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#5 of Project Eden

New bio for one of the more sinister characters of the story.

Name: Vincent Alima Fontane

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Caucasian)

Origin: 422-7 Aeleron

Occupation: Physician

Physical attributes: Vincent is rather tall compared to his other crew members, standing at a solid 6'6" and weighing 270 pounds. His hair is a deep, jet black, complimented by his fair, pale skin and warm, burgundy eyes. He's broad in the shoulders and is well proportioned all around, possessing long, dexterous fingers and a toned, powerful physique. His voice is cool, almost chilling. Every word he speaks seems to hang for a moment before melting away.

Bio: Vincent Fontane is a calm, well-spoken and educated man hailing from the distant reaches of known space. He grew up on the remote colony 422-7 Aeleron, under the care of his loving parents, Amanda and Don. Life was simple for the family of three. Food, clothing, and basic utilities were always accounted for, as well as any other needs and wants that may have sprung up along the way.

The young boy lived a very pampered life on the colony, attending the best school available to him and fostering his desire to learn under the guise of his well-meaning parents. It wasn't until he began to reach the age of adolescence that his life began to undergo some drastic changes.

Everything was subtle at first. A simple interview with a well-dressed gentleman, asking him questions about his home life, his studies, interests, and future goals. The young man professed his desire to become a doctor: to help people who were sick and injured. To Vincent, it seemed a normal occurrence, since these interviews had been going on with the other students for some time now. Of course, this benign front veiled far greater things, lurking just beyond the periphery of these young children's awareness.

What these poor adolescents failed to realize is that this evaluation was one to determine their malleability and usefulness to the shadowy Delta Corporation, a group of illusive individuals working to shape captured children and young adults into obedient infiltrators, assassins, and pawns of all varieties for their unending conquest to secure major sectors of the universe and industry to create their own monopolies.

Unfortunately for Vincent, he was one of the ten other children selected for the program. His parents were asked if they were interested in their son being part of an off-colony program to train him in the ways of medicine, preparing him for formal training at a university once his term had been completed. Of course, they eagerly accepted, knowing how much this meant to their son. The vague wording of the paperwork raised a few questions with Vincent's caretakers, though an elaborately planned sleight of hand left the two ingesting a drug that made them extremely vulnerable to the suggestive powers of the silver-tongued devil sitting before them.

With the signing of this one document, the young man had his freedoms stripped and his hopes violated. In a single night, the ten children were stolen away from their homes, first sedated and then transported to the lone ship awaiting their arrival. A group of marauders and space pirates were directed and armed by the Delta Corporation, following the general objective of pillaging and eventually destroying the station.

The next thirteen years of Vincent's life were absolute torture. He was beaten, violated, degraded, and nearly killed on multiple occasions. His body was scarred and battered, broken beyond the means of conventional medicine. His mind weathered the ordeal no better, breaking down until he had essentially fallen into an infantile, almost vegetative state. It was then that his conditioning began. His consciousness and process of reasoning was completely hijacked and molded to fit the specifications of those in charge. In the end, he found himself without sympathy or regret, following his orders to the letter and doing as he was told. From there, he was granted extensive knowledge over the anatomy of all sentient species, as well as the countless ways that they could be killed, paralyzed, or otherwise disabled and rendered unable to resist. This knowledge of the body was accompanied by the study of numerous methods of coercion, seduction, manipulation, and subtle forms of blackmail. To complete his training, he underwent a painful physical transformation through a rigorous program of augmentation and exercise that pushed his body to the limits. In the end, he was in peak physical condition, standing at the towering height of 6'6" and able to dispatch any foe with impunity.

He was sent out on several different missions to acquire sensitive information and to eliminate several high-profile enemies of the Delta Corporation, though his most important mission so far was to gain access to the secretive Eden Project.

When information of the project was first uncovered, it was still just an idea being discussed with the executives of the Maseydo Corporation, though Vincent was selected as the prime subject for infiltrating the mission once it began to come to fruition. Until then, he was to assume the role of a doctor working at a hospital on the planet of Denora, in the industrial city of Krio. It was here that he began to develop more as a person. The past sixteen years of his life had been spent in hellish containment facility where he was molded into the perfect agent. Now he was being turned loose to live his life a bit more freely than before.

His apartment of choice was located in the middle-class living sector of the city, residing high atop the stacked living quarters that most workers called home. The furnishing was quaint and accommodating, creating a welcoming aura that would make any possible guests feel at home. The spare bedroom was his own personal library and office, stacked high with paperwork on his self-conducted research and theories regarding unknown elements of the physiology of different species. His bedroom was also sparsely decorated, consisting only of a bed, a dresser, and a closet.

His work at the local hospital began not long after his arrival in the city. Forged documents gave him the necessary credentials to begin his work there, though his expertise was as accurate as the documents made it out to be. Despite his constant conditioning to have no sympathy, he still received quite a bit of enjoyment from the work he did, though how genuine it was is debatable. His knowledge was useful and its application was a means to an end that aided others, which brought forth hazy recollections of his childhood dreams. Perhaps this is why he enjoyed his work; the shadow of youth still lingered in the back of his mind. It is likely that same ghost of an emotion that drove his actions when he encountered a young orphaned faunarian on his way home one day.

The lithe, sickly panther was rummaging through a waste disposal machine, his body marred by scars and his left eyes completely missing. Something stirred in Vincent's heart, despite the conditioning and the beatings. He saw too much of himself in the battered and homeless faunarian to simply ignore him, though he was unsure of what to do. After staring at one another for several minutes, the panther scampered off into the nearest alleyway, disappearing without a trace. This encounter prompted Vincent to begin taking the same route every day, leaving parcels of food wrapped in protective film for the homeless panther to eat. On his way home, he'd always find the small bundles to be missing, telling the hopeful human that he had managed to snatch them up before others found them. This continued for a good month or so before the panther finally mapped out the route that Vincent took every day to get to his apartment. One evening, when he finally mustered his courage, the panther began his journey the mysterious human's place of residence, waiting outside his door until he arrived. Vincent was surprised to see the faunarian waiting for him outside of his apartment, though he hastily invited him in.

This orphaned, young panther was the first and only exception to have ever broken through Vincent's walls that kept him from feeling sympathy. This one instant began to develop into a regular regiment of meetings, fostering a peculiar bond between the two before Vincent finally took him under his wing as his own son. Having no name of his own, the doctor chose to name his new son "Martin", after a young patient who mirrored many of the feline's mannerisms.

Because Martin had spent so much time alone, Vincent began to teach him all that he could. He showed him the essentials of everything he needed to know, from things like reading and writing to more complicated mathematics and manners that he was to adopt when in public. Vincent also taught the panther the tools of his trade, allowing him to become versed in the ways of practical medicine as he waited for orders of his mission to arrive.

As the wait dragged, he began to forge documents to ensure that Martin would be able to take the journey with him, making it appear as though the panther was his student and eventual successor. Of course, there was a some truth to the idea that was begin presented, though Martin had no formal studies or degree to speak of.

Fortunately for the odd duo, their passage was guaranteed and they were eagerly accepted into the folds of the mission at hand. The ruse went off without a hitch and the two successfully integrated into the crew.

Vincent's stoic and collected attitude can be somewhat unsettling, though most seem to be rather trusting of him, save for Chef Emericks and Eliot, who are both unnerved by his presence. The other crewmembers find the skepticism odd, since Doctor Fontane presents himself well and is relatively sociable, though the two are certainly on to something with their suspicion.

His job as the doctor of the station is fulfilled to its fullest, and no one asks questions about his ties to Martin. His role on the colony is about to change, however. His mission's objectives are about to be made clear, and the consequences of his actions will echo through his consciousness for years to come.

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