Behind Those Red Eyes Ch.5

Story by Trinity Hedgehog on SoFurry

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#5 of Behind Those Red Eyes

Leo and Vixen's went from arguing with each other to makin love to each other

Behind Those Red Eyes Ch.5

Realizing that Leo was actually kissing me, I immediately pushed him away from me. "Stop..." I said frantically

"Vixen?... What's the matter?" Leo asked looking at me confused

"We... We shouldn't be doing this."

"Its ok... I want to."

"B-but we can't... What if we get caught? What if the others walk in here?"

"Don't worry they won't... Besides, I locked the door the moment they left."

Feeling defeated, I finally gave in to Leo's sweet kiss. Just feeling the softness of his lips and his sweet taste made my heart flutter and my body grow hot. Wanting more, I pressed forward earnestly into the kiss wrapping my arms around his neck. After a few minutes which felt like an eternity we finally parted from each other.

"W-wow." I said still feeling the tingling sensation on my lips. "That was..."

"Amazing, stunning... Breathtaking?" Leo asked finishing my sentence.

"All of the above... Especially breathtaking."

We both chuckled a bit, then suddenly he moved a little closer to my face to the point where I thought we were about to kiss again.

"Well... If you want we can do more than just kiss." Leo whispered in a more sexy tone.

"M-more?... What do you mean?" I asked blushing averting his gaze.

"Here let me show you."

Leo gently pulled the covers off me, turned me around so I was facing him, and gently untied the sash that was around my waist. I instantly jumped the minute I felt his soft touch on my waist. This was the first time I've ever let a boy touch me let alone a mutant turtle. Seconds later, he started kissing me again but this time it was on my neck. Sensually making me bite down on my bottom lip, then he started caressing my thighs with his strong hands and within seconds moved up to caress my breasts. Tracing along the line of plastron. he softly caressed and squeezed my boobs. I tried desperately to hold back a moan but all my attempts failed.

"Ahhh... L-Leo." I moaned and suddenly covered my mouth.

"Don't cover your mouth Vixen." Leo said moving my hand away. "I wanna hear you, I wanna hear your beautiful voice."

Leo continued to play with my boobs, when he leaned down and started kissing them making me moan even louder.

"Oh Leo!"

"Does that feel good?" The leader asked as he continued kissing my breasts making my nipples hard.


"Then I guess you wouldn't mind if I do this."

The katana-wielder wedged himself in between my legs, gently pushed me down onto the bed and began kissing my inner thighs. He kept kissing until he reached his potential target.

"W-wait a minute... what are you doing Leo?!" I asked closing my legs nearly crushing his head.

"Shhh its ok Vixen... Just relax and let me take care of you." Leo said putting his finger to my lips and opening my legs up again.

"I... I..."

Before I could say another word, he leaned down and lightly grazed his tongue across my pussy lips. Feeling the sudden tingling sensation made my legs flinch causing me to gasp and moan in pleasure.

"O-oh my... Leoooo... I-I never felt that before."

"Feels good doesn't it?" He whispered sexually as he continued to lick my pussy, sticking his tongue inside me.

"Oooo y-yes." I shuttered

"Mmmm... You're so tasty."

Leo continued to lick inside me making me even more wet and sucking my clit, causing my whole body to shake and my eyes roll to the back of my head.

"Ohhh my... God Leo... I-I feel weird all of a sudden." I panted feeling the pit of my stomach tightened up.

"That means you're about to cum Vixen and I want you to let it go. I want to taste your sweet juices."


"No but just cum for me... Don't hold back."

Leo pressed on as he licked and sucked my pussy faster and harder making the tightness in my stomach even more intense until I reached my limit.

"Ooo... Leo... Something's coming... I can't hold it anymore!"

"Cum Vixen... Cum for me!" Leo demanded as he kept going

"Ahhh L-Leo... I... I'm cumming!" I screamed releasing my juices into the leader's mouth.

Leonardo could feel himself getting aroused by me screaming out his name and cumming all over his face. And frankly, I could see it in his eyes when he lifted up his head and looked at me. He then stood up, untied his belt, tossed it aside before taking my hand into his and placed it on his growing groin. Apparently, that stimulation alone was all it took for Leo's hard erection to break free of its sheath. Looking down at my hand, I noticed just how hard and huge his cock really was.

"W-wow Leo... Y-you really are a big boy aren't you?" I asked staring at his huge cock blushing.

"Hehe... You could say that." Leo said with a smirk on his face and lightly chuckled.

I slowly stroked the full hardness of Leo's dick and saw shiny drops of pre-cum drip onto my leg from the tip. Not being able to wait much longer, Leonardo grab ahold of my waist pulling closer to him, lined up his dick and slowly but gently pushed himself inside me. We both moaned once we were united as one... Holding me close, Leo started to thrust into. He started off slow to let me get used to the feeling and soon he started to speed up. He thrust harder and deeper until eventually i heard a pop.

"Huh... W-what was that?"

"It's ok Vixen... That popping was just another way of saying that you're not a virgin anymore. But how does that feel?"

"Ahhh f-feels so good... G-give me more... Please." I moaned louder and louder

"You're wish is my command." Leo whispered with a moan as he continued to make love to me. Looking up at him, I noticed sweat was dripping down his beautiful green skin, which told me that the pleasure was coursing through his entire body as well as mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kept moaning calling out his name. That alone was quickly sending the male mutant turtle to his peak.

"Ahhh V... Vixen, I'm gonna cum." The blue masked turtle groaned in full ecstasy.

"Oooo yes... Leo... Do it, cum inside me." I moaned in complete and total pleasure.

Leo snapped his hips forward and filled me up his hot seed sending me over the edge. I arched my back and groaned through my own orgasm. After a few minutes, we were able to breath normally and Leo was lying right next to me with his arm wrapped around my waist.

"How do you feel now?" Leo asked pulling me close to his body.

"I feel... Good... Great actually." I responded with a smile.

"Good... Then I guess we'll be doing that again?"


Leo smiled and nuzzles into my neck and before long we were drifting off to sleep. But without warning, Leo whispered something into my ear that'll stick with me forever.

"I love you Vixen." Leonardo whispered before going to sleep.

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