The Jock

Story by alverick on SoFurry

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#2 of Secrets

I really like these two. Wanna see where their story goes next? So do I :3

Oh gosh, this is so awkward. I glance up at him, and he's just lying on my bed, book held in one hand, not a care in the world. Just great, out of every person I could have gotten partnered up with for this project, I get this dumb ass.

"So . . . have you been following the reading?" I ask, hoping that he could at least put in a few things so it could at least _look_like two people did this project instead of one.

"Um . . . well-"

"Thought so." I say, a bit cold. But it's what I was going for.

"Hey, that's a bit rude." He says.

"Oh, so~ sorry, your majesty." I say as I pick up the book. "Bet you don't even know what the assignment is."

"Okay now, I know I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed-"

"No, tool is a pretty good description of you." I retort.

" . . . But I would ask you not to think of me as such a numb skull." He says, gritting his teeth.

"Sure, whatever floats your boat, dum dum."

"It's Mark, you dufus." He says.

"Pft! Dufus?! Who even says that anymore?!" I say, trying to keep from laughing my ass off.

"I-I do!" he shouts, ears burning red. Gotta admit, he looked pretty cute like that. Contrasted well with the grey fur. "Look, let's just get started on this damn assignment!"

"Fine, fine, fine!" I say, trying to get the last of the laughs out of my system. "Now . . . the assignment is an in depth analysis of the play 'Mid-Summer Night's Dream', by William Shakespeare. You at least know him, right?"

"Yeah, yeah. Just not a big fan." He says.

"Of course not." I say as I turn towards my computer and opening up a fresh word document. "So let's start with a little B.S. about how it's so thought provoking and a great love story."

"Well . . ." he says. I turn towards him as he lays flat out on my bed, staring into his 'No Fear Shakespeare'.

"What, you got something to say, Dum Dum?" I ask, wondering just what kind of idiocy he would spout next. Honestly, if only for the laughs, I think that having him for a partner isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

"To start . . . I don't really think it's one of his better love stories. I mean, the basis is so interesting and impactive!" he says, standing up to walk closer to me. "Two men chasing after a fair maiden, and a love struck girl longing for her lover to notice her instead, and even a feuding king and queen. But everything just ends up solving itself in the end with a few convenient turns of events, and everyone ends up happy? I mean, could you even say that Demetrias loved Helena? After all, he obviously didn't share her feelings, but suddenly he does? It just doesn't sit well."

"Oh . . . um . . . wow." I say, stunned. "I thought you hadn't read it at all."

"I fell behind, like I said, but I got the gist of it, and I skimmed over most of it enough." Mark says as he kneels beside me, placing his book down on my table. "I don't know. Everyone else seems to like it but me . . . guess it's because I always thought it was too perfect. Some of his other plays really dug deep into human nature and irrationality, getting the basis of these wild emotions. This . . . I don't know, it seems almost like a cop out on his part." He scratches his head as he looks at the screen, contemplating.

My heart almost skipped a beat. He almost looked attractive with those hazel eyes just looking out contemplatively.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm not exactly putting this on my top ten either." I say, leaning back in my chair. "I agree with you in how the plot seems to tie itself up almost too perfectly."

"Yeah, I mean, some people argue that there was the whole fiasco beforehand, but that's to be expected of Shakespeare."

"I get you!" I shout out excitedly. "I mean, they just wake up and everything's all hunky dory? You almost lose the whole point of the argument." I say as I turn to look at him, tail wagging back and forth. "But then again, that's where the title comes in again. The fact that they all forget, that it was almost pointless, reflects perfectly on it. It was all just a mid-summer's night dream."

"Wow, that's actually a really interesting way to look at it." He says, leaning back and looking at his book again.

"Hah, you know, I gotta say that you've proved me wrong." I say.

"How so?" he asks.

"Well, I assumed you were just like all the other jocks and you wouldn't know what the hell you were talking about." I say, grinning.

". . . And is that supposed to make me feel better or something?" he asks, glaring daggers at me.

I flinch, a bit taken back with his reaction. "W-Well, yeah. I mean, c'mon, I know they aren't too stupid or anything. They're smart in their own way! Just not . . . academically."

"My god!" he shouts as he stands straight up. "Is that why you were such an asshole to me this whole time? Did you think that just because I'm the captain of the football team that I would be stupid?"

"W-Well, no, but-"

"That just because I'm not in all the A-fucking-P classes you're in, that I'm somehow so far beneath you?" he asks again.

"Just calm-"

"Was I just a burden to you?!" he shouts out, really angry. "Maybe they were right about you!"

"Hey now-"

"That you're really just a prissy faggot that's so damn 'proud' just because your parents kicked you out after you grew a pair and came out to them!"

My eyes go wide, and I freeze.

He freezes too, suddenly realizing just what the hell he was saying.

"D-Daniel, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"Get out." I say flatly, facing the window.

"Daniel, please I-"

"Did I fucking stutter?!" I shout at him, looking up at the wolf as he flinches back, the hurt very visible in his eyes. As I'm sure they were in mine.

"Get out of my fucking apartment!" I shout at him, standing up, despite him being much taller than me.

"I . . . I'm sorry." He says as he quickly walks out, taking all his stuff with him.

* * * *

"I know right?! I can't believe that dick said that to me." I say as I vent over the phone. "Marsha, of course he was attractive. Which would explain why he was such an ass. Mhm."

I step out of the bathroom in my fuzzy bathrobe, fresh out from a long, relaxing shower. "Yeah, I just met him today. Please, we were on entirely different social ladders. I'm in the smart clique. He's in the sporty, jock clique. High school law. Yeah, that's right, it is that much different over here than in Washington."

I go to my computer and sit down in front of it, the blank document still pulled up and ready to be typed on. I quickly pull up a few stories that I had been working on. "Yeah, I know, turn the frustration into words and shit like that. It's just . . . well . . . it's only been a few months now. Yeah, I'm still living in the apartment you hooked me up with."

I get up as I glance at my clock. It was nine on a Friday. Yeah, some coffee would be okay, right? If I'm up late, well, more writing time.

"Yeah, still working that crap job at that diner." I say as I look in my fridge. It was getting pretty barren. Eating healthy was so damn expensive nowadays. "No, I'm not dating him anymore. Right when I found out he was the waiter, I cut it off completely. You know exactly how damn awkward it would have been if we had broken up. Yes, yes, I'm aware that breaking it off is basically breaking up. But it's different. What about you, slut? Still with Tumblr Boy? No, no talk about marriage yet. You're still in college!"


I turn my head towards the door. "Hold on. Someone's at the door. Might be a mugger or some asshole trying to rob me blind. If I die, make sure I took those bitches down with me." I say as I hang up and pick up the baseball bat that I always kept handy. It's not like it was a bad neighborhood, but after some guy tried to mug me with an empty gun (I took him down faster than he could pull the fucking trigger, anyway) you could never be too careful.

I look through the peephole and see . . . oh damn, I'm really gonna have to use the bat this time.

I open the door just a crack, just to let me peer outside the door. "The hell do you want, Mark?" I ask

"Daniel, I, um, I wanted to apologize for earlier today." He says. "Can I come in?"

Hmm . . . if I let him in, then I can hit him with a bat. But . . .

I let out a sigh as put the bludgeon down. "Knock yourself out." I say as I open the door for him and shut it tight as he goes through. "Use the bat if you need to."

"So, um . . . I just-"

"No, no, let's just move past it. Let's face it. We were both angry, and we both said a few things that were . . . insensitive." I say as we walk into my room. "It's getting late, so you can stay here for a while if you want, and maybe we can see what we can do about that damn paper. To be honest, I wanna get it all done tonight so we don't have to worry about it for the rest of the weekend."

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing." He says.

"Hey, you want coffee? I was gonna start a fresh pot."

"Do you know how late it is?" he asks. I give him a blank stare. "Fine, yeah, sure, I'll have a mug if you can spare one."

I walk out of the small room and walk into the kitchen. Since I have a guest over, I have an excuse to use the fancy stuff. I take out the bag of specially grounded and roasted coffee as well as a few mugs and strainers. I put the metal strainers on top of the mugs and fill them with a bit of the grounded coffee. I grab a kettle and fill it with water before I put it on the stove.

Since my parents never really let me back into the house, I decided to break in and take some essentials. Including their fancy coffee and Vietnamese coffee strainers. Like hell they would get to enjoy their exotic coffee now.

I snicker to myself as I remember the beauty of it. They had shown up to my apartment all angry, threatening to call the cops before I pointed out that people would question why they decided to kick their only son out. And that I would gladly reveal their feelings towards the homosexual community. Our pretentious family would never let them live it down.

I wince as I the kettle starts to whistle, quickly turning off the heat and move the kettle and grab a few other ingredients.

I slowly pour the hot water into the strainers, waiting a bit for the water to drain and fall into the mugs. After they were about halfway full, I put down the kettle and grab the small can of condensed milk, adding it in until there was about enough to fill a fourth of the cup. I then add some ground up cinnamon and nutmeg, and stir. And I complete my masterpiece with some whip cream.

Could I be a barista? Hell yeah.

"Hey, Dum Dum, coffee's done." I say as I pick up the mugs with the little fancy spoons in them. "Hope you like your pants knocked off, cause this has to be my best coffee y- What the actual FUCK?!" I shout.

So there Mark was, sitting in my chair, wide eyed, staring at me as I see him with his fucking monster wolf cock whipped out, presumably jacking off! And was that . . . that was one of my stories!

"You come to my house, in the middle of the night no less, and you decide to jerk your fucking dick?! The fuck?!" I shout as I almost spill the coffee.

"N-No, I can explain-"

"I suppose you'd like me to help you out now? Call a few of my friends maybe? Cause I know this girl who'd just love a man whore like you!"

"Just let me explain!" he shouts. I flinch back as he stands up. Did he always look so imposing? Maybe it's the dick . . . "Look . . . I just wanted to try to make it up to you by starting the damn paper while you were making coffee when I saw . . . your story." He says as he tries to stuff his cock back into his pants. To be honest, the bulge looks even hotter.

He walks over to my bed and slumps down on it.

"I just . . . I couldn't help myself and . . . oh god, I'm so confused now." He says, putting his head in his paws.

"H-Hey . . ." I say as I try to . . . not be so awkward. Dealing with confusion or any emotional distress was really wierd for me.

I place the coffee down on the nightstand next to the bed and sit down next to him.

"Y-You know, I'm gay, so I don't really mind seeing you, you know."

"But I'm not!" he shouts out, looking at me angrily and . . . desperately.

"No one said you were!" I say. He looks back down to his feet, arms crossed. "Look . . . we all have needs. I mean, you're still a teen and all. I'm sure you just lost control for a bit. Besides, I know I can write pretty good smut. Even if it is straight and all."

"Straight?" he asks, almost tenderly.

"Well, yeah. I write mostly straight porn since I don't want to be an author who lets their preferences blind him from the possibilities of a story. Or something like that." I say, gingerly picking up and handing him a mug of coffee. "I mean, just because a gay guy wrote a story and you were getting off on it, that doesn't mean anything, really. I mean, that's ridiculous!"

"Y-Yeah . . . yeah!" he says, looking up, seeming a lot better than before. "I was just being stupid is all. Thanks for the coffee." He says as he carefully takes a sip. "Oh hey, this is actually pretty good."

"Right? I could totally be a barista." I say as I take my own mug and start drinking mine.

We just kind of sit on the bed from there, drinking our respective cups of coffee in relative silence until we finish them off completely.

"So . . . how do you even know anything about straight sex?" He asks, tail twitching and curling inwardly.

"Well, it isn't that complicated. Just because I'm not into women doesn't mean I don't know a thing about them. That and I asked my friend extremely intensive questions about her sex life and experiences. It helps."

"Ah, that makes sense." He says as he grabs my empty mug and puts both of them down on the nightstand.

"What do you mean 'That makes sense'?" I ask.

"W-Well, I mean, how else would you know, right? I mean, sure it may not seem too different, but it is. Straight and gay sex."

"What? Please, the basic principle of it is the same. Stick it in, thrust thrust thrust, and you're done. And I'm pretty sure that I know exactly what any straight guy could want." I say as I lie down flat on the bed. "In fact, I'm pretty sure I could make your head spin."

"Pft, get real. You probably can't even get me hard." He says, lying down next to me.

"Wanna bet?" I ask, smiling deviously.

"Won't be much of a hard bet, really." He says. "Okay, what's the rules?"

"How about . . ." I say as I get up. "You sit on that chair and I give you a blowjob. If I can get you to cum, you have to do anything I say."

"Anything? Or just one free command?" he asks.

"Just one free command. And nothing that gives you more commands or power over the other like 'become my slave' or something." I say as I get up. "Hmm . . . and it has to be tonight, and can't be too extreme."

"Sounds good." He says.

"Wait, are we actually seriously gonna do this?" I ask.

"Yeah." He says. "I mean, c'mon. You're not gonna win. I'm straight."

"Mhmm . . . we'll see about that." I say as he gets up and jumps into the chair. "So you gonna . . . strip?"

"Why don't you do that for me? I want the full experience." He says as he spreads his legs wide.

"Jerk." I say as I stick my tongue at him. I reach out and unbutton his jeans and slowly pull his fly down. "Commando, huh?"

"Well . . . underwear usually just makes it harder to put it in . . ."

"To bitches?"

"Pants!" he says as he looks away and blushes furiously.

I chuckle as I slowly pull him out. He was soft, but even then he was huge. His sheath didn't even cover all the way. But that might be because he was recently jerking off shamlessly.

"Damn, nice cock."

"Most people think it looks freaky." He says.

"Because it's so fucking big, or because it's a penis?" I say. He opens his muzzle to respond, and I open my mouth and put it in. He jerks forward as I wrap my tongue around his tip, licking his slit that was still salty with the pre from before.

I let it out of my mouth for a second, pumping it with my paw as I pull down his pants, which is a lot more difficult with his thick legs. Right as I get them down to his ankles, I focus back to the task at hand and stick my nose into his fuzzy balls, sniffing and licking them.

"Mff, you're better at this than I thought you'd be." He says as he brings a paw down to my head and softly pushes me deeper. I don't really resist. I was too busy getting drunk off his scent. He smelled . . . manly. A nice balance of musk, sweat, and just pure, unadulterated lust. It was enough to make even a seasoned veteran go weak at the knees.

I slowly make my way back up to his dick, lapping at the large slab of meat as I tease the tip with one hand, massaging the large balls with the other.

I bring my head back a little to see my handy work. "Man, those jeans are deceptive." I say as I look at what I'm working with. Balls the size a big fat oranges, and a dick that had to be at least a foot long. "Hey, thought you said I wouldn't even be able to get you hard."

"Shut up." He says, ears pinned back as he looks anywhere but at me. "I'm just pent up . . ."

He leans his head back and groans softly as I squeeze his dick. "God, it's been months."

"Hey, so you're not gonna back out at the last minute, right?"

"Fuck no. If we stop here, I think my balls are gonna blow up."

"Good, that means I can have some fun." I say as I angle his dick towards my muzzle. I open my mouth wide and slowly slide himself into me, stretching my jaw wide as I start to take in the shaft.

I slowly bob along the tip, only four inches of the behemoth in me right now. I suck on it as I stroke the base, swirling my tongue around the tip, licking his slit and happily lapping up the bitter sweet pre he was almost pissing out now.

I try to go down deeper, gagging slightly as it hits the back of my throat, but I still swallow it down. Lucky I can hold my breath for so long.

"Mff!" he grunts, rubbing my ears and head as I continue down the thick cock, realizing just how big this thing really was. I force myself down lower, head spinning from the lack of oxygen.

"Mmm, oh god!" he says as he pushes me down the last few inches, forcing my head right into his crotch. I stay there for as long as I can, swallowing hard reflexively as I feel the knot slowly growing, cock throbbing inside me, lungs burning for air.

All at once, I push off of him, his dick popping out with a few strands of saliva wanting to hang on until finally snapping away.

"God . . . No one's taken me all the way before." He says, leaning back into the chair and panting.

"Yeah, well . . . a guy knows what a guy wants." I say as I take big, deep breathes. I take a few more seconds of rest before I jump right back to it, sliding his dick right into my mouth again, bobbing my head on him as I get used to his cock going into my throat.

"Mmm, c-careful. I'm not gonna last much longer." He says. I would have made a snide comment, but I was having way too much fun with this.

I start bobbing my head faster, tightening my lips like a vice as drool starts leaking out of my mouth and down his dick as I imagine that thick, creamy load that's probably just boiling in his balls right now, ready to shoot right down my throat. I moan loudly and start pawing at his knot, looking more and more forward to winning this bet.

"Nff!" he groans as he starts grabbing and scratching at my ears, trying not to push me down. "C-Careful, I'm g-gonna . . . I'm . . . I'm gonna cum!" he shouts out, grabbing my shoulders and trying to push me off now.

I growl at him as I look up lustily, trying my best to tell him that I wasn't gonna stop for fucking anything.

"Sh-Shit! Seriously! Gonna cum!" he says as his legs start to thrash, toes curling, tail flopping about, claws digging into me. "FfffuuUUUUUCK!"

I feel his cock twitch and throb hard before he sprays out his first spurt of cum, making me gag as it hits the back of my throat. I pull him out just enough so that it's all just in my mouth. without warning, he spurts out for a second time now, immediately coating my tongue and filling my muzzle with hot, salty, bitter, musky jizz. I swallow it all down and shiver violently at the musky and manly flavor, gripping his knot in a vice and swallowing more and more cum down.

After the fifth spurt, he was still going strong, making me almost delirious from the amount of fucking cum he was pumping me full of.

I'm shaking and practically purring as he gets past the ten spurt marker, still sucking strong . . .

Oh god . . . he's still cumming?

When is he gonna stop?

How *gag*

How big is his load?

How fucking pent up is he?!

* * * *

I lie there on my bed, panting hard, but smiling stupidly at the lingering taste of cum liberally coating my mouth . . . and muzzle . . . and chest.

"Are . . . are you okay?" Mark asks as he sits on the bed after recently carrying me. I apparently blacked out for a bit. Stupid lack of oxygen.

"Mmmm . . . yeah." I say as I moan, lazily rubbing the cum on my chest into my fur, licking off what I could form my muzzle. "So . . . much."

"Y-Yeah . . . most people usually don't like it." He says, turning away, ears down.

"D-Don't . . . . don't worry about it." I say as I finally manage to catch my breath.

"Still can't believe you tried to actually drink the stuff. Isn't that, I don't know, gross?" he asks, idly stroking my tail.

"Nah, I love it. Got a . . . a real bad oral fixation." I say as I sigh contently, sharply aware of my shirt that was slowly soaking up cum, as well as the raging erection in my pants. "Damn, I liked this shirt."

"S-Sorry." Mark says as he helps me slip it off. "Haha . . . you have a little belly." He says as he starts rubbing my belly affectionately.

"H-Hey, stop." I say, pushing his hand away as my ears fold back. "It's not a belly or anything, it's just . . . a large stomach."

"O . . . okay." He says, looking at me with a kind of puzzled stare. "So. You won the bet, so what do you want me to do?"

"Hmm . . . I don't know, it's kind of hard to think with . . ." the raging erection. It what I would have said if I hadn't realized that it probably would have grossed him out. "Hey . . . you know what? I know exactly what you're gonna do."

I lift my butt up for a second as I unbuckle and wiggle off my pants and underwear, revealing my hard on.

"W-Wait, are you g-gonna-"

"Yup." I say, grinning mischievously. It's a fox thing. "You have to get me off in some way shape or form. I'll let you choose how you do it."

"Oh . . . okay then." He says as he grabs my hips and roughly rolls me over. I let out a sharp yelp and try to get up, but I puts down a heavy paw onto my back, pinning me down.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I say, panicking on the inside. Did I go too far? Maybe I should play it off as a joke. Oh, haha, just kidding! That would be so gay for your heterosexual ass. Yeah, that could work!

"Relax, I'm just gonna get you off." He says as he pulls my hips up and firmly grabs my dick with his paw. "I just don't want it in my fur and all."

I hear weird slurping sounds from behind me, and suddenly I feel a thick, clawed finger pressing against my tail hole before slowly slipping in, making me jump and yelp.

"You like this kind of stuff, right? I thought I might as well. It can't be too different from fingering a girl, right?" he says, pushing in deep just a little too fast for me to handle, making me tense up and let out a shuddery moan.

"W-Wait, i-it's very difeeeEErENT!" I screech as he curls his finger into a very interesting place inside of me.

"Huh, guess guys have a sweet spot too." He says as he starts vigorously, and I mean fucking vigorously, finger fucking me, almost stabbing me in my nut just over and over again, sending what feels like electricity straight into my gut and up my back, legs kicking and squirming, claws tearing up my nice (and only set of) sheets, toes curled so hard they might just snap.

"Gyaaaaa." I moan out as my knees start to shake violently and I fall head first into my bed, unable to cope with the sheer ecstasy_this guy's fingers, _just his fucking fingers, was forcing into me.

I wanted him to stop. I needed him to stop. It was so gross and dirty, and it was the first time that anything's been up there at all. But it felt soooooo good, and a big part of me wanted this to never end.

I was faintly aware that I was pushing back now, incoherently begging for more, and much to my surprise and sheer joy, he delivered. Scissoring his fingers outward, pushing them deeper, his knuckles now grinding against my sweet spot, so hard and fast I was afraid I would get friction burn. And he didn't let up on the other side either, his paw constantly matching his fingers stroke for stroke, squeezing and massaging the knot, using the copious amount of pre as a makeshift lube, and even lightly teasing the most sensitive spots.

"Mmmmffffuuuuuck~" I moan as my whole body shakes and convulses, his fingers driving into me hard and fast, almost ferociously, hitting all the right spots, so well it seemed natural. Visceral.

In that moment, in some perverted way, he was built to do this, and I was built to take it.

I feel the pressure building up inside me, balls rising, body tensing, and my vision definitely going blurry. Is that healthy?

"Nggh!" I groan as he grips down on my knot, finally pushing me over the edge and throwing me into pure bliss, my mind going completely blank as I'm paralyzed by what can only be described as the most intense orgasm of my life thus far.

I clench down on his fingers as I start spraying cum all over his hands and the sheets, gritting my teeth so I don't scream out and show him exactly how good he was making me feel.

His fingers slow down as my orgasm tapers off, but he doesn't pull out, just calmly holding me there as I scratch at the torn up sheets and try to catch my breath. And regain the ability to think properly.

He pulls out his fingers gingerly, making me moan softly as they finally leave my extremely sensitive, and most likely sore, tail hole.

"So . . . how'd you like it?" he asks. I look back, panting, and now aware that I had been drooling profusely. The worse part was that he had this smug look on his face. You know, the one that a jock, or, let's be honest, any guy gets right after he just brought someone to heaven, hell, and all the way back to earth.

"Fuck . . . you." I pant out as I shakily wipe away the drool.

"Hey, if anything, I'd be doing the fucking. Considering how much you like it." He says, still wearing that infuriatingly adorable douche bag face. "Haha, you even drooled a bit. Here, let me . . ."

He leans over and wipes away the rest of it with his thumb, his calloused paw lightly brushing up against my face. I freeze, ears burning. This was . . . this was a pretty cliché intimate moment.

Did he . . . always have such nice hazel eyes? Almost like gold . . . . And I'm pretty sure he wasn't this handsome before.

"I'm ah . . . gonna call my mom. See if I can stay over to finish this damn report."

"You do that." I say as I lay in my bed, spent. He gets up, walking away with a phone in hand. "Hehe . . ."

I slowly get out of bed and limp to my computer. It was gonna be hell to sit down for so long. Not to mention any walking. I move the mouse and bring the old thing out of sleep mode.

It burns to life, and I see one of my stories up. That's right, the one he's been jerking off to. Huh . . . 'Rain in the Garden'. Wasn't that one of my gay stories?

I look over my shoulder and spot the wolf standing in my living room, tail wagging. Heh.

That jackass.

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