Fox & Bear 2

Story by houndlover56 on SoFurry

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The last one I wrote was from James's POV. Here's what happens next in Dan's POV.

James. Even the name makes me smile. We've been secretly going out for about three months now. Ever since I agreed to be his boyfriend, I've gained thirty pounds and I love it. My belly's never been this big. We agreed to meet up again tomorrow. No one else in this town knows about me and him dating.

I lay on my bed and cover myself with my blanket. I wish James was here with me. We've never spent the night together cuddling in bed, even though I want it so bad. I love the feeling of that cute fox wrapped in my arms.

When I wake up the next morning, I realize something. Today is James's birthday. He's turning 15 today. I've already gotten him a great birthday gift. I know he's gonna love it. I know it.

I get out of bed. I usually like to sleep in my boxers. I open the drawer of my dresser and take out my favorite red shirt. It used to fit me just fine. Now when I put it on, some of my belly remains uncovered. Not by much, but I'm not bothered by it. I manage to get my jean shorts on (yes I struggled a bit, but you know what, a small price to pay for gaining weight).

My dad works the night shift. So he's usually on the recliner in the living room sleeping while watching TV. Sure enough, that's exactly what he's going when I walk out there. He's only wearing those briefs with a hole on the side. Mom works during the day so, she's not home. I sneak past my dad and go into the kitchen.

One thing James likes to do is feed me. Which is how I gained a bit of my weight. I open the cupboard and take out the unopened can of whipped cream and a jar of peanut butter. I don't really like it, but I can't help but eat it. I walk out the door and head to James's house.

He said his parents were out working so I was allowed to come over today. It takes me a few minutes, but he only lives a few streets away. I knock on his front door and he answers.

"Dan! Hi!" He hugs me tight. I wrap my arms around him too. I love hugs. Probably because I'm such a softie. And I mean that literally and figuratively.

"Hey little buddy. May I came in?" I say.

"Of course." I step inside and close the door. James leads me into his living room and lets me sit down on a soft blue chair. "So, how are you today?"

"I'm alright. How're you doing?"

"I'm ok. I'm still a little sleepy though."

"Well. I'll let you take a nap on me later if that's ok."

"Alright." He wags his tail. He's so cute. "I see you brought some stuff with you. Here, I'll take them." He takes the food out of my paws and sets them on the table in front of me. After that, we share a kiss.

"Hey James?"


"What do you want to do today?"

"Oh I think you know." He winks at me and rubs my belly. I love it when he does that.

"So eager." I take off my shirt and toss it on the floor. James gets on his knees in front of me and starts rubbing my belly. He even gives it a few kisses. We do this sort of thing every day. We play with each other a bit, he'll feed me a lot of food, we'll kiss each other and cuddle together. I really do love this fox so much.

I reach down and rub his head a bit. He puts a smile on. That's when he starts jiggling my belly. It's honestly a nice feeling. He doesn't go too hard. He'll just push his paw into my gut just enough to watch it wobble a bit. I'll admit that sometimes I play with my fat gut myself sometimes. It's that addicting.

"You know there's a lever on the side that'll bring the foot rest up, right?" James says. I look over and see that he's right. I reach down and pull on it. The foot rest comes up and now I'm much more relaxed.

James climbs onto me and we end up cuddling together. I love him. I stroke his back as he lays on me. "You're an adorable fox, you know that?" I say.

"Awww, thanks," James blushes, "You're a cute bear." I smile. We lock muzzles again. He caresses the side of my belly as we make out. I start to French kiss him a little and he doesn't argue. Instead, he does the same back. James's tail wags back and forth. When the kiss ends, I just stare into his beautiful green eyes and scratch the back of his head. It's cute whenever he murs like that.

"You wanna be fed now?" James asks.

"You know the answer to that." I wink at him and pat my belly. James carefully gets off of me and heads into the other room. I stay right here in this seat because it's too comfortable. He comes back in and reveals a plastic bag. "While my parents weren't looking, I went out to buy these."

"What are they?"

"Sugar cookies."

"How many?"

"About three dozen."

"Wow. Are you sure you don't want any?"

"Ok. I'll eat some. On one condition."

"What's that?"

"I get to rim that beautiful ass later." James winks and strokes my arm.

"Ok. You win. I'll let you." I honestly have no problem with it. It's even sexier when he rims me as I'm eating.

"Yay!" He says. He take out the box. It really does have 36 cookies in there. Is he trying to make me hungry? I don't know. But I love being hungry because it means I get to eat. James sits on the arm of the chair with the box in his paw. He takes out a cookie and holds it up to my muzzle. I eat it up in a few bites. The process continues until there are only a few cookies left.

"Come on James, you've gotta eat a few too." I say.

"Fine." He starts to eat one, but I speak up.

"Hold on, how about we try something sexy?"

"Ok." James sounds excited.

"Get on the ground on your paws and knees." James takes off all of his clothes and does what I ask. I get off the chair and get on my paws and knees right behind him. I tell him he can start eating and he does. When he does, I starts to rub his orange ass. I then bury my face in it and start to rim it. I don't mind how it tastes, but it turns me on and I know it turns James on too.

"Oh Dan! I love that so much!" he says. I smile, spank him and rim deeper. I spank him a couple of times before he finishes. I keep going because I know he likes it. As I try to rim deeper, I reach over and start to paw James off. He moans in delight. After a minute, he leaks pre and soon, cums into my paw.

I take my tongue out of his ass and lick the cum off my paw. I stand up. James crawls over to me and, on his knees, takes my shorts and boxers off. I rub my belly while I feel the cookies in there. James paws my dick and starts sucking on it. I'm not going to stop him. He gives a good blowjob. I feel my climax building up. I rub my belly more, getting more and more aroused. James puts his paws on my hips. After a while, I get so horny that I buck my hips forward a bit, shoving my cock into the eager fox's mouth. In a few minutes, I blow my load into James's muzzle and he swallows it all, but keeps going.

"Ohhhh, does foxy love sucking me?" I ask.

"Mhm." he says.

"So eager, huh?" I dirty talk, "Does foxy want this in his ass?" I buck forward again.


"Yeah? You want me to fuck you hard?"


"You want it deep? I'll tie you down. I'll know you love it. I'll give it so deep I'll cum in your ass and spank you so hard. Does foxy want spanked hard?"

"Mhm." James doesn't want to stop sucking and it feels so good.

"Yeah? You love the fat bear's cock?"


"I know you love my belly too, huh?"


"Get on the table foxy and I'm gonna fuck you so hard." James takes my dick out of his mouth and lays on the table in front of the chair. I lift up his legs. Since my belly covers my cock, I lift my belly and set it over James's private area. That way my cock can still meet his ass. I place the tip of my cock into his ass and he moans loud.

"Oh!!!" he yells. I push the rest of it in and start fucking him hard. With each thrust, he moans louder and louder. He wants to paw himself but his boner is buried underneath my fat belly.

"Does foxy love this?" I ask.


"Foxy wants tied down, doesn't he?"

"Yes! Please!"

"As you wish!" I fuck him harder and faster. I feel my knot forming in his ass and start to leak pre. I spanks his ass hard, making him yell out. Soon, I cum in his ass and tie him down. We're stuck together.

"Wow," James pants, "That... was great."

"Yeah it was." I say, "What do you want to do until we get unstuck?"

"Well, I don't know about you but I've got a five or six hundred pound belly to play with." James reaches up and starts to rub my belly. I actually join him. I love rubbing my belly. And the feeling of four paws rubbing it makes me even more happy.

After ten minutes, my knot swells down and I pull out of James. I lay down on the floor with my arms over my head. I'm a bit tired. James continues to rub my belly. I smile and let him. I love it whenever James plays with my gut.

"Hey James?"


"Do you ever dream of being fat?"

"Sometimes. Why?"

"Just thinking. Maybe if you get a little chubber, maybe around three hundred pounds, I'll play with your gut."

"That doesn't sound too bad." he comes up and we kiss but then goes back to rubbing my fat. "Now that you've got me interested, what's it like being your size?"

"Well, for starters, I've got a nice big belly. I can eat a lot more. Whenever I walk it wobbles a bit. Because of my size, I'm a lot softer and cuddlier than most furs."

"What about clothes?"

"Most clothes don't fit me. I have to get ones that are bigger than most clothes. However, I sometimes keep my smaller clothes."


"Because it honestly turns me on when I wear shirts that don't cover my belly. That's why I go to the pool a bit sometimes. It gives me an excuse to take my shirt off."

"Well, I certainly love you with your shirt off." I giggle. He's flirting with me now.

"I love it when you smile." I say. James smiles at me.

"I love it whenever you get to see me."

"Awww. Well, I love seeing you too." He blushes.

"I love your kisses."

"Oh really?"


"Well then come here and I'll give you some bear loving." James lays on top of me and we make out. It turns into a French kiss quickly. I moan into the kiss and he murs into the kiss. After it ends, James goes over to my feet, sets my right foot into his lap and starts to massage it.

"So, tell me, what do you like about being fat?" James asks.

"Well, other students at school would sometimes bring me their leftovers since they know I love to eat food."


"Yeah. Sometimes it's a few chips, other times, it's an uneaten dessert. Even some kids have given me a few small cups of ice cream."

"Wow. So, other kids give you food all the time?"

"Yeah. Of course, some tease me because of my weight, but, it doesn't really bother me at all."

"Tell me more about others giving you food." James starts to get curious.

"Ok. Well, this one time, a friend had a birthday party. After the party, he pulled me aside and he told me that I can have the rest of the cake if I wanted it. I said yes because, it's hard for me to say no to food. There was still over half of it left when the party ended. I ate the rest butt naked in my bed that night."

"Sounds awesome. It must be lucky to be you."

"I wouldn't say that. But, it does seem like fate's trying to make me fatter and I love it."

"Tell me something else about your weight gain."

"Alright. One day, during school, a tiger came up to me and said that he bought a baker's dozen donuts but wasn't that hungry, so he let me have the rest of them. This other time, on my birthday in fact, someone broke into my locker and left 5 cans of whipped cream as a birthday present."

"Really? That much?"

"Yep. I'm not exaggerating. They literally left 5 12-oz cans of whipped cream. I skips a couple periods of class and spent an hour in the empty locker room eating all five cans. I was full and my belly was very happy that day."

"Wow. That's crazy."

"I know. But, I loved it a lot."

"Was there any scenarios where someone played with your belly?"

"Umm... sometimes my friend Billy gives it a quick jiggle to tease me, but he hasn't done that in months."

"And now I play with it." James says. To prove his point, he shakes my belly a bit then goes back to rubbing my feet.

"Yep. Now you get to play with it. Whenever you want."

"Are you ever ok with playing with it in public?" he asks.

"Well, sometimes in a fitting room when I'm getting new clothes, I find myself wobbling it a bit in front of the mirror. Or when I'm in a public pool, I'll reach underwater and rub myself and give it a quick shake. So yeah, I guess you can say I play with my belly in public."

"Nice. Can I ask you something?"

"Of course. Anything."

"What's your opinion on yiffing in public?"

"Well, to me, I'll probably never have sex in public, but if it's like rimming or a BJ or something along the lines of that, maybe. But as for dick in ass sex, I'm never going to do in public."

"Oh ok. Now you're getting me thinking about rimming you in a changing room."

"Oh really? I'll have to let you sometime." I wink at him.

"Who says we have to wait?"

"Oh? You want to go now?" I'm not sure if I'm excited or scared. But, I'm pretty sure James now wants to do this.


"Oh, alright. I'll take you to kohl's or something."

"Ok." We get our clothes back on and we head out. Kohl's isn't that far from here so we walk. I grab James's paw as we head there. When we head in, we head for the men's section. We agreed beforehand to grab some clothes before we actually go into the changing room. I grab a plain white T-shirt that would probably be too small on me, but would make a great sleep shirt. James grabs a few shirts, one of which has a New York subway map on it. We head into a fitting room together. At first, James does change into one of his shirts. When he takes it off, I pull him into my arms and we lock muzzles. I want to savor this kiss. Our tongues rub up against each other and I tighten my hug on him.

When the kiss ends, I take off my shirt and toss it on the bench. I get on my knees and put my paws on the bench. James goes behind me and pulls my pants and underwear down just enough to expose my ass to him. He goes slow, but starts to lick inside of my ass. I try my best not to moan, managing to keep it at a heavy breathing. I rub all over my belly and chest to increase to pleasure. I push my ass into his face a bit, wanting more. James shoves his tongue in deeper, licking everywhere inside me. He even rubs my ass and the back of my legs a bit.

Oh yes! I think, This is so sexy! After a few more minutes, James takes his tongue out and pulls my pants up. I get up, turn around and we look at each other. Before either of us get our shirts back on, we kiss again. This time, we kiss each other as deep as we can, breathing heavily through our noses. I grind my groin into him. I'm horny as hell. I'm sure he is too. We leave the changing room, pay for our shirts and leave. I grab his paw and hold it as we walk back home. My cock is super hard right now.

When we get to his house, I take off all of my clothes, James does the same. I wrap my arms around him, hugging him tight and kissing him as deep as possible again. I moan a lot into the kiss and James murs so much. I let go of him and he gets on his knees. He takes my cock in his mouth and starts sucking. He even plays with my balls a bit.

"Oh, James!" I moan. He bobs his head back and forth and sucks me harder. "Looks like some foxy is loving my cock."

"Mmmmm." he says.

"You're good at this. Does someone want my seed?"


"Yeah. Does foxy love the fat bear's cock?" He sucks harder. I rub my body as I feel my climax building. I start to pre into his muzzle. I start to buck forward and shove more of my bearmeat into his mouth. I eventually cum down his throat.

"That was nice." James says.

"I know." I say, "What do you want to do now?"

"Well, I was hoping that the rimming in the fitting room was just a preview." he winks at me and rubs my thigh.

"Oh? You can't ever get enough of my fat ass, can't you?"

"Nope. Are you complaining?"

"No I am not. What'd you have in mind?"

"Well, let's get that whipped cream." I giggle because I think I know what he's going to do. He takes my paw and we head into the living room. James tells me to get on my hand and knees. I do as he asks. He leaves the room for a moment and returns with two bowls. One's a small one and one's a larger one, like for popcorn. He sets both in front of me. James takes the can of whipped cream and sprays into the smaller bowl until it's full, which doesn't take long. He sets that one to the side. He then sprays the rest into the larger bowl. It takes a few minutes, but he empties the can. The larger bowl is just barely full.

"What do you want to do?" I playfully ask.

"Well, I figured you should eat since we've been walking a bit." He rubs my belly. He's right. Walking will probably make me lose weight. I need to eat if I want to be fatter. "So, you eat that whipped cream," he points to the larger bowl, "without your hands and I'm going to rim you again. But this time, I'm gonna try using this to make it more 'fun'." He lifts the smaller bowl and snickers. I have a feeling I know what he's going to do and it turns me on and makes me hungry.

"Eat up, Dan." he says. He walks behind me. I look behind to see what he's doing. He kneels down, sets the bowl next to me. He puts some cream on his finger and then he slips it in my ass.

"Ohhhh." I moan. It feels nice. In seconds, he shoves his face in my ass and starts licking. As I'm enjoying it, I start eating the cream out of the bowl in front of me. It tastes awesome. James gives me a few spanks. I never thought of doing this before. I know James once put this kind of cream on his feet and I licked them even after all the cream off. What can I say? His feet tastes great. And I'm sure he loves doing this to me ass, I know I love it.

James continues to put more whipped cream up my asshole and licks to out. I finish the cream in the bowl in front of me in several minutes. I look behind me and see the bowl is empty.

"Oh, I'm out of cream," he says, "Oh well. I still want this ass." He buries his face back in me, putting his paws on my hips pulling me into his muzzle more. I shake my ass in his face a little bit.

"Does foxy love eating my ass?" I playfully ask.

"Mhm." He doesn't bother take his tongue out. He just keeps it in, licking me everywhere.

"Does foxy want me to sit on his face?"


"Yeah?" I get up, with the fox's tongue still inside me. I let James lay down on the floor and I sit down on his face, burying him in my fat, fuzzy ass. He still laps his tongue inside of me, licking me as deep as possible.

"Foxy loves this doesn't he?"

"Mhm." Is what I can make out from his mumbling.

"Yeah, eat my ass." I dirty talk, "Lick all of it. You know you love it. Ohhhh, you're good at this. Yeah, you love my ass, don't you? Just as much as much as you love sucking my cock, huh?"


"You want your cock up that hole, don't you?"


"Yeah?" I slowly start to jerk him off. When he pres, I lick it off my paw and use the other paw to continue. After a few minutes, he cums into my paw. I then lick that off, savoring the sweet, salty taste. I get off of James's face and get back on all fours.

He kisses my ass and the back of my legs a bit and then slowly inserts himself into my hole. I moan in pleasure at the feeling.

"Ohhhhh, yes! Pound my ass!" I beg. He starts to fuck me faster. I find myself sucking on my finger since it still tastes a bit like James's cum.

"Does fat bear like foxy's cock?" James says.

"Yes!" I cry out.

"He wants to be tied down doesn't he?"

"Yes! Please! Fuck me hard!" He pounds away at my ass, with me moaning with every thrust into me. I feel his knot starting to swell up in me. He puts his paws on my hips and thrusts in as deep as he can that I yell out very loud. James does this a few times, even spanking me hard in the process.

He shoves it all the way in and grinds inside of me. "That's right. Bear loves it rough doesn't he?"

"Yes!" I yell. He grabs my ass and squeezes it hard. Oh, this is so sexy.

"I'm gonna make this ass mine." He growls.

"Ohhhhhh. I am yours!!!"

"That right you are!" He pushes into me all the way hard a few more times. Soon, he cums inside me and ties me down. I'm stuck with a sexy as hell fox inside of me. "Did bear like that?" James asks, rubbing my back.

"Yes." I breath heavily.

"That;s right. I did too. Well, until my dick calms down, looks like I'm stuck inside you."

"Looks like it."

"How about I just rub that beautiful body until then?"

"Sounds great." He gently runs his paws across my back, the sides of my belly, my ass (I swear he can never get enough of it), and my legs. Soon, he swells down and pulls out of me. I lay down on my stomach, getting tired.

"You tired?"


"Well, we still have a while before my parents get home. How about I massage that ass of yours?"

"James, can I ask you something?"


"Do you really love my ass that much?"

"Why? Do you have a problem with me paying so much attention to it?"

"Oh, no. None at all. I was just curious. Anyways, a butt massage sounds great. Thanks, buddy." James rubs my ass a bit then rubs a bit harder. This feels weird, but it's nice.



"You've got some nice paws."

"Awww, thanks." As he massages my ass, I rest my head on my arms while James works his magic. While I'm trying to keep myself from dozing off, I can't help but think about how cute James is. That and the fact that he's the nicest fox I've ever met. Ever since that day in the locker room, I've just wanted to be with him. Even though I've said yes, we've talked about it and agreed that it would be better if our love stayed secret. Even our lovemaking, especially since James has pretty much rimmed me every time we see each other. Not that I have a problem with it. I don't. I love it when he rims me. Or feeds me. Or kisses me. Or even hugs with me. Plus it's nice getting the attention like that.

"Hey, James?"

"Yeah, Dan?"

"I love you."

"Awww, I love you too."

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Asking if I could be your boyfriend. You've made me happy the past three months and I want to continue that."

"Awww, come here." I flip so I'm laying on my back and he climbs onto me. I put my paws on his face and pull him in for a deep, passionate kiss. Afterwards, I look at the clock and see that I don't have much longer to be here.

As I'm getting dressed and ready to leave, James cleans up the place. I feel bad for having to leave him behind but I have to leave in order for our love to stay secret.

"Well, James," I say, "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"I hope so. I don't want to stop seeing you."

"Me neither." We kiss and hugs one last time and then head out the door. It's a short walk to my house, but I'm not a fan of walking, unless it's a short distance. When I get home, I quietly open the door and tiptoe into the living room. My dad's still asleep and my mom isn't home yet. Thank goodness.


I told James to meet me at the barn whenever he could get the chance. I'm sitting in my set-up lawn chair with a bag of chips in my paws, slowly eating them and watching the highway at a distance. I decided just to come in my boxers, most of which is covered by my oversized belly.

Me and James have been meeting up and secretly dating for around four months now. We've been trying to make each "date" more like a date every time. For example, one time he came over to my house when my parents were gone and we watched a movie together. I remember us holding paws and him snuggled up next to me, resting his head on my belly. This other time, we took a short stroll through the forest. James asked me to be shirtless during it. I'll admit, I did do just that.

I managed to gain another twenty pounds this month. I can feel most of the weight going to my stomach, making it bigger. I swear, I'm just destined to become a fatter and fatter bear. And I love it.

James comes over about ten minutes later. He brought me another rose. Awwww, he's so romantic.

"So, Dan," he sits on my lap, "What do you want to do today?"

"Well, I know you want to rim me at some point today," I tease him, "Which I'll let you. But, I think that we should take it slower today."

"That's ok with me." James climbs on top of me and we cuddle together. I rub his back and he murs a bit.

"You're a cute fox." I say.

"You're a sexy bear." he says.

"Awww, I think you've got beautiful eyes."

"I think that you have soft fur."

"You have a nice smile." He looks up and smiles at me. I smile back. Such a cute fox.

"I think you have a better smile." he says.

"Awwww," I kiss him, "Is cute foxy flirting with me?"

"Maybe I am," he winks at me.

"Oh really?" I hug him tighter and make out with him. He's so adorable. And his murring is so cute. We kiss for a few minutes before I hear someone speak.

"What're you two doing?" I look up and James turns around. Thankfully we both still have clothes on. We see a silver grey wolf. He's wearing big black boots, camo shorts and a tight, sleeveless shirt.

"Nothing. Why?" James says.

"Well, there's a half-naked, overweight bear making out with a fox who looks way too young for him."

"I'm 14."

"And I'm 18." I say.

"Still seems a little young. Don't you think?" the wolf says.

"Hey, I love this bear." James hugs me.

"Hold on, I recognize that voice." the wolf says, "James?"


"I thought I recognized you. How long have you two been doing... this?"

"About four months."

"Really? You two have been secretly dating for 4 months?"

"Yes. But, please don't tell anyone. I made a promise to Dan that I wouldn't tell anyone."

"James, relax. I won't tell anyone. To be honest, I kind of have my eyes on someone too."


"Todd. He's this fox that I've been having my eye on. He looks almost like you. Except he's taller and one of his ears is black."

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"I'm going to his house. See ya."

"Wendell, wait! Please don't tell anyone!" James begs.

"Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me." And with that, he walks off.

"You know that wolf?" I ask.

"Yeah. He's in my math class. I don't really know him."

"So he's a freshman too?"

"Yep. But I didn't know he was into other guys. I thought he was dating Lori. Oh well. Now, where were we?"

"Making out and flirting." I say.

"Oh yeah," I get kissed. He rubs my belly and I smile.

"Does a certain foxy want to get playful?"

"Maybe I do. May I see that ass of yours?"

"Does foxy want my ass?"

"Yes, please." I get up from the chair and lay on the ground, facing down. James sits behind me, takes off my boxers and buries his face in my fat ass, licking inside my hole. I love the feeling so much. I get spanked a few times. I moan each time it happens.

"Hey James?"

"Mmmmmmm." He stays up my ass.

"I love you. So much."

"I love you too, Dan."

"Now, how about I give you some bear loving?" I say.

"Sure." I get up on my knees. James give my asshole one more wet lick and comes in front of me. I wrap my arms around him and kiss him for a minute. After that, He gets down on his paws and knees in front of me, lifting his tail. I set my belly on his back to make way for what going to go in his hole. My next thoughts of how him and I are going to be happy together as I push my dick in his ass and fuck him with all the bear love I can.

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