Ward 16: Advantages

Story by Thakur on SoFurry

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#2 of Ward 16

Cathy tries to relax and make some decisions, but can't seem to beat the itch, while we learn more about Pete.

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Nurse Fartham woke Cathy in the morning, though the woman was trying to be quiet. Cathy's ears twitched anyway, and her eyes popped open to see Julie shuffling around her cart.

"Good morning, Cathy," she said, looking down at the food bowl, sitting untouched by the water. "How did you sleep?"

Cathy had never slept on her side before, but now she was forced to. Her Border Collie body put too much stress on her spine when she lay on her back, and balancing on her paws was impossible. By the time she'd drifted off, her body had naturally rolled onto her side, putting quite a large crease in her fur. "Nod well," she barked.

"I'm sorry to hear that. You know, if you prefer, I can get some gravy to go with your breakfast. Some of the other patients like it that way."


"Change of sheets?" she asked, fluffing the white pile of the cloth on the middle shelf of her cart.

Cathy glanced down at her bed, which would have been pretty small for a human patient, but was rather large for a forty pound collie. She saw her black and white fur covering the sheets, reminded immediately that she wasn't human anymore. Apparently she was shedding? "Yes," she said, hopping down from the bed.

While Nurse Fartham changed the sheets, she asked, "Think you're ready to head to the common area, today?"


Julie sighed, kneeling to tuck the sheets in so that all the creases were gone. Cathy watched, seated a few paces away, but made no effort to say anything more. It was the nurse who broke the silence, as she tucked the last corner of the fitted sheet tightly.

Still kneeling, she faced her patient and said, "Cathy, you need to eat, and drink, and leave your room sometimes. I know what's happened to you sucks, but you can't give up. Your parents are coming in tomorrow and they will be grateful to see you."

To see their new pet? The nurse apparently didn't realize she'd left the room last night, and of course she had no idea what had happened to her in the bathroom. Cathy closed her eyes.

"It's going to be okay."

Cathy finally spoke slowly, trying to keep her voice box steady. "I do...wand...want..."

"Yes?" Nurse Fartham asked, encouragingly.

"...a bath."

Julie wasted no time leading Cathy down the hallway to the necessary facilities, happy just to see that her patient wanted_anything_. She couldn't know that Cathy could still smell her time with Pete, her fur still caked with dried semen. The water wouldn't do anything about her heat, but at least it would erase his scent. She definitely wasn't going to head into a room full of dogs smelling like this.

The shower room was thankfully empty, because the room was open. There were six shower heads, and then below, a short hose, with six drainage grates. In a basket by the door were several bottles of dog shampoo that advertised shiny, healthy coats. The water was controlled by rotating levers, but Cathy was pretty sure she could manipulate them herself. The hose was another thing altogether.

"Do you want shampoo?" the nurse asked.

Cathy was going to need it, but how could she possibly use the plastic bottles? Slowly, she said, "Yes...?"

Julie nodded. "Come with me, I'll help you get lathered up."

Cathy wasn't sure which problem to worry about first, her inability to even _wash_herself alone, or the fact that she may or may not have been _raped_the day before. She'd felt helpless already in this border collie body, and being bathed like a six-year-old wasn't helping matters any. She jumped when the warm water hit her body, running in rivers down her fur until her long black and white fur lay down in feathered streaks. Nurse Fartham didn't seem to mind the tedious work, grabbing the shampoo bottle and starting to work the almond-scented soap into her fur.

Ironically, the help she needed to be washed gave Cathy plenty of time to think about the night before with Pete. At first, her thoughts always came back to one simple fact: Pete had no way of knowing that she didn't want him. Sure, he'd given her a lick that was completely uncalled for, but he'd immediately apologized and then asked if he could do it again. She was still a novice with her new, technological voice box, so she couldn't say no. And her hiked tail was pretty convincing body language. As far as the husky could have known, she was totally into it when he climbed onto her back.

Julie started to lather her belly, and Cathy just stood there quietly. The nurse probably thought she was still sulking, but for once, the young patient was just lost in thought.

Perhaps it hadn't even been rape at all. She'd wanted to say 'no' on multiple occasions, but how much of that was truthful? How much was from fear of getting pregnant? How much was just shock at the sudden and rather...unconventional loss of her virginity? Could she really claim she didn't want it when it had felt so good?

From the moment his tongue had touched her swollen vulva, Cathy had been whimpering and moaning in pleasure. She'd yelped wordlessly when she meant to say 'no', but was she just lying to herself? Was she just trying to make up excuses so that she wouldn't have to admit that she'd _liked_getting fucked as a dog? _By_a dog?

That settled it. Pete seemed really nice. So far, he was the only nice thing in the entire shitstorm that had become her life, and Cathy wasn't going to throw that away just because he didn't wait for a 'yes' like he should have. Next time, she'd make her feelings clear - she just had to relax and concentrate on the words. Chalk up their midnight misadventure to getting swept up in the moment. It wouldn't happen again, but she could at least be friends with him, and maybe...if they both got human bodies again, then maybe...

"Alright, Miss Earnheist," the nurse interrupted. "Time to rinse you off."

Cathy blinked, the bath having gone much faster than she'd expected. Her fur was sopping wet, white, and bubbly, and Julie held the hose like a pistol taking aim. She had to resist the sudden urge to shake herself dry, calm herself, and say, "I can take id from here."

The overhead shower would work fine, though rinsing off would take a lot longer for Cathy alone than with the nurse's help. But Cathy wanted to do it herself, not the least of which because Julie had stayed away from Cathy's rump. While the woman was probably just being polite, unable to smell what Pete had left on her, Cathy knew that area needed some extra attention. She couldn't exactly tell Nurse Fartham that she'd missed a spot...

"Okay, Cathy. I hope to see you in the commons area once you get dry?" She glanced over at the custom-made air dryers attached the wall.

"Maybe," she said slowly, making sure to get every word exactly right. "And...thanks."

Julie smiled, and left.

Finding a good position was no easy feat. The hose would be no use without hands, and the shower head was at a normal height for a human. Cathy spun the handle and luke-warm water rained down on her, quickly drenching her back. Suds flowed off her body onto the floor before sliding down the drain at her feet. But when she tried to rinse her hindquarters, she ran into a few problems.

At first, she tried kneeling and raising her tail, but not enough water was splashing onto her rump, and the position made her really nervous. What if someone else came into the shower room? It looked so wrong, and reminded her of the night before with Pete. But when she flipped onto her back, the spray of water fell way too far and spread out too much to get much pressure. Cathy watched how slowly the suds on her belly rinsed away, unable to use her paws for much benefit.

Still, it was the best she could do without being mortified. The Border Collie lay beside the drain, almost motionless as the water fell lightly onto her stomach and abdomen. It actually felt relaxing, except for the spray that kept splashing into her nose. And the fact that she looked like a wet rag and smelled worse than one. Not to mention the sneezing! With her nose sticking straight up, it was only ten seconds or so before she felt mucus sliding back and blocking her nose. No wonder dogs never looked up!

Growling, Cathy scooched backward until her head pushed up against the tile wall, allowing her to lay back without sneezing or having to hold her head up. Thankfully, the light spray still hit the area she was most concerned about: her rump. With her head held upright, she could finally get a good look at herself. Just below her ribcage, her white fur got short and silky, revealing twin nubs that could only be her nipples. A little bit further down, a tuft of fur crowned her bizarre looking slit. No, it was more of a mound, sticking up several inches from her body. Slowly, she slid a paw down to touch her grey flesh, pulling on it to get a better look. Rather than a single opening, it was folded almost like a fortune cookie.

Gross, she thought to herself.

The soap soaked her short fur, and the gentle patter of the shower head was slow-going, but she didn't mind. She was grateful no one else had interrupted the shower, giving her time to just lie there and not think about anything. She focused on the warm, wet droplets coating her body. It felt almost like the baths she'd taken at home when she was a teenager, laying down in the tub when she was too sleepy to stand, and just letting the water drench her. Her parents had gotten sick of that when she'd started to fall asleep in the bathroom!

For the first time, she felt like herself, despite the bizarreness of the Border Collie body she was trapped inside. If this could feel normal...maybe she could eventually, well, not get used to it, but at least cope with the changes.

This time, though, she wasn't feeling sleepy. The water splashed softly against her belly, landing every second or so on her spade. Cathy shivered, but made no effort to move. At first, it just felt relaxing, but then it felt good. Closing her eyes, she spread her legs, sliding her hips slightly to search for the most drips. Some of the holes in the shower head must have been plugged, because just an inch to the left, a large _plop_kept hitting.

Panting, Cathy glanced around the bathroom to make sure no one was there, then swivelled her hips, letting the splash engulf her swollen pussy. It was so sensitive, she had to hold back a whimper. Taking a deep breath, she lowered her sopping tail, lifted her hips, and began to rock slowly up and down.

"Nnnnmm," she moaned. This had never felt so good when she was a teen! It must be because of her heat. Her folds were far more sensitive than ever before. She could hardly help but think of Pete, and how he'd driven her to the best orgasm of her life.

Cathy whined and leaned forward to push against her wet spade with her paw, but the clumsy thing was useless, and her spine was digging into the floor. But no matter how hard she bucked her hips against the splashing water, it just couldn't compare. After almost ten minutes of trying, she collapsed, panting and frustrated.

But clean, at least. Groaning, she rolled onto her feet, turned off the water, and soon realized that shaking the water off came naturally to her. She didn't even have to think about it, before she was flipping one way and tossing the other, water spraying everywhere. Of course, her fur was still drenched, but she wasn't dripping nearly as much. The only thing to dry off were towels, and without Julie to help, Cathy would have to roll around in a pile until she was at least somewhat presentable.

Well, time to get to work...

* * * * *

"Hey, Jeff!" Pete said, wagging his tail. The white husky had spent a rather sleepness night, and his left side had a big crease from where he'd slept wrong.

Jeff was another patient, a black lab he'd met the first day after waking up. He said he'd been a social worker before the tumor had spread throughout his gut. Thank God it hadn't spread to his brain, or the surrogate program would have been useless.

"Petey, what's shaking?" he asked.

Pete could never seem to stop his tail from wagging, and this was no exception. Still, he groaned, "Every time, Jeff. Don't you get tired of that joke?"

"Not really," he said. Jeff cocked his head, his floppy ears flapping. "What's got you so energetic today?"

Pete had no idea where to begin, or even whether he_should_ tell Jeff. For starters, Jeff knew one thing that no one else knew - Pete was just fourteen. Now, it was a lot more complicated than that, of course, and he'd never lied to Cathy. He _had_been on the Wisconsin State campus when he'd stood up too fast at the diner and hit his head on a light fixture. Would have been pretty funny, really, if he hadn't fallen into a coma. The next thing he knew, he was waking up covered in white fur, and his family looked REALLY different.

He called Andrew his 'older' brother, but Andrew was born two years after Pete was. But when Pete awoke on Ward 16, Andrew was twenty and playing wheelchair basketball in Turkey. Pete had been in a coma for eight years before his doctors had suggested the canine surrogate program to his parents. They had watched him grow up into a twenty-two year old man before transferring his fourteen-year-old brain into a one-year-old husky. Not even his doctors knew what age to call him.

Still, he knew that the others would look at him differently, if they knew. And he certainly hadn't meant to do with Cathy what he'd done the day before, but at the time it had felt so right. And God, it had felt good. He'd never even had a girlfriend, and he ended up losing his virginity to someone in a dog's body less than an hour after they'd met!

He couldn't keep it all to himself, and Jeff was the only person who might even begin to understand. Taking a deep breath, he said, "Jeff, I met a girl..."

"On the ward?" Jeff asked, his mouth gaping slightly.

"No, in Canada...yes, on the ward. You know that new girl? The Border Collie?"

"Did she finally come to?"

Pete nodded. "Her name's Cathy, and I showed her to the bathroom."

Jeff peeled back his black lips into what passed for a smirk, saying, "You like her, do you?"

Pete looked away, not making eye contact. "Yeah," he admitted, heat rushing to his face. "But it's...more complicated than that."

"Why?" Jeff asked, and Pete could tell the black Lab was calculating from the way his eyes moved. He came to the wrong conclusion, though. "Is she...old? Young?"

Pete should his head, glancing around to see if anyone else was nearby to hear. "She's like...twenty. But last night..."

The white husky gulped, finding the words almost impossible to say, even though he was very close to the former middle-aged social worker. Finally, he just said it all in a rush, his voice box failing slightly. "We had seggs."

There weren't many words that sounded like that. Jeff opened his eyes wide. "You did what?" he gasped, entirely too loudly.

"Don'd _dell_anyone!" Pete squeaked.

Jeff shook his head back and forth, calming down before he said, "Does she know?_About _you?"

Pete shook his head. "It just...sort of happened," he whined softly.

"God, no wonder_you smelled weird today," Jeff exclaimed. "You smell like _her!"

Pete held his ears flat. "I din'd mean to, Jeff. One moment we were talking about the bathroom, unnd then I was...licking her. I don'd know whud came over me."

"Ohhh," the older dog said finally.

"What?" the husky said, eyebrows wrinkled up hopefully.

"She must not have taken her heat suppressant yet."

Pete cocked his head. "Cathy mentioned 'heat', too. What is it?"

Jeff sat down, as if to tell a long story, though the explanation was fairly brief: "When a dog is ready to mate, she goes into heat, and for a week or two her scent draws all the males to her. I'm not surprised you couldn't help yourself. She probably felt the same way. Since she just woke up, they must not have given her the drug in time."

"I've never heard of that!"

Jeff held up a paw and rested it on the husky's shoulder. "You're male, you don't _need_to know."

Pete groaned. "If only I'd...wait...why do _you_know?"

Jeff blinked. "Didn't you know? Jesus - jeeze, I mean - Pete. They only had one surrogate ready when I arrived at the hospital. My host is female. You can't tell me you never noticed!"

"What!?" Pete gasped. In shock, he ducked down, glancing between the black lab's front legs. The short fur revealed the truth... there was no furry sheath dangling beneath his legs. Her_legs. "You're a _girl!?"

Jeff awkwardly covered his belly with his paws. "Hey! And no, I'm not a girl, but my body is just as female as Cathy's. I have to take the suppressant drug every day, or my hormones will start acting up again."

Pete stared.

Jeff groaned, "C'mon, Pete, this doesn't change anything. I'm still the same old Jeff. You didn't even _know_until now."

"Yeah...yeah..." the young husky said, but his voice warbled and cracked.

Jeff said, "Whatever, I'll give you some time to think about it. But you - you've got to tell her, About your age, and about the drug, so that she can get some from the doctor before it happens again. There's no telling what sort of trouble she'll get into with all the guys wandering the Ward..."

Pete gasped. "Oh, shit! You're right...I've got to find her right away!" Pete ran so fast, his claws skidded on the tile and he barely recovered from a slip that would have sent his head smacking into the floor.

Jeff just shook his head,

Pete finally found Cathy on her way back to her room from the shower. The black and white Border Collie was freshly dried, her fur shiny and smooth, and for a second, Pete could only remember the night before, when he'd been on her back. When she'd left the night before, she'd been very quiet and standoffish, but that was all gone. Now, when she saw him, her eyes lit up.


"Um...hi, Cathy," he stammered. How on Earth was he supposed to explain this to her? Especially here? They were just a dozen feet from the main open area, where patients watched television and read books. This was hardly the best place to talk to her about their...private experience.

Cathy smiled, her ears upright. "Look, I'm sorry aboud last night. I was just...I jusd sdill don't feel like myself, you know." Glancing to the left and to the right, she whispered, "Look, I think we just god carried away. Can we...just preted id never happened?"

"But..." he started. Pretend they hadn't lost their virginity together?

Cathy interrupted. "I mean...a fresh start. Friends?" she asked, carefully enunciating.

Pete couldn't keep his ears from drooping. He knew now why they had made love the day before, but he didn't want to_forget_ it. He took a big breath and said, "I...uh, sure. I mean..."

"Thanks," Cathy said. She started to push past him.

"Wait, Cathy," he gasped, remembering what he had to tell her.

She glanced over her shoulder to look back at him. "Yeah?"

Pete froze, unable to keep from eyeing the Border Collie's quite visible rump. At least she was holding her tail down, but he could already smell what he'd smelled the day before. He shook his head, trying to ignore the smell. He opened his mouth, then gaped. Would she believe that he hadn't known? If he told her about the heat suppressant now, would she think he'd just kept it from her the night before to get lucky? But if he _didn't_tell her, what would happen the next time she met another male patient on the ward?

"Pete, what is it?"

Wincing, he found himself saying, "Do you...wanna watch some T.V. together?"

Immediately he cursed himself. Wrong thing! But now the chance had come and gone. If he knew about the heat suppressant, why not tell her already? Now she would be even more_suspicious! He had to pretend like he didn't know anything about it. _That's not a bad lie, is it? I mean, twenty minutes ago, I really didn't_know about it!_

He realized he hadn't told her about his age, either. Sure, he was sort of_twenty-two, but he doubted that she'd particular care about the technicalities. _God damn it!

"I...I don't know. I was going back to my room," she said.

"There's nothing to do there. Why not have some fun?" he asked.

She said, "Well, what's on?"

"The gals like to watch 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' before lunch. But I'm sure they'd let you suggest something if you wanted."

Cathy shook her head. "I wouldn't want to indrude."

"They'd love to meet you," he said. As would some of the guys...

"What else is there to do?"

Pete had to think for a moment. Reading was all well and good, but not something he could really do _with_Cathy. There were a few iPads, where he'd managed to play a somewhat successful version of Angry Birds, despite his large paw pads. "There's an indoor track. We could go walking? It's usually pretty empty at this hour."

"That'd be...nice," she said.

On the far east of the building, the physical therapy room had been converted to an exercise room. The surrogate bodies were all healthy, of course, but patients always needed to familiarize themselves with their bodies, and the room included a few weight lifting activities, as well as a large, circular track. No one was there in the late morning. Cathy and Pete began to walk side-by-side down the track, Pete wagging his tail.

"So, what do you think about Julie?"

Cathy shrugged. "She seems nice. I like her better than Dr. Asborn. That woman needs some bedside manners."

"Asburn," he corrected. "Have you met Dr. Keener? He's a lot more approachable."

"Not yet."

Pete glanced over to the door, hoping that no one else would interrupt their date. This is going great, he sighed, wishing he hadn't screwed the pooch so badly earlier. I mean...messed up. "One time I swear I overhead him telling Dr. Asburn to 'take a chill pill'. You should have seen the look on her face!"

Cathy was laughing when he glanced back. She'd gotten a few paces ahead of him, and Pete's eyes went straight to her wagging tail. _God, I'm disgusting!_he thought, but he couldn't stop looking. She was walking straight ahead, oblivious to the way her wagging tail kept revealing her puffy little fortune cookie. He tried to hold his breath, but just ended up with a nose-full of her musky scent. _Nnnn,_he thought, gritting his teeth.

"Chill pill? That's so nineties."

"I know, right?" he said, his entire body tense in case she started to look back at him.

"I think my parents still say 'my bad'," Cathy added, her head starting to turn.

Pete flung his eyes away, quickening his pace until he was walking beside her again. He could only hope she hadn't noticed anything amiss. "Wow," he said, refusing to make eye contact with her.

"God, my parends," she said. "Thur coming tomorrow."

"Hey, don't worry. They'll just be glad to have you back," he said, stopping to look at her.

Cathy sniffed. "I wish I were as shoor as you."

"It's going to be okay, Cathy," he said softly, sitting down to put a paw on her shoulder. It didn't quite work as well as a hand, but at least it was something.

Cathy shivered, and sobbed, "I wesh I were ess shoor of thad, doo." She leaned into his body, resting her head in the crook of his neck. Pete crooked his front leg around her neck, pulling her close, his eyes closed. They held that position for more than ten seconds, with Cathy sniffling.

Or was she sniffing?

"Pete," she finally said, pulling back to look him in the eyes. She spoke deliberately now, making each word crystal clear. "You've been...really nice to me. I really appreciate it, you know?"


She inhaled again sharply, saying, "I know I said we were moving too fasd, and maybe itsh my heat talking, but God you smell good."

"About that..." Pete started. But again, she'd just told her how nice he'd been; if he explained about the heat suppressant now, she'd think he'd been keeping her stuck in her heat intentionally for a piece of tail.

Cathy perked her ears up and looked at the pure white husky.

"Uh," he said, "You smell really good, too."

Cathy smiled, then said breathily, "I've been burning up all day, Pete, and the shower just made it worse. I can't believe I'm even saying this, but...do you want to make out?"

Pete gulped. There was only one answer to that question, and though he knew he'd have to tell her about the drug tomorrow, he needed time to figure out how to tell her without seeming like he had been taking advantage of her. "God, yes," he said, licking the end of the Border Collie's nose.

She laughed, and licked back, and he stepped closer to her. This time, when he licked, she tilted her head and opened her mouth, and his tongue slipped into her warm, wet mouth, encircling her tongue. He'd never kissed a girl, but he had to guess that this experience was like ten times better, as his large, sensitive tongue probed every inch of her mouth, while hers snaked inside of his.

"What if someone comes in?" Cathy asked, already panting.

"I know a place," Pete said hastily. "See that door? It's a storage closet for all the equipment they couldn't get to work with dogs. No one will go in there."

Cathy shivered, then darted toward the door, her tail swinging back and forth. Pete was right behind her, no longer hiding his fascination with her thick, grey spade. He had to held her with the door, shoving it open while she held the handle down, and together they tumbled into the dark room.

The walls were lined with dumbbells and ab machines and medicine balls, rowing equipment and ellipticals. Anything that required hands or only two feet. The door swung shut on its own, and Cathy ran to the center of the room where there was the most room and flopped on her back.

"God, Pete," she said giggling. "I feel lige I'm fifdeen again, sneaking off with my boyfriend for some private time."

Pete always felt like he was fifteen, but he couldn't tell her that. Not now. "I've never...kissed a girl, until just now."

She blinked up at him. "You losd yoor virginidy before your first kiss? Well now you can find out what you're missing."

Pete climbed over her, his tongue dangling. He placed a paw on either side of where she tucked her cute little paws, and leaned down for his second kiss. He shivered as his tongue slid against hers, sharing doggy drool without even a hint of shame. Every touch was like fire and then lightning, that coursed through his body from his head to his tip. And he wasn't thinking about the tip of his tail.

While he stood above her, his chest pressed up against hers, he could feel his cock stirring, the grey flesh beginning to poke free from his white fur. He knew he was still a foot from her spade, but just thinking about it spurred the young husky on. He rubbed his body against hers, exploring her mouth.

Cathy's tail wagged back and forth, smacking into Pete's hind legs. There was no mistaking her mood now; she_definitely_ wanted this as much as he did. He gulped air through his nose, enjoying her musky exhalations. People always complained about doggy breath, but he'd never smelled a dog's breath until he was one, and he'd yet to meet one that was complex and pleasant.

"Ohhh, Pede," she gasped, squeezing her hind legs together so that her white fur nestled with his.

"You're beautiful."

Cathy broke the kiss, cocking her head a little at that. "I'm a dog."

"To me," he grinned, "You're Cathy, and you, Cathy, are one beautiful babe."

Her eyes scanned Pete's white, husky body. She sighed, and admitted, "You're preddy handsome yoorself. Thank God you're nod a Pug!"

Pete just laughed, and kissed her again.

Several minutes later, Cathy finally pulled her tongue free of his with a few loud, wet smacks. Shivering, the black and white dog whined, "U'm burning up...down thur."

Pete gulped. "Do you want me to -"

"Put it out."

Pete trembled as he stepped back, his eyes locked on every strand of belly fur. Her white chest was dotted with little, grey nubs, then her fur began to get shorter and smoother. A thick tuft came into view, and just beyond that, his eyes widened. There it was, her swollen, throbbing pussy, standing out an inch, if not two, from her body. This was definitely going beyong 'making out'.

Cathy whined again and spread her legs.

The smell was unbearable - he _had_to taste her. Before she could even tense her body up for him, he slammed his tongue straight down into her. Her wet flesh spread easily apart for his muscular tongue, and his tastebuds were instantly coated in the tangy sweetness of her vagina. Cathy's tail shot sideways, firm and trembling, while her whine went up in pitch until he could barely hear it.

He was intoxicated by her scent and her flavor, driving his tongue deep into her spasming flesh. She just whimpered and squeezed hard around him, as if trying to keep him locked inside of her. "Oh, Pede!" she wailed, "You..." if she was planning to say something else, her voice box didn't help...all he heard were garbled barks and moans.

She was so wet, he couldn't help but spread her wide and gulp every drop he could find, groaning as he watched her thick spade get lewdly distorted by his powerful tongue. But the shape he_really_ wanted her pussy to take was a fat, swollen balloon, and finally, he pulled free to beg.

"Cathy...can I...?"

"Ffuug meee!" she moaned.

His heart swelled, and he glanced down at her. There was no way this was going to work like this. Maybe if she were lying on one of the machines? He whimpered, and she seemed to catch the problem.

"Here," she managed to say, rolling onto all four and hiking her tail. "Thad bedder?"

Suddenly, despite all the fluids he'd just swallowed, his throat felt dry as he said, "Much."

He knew he shouldn't. He didn't want her to think he was taking advantage of her, but now he really was. He should stop now, and tell her the truth. Would she hate him? Would she beg him to fuck her anyway? He didn't know. But when he opened his mouth, no words would come. All he could see was her puffy mound just inches in front of his face, bouncing up and down eagerly for his cock. Only Jeff knew that he knew about the heat suppressant, and when Pete explained what happened, he was sure the Black Lab wouldn't tell.

Taking a big gulp, he jumped onto her back as she _whined_for him. With a wet thrust, he spread her wide with his swollen cock, jabbing in until his belly was pressed up against her rump. Cathy arched her back and squealed, the fire in her belly _finally_starting to quell. Together, as one, they bucked and groaned, their loins quivering together as they rubbed and squeezed back and forth. It felt even better than the night before, because now they'd made out. Now she was _definitely_his girlfriend.

No sooner had his knot swelled her into that thick bulb he'd been begging for, than the door suddenly opened, and daylight streamed into the room. Cathy and Pete's both glanced over their shoulders to the door, where they saw the silhouette of two patients stepping into the room. From where they stood, they could see everything, and quite well-lit. Their eyes went wide and they froze when they realized what they'd just walked in on, as the door swung closed behind them and latched with a loud click.

There was an awkward silence filled only with their panting, until the smaller newcomer finally spoke.


Jenna's Justice (The "Good" Ending)

Jenna remembered everything she'd gone through by Steele's paw. Had the malamute _ever_listened to her? Respected her? Cared about her? He'd raped her,_twice_, before she started going to him willingly. He'd taken his pleasure and left her whimpering...

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WoW: ...no, you get piglets.

Gruk'thar woke in the middle of the night, sweating. He couldn't remember his dream, but he knew it was about his brother. Bor'dan still had not turned up, five days later, and he was beginning to wonder if Griselde was right. Oh, he'd _told_her she...

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Afternoon Snack

I wasn't sure I could trust "Special Occasion" when she said no one would trace the sphinx's disappearance to me. Oh, she was mine, completely; I knew by now that my treat would never betray me, at least not intentionally. But she did seem...

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