Invader S.

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It's just an average day. But with a twist.

Zulf was just a normal white wolf, who lived a normal life. He was 20, went to college, and was doing well with his girlfriend as well as grades. Standing at an average six feet, he sported an impressive body from years as a water polo player, his toned muscular body would stand out in a crowd. A small six pack was visible under his fur, pecs and biceps taut with muscle, there was just about no fat on him. Waking up with a yawn, opening his muzzle to lap at his lips in the morning, slipping out of bed completely naked. He would rub his eyes and walk over to the window next to his bed, and stare out into the misty morning. His apartment was pretty shit to be honest, overpriced and tiny. He paid 750$ a month for half the size of what his friend paid back in the city. Not to mention he had to pay for his own internet, power, and water. The only thing the housing company Kramer covered was garbage and sewage. Fucking college towns. There were three rooms, a main room that had a small kitchen, complete with stove, microwave, and fridge. He had bought some furniture to decorate the place, a futon for company after long nights of drinking, a small coffee table, as well as a TV stand that sported a small 30 inch plasma, adorned with his PS4. A five foot hallway that separated this room from the others, one room that acted as his study, complete with a desk and a desktop computer. Which he often used to play video games. It was an Alienware X1-50. It was no larger than say a couch pillow, and had enough power to run any game, it also fit his school needs. And then there was his bedroom, it had his medium sized bed, dresser, and was linked to a bathroom, complete with sink, toilet, and shower. Which brings us back to Zulf, naked and looking out into the morning, stretching his toned body. Deciding that it was Saturday, he would have a lazy morning, walking over to the kitchen to have himself some breakfast not even bothering to throw on a pair of underwear. Opening the fridge to see his usual items.

"Let's see here, bacon, eggs, yogurt, or cereal." Pondering this important decision, he wasn't feeling too energetic, deciding to grab a box of Moon Munchies from the top of his fridge, pouring them into a bowl and eating it dry. It was completely normal for a wolf to have his cereal dry, just like he couldn't have chocolate, milk was pretty much the same deal. But the granola, and fruit mix suited him just fine. Chowing down he thought about what he was going to do today.

"Well, today is Saturday, maybe Sam wants to do something." Pulling out his Paw-phone, he texted his girl. Morning beautiful, I was thinking about going for a run in the woods today, want to come with me?


( . . . )

I would love to, you know I can never get enough of the forest.

Smiling to himself, he finished his big bowl of cereal and put the empty plastic bowl in the sink, storing the cereal back on top of the fridge. Throwing on some semi-clean clothes. He made sure they passed the smell check, if he could stick his nose in them and not be disgusted, then it was good to go. Slipping his sandals on, he walked out the door into the brisk morning.

He went to the University of the Redwoods, a small college out by the coast, smack dab in the middle of, you guessed it, a redwood forest. The trees would tower up to 60 feet high, and the terrain was hills, hills, and more hills. Even campus had lots of hills, you pretty much signed up for a P.E. course by attending the place.

He and his girlfriend Sam met there, they both took a botany class and hit it off, she was a beautiful brown wolf, one of the natives from a local tribe. The Inuit people. They had lived there for hundreds of years, dating back to when the land was colonized by the Furope. She wasn't very heavily involved with the religious aspect of her culture, more the social one. Her people emphasized balance, never taking too much from the land, so it would always provide for you. All parts of hunted wildlife was used. Bones were used to make charms, skin was used to make clothing, the meat and organs are all thrown into a pot and made into a stew. It's actually pretty good, or so they say. But they were shunned for their beliefs, in a god not many people outside the tribe knew of. It was said to be a shining star that would descend upon the earth and choose one of the best tribe members. It would take them to the stars, to ascend to a higher plane for their good deeds.

This did not bother Zulf, he knew Sam wasn't big on the religious scene, both of them being heavy believers in science, and the natural workings of the world, such a thing sounds ridiculous. He walked his usual path toward his girlfriend's apartment. Down the small two way street, small trees planted on either side. She was in the next apartment complex down, they decided not to move in together last year since they both signed a year lease on their respective places, it was too late to find a bigger place for the both of them. As his feet landed upon the cold hard pavement, he thought about all the things they could do today. "Sex sex sex sex sex, sex in the forest. Maybe a movie or some shit." You know, normal thoughts

Ascending the stairs to her apartment, he would give his usual loud three knocks. He could hear her inside, shuffling around. "You should really tell me before coming over, I'm not ready to go out yet." As the door opened he gazed upon her frame. She was a lean wolf like himself, even if Sam preferred to run over swim, Zulf would indulge her all the time. You know what they say, swimmers make good runners, but runners make horrible swimmers. Her muscled legs stood out against her much smaller arms, but her full chest couldn't be missed. Her breasts were not huge, but they were big for her size. Standing at a solid B-cup. A little shorter than Zulf, she stood at a good 5'9, although no girl ever complained about having a big tall handsome boyfriend.

"What can I say, I wanted to see you first thing. You know how it is." Rolling her eyes at him, she would step aside and let Zulf in, as he would take a seat on her little couch.

"What you really mean, is that you really want to have sex first thing." Staring him down giving him 'the eye'. Every girl has this, the one thing she does when she absolutely KNOWS that she is right.

Simply shaking his head and rubbing his neck "Nope, all wrong, I just wanted to see you, what else would I do today? We're going for that run later but until then, who knows?"

Giving him a little scoff she would take the seat next to him, leaning in for a kiss, before pulling back. "Brush your teeth in the morning, and maybe you'll get morning sex." Pulling his arm, lifting him to his feet. "So you head back, take a shower, brush that muzzle. I have to finish my botany lab today, and study for chemistry at the library, and I told you that I was going to help Jenny with all the work she missed last week" pulling him toward the door after her little speech

"But what about spending time with me? Sounds like there's no time for poor Zulf." Giving her the puppy dog eyes, and whimpering a little bit. Girls love that shit, a guy with emotions.

"Oh don't you worry pup, I'll be done by tonight, even if it's dark we'll still go for that run, we have night vision so we might as well use it. I'm sure you can find something to do in the meantime." Giving him a little peck on the cheek as he walked out the door.

"Fine, fine but I'll hold you to it." Heading down the stairs, as he blew her a kiss, hearing the door close behind him he headed back thinking about what he was going to do today. "Well let's see, I can fap fap fap fap fap fap fap, video games, study? Nah. Paw off, maybe paw off while playing video games." Trudging his way home, washing up and flopping in front of his little TV, deciding that it was his DESTINY, to play a certain game on the PS4. For several hours he did this, before a few games of DOTA 2. If there was any way to kill time, it was to play DOTA 2.

And sure enough night time rolled around as Sam texted him. His pocked buzzing, he would look at the little screen "Okay, I'm finally done for today, god I need that run for some stress relief. Meet at my place and we can head out." Wagging his tail happily, he abandoned his current game in DOTA, threw on his sandals and headed out the door, walking over to Sam's.

He waited about ten minutes before she herself trudged over, backpack heavy with various items. "Okay stud, give me a minute to get ready, you can leave your sandals inside, stretch so you can keep up." Rolling his eyes at her he did so, leaving his shoes at the entryway, heading inside her apartment and started to stretch, flexing his body. But mostly his legs, undoubtedly trying to show off. But it was no use, she had gone straight to her room to change. Coming out a minute later in jogging clothes. "Let's go. Be sure to close the door behind you." As she took off with a steady pace out the door. Heading out after her, making sure to close and lock the door behind him.

They headed straight for the woods, they knew the surrounding area well, even though it was mostly Sam doing the leading, having grown up here the place was her home. Their paws making contact with the moist earth, keeping up on her tail Zulf would always enjoy the view from behind, turning this way and that around the towering giants, dried and dead pine needles covered the ground, crunching as they ran over them. Ferns littered the place, it was very dark, but in the day it was a sea of green.

Jogging for about twenty minutes they decided to take a break, resting against a fallen tree. Sam turned to Zulf "You can still keep up I see."

Panting himself he would nod to her. "You know it." Walking up, wrapping his arms around her back, pulling her close as he planted a kiss on her lips. "Love you."

Smiling back at him she would return the kiss. "Love you too."

Their candid moment was interrupted, as light shined down from above, blinding the both of them. "What the fuck!" Zulf would exclaim, even as he felt Sam being lifted from the ground, he would grasp hold of her closely not knowing what was going on. He couldn't hear her, shouldn't she be screaming or something? He would yell out to the light "YOU CAN'T HAVE HER."

And the lights would dim, returning her body to the ground. As a deep raspy voice spoke to him. It came slowly, making out every syllable, almost as if it was trying REALLY hard to get the speech right. "She belongs to us, her life was signed away long ago, the contract states this. The contract must be fulfilled."

Still in shock, and blinded, unable to see what the voice belonged to he would look up at the dimmed lights. "Why her, WHY."

No answer

"Well, you can't have her, Sam doesn't want to go with you." Holding her limp body in his arms holding her close, she still drew breath. Almost as if she was in a deep sleep.

The voice responded "No the contract states this, a being MUST be taken. Would you take her place, such a burden is only suitable for her. You will break."

Trembling a bit Zulf really did love Sam, even if they had only been together for a year, was he willing to sacrifice himself. He thought about it, deciding that if he really did love her. He would save her. "I'm not weak, whatever your contract is, I can handle it. What do you want from her!?"

A low rumbling sound ensued, almost like a laugh. It sent chills down Zulf's spine, his fur standing on end. "Let it be known, this being will take the place of the other, the contract will accept this, but is not responsible should you break. Do you accept these terms?"

Trembling in place, the white wolf looked up, his vision slowly returning, making out a spherical outline of what he would assume was the 'star' from the legends his girlfriend's people believed in. "I accept." And right after he said that everything went dark for Zulf.

He would wake up later, not knowing how much time had passed, or where he was, what he did know, is that it was cold, and wet, and very dark. He felt his fur, it was damp with something, it wasn't water. Groggily waking up, he soon noticed all his clothes were gone as well, his sheath, balls, everything was exposed. And the voice from earlier returned, behind him. "So you wake little one. The contract states you must serve for two of your planet's cycles. If you survive you will be returned unharmed, to the time and place you were taken from. Your service starts now, approach."

Sitting up, he noticed a metallic collar had been placed around his neck, wrists, and ankles. He couldn't see a thing it was so dark, trembling in fear at the situation, paralyzed at the sudden change. After he did not move, the voice spoke again. "I said, approach." And a jolt hit his neck, what he would assume was a shock collar, delivering the painful strike across his entire body thanks to the wet coating. Not liking that one bit, he shakily stood up and walked toward the voice. "I .. I can't see." He would complain

Chuckling a bit, the voice spoke again. "That's because you must open your eyes."

And so he did, opening his eyes, closed from fear, he saw the ... thing that had taken him. It was a large, slug looking creature. Its entire body was round and fat like a maggot, its front end stood up sporting what he assumed was a head, a wide opening, which would be the mouth was ... smiling at him? Black beady eyes on stalks attached to the top of the head would watch him The back end tapered off into a long tail. He guessed it was about twenty feet in length, and five in width. He saw no arms or legs, amazed that such a creature could possess technology capable of taking people. He found himself standing in front of the beast, it's body covered in the slime he was, it was clear, and thick, looking up at the thing. "Very good, now hold still." Standing there paralyzed he would look around the room, he saw no entrances or exits, just a round black metallic room A textured floor was beneath him, assuming it was so he did not slip on the slime. A ceiling was above, lights adorned the dome shaped roof, illuminating his prison. He watched in horror as the tail approached, extending and wrapping around his midsection, pinning his arms to his side. It made a sloppy schlicking sound as it coiled around him, lifting him up. He would squirm and struggle, but it held him tight. He was lifted up to the thing's mouth, it had no lips, but the flesh parted, he saw no teeth in the opening, just a long thick tongue. Probably as big as his forearm. It went out, licking his face, his lips. Zulf reeled in disgust, struggling with all his might. And the voice spoke to him again. "If you do not relax, and let me do as I please, you will never see your home again and I will have to take you by force." Not knowing how it spoke, he did not care at the moment, trembling a bit as he complied, relaxing and keeping his head still, the tongue parting his lips, as it slid inside his muzzle. Surprised at how it did not taste repulsive, it had a sweet taste, exuding a watery substance, the thick firm appendage squirmed in his muzzle its texture was not that different from a canines, it was rough, tiny tiny nubs lined the entire thing, licking his tongue, his cheeks, his teeth, hitting the back of his throat. Zulf gagged. But the tongue did not stop, it slid down his throat he choked and choked, finally pulling back and out of his muzzle, he was lifted higher still, squirming anew as he felt it poke his balls, sliding back until it his tailhole. He had never been penetrated before, he was tight like a virgin. The tongue poked and poked, but he was simply too tight for it. And so the voice spoke again. "We can't have this, you are not prepared. Do not worry, there is an easy solution." And with that Zulf blacked out again.

This time he awoke in a different room, but still the same size as the previous, only this time he was strapped to a table. His arms and legs held firmly in place, tail tied to his back, his hole cold and exposed. Looking around he saw various creatures not that different from the previous beast. They looked almost identical except for the size, they were about his height, they approached now that he had regained consciousness. Zulf trembled as they did, hearing one come up behind him. It slide up onto the table, and mounted him, it's weight pressed on his back as he felt a pressure on his tailhole he squirmed and whined, but it did not stop, it was so heavy on top of him, he had trouble breathing, but his hole gave way to the slimy appendage sliding in easily. His eyes shot open wide as he was penetrated, the appendage sank deeper and deeper into him. It burned it hurt. As the one in front of him approached he saw it holding a jar full of purple jelly it its tail, resting it next to his head, its tongue dipped into the jelly, approaching his muzzle, parting his lips, sliding inside. The jelly was delicious, like the best jello-shot you have ever head. He found it being shoved down his throat, as the tongue continuously dipped into the jar, and then his muzzle. A warmth started to radiate through him, he relaxed his tailhole, his cock started to emerge from its sheath, he couldn't believe it, but whatever was in his ass, was starting to feel good. He felt the length grow longer inside him, and wider twisting and turning, making him squirm with pleasure instead. After being force fed the entire jar of jelly, he found himself panting like a bitch in heat, his 8-inch cock rock hard beneath him, the knot already formed as it pressed against his stomach, leaking pre like a broken faucet. And before he knew it, a warmth started radiating through his ass, whatever was inside him was pumping him full of something. He moaned as it filled him, begging for more. "Harder harder, I want more, please. I need to cum so bad." His aching erection begging for attention. But he felt the length leave him, and the creature dismount, warmth flowing out of his stretched hole, leaking down his balls, leaving his needs unsated, the effects of the jelly not wearing off, but with no stimulation, his boner remained. Unable to cum. Feeling himself losing consciousness again, he closed his eyes.

Waking up, he found himself back in the room with the large beast, his erection still hard and throbbing. His ass still leaking, he must have only been out for a minute at most. Immediately reaching for his cock, but the restraints on his wrists becoming very heavy, pinning his arms to the floor. The beast approached him this time "Can't have that. Now you are ready." Whimpering like a bitch, he wanted to cum and if anal was the only way then so be it. The tail came around, wrapping around him again. Feeling the weight lift from the restraints, as the beast lifted him up, the tongue sliding out to his tailhole again, this time sliding in with ease, stretching him wide as he moaned in pleasure. The rough tongue squirmed this way and that, pressing up against parts of his body he never knew were there. He felt his orgasm approaching rapidly just as the tongue left him, it was as if the thing knew. He watched as numberous appendages, similar to the tail crept out from under the beast, one in particular was thick, thicker than the tongue, it parted into three portions, revealing a dark pink phallic shaped object about ten inches in length, it oozed a similar colored slime to the jelly, approaching his hole. At this point Zulf was a willing whore, he wanted that inside him, whatever it took to cum. Snaking its way around him it easily found the entrance, thrusting in to the base. He moaned out loud, taking the whole thing, it started to thrust into him, the slime dripping out of his hole, he got so close to his orgasm, but the slime was acting as a numbing agent it started out pleasurable, but soon he felt nothing at all. Whimpering loudly as his cock still ached. Begging to the beast. "Please! I need to cum, I'm so hard it hurts, please make me cum."

Chuckling to itself, the beast did not respond, simply kept on thrusting. As another appendage approached his muzzle, much smaller than the one lodged in his ass, it parted into a yellow ball, poking at his lips. Zulf parted his muzzle and let it inside. It was like a chew toy that squirted sweet nectar each time he bit down. Drinking down the beast's fluids, he felt some sensitivity to his rear return, before it unexpectedly pulled out, leaving him with only a small amount of feeling. As he was fucked, he only felt as though he were being teased, a light touch on his hole. It was pure torture to his cock, aching so hard. When the thrusting stopped, and the thing was buried deep in his ass, he felt warmth spread through him, he felt so full. He swore he could see his stomach bulge a bit, and the length suddenly left him. He would look down to see a torrent of white and purple gush out of his ass, the beast would put him in the puddle of fluids, the restraints would activate, pinning his arms and legs to the floor, unable to move. His cock still achingly hard.

It would speak to him again. "Rest now, you will be required to serve much more. This is simply the beginning."

And with that, everything went black.


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