Things vaginas are called

The things that vaginas are called copher, cunt, pussy, twat, cooter, beaver, fish lips, taco, camel toe, muff, snatch, fuck hole, garage, oven, love button, penis glove, cock sock, cock pocket, jj, hoohah, bajingo, cum dumpster, sperm bottle, goop chute,


7 Layers of Fur

She felt a very moist feeling on her pussy, and realized it was layer 2.

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The Wrong Plumbing

The shower usually was not a place full of events that could be considered life altering. Wash the blood out of her fur, make sure she was neat and orderly... occasionally relieve a little of the stress and tension that her every day work certainly...

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playing with puppy

Biting my bottom lip as i rubbed my clit moaning softly do to the fact i left the window open i slowly started to rub the outside of my cunt spreading the lips of my pussy open wishing there was some one here to fill that empty place inside

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Soras Bio

Houreglass figure head is covered in withe fur with a black wolf like nose and muzzle, two wolf like withe ears sit prodly on this head, slightly shagy black and red hair is growing from the head down to the shoulders, purple eyes a nice vagina

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In that instant our ship completed a record 30 light years travel and jana slowly relaxed her vibrations, disengaged the coupling shaft and deflated her power-pussy to return to the size of a normal vagina.

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Chapter 4 - Ashes of Venery

Shoved into her pussies, giant cocks, rendered minuscule. amanda's gargantuan pussies swallowed landmasses. she orgasmed. her body trembled, driven by bliss.her cocks roared like cannons andher balls bloated in size.

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I saw to my delight that her pussy was absolutely dripping. she was just as turned on as i was. she spread her legs wide and i got down between them, inhaling her scent.

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Pokemon - Waist Deep In Hot Water (Magma x Aqua)

After one look at becky's dripping pussy in front of him, mightyena didn't need instruction. he quickly mounted the girl, shoving his cock into her cunt and pounding away, forcing her to go deeper on groudon's cock.

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Kory and the Great Homecoming

**Kory and the Great Homecoming** _2013 Gren Drake_ Day was fading into evening when Kory and Angela reached his home village of Baden. He had started to recognize the area long before that and the sight of familiar buildings, unchanged from the...

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Snapshot 3: Wolf and Pony

Which is understandable because you are sexually oriented that way; but for me, i don't see penis or vagina. i only see the person behind the organ and say 'that's the person i could share my life with.'

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Publication 323B

By a series of two to three contractions that run the length of the vagina, which are visible externally as a contracting pulse momentarily pressing the labia together.

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