Angela Thomas 5

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#5 of Angela Thomas

Story about a blind genetically engineered wolverine going through life in society. Trying to become a citizen the world she's been thrust into. Well, so what others tell her. She just wants to be happy, live, and maybe find love.

Angela Thomas 5

By : John Hartman

The alarm goes off in a small little room with a window. The large bed that barely fits the room has something large under the sheets, snarling as a furry dark brown arm comes out of it and slams the "sleep" button. The snoring then starts once more, but only lasted a few minutes as the door open and the lights turn on as a woman in shorts and bad case of bed hair says, "UP Angela. Wakey, wakey." She then yanks the sheets off of her, exposing the nude wolverine.

The wolverine covers her head with a pillow, growling, "10 more minutes."

"10 minutes equal to 2 hours," the woman chuckles. She then hops onto the bed and hugs the wolverine, "Don't make me tickle you."

Angela smiles wide as she loves being held, "Could I get at least 10 minutes like this?"

"You are such a cuddle slut," the woman laughs. She then says, "Sure, but then get dressed."

Angela could not help but wag her tail as she was held by the woman for almost half an hour. The wolverine then got up, smiling as she realized the woman fell asleep. She pets her head, then heads to the little bathroom. She sighs as she misses the large tub she had back at the labs as she got the water ready. She then just stood under the shower head, sputtering as she tried to get used to this type of bathing. Though it was nice to be left alone for once. At first she was worried about being left alone to wash herself. But after a couple of days, she found it not only comforting, but easy to quickly masturbate while leaning up against the wall. She quickly gets herself off as she imagines having sex with man that she still misses, whimpering the entire time. She then yipes in pleasure as she shudders, climaxing in the shower. She then lightly touched herself from the afterglow as she smiled wide. She then looked frightened as the woman knocked on her door, "Hey Puppy, don't take too long in there. I need to wash up too." The wolverine responded by quickly shampooing herself, then washing the suds out. By then the door opened and the woman went straight to the sink, grabbing a toothbrush, "We need to work on timing for this room. I want to give you that privacy feel. But I've only got one washroom and we both seem to stall too much."

"Sorry," Angela whimpers as she turn the shower off.

The wolverine grabs a towel as the woman says, "It's okay. Not like I never tended to you before. We'll switch this to a shared bath to be used at once. Besides, if you were in the barracks, you would have to share a lot more than you would like." She then says mockingly, "And you only get a minute to wash up when you are in deployment. No time or privacy to wash your entire body, or masturbate."

Angela yipes in shock, then says, "JENNY!"

"Just being honest," Jenny chuckles, "I heard you cumming before I got in." The wolverine looks very embarrassed as Jenny rinses her face. She then says, "I got no time to shower. Thankfully since I got you, I am no longer assigned at the lab. So I am needed elsewhere. I'll get you to school, then I'll rush back here for a shower. Now march into your room and dress up puppy."

Angela rushes to her bedroom and quickly found her clothing and got dressed. Jenny came in and handed her a nutty nutrition bar, then helped her quickly brush her fur. The wolverine looked a little uneasy as she asks, "Jenny?"

"Yeah pup?" Jenny responded as she finishes up getting her dressed.

"Could I invite a friend over?" Angela asked.

Jenny pauses, then chuckles, "Sure, I don't see why not." She then pauses again as she thought about it some more. "Well, if it's that Eric boy, he's not sleeping over." Jenny coaxes the big wolverine to stand up, then guided her out of her little duplex and into an old van the woman found on short notice. They got in, then drove off, "Eat that bar and look your best."

The ride was silent till they reached the school. Angela then asks, "Could you...uh...write down our home address?"

Jenny smirks as she raises an eyebrow. She then says, "Okay, fine pup. Here." Jenny quickly writes down the info, then places it in her palm, "You'd better be wise about this. I don't want all sorts of strangers coming to my house just to either pet or harm you. There's a huge reason why you were not allowed to just give out your address to anybody. That, and we were on the base too. You are now far from protection other than me. If a mob comes up, I won't be able to fend them all off. So think long and hard pup about this." She then help her out of the van, then pet her cheek, "Now have a good day and make me proud."

"Yes Momma," Angela chuckles, then walks toward the main building. She looks quite happy as she heads to her normal sitting area. Despite rushing Angela out the door, she was rather early. The wolverine sat at her normal table, smiling wide as she liked being in a very quiet, nearly empty room as student slowly start to show up. As she sat there, she could smell Mr. Malkovich, a rat morph gym instructor, walk past her with a human female. Angela chuckles as she sniffs the air again, wondering who it was. Though her second sniff made her eyes snap open. She didn't recognize who the girl was, but she was very aroused. She sniffed again, and realized so was he. She blinks, then decide to stand up and walk toward his office, all the while acting casual as their scents was still strong. She reaches his office door, carefully leaning on it, finding it locked. She put her ears up against the door and her fur stood on end as she listened.

"Linda, I really think this isn't a good idea," she barely hear Mr. Malkovich says as there's sounds of clothing being removed.

"Oh, you like this," Linda says, then there was the sound of wet smacking noises going on, which the sound of pleasure coming from the rat morph. She hears him whimper a little as the lewd noises continue. It then got quiet as the Linda taunts, "Yes, my handsome rat can't get enough of his little student."

"Don't talk like that," Mr. Malkovich begs under his breath. They both then grunt as a wet sound is heard. He then groans, "You are too tight."

"Like that, don't you rat," Linda taunts between grunts.

Angela just looked disturbed as she decides to quickly go back to her seat, sitting there as she twiddles her thumbs. She tried to act natural like nothing was wrong, but instead unknown to her, she looked very unnerved. Eric showed up, surprised to see her there earlier, "Hey flower pup," Eric chuckles as he sat down. She just smirks at him, liking that a little better than fluffy.

"Hello Eric," Angela smiles, glad to find a way to get her mind off of what she found earlier.

"How's your morning?" Eric asked, eyeing her since he did noticed she was bothered earlier.

"Not bad," Angela smiles, wagging her tail, "I really like my new place. Not as roomy and grand. But nice to be out of everyone's prying eyes and just be me and my gardian."

"Did you get the address?" Eric asked sweetly. The wolverine smiles as she reached into her pocket and pulls out the piece of paper she got earlier. She handed it to Eric, and he quickly put the address onto his cell phone. While punching it in he looks a little scared, which Angela picked up on.

"What's the matter Eric?" the wolverine asked. He put the note away as he mumbles, "Does your gaurdian own a gun?"

"Yes, and a few rifles," Angela responded, wondering why he is asking, "She's the one who tackled Adam's Dad."

Eric shudders, then says, "Nothing, heh, she's very caring, isn't she?" He didn't want to tell her Jenny left a threat with his name on it.

Angela wags her tail and says happily, "Yes, she's very protective of me. It's...really...a great feeling. I don't know what I did, but I think for once I feel safe." She then snarls under her breath, "Then again, she did give me the talk I am less protected out here than on the base. But fuck that damn base. Fuck it to hell. I must do everything within their rules. I am now free to have visitors and what not."

"Yeah," Eric smiles. He then asked, "I noticed you were a bit freaked out, something up?"

"Nah," Angela was able to hide it now her nerves are calm, "I guess I was just nervous about being alone here so early in the morning."

Eric nods, he then lean up to whisper in her ear, "So, think I can come over for some snu snu?"

Angela lowers her eyes, yet chuckles, "Heh, heh, just because I am a giant, don't mean I find it funny. I think I would be sad if I killed you like that."

"I am just being silly Angel," Eric smiles warmly, "Still, want me to sneak over?"

"I don't think that's a good idea," Angela says seriously, "Besides, how far away do you live?"

"Not far actually," Eric smiles, "You are surprisingly close by. I might be able to sneak you into my home."

"OH NO!" Angela says loudly. She then look embarrassed as she whispers, "You told me what your parents did to the last two wild wolverines. I don't to be another notch on their score card."

"Oh, good point," Eric look a bit disturbed. He then asked, "So...ever dream of me?"

Angela just sit there, staring blankly at nothing as she had to think about it. She then groans, "Nnnnneeeeh."

"Oh come on," Eric actually pouts as he folds his arms, "You don't?"

"No actually," Angela responds truthfully.

"Do you even masturbate?" Eric asked curiously.

Angele just smirks, then pets his head with her large hand, making him feel uneasy as she says, "Yes. Though about you? No. Am I making you feel small?"

"Me, nah, heh, I guess I am not your type," the boy says, giving a straight, brave face. But deep down, he is stung.

"Heh," Angela chuckles, then says under her breath, "I am still angry with you about fisting me in the bathroom stall WHILE we were not alone. I hate taking risks Eric."

"I said I am sorry," Eric says quickly, "I did get detention for that. I was lucky I didn't get worse for even being in the girls room. Holy shit, waking up to a bunch of girls screaming is NOT cool. Lucky they didn't take my fun."

"Lucky indeed," Angela did agree, "Last thing I need is the world to see my nethers get fisted by a dork like you." She tried to joke about the last part, though she'd honestly rather have nobody see her like that, ever.

"I am going to get breakfast, want some?" Eric asked nicely.

"Sorry, lost appetite thinking about being fisted against my will in a dirty bathroom stall while some stranger was urinating next to us," Angela taunted him. He sighs and walks away, mumbling an apology again. Angela sighs as she shakes her head, part of her starting to like him, but there's a lot about him she still hates, and finding more things to be uncomfortable about him. Her nose flares up as she recognized the girl 'Linda' walking past her. She can smell that she was cleaned with baby wipes and perfume. She decides to walk over to the instructor's office, finding from the scent trail he hadn't left. She put her ear over the door again, only to look a little sad as she can hear him crying a little. The wolverine is a bit shocked with the teacher. First he have an affair, and now he's sobbing like he was harmed. She didn't understand. She was about to open the door when Eric came up behind her, "Hey Flower Pup, what you doing?"

"GAH!" Angela yipes. She then quickly grabbed him and pushed him back to their spot, snarling under her breath, "Get back to your seat and act like nothing is happening, quick."

Eric kept asking, only to be shushed by her many times. And being asked many times if anyone left exitted that door. Which he responded no. Their breakfast time was wasted with that exchange over and over again.

Classes were uneventful; the day sped by very quickly till their lunch arrived. Angela was heading back to her normal table till she could smell Mr. Malkovich's scent. She looked worried as she did her best to act like nothing was wrong and hope he didn't see her. To her dismay he approached her and asked her quietly, "I'd like to talk to you alone. Is that okay?"

"Not sure," Angela responded softly, looking uneasy.

The rat morph sighs, then whispers, "I know you know what happened this morning. Your scent is plastered on my door. Not to mentioned I heard your yipe too." Angela face looked like she was cornered as he continues, "I just want to talk. Nothing bad will happen, I promise. And I know you didn't tell Eric, he's quite bad at keeping secrets anyways."

The tall wolverine wasn't sure if it was a good idea, but as he kept asking, the more desperate and unnerved he sounded. She slowly nods, then says, "Okay, lead me." She gave him her hand, which he gently held and guided her to his office. He locked the office door, saying, "Don't be frightened, I am only doing that to keep Linda out."

Angela just stood there, going straight to the point, "You are having sex with a student."

Mr. Malkovich stutters, then says weakly, "Yeah..."

"And you probably want to bribe me since you know about me and Eric," Angela folds her arms, baring her teeth at him threateningly.

"WHAT? NO!" The rat morph says quickly, "That is not why I am talking to you about this."

"Then what?" Angela snarls, "What am I supposed to think? I have a sin list, you have a sin list. So let's make a deal where we both can keep our sin lists silent and maybe commence some nookie of our own?"

"NO!" Mr. Malkovich nearly screams, which scared the wolverine a little bit. He then does his best to calm down as he says, "No, none of that, holy fuck none of that." He then proceeds to repeat a lot of curse words as it's obvious he's freaking out about the situation.

Angela started to loosen up as she realizes he probably really isn't trying to scam her as she ask him softly, "So why do you want to see me then?"

"I DON'T KNOW!" The rat frantically answers. He then goes over to the sink for some water and started to drink a bit. Angela can sense all the fear oozing out of him as she stood there, puzzled.

"So...what is there I can do?" Angela asked softly after he finished using the sink.

Malkovich took a few deep breaths, then says as calmly as he could, "I don't want this to get out." Angela stood there silently a bit, wondering if he'll extrapolate any further. He says in a shaky voice, "I'll be so fired. I never meant this to happen."

"You walked in here with her this morning, I could smell the arousal from both of you," Angela says softly, "What am I supposed to think?"

"This is not the first time," he says desperately, "She, she keeps pushing my buttons. I do want to tell her to leave me alone, but I can't argue with her in public. So I bring her in here to confront her about this. Yet she seduces me again like it's some sort of game. The damn process repeats over, and over, and over again."

"With the way she talks, it is a game," Angela folds her arms. She thought about it for a bit, then asks, "Have you tried coming in at different times?"

"Yes," the rat morph responds, "And every time it worked for a few days, then she figures it out. I tried anything you can think of other than just leave school grounds during short breaks. There's no way I can go away and get back between classes. I am just lucky she doesn't have the same lunch time as we do."

Angela look lost as she ask, "How did this start?"

The rat morph sighs, then says, "I was helping out with the cheerleader squad after school. She's part of squad, and the shortest, lightest one. So she gets put up on top of the pyramid. Well, they all fell and she landed on my head, giving me a faceful of her...muff." The wolverine couldn't help but chuckle as she listened, "I quickly got up and left. Thankfully no one noticed anything. I went for a cold shower here. When I got out, she was sitting in my office, waiting. She wanted to apologize, so she says. But she yanked my towel off and gawked at my nude body." Angela actually was curious about the details, only to have him stop, saying, "Long story short, we had sex. And she kept coming back ever since. Always demeaning me, taunting me, making fun of me for this. For being a teacher and a morph bedding a young human girl like herself. The experience always left me feeling horrible, even though my body says otherwise."

The wolverine just stood there as he starts to cry silently to himself, whimpering, "I just want to have a nice life, a good job, and a loving family to go home to. Yet here I am, thousands of miles away from home, wife passed on, and now this." He then wipes his eyes as he tries to regain some composure, only to look surprised when Angela wrapped her arms around him and hugs him in her long arms, rubbing her chin over his head. She was lost for words. "What?'ll get...oh..." He then hugs her back as they remained like that for a long time. Eventually, he finally calms down laughing nervously, "Heh, I brought you in here to see if we can keep this a secret and instead I spill my life out towards you and you try to comfort me."

"Heh, yeah...funny how that turned out," Angela stated in a chuckle.

The rat morph just smiles as she continues to hug her a bit, then says quietly, "Most are scared of you, yet you are so loving and gentle., I...oh boy." Malkovich loses his train of thought as he lets go of her and wipes his eyes a bit as he sniffs a little.

The wolverine just stood there, staring blankly at nothing as she thought for a bit. Malkovich walks over to the sink to wash his face, still a little shook up, though the hug did help him a little. Angela then snarled softly, not meaning to sound mean, just how her vocal cords are made, "Mr. Malkovich...uh...listen...I won't say a thing."

"Thanks," he responded nervously, "Though under what conditions?"

Angela growls, "I have no conditions. I can tell you are extremely frightened and really regret this." She then took a seat on the bleacher, "IF I should make a condition, you should really stop letting her walk all over you like that. The more you let this continue, the more she'll walk over you. She obviously have no respect toward you. Just some exotic sex toy. So what I could gather from what I overheard earlier."

The rat morph sighs, then takes a seat on the other side of the bench, responding weakly, "Easier said than done, but that's a fair condition." He then hung his head in his hands as he says tiredly, "I am so emotionally drained right now."

The wolverine gave a sad look, then scooted up to him and gave him a hug once more, rubbing her chin over his head as she whispers, "Would this help?"

Malkovich sighs, then leans back in her hug, closing his eyes, "It is helping. It's been...years since I've been held like this." He starts to chuckle, "Heh, listen to me. I am supposed to be this strong adult, not some little kid."

"We all need comfort at times," Angela snarls softly. She then decide to give one of his big ears a slight nip, which made him freeze a little bit. She noticed and said apologetically, "Sorry, I guess I got carried away. Just being affectionate."

The white furred rat relaxes and just smiles as he leans on her, whispering, "Thanks."

They remained like that for the entire lunch period till the bell rang. She then grumbles, not letting go, "Fuck, I missed lunch. Eric probably was looking for me."

"Sorry to take up your time," Malkovich smiled, then slowly moved away, obvious he don't want to have the moment end. He then says, "I'll try to make that up to you this week. Here, have my lunch."

"No, that's okay, "Angela chuckles, only to have a couple of energy bars shoved in her hand, "Well, have this at least, it's quick eating between here to class."

"What's with well fit folks and energy bars?" Angela grumbles as she put them in her pocket. She then got up, "I hope Eric is not upset."

"I hope so too," Malkovich agreed as he straightened out his shirt. The two then stood in front of each other for a little bit. He noticed she wasn't really happy to talk about Eric, despite being genuinely worried about him. He tilted his head and asked, "Is...everything alright between the two of you?"

"Not really," Angela admitted as she sighs, "Ever since we...started...well, experiment, he's been way too pushy for it, dragging me into scary situations, and can't talk about anything else but it."

"Sex?" Malkovich asked.

"Yes," Angela look embarrassed when she answered, "I am curious about it, but I don't want to risk trouble." She then snarls under her breath, "Or be used as some fucking sex toy."

Malkovich sighs, then takes her hand and gently lead her to the door, saying, "I guess that what happens when we are the minority here. Either we are scums of the universe, or some exotic pet to fuck with."

"Mr. Malkovich, please don't say it like that," Angela whimpers as she stop at the door, her nose pointed at him.

"I can't help think that, at least due to my situation," the rat morph says under his breath, "I have high hopes for you two, though it seems to be dimming." He then open the door and gently push her out, "Get to class before you are late. We can talk next time if you like." He then smiles as he says gently to her, "And please, call me Kevin. Now git." He then gently closes the door behind her, the lock making a clicking noise, indicating he locked the door. Angela walked quickly to her class, only to get stopped by a familiar scent. Her hair went on end as she felt a hand grab the collar of her shirt.

"Hi, you must be our mascot," the short girl with curly red hair says sarcastically. She then yanks on her shirt, forcing the wolverine down till they were face to face, "You may have half the school fearing you and the other half adoring you, but let me make this very clear." She then whispers harshly in her ear, "Stay away from my rat. He's mine, got it?"

The girl let go, walking away as the others watch. Only to have others gasp as Angela reached out and grabbed the short girl, growling, "Get back here, Linda." She effortlessly lifted her up and flung her against a wall, making her cry as she slips down onto the ground. The wolverine then yells at her, "NEVER grab my shirt like that again. She then straightened out her shirt as the bell rang, indicating she missed roll call for her next class. She snarls, "Fuck, I am late."

Before Angela was able to walk away, staff including Malkovich showed up. Everyone went up to Angela, looking scared, but ready to tackle her as others checked on Linda. Malkovich looked like he saw a ghost as he just stood there, looking at the scene. One of the staff told him to join them, which he quickly did.

Angela sighs and just stood there, doing her best to look un threatening as she whimpers in defence, "She started it."

"She threw me across the room when all I wanted to do was talk," Linda cried. The other students came up and started to talk to the faculty, making them nod. Angela just sighed as her actions finally sank in and started to fear another suspension. While Linda was doing her best to drawn out the others with her story till she was told to be quiet.

Finally, everyone loosened up with Angela and mainly focused on Linda as everyone confirmed she started it--including the insult she said toward the wolverine. Next thing they both knew they were in the principal's office, with Angela looking dejected as Linda was still talking like being loud and obnoxious is going to make her win the situation. After a moment of the principal raising his voice toward Linda to sit down and listen, he gave up and suspended both of them. Angela mainly for throwing Linda at a wall, and Linda for starting a fight. They were sent their separate ways. The girls were made to wait for their rides home.

Malkovich cautiously walked into the room to sit near Angela as he says, "Sorry you got into this mess."

"Nah, I should have figured it was going to happen," Angela grumbles, "Typical high school drama. Though she's got no respect for you, she called you a rat."

"Heh, well, I am a rat, of course," Malkovich chuckles. He then sighs, "But I know what you meant." He then asked quietly, "Mind telling me what she really said?"

"She called me the school mascot," Angela just growled as she lowered her ears, wishing Jenny would show up much quicker.

The rat sighs, then asks quietly, "I know there was more. Cause not once in your story you said she called me a rat."

Angela growls, then covers her face, "Kevin...Sir, do you really want to dig ourselves a bit deeper than we already are?"

Malkovich sighs, then nods, "Okay, I...yeah..." He then sighs in defeat as he just sat there with her for a bit. Eventually he says, "I still owe you lunch."

"Don't worry about it," Angela says softly. She then hears her stomach growling, making her growl back at it, "Shut up stomach."

"It won't respond differently, Angela," Malkovich chuckles. He then says, "I can grab you anything from the cafeteria. Last lunch period is still in effect, I could get you whatever you like.

Angela sighs, looking defeated. She then responds softly, "A soft chicken burrito wrapped in a flour tortilla. If there's any left. If not, a pepperoni pizza."

"Okay, I'll be back in a jiffy," the rat smiled. He then says softly, "And once again..."

"I know," Angela says quietly. She then smiles at him warmly, which made him blush a little as she actually looked lovely to him as she says sweetly, "This incident, though by accident, will give you that moment of peace you been needing to get your head straight. Use it, and be ready."

The rat blinks, then says softly, "Okay..." He was going to say more, but instead, just quickly left the room to go grab her some food. She sat there alone for awhile waiting. The longer she waited, the more she started to smile. Something about earlier in his office and then in this room that actually made her find something likeable about him. He definitely means well, in her mind. Though he also appears to regard her as an equal. The last part really made her smile. When Malkovich came back, he was greeted to a very dreamy, smiling wolverine blankly looking at his direction. He noticed as she smiles back, placing the food on a coffee table in front of her, "Here you go, they still had the burrito."

"Sweet," Angela smiled, then started to eat, wagging her tail as she can feel his eyes on her.

The rat scratches his head, then chuckles, "Welcome."

The wolverine stops and says in a tease, "I didn't say anything yet."

"I can see it with your body language," Malkovich says nicely. He then look around to make sure no one was watching, then went up to rub her under her ear, "I need to head back to my class before lunch is over with. See you when you get back in a week." Angela actually blushed as she leaned in on the petting, saying, "Thanks."

The rat then stops when Angela went back to eating her food. He turned around to leave, only to have the door open and meet Jenny and the secretary face to face. Malkovich blinked as he says, "Excuse me mam...why you here instead of her guardian?"

"I am her guardian," Jenny says firmly.

"OH, I thought it was some other guy, named Jerome, I think," Malkovich responded, shrugging, "I meant no disrespect."

Jenny smiles, then gives his shoulder a friendly, but firm pat, "It's okay, glad to know somebody is paying attention to her. Jerome left not too long ago, I am watching her now."

Angela looked surprised as she didn't know Malkovich knew Jerome as he responds compliments Jenny, "That's good. You were able to calm her after that incident. I am so glad you were able to take that man down without having to shoot him."

"We try to find a safe way to end a confrontation," Jenny smiles, "Don't believe that junk on TV." She then says, "My time is short sadly...Mr.?"

"Kevin Malkovich," the rat smiled as he brought his hand out to shake hers. Jenny responded and shook his hand firmly. They both were starting to look perplexed as they equally squeezed the other's hand. They then let go as Jenny started to laugh as Kevin held his hand, saying, "What was that?"

"I don't know, but that was really funny," Jenny chuckles. She then went up to Angela and asked, "Ready to go Puppy?"

"Yeah," Angela responded softly. She then grumbles, "Sucks I got another suspension."

"Well, we'll discuss it tonight pup," Jenny sighs as she gently take Angela's hand. The wolverine carefully put her food away and followed the soldier out of the building. Kevin actually watched the two, smiling a little. He then headed back towards the gym.

Jenny drove Angela back to her place, the ride was quiet as both seemed to be drained of their day. Jenny's day was not even done yet. Once Jenny led Angela into her living room, she asked nicely, "So, despite that shit from that little brat, how was your day?"

"Good," Angela smiles brightly, "The staff actually didn't attack me and gave me a chance to tell my side of the story. I am quite hopeful right now."

"That's good to hear," Jenny smiles as she ruffles the wolverines head fur. She then sighs, "Sorry to rush out of here, but I am still on the clock. Just relax till I get back. And I am not going to punish you."

"You are not?" Angela asked, surprised.

"Fuck the labs," Jenny just responded with a slight chuckle, "You are in my house now, I say teach that brat a lesson. THOUGH I will say, be cautious next time. You have a sharp head Angela, that will be your weapon over your physical strength. Start using it. It's the only thing most will let you use. That's all I can say about it. Ta ta." Jenny then leaves. Angela just stood there a bit. Then sat down and finished her lunch, still feeling quite hungry.

The evening went normally. Jenny got home, though was very tired. Her new assignment was very stressful on her body. The two chatted a little before the woman had to retire to bed early. Later that evening, Angela was sitting in her room, typing on her computer when she heard a tapping on her window. She stopped and cautiously approached it, sniffing loudly. She cautiously put her ear on the glass, hearing Eric saying her name. She chuckles as she opened the double pane window. Only to shiver from the blast of arctic air blowing over her nude body as she says, "Eric, what are you doing here?" She then hit a button on her alarm clock and it told her the time was 2018.

"I wanted to see you," Eric says as he climb in her window. He could not help but look over her nude body as she quickly closed the window.

Eric then undid his winter clothing as Angela sat on her bed, growling under her breath, "It is late Eric. And Jenny is across the hall, asleep."

"Oh, we'll be quiet," Eric whispers. He then got gutsy and decided to undress totally as he asks, "Do you always roam your home in the nude?"

"Yes, why?" Angela asked. She then blushes a little as she noticed his scent got stronger as he removed more layers of clothing. She then chuckles as she reached out to touch his bare stomach, getting her excited, "Oooh, you like what you see, huh?"

"Yes," Eric admits. He then pounces her on the bed, making her yipe playfully. He then rest his nude body on top of her fuzzy body as he wrap his arms around her, pressing his face onto a breast. She then closes her eyes as she pets his back while he suckles a nipple, making them hard. She gently touched and pet his nude body, actually finding it interesting with how furless and strong he is. She can feel his erect penis rubbing near her calf as he continues suckle her nipples. Her musky scent was starting to fill the room, as well making a wet spot on her bed as he suckles her nipples for a long time.

Eventually Angela spreads her legs open, trying to shift him between them. He got the message and stopped suckling her nipples. Eric reached down and aimed his penis to her large teardrop-shaped slit, finding it easy to slip in. She grunts, closing her eyes as her chest arches up, exposing her neck and chin as she whimpers in pleasure, "Oh...this feels so good."

Eric grumbles as he starts to hump her, "Am I in?"

"Yes," the wolverine whimpers with a huge smile on her face. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as she begs him to speed up. Eric does so, though he looks a little disappointed as he feels his penis surrounded by something hot and wet, but nothing worth writing home about.

The boy humps a little faster, not really paying attention to her as he was trying to find excitement and pleasure in this. The wolverine on the other hand was doing her best to keep it quiet as she was in sexual bliss the more quicker he went. A few times he slipped out, which he stopped to readjust, then go back at it again. Eventually, Angela starts to whimper heavier and faster as her grip on him felt a bit more urgent. She then yipes as she shuddered under him, climaxing as he continued to roughly and quickly hump her hips. After a moment, she whimpers, trying to push him away, "Stop, stop it, I am sore Eric."

"Fuck, I didn't cum yet," Eric said in frustration as he stopped, keeping himself deep inside of her as he laid on her fluffy body.

Angela looked embarrassed as she asks, "You didn't?"

"No, I can't feel a thing," Eric says in frustration, "I am nowhere near."

The wolverine actually looks sad as she says softly, "Oh, I am sorry...maybe I am just...too big?"

"Very big, it's like swaying my cock in a hot tub," Eric says. He then got an idea as he pulled out of her.

"Ungh," Angela grunted from feeling him exit her sore sex. She then swatted his butt playfully as she says softly, "Here, climb up here, I wanna lick your penis again."

"No, I want to cum in you this time," he shifts, aiming his penis under her tail, "I seen this in pornos when the guy have a hard time cumming in a pussy."

Angela's eyes shot open, nearly screamed, "That's my...NO!" The wolverine then grunts, tearing up as the pain hurt her as she felt his above average penis invade her back door. She does her best to keep quiet as she whimpered from the rough anal sex as he grunts and groans in pleasure. He was driven on by her whimpers, though not realizing she was not whimpering in pleasure, but in pain. Her chest was arched again and her neck exposed but she was not holding onto him. Her hands and feet were on him, not able to muster the strength to throw him off as he continued to assault her pucker.

"Oh fuck yes, this feels so good Angela," Eric continues to pound her anus. Eventually, he shudders as he came in her butt, groaning in pleasure. After a moment, he just rested on her body, panting as he smiles wide, finding it great. Though after a moment, he realized she was still whimpering, even sniffing like she was crying. He blinks a few times, only noticing that moment she was frozen stiff under him. He slowly got up, pulling his penis out of her as he asked, "Angela, are you?"

Once the painful intruder was out of her sensitive area, she was able to snap out of it and throw him off of her, which shocked him. She rolled onto her side, laying in a fetal position with her tail between her legs as she started to sob, "You prick."

"Angela?" the boy asked, still not registering that he harmed her. "Angela, was it that bad?"

The wolverine sobs a bit more, "Bad? It was horrible, you fucking moron!" She then weakly got up on her feet obvious she had discomfort as she grabbed his things and threw them at him, "GET OUT! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!"

Eric quickly got dressed as he says in defense, "But--but--they enjoy it in the pornos."

"OUT!" Angela screams at him as she throws a pillow at him, "I HATE YOU! YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME!"

The boy tries to get dressed, only to hear footsteps from the other room; he uttered, "Shit."

"You better get out before she blasts your fucking brains out," Angela snarls at him as he decides it would be easier to just jump out of the window and get dressed elsewhere. He quickly opened the window and jumped out as Jenny came in with a shotgun. Angela jumps at the window and snarls loudly at the running boy, "I am not a fuck toy, you piece of shit!"

The woman wearing nothing but panties push Angela away as she lookout side to see Eric dropping clothing as he was running away with nothing but his underwear in the frozen night. The woman smirks and pulls the trigger, a fence post nowhere near Eric got hit by a bunch of pellets, but the sound was enough to make him piss himself as he kept running. Jenny then mumbles, "Be thankful I felt generous and only brought out the shotgun."

"You SHOT HIM?" Angela asked in disbelief.

"Nah, I just gave out a warning shot," Jenny chuckles, "Enough to make him shit himself. He'll never come here again after that."

Angela just started to cry once she realized the chaos was over, "Oh Jenny, I am such a fool."

"What happened?" Jenny asked as she reached for a light switch to get more light in the room. She then saw the wet spot on the bed and a little blood. The woman sighs and shakes her head, "You led him in here, didn't you?"

"I didn't ask him to come here, he showed up on his own," Angela protested.

"After I gave you that piece of paper," Jenny barked back. Angela sighs and whimpers softly, "Sorry."

"What's done is done," Jenny sighs as she put the gun down. Then reached out and held the wolverine in her arms, "I am not going to scold you, so don't go in full defense mode pup. Just be honest with me. You wanted him to sneak in for some intimacy, didn't you?"

"Yes," Angela answered softly, still crying.

"Shh, shh," Jenny soothes her in the cuddle. She then asks, "Tell me, what caused this moment to go sour?"

"He did me in the butt," Angela whimpers, "It hurt so much, and he wouldn't stop. I told him not to but he did it anyways."

Jenny blinks, then says gently, "Let me see your...uh...anus." She tried to find a polite way to ask. Angela turned around and lean over the bed, raising her tail. Jenny sighs and notices how red her anus was and even noticed some signs of blood as a trickle of semen oozed out of it. She also noticed how wet and matted her sex was. The woman sighs and says, "You may sit back down now. The little shit really tore your anus up."

The wolverine tried to sit down, only to just whimper, "It hurts."

The woman sighs and takes her hand, "Come with me, time for a shower. Let's clean you up." Angela nods as she follows. She then just stood in the shower as Jenny bathed her, all the while mumbling how much she wants to rip Eric appart. Once done, she let Angela rest on the couch as she removed the old sheets and put new ones on the wolverine's bed. The woman then got some soothing hemorrhoid cream as she went back into the living room. "Okay Puppy, let me see your little pucker again, I got something that should help sooth the pain for now." Angela just whimpers and does so. Jenny says softly as she worked the cream on the wolverine's pucker, "There, and this is in the medicine cabinet if you need it again in the future. Though I'll leave this in your room since you'll need this for a few days. Always wash this area out first before applying. Any little shit left down there will make a bigger mess than help."

"This is so embarrassing," Angela admits in a whimper, "But I am thankful it's you helping me."

Jenny smiles and finishes applying cream down there. She then says, "I love you too. Heh, follow me to bed." She help Angela on her feet, then led her by hand to her room. Jenny chuckles, "Well, look on the bright side, at least you don't need to go to class for a week. People WILL notice you having a hard time sitting down"

"I am going to beat Eric when I see him again," Angela snarls.

Jenny chuckles, "Then you'll be in deeper trouble. You are lucky they didn't try to give you a harsher punishment since your last suspension wasn't even a month ago."

"It was a month ago," Angela protested as she got into her bed. Jenny tucked her in gently as Angela then said, "Well, okay, I get it. Still bad."

"Yes," Jenny says as she sat near her, petting her head. Angela start to smile as she wrap her arms around the woman, and closes her eyes as she rest her head on her bare lap. Jenny chuckles, not used to dealing with Angela in nothing but panties. The woman continues to pet her head as the wolverine silently start to sleep.

Angela smiles as she asks softly, "Jenny?"

"Yeah?" The woman asked tiredly, starting to feel exhaustion taking over.

"Ever had sex?" Angela asked softly.

"Puppy?" Jenny laughs, then answers, "Of course I had sex. I might live alone, but it doesn't mean I never had sex."

"Do you enjoy it?" Angela asked gently, curious.

Jenny sat there, wondering to herself if she should stop this conversation. She then shrugs, "I am tired pup. So let's not make this long. I'll just say like you, I had my scary moments as much as I had my good moments."

Angela sighs and asked quietly, "Were you harmed back there too?" The woman sat there silently a bit. The wolverine noticed she tensed up a little, which made her worry, "Jenny?"

Jenny smiles as she ruffles Anela's head as she responds, "It was years ago. It's too late to go into this. But take this from me, don't let this one bad moment make you hate everyone else. There's always good and bad people of every race, species, you get it. Just because that human boy harmed you don't mean the next human boy will. And just because Mr. Malkovich is a morph looking out for you don't mean every morph will be like him. Caution is a good thing, but you can't just seal yourself in hopes to never get hurt again. Understand?"

"Sorta," Angela yawns. She then asked, "You ever dated a morph?"

Jenny laughs nervously, then says softly, "No, never, why?"

"Just curious," Angela smirks, "Just curious. Would you date a morph?"

"Maybe," Jenny shrugs, not sure why this is coming up, "But...well...I am very picky..."

"It's okay, I was just curious," Angela smiles, "If you don't, you don't. I won't think less of you. You seem okay with me and Eric."

"I am not okay with you and Eric," Jenny says seriously, "Not because he is human, but because he's a self centered jock. I saw how he looked at you before, and how he looked at you recently. There's no real respect out of those eyes. I knew too many like him."

"You don't like jocks, huh?" Angela asked seriously.

Jenny sighs, then gently rub Angela's cheek, "Puppy, I'd be lying if I say I trust them." She then sighs, "Pup, I was in cheerleading in high school myself."

"Oh?" Angela asked, surprised, "I never thought of you being the type."

Jenny laughs, then smirks, "Oh, I was a looker back then. Though honestly, I only did it cause my parents thought it would be a safer way to join sports. Fuck, I wish I just did volleyball, or basketball, safer than doing all those dance moves that does nothing but tease all those men and even women."

Angela didn't understand since she never was able to see anything in her life. So visual titillation is a foreign concept for her as she shrugs, "Not sure how it's a tease if you are just looking."

"Well," Jenny shrugs, mainly to herself, "You'll be amazed how tantalizing it can be. Just like it's tantalizing for you to use your sense of smell and touch in intimacy. I am sure before things gone back you used those two to really excite you with Eric." Angela just blushes as she nods slowly. Jenny then says, "Well, I didn't like the leers I was getting, but I told myself to just get this over with, parents be happy, I'll be happy. Sadly, it was just one hell after another." Jenny was silent all the sudden as she just silently pet Angela for a while.

The wolverine laid there comfortably as she enjoyed the petting. Though she slowly sat up when she noticed something wet fell onto her face, "Jenny? Is there a leak in here?"

"No, it's fine pup," Jenny quickly wipe her eyes as she did her best bluff that worked on the wolverine. "It's probably just a little moisture. I do have a humidifier running in the vents to help keep the wood floors from going brittle." She then got up and says, "I must get to sleep now puppy, I have a long day at work tomorrow. Running around a medical building isn't fun."

"Aw, okay," Angela sighs, obviously forgotten about her pain from earlier as she rest her head on her pillow, "Night Jenny."

"Night Angela," the woman says as she pick up her shot gun still sitting on the table, then heads toward the hall.

"Jenny?" Angela calls out tiredly.

"Yes, puppy?" Jenny asked, sounding very exhausted.

"Thanks for everything," Angela says wholeheartedly, "Love you."

Jenny smiles warmly and says softly, "You too, now get to sleep pup." The woman close the door then could not help but start to cry as she heads to her room, closing the door behind her. She then mumbles, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, I never thought you would experience that Puppy. Why? Why? Oh Eric, Eric, Eric, I warned you in that note. I am the last person you want to fuck with."

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