angela unknowingly faced off with the wolverine peering through the door window. Her classmates watched them as Angela was obviously in tears as she says to anyone, "Somebody do something, I can't see what's going on. Why the hell am I the only one trying to keep this door shut?"

Eric snapped out of it and quickly ran up to the table near the door as the wolverine outside once again fought to break the door down. He put his weight up against it in hopes to prevent it from getting past the door. Others started to get involved as they got over their shocked. A few of them started to yell at Angela, "Make it stop, you are one of them, talk to him."

"I don't know how to talk to it," Angela yells at them, "I only speak English, stop yelling at me talk to it. I can't."

It then stopped and quickly ran off, making the others look relieved. They then hear this blood curdling scream as the snarls and growls once again echo in the halls. Angela actually recognized the scream, growling, "Damn it." She then demanded the others to get out of her way.

"Are you nuts? You'll let that beast in here," one kid says.

"Fuck that, let her out, I bet it's here because of her," one kid says.

"I have no time for this," Angela snarls as the voice outside sounds like it's being ripped out. The others got out of her way as she quickly open the door and sprint on all limbs toward the noise. The others were going white as they imagined the victim being torn apart.

The intruder had slashed Adam into a bloody mess by the time Angela ran towards it and body-checked it. That wolverine looked shocked, only to quickly snap out of it and respond by clawing her face, making her yip. She then snarls as she quickly jumped forward to bite it, succeeding in blindly biting its arm. Once she got his arm, she did her best to knock it down, only to realize the fellow wolverine was very muscular compared to her--and much taller. She started to regret rushing out there to be the hero as the wolverine grabbed her and threw her onto the ground. It then angrily snarled at her as it slugged her in the face, making her yipe. It then grabbed her face and looked her into the eye as she was seeing stars flashing all over the place along with the moving lights and shadows. And the dark shadow that got into her vision snarling at her made her fur go on end. It then let her go, giving a sound of shock. Angela plops onto the ground, feeling her consciousness was fading as it started to bolt away. Only to all the sudden hear a bunch of gun shots being fired at the creature. Angela started to cry silently to herself as she faded out, her fears of being shot had come true.

Angela woke up in the school's clinic. The news and Eric was watching her. Angela sniffed the air, then faces Eric asking him weakly, "Have I been shot?"

"No," Eric responds, "But that male was."

"He was male?" Angela asked. She then snarls, "I couldn't tell, never smelled my kinds scent before other than my own." She then look embarrassed, "Please don't tell me he came in here cause he smelled me. Ugh, just what I need."

The nurse says seriously, "Nevermind about him. The important thing is you are safe. Fellow wolverine or not, you do not tackle one head on. That was suicide, you were lucky we got there in time before he would have done more harm to you and the others."

"Is Adam safe?" Angela asked weakly.

"Don't know, he was critical when he got sent to hospital on a stretcher," the nurse responded.

Angela sighs, then just lay there as she faced blankly at the ceiling, "So I was too late."

"I doubt there was nothing more you could have done," the nurse responded, "Though if you didn't tackle him, he may have done more harm than what was already done."

Angela was a bit silent for a bit as Eric says, "I am surprised you went out there to help Adam. All he's done lately is beat on you and you risk your neck out for him. Why?"

"I don't know," Angela growls weakly, "I don't know. I just...didn't want anyone to get hurt. I felt...I felt I caused this." She then shrugs, "I wanted to do right. No one else was trying to do anything. Though I just found out why," Angela grumbles, "That guy was tough."

"Your guardian will be here shortly, she just had some errands her higher ups wanted her to take care of," the nurse said. She then walks out of the room, leaving her alone with Eric.

"And you," Angela snarled, though it wasn't a threat more than an annoyance, "You decided to wait for me to wake up?"

"I wanted to say you are awesome," Eric said honestly.

"Why? That was the most stupidest thing I ever did," Angela responded, "I got mauled by my own kind trying to save a prick who constantly beat on me, only to witness my own kind get shot like the monster he is."

"He was, you are not," Eric says seriously, "You are not out to harm strangers, he did."

Angela sighs, then growls softly, "I don't want to talk about this. I understand the situation, but I can't help but think that would have been very easily me. There was no attempt to restrain him. Just pop a few bullets into him and that was it. If he was human, you all would attempt to reason with him before shooting.

Eric opened his mouth to say something, only to close it as he realized that she had a point. He decided to pet her head gently. At first she bares her teeth as she really didn't want to receive any affection from him. But eventually, she just relaxes as they remain quiet. It was nearly half an hour till she says, "I am not a pet, remember that. So as long you keep that in mind, I am happy with this."

"Noted," Eric says seriously. He then says seriously to her, "You are the coolest girl I know."

"Me? Cool?" Angela asked loudly. She then laughs, "No, no, no way. I am just some stupid mutt who was made to believe she could be anything. Even one of you. It's all a lie." She then start to tear up, "I get beat for what I am, I get beat by my own kind. Everyone reminds me I'll be nothing more than an animal. And the one man who ever successfully made me feel special...then one who made me believe I am a woman, ran away and abandoned me when I confessed my love to him." She then starts to sob, "No, I am nobody special. Everyone I care about will go away eventually because I am not one of them."

Eric looked sympathetic, actually very sadly at her, "So that is what's eating you up inside?"

"Yeah, heh, I guess I finally told you," Angela smiles weakly. She then looked surprised when he gives her a comforting hug, whispering, "I won't tell anyone. I now understand why our project meant so much to you till recently."

The wolverine sighs, then wraps her arms around him and hugging him close. She then sobs, "Do you? You told me you have a hard time knowing what's it like to be the only kind. How would you know how I feel? How I would be fine falling for anyone but my own kind? Hmm?"

"Give me a chance and I'll learn," Eric says seriously. He then got bold and wiped her eyes with a paper towel, "Your life isn't over all because your childhood crush left. Heh, we are young and we'll find somebody eventually."

"Yeah, who?" Angela mopes as she let go of him, "No one will want this monster other than some real monster."

Eric smirks, then pets her head, "You really want some romance, huh?'

"Doesn't everybody at some point in their lives?" the wolverine asked seriously.

"Not everyone, but a good chunk of people, yes," Eric responded, "I don't know if I'll be ready to settle down. Though I sure would love to get laid someday."

Angela smirks, then says, "A bit straightforward there buddy?"

Eric chuckles, making Angela give a perplexed look. He then says, "I'll hold you to that, friend."

The wolverine thought about it, then snarls, "That's a figure of speech."

"Sure thing, buddy," Eric smiles. He then say, "I think your guardian is here."

"Whatever," Angela folds her arms. She then growls, "I've only been in this school for a couple months, and already I been beaten by students and random wolverines. What's next? Angry mob of parents?"

Eric sighs as he pets her head again, "Let's not think that."

"And since when you were ever affectionate...gah," Angela snarls, only to get him to pinch her ear, "What was that for?"

"Stop it," Eric says sharply, "You bitch about having no friends, and when people try, you push them away."

The wolverine glares at the wall as she thought about it, then rolled on the bed with her back at him, "Okay, fine. So you want to hang out with school's monstrous punching bag. Okay, do so. But don't cry to me when your friends abandon you. And don't be shocked if I get angry with you if you do the same."

"Fine," Eric sighs. He then pets her head, as they hang out silently.

Angela rolled onto her back to face him as she asked nervously, "Mind if I ask you what you saw?"

"Not much," Eric stopped petting her and answered her question.

"You sure? I mean, what'd he look like?" Angela asked curiously.

Eric thought a bit, then says, "He was monstrously tall. He can't stand up in the hallways. Actually crawled unlike you who just crouch in here. His limbs were frighteningly thick, you could see his muscles."

"Yeah, I felt them," Angela grumbles, "And when I did, I realized I was probably going to get killed."

Eric pat her shoulder as he says uneasily, "Actually, he...he seemed to have other plans, as far as we could tell."

Angela just stare blankly at the ceiling, both silent for a while. She then says icily, "I see. And may I ask how you could tell he was interested in breeding me?"

"I am not comfortable...," Eric tried to change the subject.

Angela snarls loudly, "TELL ME!"

Eric look uneasy, then says, "The obvious sign was when he knocked you on the ground and pinned you, his dick slipped out of...something and he was positioning himself over you as he snarled in your face. Though not sure what made him all the sudden let you go and crawl away before being shot."

Angela just laid there, looking blankly up at the ceiling as Eric goes silent as he can tell there's fire raging in her. After a moment she just says softly, "Everyone is right."

Eric knows what Angela is saying and he goes, "Oh come on, you can't believe that...."

"You and everyone around me constantly remind me of a fucking animal me and my kind are," Angela sat up and got in his face, snarling. "Even that bastard thought of nothing but to fulfill his animals desires. Fuck my consent."

"Well, he didn't in the end," Eric said weakly, knowing that it's still don't change anything.

The wolverine just laughs, then angrily says, "I am fucking broken since birth. You think in nature anyone would breed me? He wants healthy pups. I won't give him any. Fear I would only pump out blind babies." She then starts to sob angrily as she says, "Nature is fucking cruel, don't you fucking know that? It was no accident I was left alone when I was baby. Only accident was me being found." She then starts to laugh hysterically, "No, no, classic story of Mother abandoned child cause of some deformity or from an unwanted pregnancy and to be raised by strangers who KNOW the issues and EVERYONE knows the physical issues." She then says in a sing song way, "And despite all the problems the kid faces, he or she somehow overcomes it all and wins a great life and even gets their dream lover." She screams out loud, "I just want to fucking live! Why is that so fucking hard to understand?"

Eric actually froze in his spot, not able to fight or flee as Angela just breaths heavily in his face as she looks wild and angry. After a moment, Eric's face just softens up as he whispers, "Angela?"

"What?" Angela snarls at him, though nothing threatening toward him other than it's obvious she's very upset.

Eric stares at her for a long time as she continues to breath heavily at him. He then leans in and whispers, "I..." He then pauses, looking at her a bit more as she looked impatient toward his delayed response. He then leans in and kisses her cheek, making her give a shocked look. He says nothing as he then stand up and say, "You're an awesome person. It saddens me to see you like this. But I guess I am part of the problem. I told you my lack of understand toward your situation. Though I am slowly starting to understand. If I knew then what I know now, I would have done a lot of things different." He then chuckles, "But there's a lot I still don't know."

"You kissed me?" Angela asked softly as she just sat there, stunned, not really paying attention to what he was saying.

Eric looked embarrassed as he laughed nervously, "Heh, well, yeah..."

"You kissed ME?" Angela repeated to him as she put a hand gently over the area where he kissed her.

"Yes," Eric says firmly, actually starting to blush when she rubs his kiss instead of wiping it away frantically like he thought she was going to do. He then asks shyly, "Uh...did I go too far?"

"You made me feel inferior," Angela says softly as she reach out to gently touch his face, wanting to get a better 'look' at him. "Only to turn around and try to comfort me and even kiss me?" She asked as she listened intently for his body reactions. He was every bit scared of her, yet here he is trying to be near here, to be close. After a moment of her touching his face gently, he calmed down and even smiled. She felt his lips, which made her smile a little too. She then states flatly as she continues to touch him gently, "You confuse the fuck out of me Eric. What is it do you truly want from me? Cause for the longest time, I felt you just wanted to push me around for being me."

Eric sighs, then says, "I said it before on why I did what I did. I didn't know better. But I guess I may come clean since I got you in an affectionate mode."

"Wanting to see you with my sense of touch is not being affectionate," Angela says with a warm smile on her face, "But it easily can lead to such."

Eric nodded, which Angela felt. She then nodded back as he whispers, "First time I met you, you scared me. But the second you spoke, despite how obviously animal like your voice is, I can hear a bit of sweet, tenderness to you. came off...hehe, I feel like a dork," Eric blushes as he decides to pet her head gently, "I...liked you at the start."

Angela laughs in his face, not to be mean, but she couldn't help find it funny. He looks dejected as she then says in a soft growl, "Really? Me?" She then decides to pull him into her lap and put her hands all over him as she really wanted to look him over as he gahs. She then says softly in his ear, "You do realize insulting a person is not the best way to flirt. I never understood that."

"I never meant to anger you," Eric says nervously, not fully understanding what she's doing to him as he then says, "Seriously, we all joke around about others like that. I never realized it was being cruel, seriously."

Angela smirks as she growls, "Okay, okay, I get it already. No reason to get scared of me."

"You grabbed me and placed me on your lap. Now you are groping me with your large hands and sharp claws while you are going over my sin list. Of course I am scared," Eric says uncomfortably.

"Oh," Angela says as she quickly let him go, "Sorry, I just want to look you over, like I said earlier."

Eric was going to say something mean, but then sighs as he says softly, "Please warn me next time. I swear, it felt like you enjoy touching my butt."

Angela gave a blush that he doesn't recognize as she admits, "Well, yes, you got a nice firm butt."

Eric blushes as he says, " my body?"

The wolverine turn away nervously as she stutters, "Yeah, take care of yourself fine. I can say you are handsome and not be made fun about it cause I am a wolverine. No, it don't mean I...I want go to bed with, not at all."

The young human blushes as he decides to hug her from behind. Her blush rushes as he put his chin on her neck and inhales her scent. She whimpers as she put her arms over his, smiling wide. He noticed and asks her, "Does anyone do this for you?"

"Not anymore, I miss this," Angela responds as a little tear go down her cheek, "Please, don't stop."

Eric blushes as he decides to get a little gutsy and start to nibble the base of her neck, which made her look shocked at first, but then melts as she groans haughtily from the attention. He then asked in a whisper, "Has anyone done this before?"

"No, never," Angela whimpers softly. She then gives a quiet moan as he goes back to necking her furry neck as a hand lifts up her shirt a little and snaked in over a breast. She groans, "Oh Eric, you perverted little shit." He chuckles as he lifts up a breast, then feel her rock hard nipples in his hand.

"Would you want me to stop?" Eric asked softly as he is not sure which is shocking. Him finding her sexually alluring, or the fact she's receptive to his advances. She shakes her head as he then lift her shirt up just enough to expose the breast he is fondling. He is amazed with how fuzzy they are and how dark her nipples are. He comments, "Wow, I like how your breast looks."

"You do?" Angela ask haughtily. She can sense his blood rising and pumping as hard as hers. She felt his body shift around her till his face was in front of her exposed breast. She then gasps as she felt him put her hard nipple in his lips, licking them. She moans loudly, "Oh Eric....oh...oh wow."

Eric stops and looks scared, "Shhh, someone will hear us."

"Sorry," Angela blushes as she put a hand on his back and pull him closer, "Please, don't stop." Angela lay back down on the bed as he suckles and licks her nipple, making her close her eyes, a huge smile on her face. His hands fondle and pet the rest of her body, feeling whatever it could get underneath her clothing. This kept going on for a while till both of them heard footsteps coming closer. They both stopped and quickly straightened themselves out as the nurse and Jenny came into the room.

The two students obviously were caught off guard as they both were trying to talk like they were doing nothing more than just talking. The nurse didn't care, though Jenny gave them a knowing smirk as she helped Angela up onto her feet, "Well, well, well, you keep getting into excitement. Took on a wild wolverine morph on your own to protect a fellow student."

"Despite the odds, she was amazing," Eric smiled as he gave Angela a quick pet under her ear. He then says, "I've got to run now. I hope things will improve between us now."

Angela just gushed as she gave his back a friendly, yet hard pat on his back, "Sure okay, I think we can start hanging out more." She then says sincerely, "Thanks for keeping me company. I needed that. I was really feeling alone here."

Jenny chuckles, then tugs on Angela's hand, "Come on now, let's get you home before somebody else tries to keep you tied down here."

The two kids waved as Jenny guide Angela toward the van, saying, "Funny, weeks ago you hated that boy. And now you are giving him mushy looks."

The wolverine look embarrassed as the get to the van, "Oh don't make fun of me Jenny. Yeah, he's still a jerk. But...he's...he's starting to show me a nice side of him that I am starting to like."

"Did he let you touch his butt?" Jenny teases, which made Angela quickly deny it. She then laughs, "Oh don't be shy, he's got a very sexy butt. Maybe if he's into older women I would love to..."

"Don't you even dare," Angela snaps. She then looked embarrassed as she got into the van saying, "He's young."

Before Jenny closed the van door, she responds, "I know, I just wanted to see what you REALLY felt about him. And so far you claiming him all for your own. You can't fool me, silly." She then closes the door as Angela just pouts in her seat. Then van ride was non-eventful as they just chatted about the day and even boosting Angela's mood a little with praises on her bravery. Though she can't help but feel a whole lot of mixed feelings about the situation and how it involves her. In the end, she was just happy to be alive and now once again have someone to look forward to.

"Okay pup," Jenny was filling in that evening since the lab decided to downsize instead of replace Jerome who left not too long ago. Angela was sitting at her computer, typing away in the nude as Jenny was finished making her dinner. Jenny chuckles as she can hear Angela's earphones was loud enough to drown out whatever she was saying. The lady chuckles as she picked up an ice cube from the freezer, then walk over gently, actually able to avoid being detected by Angela's senses. Jenny ignores what was on her laptop monitor as she then place the cold, wet ice cube over her spine, saying loudly, "DINNER!"

Angela screams out in surprise as she jumped away from the cold. She runs and stumbles onto her bed. She then growls angrily, "JENNY!"

"Ah, now I got your attention, eat up pup," Jenny chuckles.

Angela growls as she got off of her bed and walked toward the little dining table, "Could have at least got my attention differently than that. That was mean."

Jenny chuckles, then smirks, "Be thankful you are not living in the barracks. You get worse pranks than I would ever give you. Now I hope you like this dish of mine. It's not Jerome's, but it's your favourite."

Angela gave a sad look, but nods as she take a bite out of the Lasagna on her plate. She smiles and continues to eat it as she says, "Not bad. I like it."

"Not bad, but you like it?" Jenny look a little disappointed. She then sighs, "I guess I should be happy you like it enough to eat it."

"Have you heard from him?" Angela asked softly as she stopped eating.

Jenny sighs and responds, "No, I have not. I have gone out of my boundaries and acquired his contact information. But...," Jenny sighs as she can't bring herself to tell Angela what was discussed between the two. But she does feel she must mention the outcome, "But he moved away before I could get a hold of him. I have no idea where he went. But his apartment was up for rent and his numbers are all assigned to new accounts." Angela just looked gloomy as she poked at her lasagna with her fork for a few minutes. Eventually Jenny chuckles, "Lasagna never was alive pup, it's long dead. Unless you don't eat it, eventually it may grow mold and possibly walk away."

"I lost my appetite," the wolverine said sadly. She then started to cry at the table as she sobs, "I am such a moron. You warned me. I didn't think he'll run off like that. I thought, the most he would do is just say no. If I knew, I would have never...never...oh what the fuck, I would have still tried."

Jenny sighs, then says, "No one would have known. Even I didn't think he would have ran like that. He really loved you Angela. But he expressed his love toward you as a fellow sibling. He really saw you as the little sister he never got."

Angela sniffs a few times, the chuckles a little as she says softly, "Heh, go figure. He truly was my family and I made him run out of fear of incest. Way to go me."

"Oh don't think that," Jenny chuckles, "There's a lot riding on his back...on all our backs working here." She then got serious, "If higher-ups found out you are romantically fond of him, he would have been either transferred to a different assignment, or fired. And I hate to say this, but I think you need to know. Jerome wasn't going to last long here. They'd been wanting to fire him for years."

"What?" Angela look shocked, "Why? What'd he do?"

"He cares too much about the projects under this lab," Jenny says seriously, "You can't get attached to the experiments. And you know that despite our attempts to put you into society, in the end, you are an experiment."

"WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE THEN?" Angela yells at her, getting enraged, "You should be on that damn list too."

Jenny gives her a sympathetic look, "Difference between me and Jerome is I don't talk back to my superiors and I do what I am told. Topped off with I'm enlisted and assigned here. I won't be here long, no matter if I want to or not. Jerome is a hired civilian who has no problem arguing with the hire ups. And he's been quite passionate about your well being. Which is good for you. But not good for his future here. He was only hired and kept on due to your trust in him. But even he would refuse things they wanted him to relay to you on what they would like from you." Angela was breathing heavily as she obviously wanted to lash out. Jenny says sharply, "This is upsetting, and I sympathize, but that was what was going on out of your range of senses. He was your guardian, and he did it well. But he was hired to be your handler. Like I am assigned now to be your handler. And if we both did what we were told, you would never live like a typical kid."

Angela folds her arms and glare at Jenny's general direction. She then asks, "So how do you handle the orders? You say don't argue, but you also say you are protecting me. That's contradictory."

"Nope," Jenny says seriously, "I just nod my head, and do things my way that will give them a result. Not want they want, but it's a result. And I make sure they don't know, you don't know." She then sighs, "But you know now."

"So what about that talk about housing me either with you or a foster family?" Angela asked seriously.

"It's serious talk right now," Jenny says seriously, "And I am sticking my neck out for you. Which is the only thing I am risking my position for right now. I do care about you and once you are off this base and in a stable home-like environment, you can truly finally understand what it's like to go home to a real home where people love and respect you. This may be nice, but no one here truly gives a damn about you other than you give results. You are their social experiment. And everything that gets reported about you gets tallied on their reports. The fact you attacked your own kind to save another was a bit of a shock for them. But they were more worried about how badly damaged you were and not worried about you at all."

"I really lost my appetite," Angela snarls under her breath, "But thank you for the food."

Jenny started to regret telling Angela this, honestly thought she was ready for this. She got up to give her a hug, "I am so sorry..."

"No, I need...I need to think alone, give me space," Angela got up and walked toward the bath area. She closed the door, only to slowly sink to the floor as she started to cry uncontrollably.

Jenny sighed and put her food in the fridge so she could have it later. She then walked out of the unit and stormed to her boss's office. The people in charge greeted her as she stands, giving them a serious salute, then says firmly, "I request to know how that notion to put subject 1508 in a foster home is coming?"

The group in there look at each other, then firmly says, "Classified..."

Jenny firmly responds, "I must know since I'll be housing her."

"Subject 1508 is not assigned to you, we are still looking for a prospective family who's willing to indulge into this social experiment," one of them said.

Jenny folded her arms as she glares at them all, firmly saying, "This 'subject' has been on the table for months. And no one is willing to house her due to fear and opposition to her kind."

"The subject is making new friends..." one says, only to be cut off by the woman in uniform.

"I deal with her everyday," Jenny firmly says with a raised tone. "she is tormented by her classmates and is currently suicidal. So she doesn't love herself; she doesn't believe people could love her. And her actions today are not a sign of love and care for her fellow classmates. It's a cry to be loved and respected. She was tormented by that kid and her throwing herself in harm's way was a grim gambit to either get him to stop harming her--or to end her life right there. Either way, she feels she's not worth it compared to everyone else. IS that what you are experimenting? To see how low she could emotionally go?"

"Ma'am," one tried to protest.

"I am not done yet, I stood by and did as I was told and all I've seen is heartache," Jenny firmly says, "Your wool over her eyes is being removed as we speak since she's been going to that school. She will lose faith in you and see the truth you all been hiding from her. You have no time left to wait for that miracle family to house her while keeping that wool over her eyes. I am offering you guys a quick fix now that will in the long run help her have some form of respect left for you people. But as of right now, she has figured out she's nothing more than a "subject", and she doesn't even know her number. I am stepping out of line right now for her best interest to please give me custody of Angela, subject 1508. I am the last person she trusts, and if I lose her trust, there's nothing I or anyone else can do when she starts to turn on us. That wolverine attack was the worst thing that could happen."

"We see it differently," one man says, "It shows how strong her allegiance to humanity is over nature."

"It proved to her you all see her and her kind as nothing but monsters," Jenny says firmly, "When our forces showed up, which was part of the deal of getting her enrolled there, we did not question or try to de-escalate the issue. We just came in and mowed the creature down with bullets."

"Threat eliminated," one says in sarcasm.

"New threat created," Jenny glares at the man, "Regardless of who raised her, she is still, deep down, a wolverine morph. And that heartless killing, regardless of what that intruder did, scares her."

"Danger was removed, why would that scare her?" another man asked.

"The threat was a brethren to her," Jenny says seriously, "In her mind, if you can without question kill that intruder. You can kill her without second thought. She is afraid for her life more than ever now."

The men in the room glare at the woman, then conversed with each other angrily. Eventually they looked at her as one says, "We'll discuss this further and give you an answer in a week."

Jenny just glares at them, then gives an angry salute. She then left the room. The others in there in an adlib says, "She must be relocated, she's jeopardizing the project."

"No, she has a point," others interjected, "We lost the one the subject clamors to, and she's the only one left who seems to have gained it's trust. We are running out of time and options." Everyone else grumbled as they continued to argue.

The next morning Angela woke up early and was already cleaned up and dressed for school as the door to her unit opened up. Jenny walks in and says cheerfully as she brings in some flowers and a compact disk, "Hey sleepy, you are up early."

"May as well just accept this and jump in instead of fight it," The wolverine growls as she brushes the fur on her head, removing loose fur.

Jenny sighs, then decides to put the vase of flowers on the table near her and the cd. She then gently took the brush out of the wolverine's hand and started to brush her. She says gently, actually almost in a sad tone, "Puppy..."

"No, I knew for the longest time I am only an experiment," Angela snarls under her breath. "But I never understood on what or how. Now I know, I just feel like a chump."

Jenny sighs, then says softly, "I should have never told you. I thought you were ready for this. I couldn't stand by anymore and let you live a lie when all it was doing was making you miserable."

Angela didn't move as she raised her voice in the growl, "And you thought telling me this was going to make it better?"

"No," Jenny says seriously, "I told you this in hopes you will adapt to this. Now you know the score, you can either fight it. Or adapt to it and work around it so you can keep yourself happy while finding a way to give them what you want without the loss of dignity."

Angela just snorts angrily. She then says, "Well, if there's a camera, I bet they'll enjoy me bawling my eyes out all night. I barely slept." Jenny stop brushing her fur and just gives her a motherly hug. Angela at first gave an annoyed look, but slowly eased up and lean into the hug. She then sighs, "Look at me, I can't even bring myself to tell you to get lost."

"Heh, you like me too much," Jenny chuckles, making Angela glare at nothing. She then says, "And I like you too. No, I love you a lot. You are the sweetest person I ever met. Sometimes I wish I was as naturally sweet as you."

Angela growls, but then whimpers, "Are you saying my kind are naturally sweet? Or are you...?"

"Angela," Jenny said her name with a tone of giving orders. She then says sweetly, "Stop thinking about what you are and think about who you are inside. I not once compared you to your brethren. Not once. I don't know, and I don't want to know. You are wonderful. I don't just stick my neck out for anyone. That's a compliment, I suggest you take it."

"But last night you said...," Angela protested weakly, actually wanting to accept what Jenny have said.

"Angela," Jenny says softly, "After we talked, I decided to talk to our higher ups and demanded them to consider having you live with me."

The wolverine blinks, then whimpered, "But...won't that....get you in trouble?"

"Yes," Jenny says seriously, "It will."

"Why you do it then?" Angela asked helplessly, "I don't want to lose you too."

Jenny pets her gently on the head, "You are going to lose me soon regardless if you stay here or get a foster home. This is my gambit to extend my stay and to be here for you. I want to insure your well being."

Angela sighs, then smiles as she turn around to hug Jenny. The two say nothing for a while as Jenny hugs her in return. After a moment, the wolverine grumbles, "There is no cameras in here, are there?"

"No," Jenny responds seriously, "You been giving privacy due to..."

"Due to Jerome's meddling, yes," Angela smiles a bit. She then says softly, "I love him for everything he's done for me. Wrong or not, but that's why."

"I understand," Jenny says softly in her ear, "And speaking of Jerome, you got something from him..."

Angela quickly let go of Jenny and followed her nose toward the sweet scent of flowers. Though she was disappointed a little not to get a scent of him on it. She then shift her nose to something else near it that had a faint scent of him on it. Her face lit up with a smile as she pick up the CD, "He gave me flowers and an audio cd?" She then ask a million questions at once at Jenny with her tail wagging quickly.

"Puppy, down pup," Jenny chuckles. She then take the CD out of her hand and placed into a cd player. "Have a seat and listen," Jenny says nicely as she then walk toward the main door to make sure no one was around as the cd plays.

Jeromes cheerful voice comes out of the stereo speakers, "Hey puppy. How you doing?"

"Shitty," Angela just growls under her breath. Making Jenny smirk at her for responding to a stereo system.

Jerome's chuckle emits from the speakers, then says, "I maybe wrong, but I get a feeling you'll respond to me. Don't, cause I won't be able to hear or respond fairly." Angela look embarrassed as the audio continue, "I saw you on the news today. I must admit that scared me a lot. I am sure you are okay now. But still, I was worried sick. I am proud of what you done, even though I am sure it didn't feel like anything good came out of it. Matter of fact, I am sure you feel horrific due to the outcome of that intruder." Angela just nods as Jenny watches. Jerome sighs, then says, "Nothing I can say to make the situation any less disturbing. I'll remind you once again you have a chance to prove to the people around you that you are not like that. And that there's a high chance there are those like you out there. But till that day, yes, you have every right to fear these people around you. But I ask of you continue to stay brave. If you were a real threat, you too would have been shot along with him. We don't know much about him, other than he broke in, destroyed property, and put a kid in critical condition. And if that kid don't make it, there's a high chance that family will point the blame onto you." Angela sinks in her chair as her ears go flat. Jerome continues, "But don't despair. Seriously, sit up straight and grin a little, pup." Angela does so, which makes Jenny chuckle. "I know you too well," Jerome chuckles, "But do not despair. Before I left, I talked to the school who were still uninformed I no longer your guardian that despite your outburst and moodiness toward certain individuals, they are charmed by you and find you highly intelligent. You are making the honor roll. Honor roll, despite joining in late in the year and only a couple of months. I am proud of you. And you have nothing to worry about with the adults there. Kids on the other in progress still. But the biggest hurdle was the staff, and they are happy with you. That is a good thing pup. It means you'll be protected if the parents start to find some stupid reason to raise hell about you."

Jenny smiles as she goes to pet Angela on the head, who's crying. But crying out of relief instead of fear for once. Jerome then goes silent, a few times he says a word, then stops, sighs, repeats. Eventually he says sadly, "As for me running away like I did. I am truly sorry puppy. I never dreamed nor even considered you would fall in love with me like that." Angela look sad again and reached out to touch a speaker like as if it was him. The man continues through the stereo, "All I wanted was to be there for you and be your big brother. I adored you when we first found you. Yes, I'll admit, at first you seemed like a pet."

Angela, despite happy to hear from him, still snorted angrily, "I figured. But that was then."

"But as time went on, I raised you like my fellow sibling. I had brothers, but never a sister," Jerome chuckles happily, "I changed your diaper, help you learn to walk, your first word was Jerome." He then laughs, "Or was that 'Chrome'?" He then chuckles, "Oh, I help raised you as the lab was your parents. Point of me saying this is I find it hard for me to get past that. And I panicked when I finally realized what you really meant every time you flat out told me you loved me." Angela just started to sob as Jerome continues, "I didn't know what to do, I asked you to give me space so I won't do something rash that I'll regret. But I did something rash that I regret now anyways. My thought process at the time was I wanted to approach you later to let you know that I won't be here for you for ever. Regardless if you found a foster home or if you finish school in the lab. You will have to move out on your own, I won't be there for long. Granted, I would love to be there in the background. But you'll need to move on and find friends outside of the lab. I went to my boss to give them my two weeks notice in hopes to ease my disappearance from you. Instead, I was fired that day. And not only that, but I was threatened that if I am ever near you again, I'll be in trouble for anything under the sun. Things like courting a minor to having relationships with an animal." Angela eyes lit up with rage at the news, which made Jenny try to calm her by petting her head. Jerome sighs, "Nothing obviously happened between us, but the threat is big. That's why I ended up leaving town. Maybe someday I'll let you know where I have gone. But for now, I can't. And for your best interest, don't try to find me."

"This is not fucking fair!" Angela yells at the stereo.

"This is so unfair, but that's how it is," Jerome sighs softly, actually calming Angela down enough that she was no longer ready to lash out. "Puppy, regardless what happens, you will always be in my heart. This might be the last time you'll ever hear from me again. Stay strong, but never become cold and cynical. If you want to make my struggles to give you a life that is denied to the likes of you worth it, please, please move on without me. And move on for the better. I got nothing more to say sadly. Love you, puppy."

The room went silent as Angela just kept crying. Jenny gently wrap her arms around the wolverine. Angela growls, "That's just so fucked up, everything is so fucked up. I mean, all I did was kiss him on the lips."

"That was it?" Jenny look surprised, she didn't know the full story other than he finally realized she was right about Angela's true feelings.

"Yeah," Angela responded, "I just leaned in and gave his lips a lick. It was exhilarating."

Jenny just ruffles her head fur, "Well, sorry your first kiss was a rejection."

Angela sighs and enjoys being held by Jenny. She then pouts, "Still, that's messed up they threatened him. Fuck, I don't know what's worst, accusing him for something we never did. Or me wishing I was able to at least touch his dick."

"Angela," Jenny said in a shocked tone, "I must say this now, do not joke like that outside of this room or with anyone else. If higher up found out you kissed him or your sexual desires toward him, he will be in deep trouble. For his sake, keep this quiet."

"I understand Jenny," Angela says seriously. She then asks firmly, "Jenny, please keep that disk for me. Please, I don't want them to find it."

"Ahead of you," Jenny chuckles as she reaches for the stereo. She then removes the cd and place it in her case as Angela got up to smell the flowers in the vase. The woman then put the CD in a big pocket on her pants as she asks, "You like the flowers?"

"Yes," Angela smiles, "He always knew the flours I like."

"You know, those type of flowers had been worn in the hairs of hippies in the past," Jenny chuckles.

"I don't know what a hippie is," Angela responds honestly. But the thought made her curious about it. She pulls out a flower from the vase and place it over her left ear. She asks, "Like that?"

"No, like this," Jenny smiles as she adjust it so the stem was in her fur and the petals would be seen lined up with her face, "There, like that."

"How I look?" Angela asked, curious.

"Nice actually," Jenny answers honestly.

Angela thinks for a bit, then put her goggles on as she says, "I think I'll go to school like this.

"You sure?" Jenny asked.

Angela nods, then says, "I'll have a part of him to cheer me up today. And maybe...I'll look...less threatening?"

Jenny chuckles as she grab Angela's bag, "Yeah, try it out. I think it may go well."

Angela smiles as she got onto her feet. She then says, Jenny, I got an issue I never told you or anyone about."

"Oh, what's that?" Jenny asks, looking concerned.

"Some guy filled in for Jerome a month ago. Jeremiah," Angela snarls, "He caught me talking to my online buddies about sex, then proceeded to stare at my body when he was drying me."

"WHAT?" Jenny asked with a hint of anger.

"Yes, and when I confronted him about it, he decided to blackmail me," Angela look a bit embarrassed.

"Did he do anything to you?" Jenny asked seriously.

Angela sighs, "No, he did not, but he says he'll 'collect' at a later date." She then whimpers, "I am sure he wants to do something nasty with me. It was so creepy when I felt his nose breathing over my cunt. His heartbeat was really speeding up"

"I'll take care of it," Jenny assured her, "Though I'll need more than your word for it."

"But it did happen...," Angela whines in a doggy like sound.

"I believe you," Jenny reassured her, "I just need to find a way to get that out of him so he'll get his punishment. Till then, we'll just have to be cautious. Thankfully he was only filling in for Jerome that day and not meant to be a permanent fixture in your life."

"Thank God," Angela sighs as she then walk toward the door. Jenny follows as they head toward the van. Once they both were in, Angela sighs, "I am afraid to see how the school will be like today."

"Don't dread," Jenny smile, "Maybe something good will happen."

"Like what?" Angela asked honesty.

"I don't know," Jenny chuckles, "Nobody fully know these things. But this is how I look at it. If you have at least one good thing that day. Then it probably wasn't as bad as you thought."

"Yeah, I guess I can see that," Angela smile. They remain silent in the van as Jenny drove toward the school. Once there, Jenny opened the van door, saying, "Well, here I go again. Have a good day Jenny."

"You too puppy," Jenny smiled as the van door was slid shut. She watched as a boy came up to great Angela. It was Eric. The two, despite looking a little tense, was having a decent conversation. Jenny smiles as she put the van in drive and drove off.

"I was afraid of this," Angela whines as Eric decide to take her hand guide her in. Others were watching, surprised to see Eric being that nice to her.

"Yeah, let me lead you to a safe area away from there," Eric offered as they entered the building. Once in, Angela snarled as she recognized the scent of one boy as Eric sighs as he look at his friend, "What?"

"So you dating the monster now, Eric?" the boy said icily, "Funny, not too long ago you said you would never hang out with a freak like that."

Angela actually look hurt as Eric let go of her hand just to says icely toward him, "I never said such things. Though I did say I wouldn't hang out with her if she keeps snapping at us like that. Turns out she's quite caring."

"Ooooh, did she let you suck her tits?" the boy taunts, "Cause you sure defend her like as if you got some tits."

Angela look embarrassed and walked away from the two. Eric tried to call her back, but she walked far from them. He angrily glares at his friend and says, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"That's what I am asking you," the boys snapped back at him, "You are fucking that freak cause it's the only pussy you are able to find."

"What the hell?" Eric asked. He then grabs the boy by the shirt and says angrily, "She is nothing like that. And I can hang out with whomever I want."

The buddy knock Eric's hands off of him and knocks Eric onto the ground. The others near them stop and watch as the boy angrily says, "Fine, go ahead." He then walks away, "But don't cry to me when she rips your head off." Eric grumbles as he walks toward the direction Angeal went to, hoping to find her.

Angela found her normal sitting area near the administration wing and does her best not to let what happened earlier bother her. Most students who pass that area are used to her being there and left her alone as she just stare blankly ahead of her as she just went over everything happened to her since she got into that school. Most memories aren't that pleasant. But the little moments that were good made her grin a little bit. She then blushes as she thought about what Eric and her did in the nurse's office yesterday. She does her best to push that thought out of her head since already the others are accusing her of giving out sexual favours.

The wolverine nose sniffs the air, then grins as Eric sat across from her, "Well...."

"Like I said," Angela snarls under her breath, "Don't cry to me if your friends abandoned you because of me." She then folds her arms as she asks seriously, "Am I really worth it? Some giant monster with tits?"

Eric sighs and says quietly so only she would hear, "Angela, stop self depreciating yourself. Fuck them, if they want to be jerks to you because they are more worried about what you look like instead of who you are inside, that is their problem."

Angela lean forward in her seat till she was very close to his face. She then whispers, "You are not risking it all because you want another chance to suck my tits, are you?"

"No," the boy firmly responded. He then says softly, "Though I would love another moment with you."

Angela tilts her head a little as she asks softly, "You do?"

Eric says softly, "Yes." He then nuzzles his nose onto hers quickly when he was sure no one was looking. Angela gives a silly smile on her face as she sat fully back down in her seat, giving him a dreamy face. He then says, "But we'll need to be discrete."

"Of course, discrete," Angela says dreamily, "Like a giant wolverine over 7 feet tall is easier to keep a secret."

"I'll figure it out, if you are willing to give this a chance," Eric whispers to her.

Angela thought about it for a bit silently, her tail was wagging a bit though as she start to smile wide, "I must know now, do you love me? Or are you just curious about me? Don't lie to me. Be straight up honest with me. Am I a possible lover? Or am I just someone you would like to experiment with?"

Eric look uneasy, was not expecting that type of question. He then shrugs as he whispers, "I...I didn't think that far. I...oooh boy, this is a loaded question."

Angela look disappointed as she says softly, "I see." They were silent for a bit till the bell rang. Eric was about to turn away when Angela grab his arm gently and whispers to him, her face looks determined, "Okay, how's this. Since only yesterday I finally accepted that we could possibly be friends, maybe we should just let things happen as they come."

The boy eyes went wide eyed, not sure what to make of this since he was expecting her wanting him to think about commitment than anything else. He asked, "But what if we just end know...?"

Angela smirks as she softly speaks in his ear, "Look I want love, I want to be loved. But I am also curious." She then rub his back gently, not caring if people could see as she then whisper in his ear, "If we were never interrupted, I would have yanked your pants down and fondled your dick. I been wanting to know what it feels like. And with how I was getting turned on by your lips and the feel of your butt....mmmmm, I was putty in your hands Eric. I won't lie to you about yesterday. I didn't care if I loved you or not. I only cared that you find me attractive enough to find me sexy, desirable, and...well," she delays what she was trying to say. She then sighs as she gives his ear a slight nip, "To find me worthy of your time." She then let go and says softly as she straightened herself out, "I think I am starting to like you. But I think yesterday was two horny kids curious about each other. I am okay with that if that is what it is. And I am fine with it if you are being honest about the situation. All I ask of you is to please don't string my heart along. If you are going to make an argument that you do care for me like a potential lover, you better mean it. Because I think I have enough heartbreak for the time being." Eric was just lost for words as she then grab his shoulder and let her claws poke his skin, making him go pale as she snarls quietly, "Because if you break my heart, I will rip yours out." She then let go and walked toward her first class. Eric just catches his breath before picking up his things and bolting it to first period

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