"look at this fat ass, man the best, and probably only, good thing about you fatsos is your asses are so wide i know i don't need to be gentle." the horse sniggered as he watched my rolls of fat jiggle, he gave my other asscheek a firm spank as well.

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The fat Dragonite

**During the day of winter, Luke stayed in his cave/home. He looked outside then, his belly grumbled.** **"I must be hungry" His belly grumbled more. "Really hungry." It was like his belly was telling him what to do. He went out putting on his poofy...

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The fat king

(also he found it totally hot to watch the fat, horny orcs line up and suck their king off but he never said that aloud.) of course, some of the fat ones became too fat to do any work.

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Running To Fat

Massive tree trunks ended in pudgy, three toed hooves. his ass though, the massive hairy rear jiggled and shake with almost every movement eric made. "yeah, shake that ass fat boy."

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Fat Bunnies

So, Arglot, Junkfood Depository, is all about a greedy scamp who reigns over his garden and demands cadbury cream eggs from his underlings. The oppressed rablets get rolled over and squashed by Arglot if they do not comply. Welp, one day, they get the...

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The Fast and the Fat

Twisting corners at lightning speed while whoever was driving ahead of him hit those apexes at a comparatively pedestrian pace; zx giggled to himself as he imagined satan in a racing helmet, glancing in his rear-view mirror at the blubbery mountain of fox fat

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New Fat Cow

She could feel the fat of her arms rub against the fat on her chest, and it made her shiver. "oh, right." alicia giggled.

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Fat Dogs (2020)

The inhale from the large bear made the rodent pause but he continued as the rat slowly found that fat flaccid bear cock, the fingers curled around it as he held it within his soft fat plumped hand paw.

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Fat Beyond Words

#17 of quick fetish blurbs (series) is there a word to describe how fat you've become? words like superchub or morbidly obese or even blob don't do it justice. teases like wide-load or lardass can't properly detail your bloated, blubbery form.

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The Fat Hat Poem

#11 of quick fetish blurbs (series) there once was a man named matt he owned a beautiful hat but on a night late he ate and he ate now he's too fat for his hat

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Fit Feeding Fat

Stuffed, heavy, panting; your mouth sore from all the food you've chewed in the past hour alone. You feel the gentle paw of your muscular tiger running over your dangerously stuffed gut. "Come on now, just a few more packs, you're almost...

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more fat friday

I'm with a pig cop and mr sumo with the other one. the pig cop turns on the shower and wets my body then he licks my butt hole. he starts fucking me saying mmm yes u sexy fat human u have a nice body for a human. his belly feels good on my back. he pounds

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