The Romance

Sun streamed in through the thin, oiled paper covering the window, broken by silken curtains. Bright rays fell upon Lissa's face, stirring her from a pleasant sleep. She stretched lightly, nestled against satin sheets as images of her Prince faded...

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#17 of love romance, who loves to nod and sing, with drowsy head and folded wing, among the green leaves as they shake far down within some shadowy lake, to me a painted bouquet hath been- a most familiar bird- taught me my alphabet to say-

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She heard the car door slam and jumped up from her chair to run into the kitchen so he wouldn't know she was doing nothing but waiting for him. She had set up a cutting board with fruit on it before she showered to get ready for him. She wanted to...

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Holiday Romance

At this state of things, with how horny and pent up they were, there was no romance in there. there was just a form of animalistic need, which was still lace with genuine affection from both of them.

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Sibling Romance

The biggest problem with free time was that having too much of it got dull very quickly. The prospect of weeks without schoolwork, dull classes or stifling responsibility was a very agreeable one at first, but as the mellow of empty days began to waft...

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Autocorrect Romance

Judy stared at her phone in shock. She texted Nick for clarification only to receive silence. It had been the third time that she profiled a fox. Nick was rightfully upset since she leaped to conclusions. Despite all the messages she sent, he didn't...

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Workplace Romances

_Workplace Romances_ Kevin was destined for greater things. No, those greater things weren't astronaut or politician or "_coffee master_," whatever that was; but greater than the night shift at a crummy grocery store. The fact he hated his job was...

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Romance and Teal

"romance and teal" the sound of the ocean roused amon harken from resting his eyes, the day had grown quite late as he sat up in the leather seat of his camaro and yawned before stretching his arms out to their full lengths and feeling the muscles in

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Meaningful Romance

How long must one wait? Call it Venus, Calypso, Aphrodite or Cupid; all names are useless when it comes to love. There are not enough words to describe what this feelings, yet three single words say it all: "I love you" Touch me! Feel me! Run your...

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Constricted Romance

**This is a notice to inform all those who are watching me as a writer that this is an old story! Written way back when I was still learning! I went through and gave it a quick edit so it will look better than it did before, but it will still fail in...

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A lifemate romance

\*sorry people this is my first yiff story..if its bad i need responses to how to fix them ok? Thanks hope you enjoy ^^ ~squee~ \* Crystal lives with her wolf pack in a den in the middle of a dense forest. She is at a lake looking at the stars...

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