Getting Sticky- for Laruf

Story by Liar_Von_Cakely on SoFurry

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Hey all, I wrote this as a little gift to Laruf. I guess in my mind he and his boyfriend are sick fucks who get really, really nasty together. Is it true? Or is it a farce? Find out right now by reading the story below.

If you like, please favorite, vote, comment, or whatever you wanna do. I don't even really care, just give me suggestions for what I should write about and maybe I'll think about it then write it all in one night in the rare times I'm not procrastinating. (It's summer! Don't judge me!)

"Ugh, finally." We had made it back to the car where we could sit down for the first time in hours. "I kind of have a sore ass from sitting on all those rocks." He glanced at me and raised his eyebrow for a split second. It was subtle and I wouldn't have noticed it if I didn't know him so well, but I knew what he was hinting at.

"Yeah, well" he began, starting up the car, "at least we didn't get dehydrated this time."

"I'm guess I'm about ready for dinner soon."

"Tough luck, bud. We got fifteen miles to home." He brushed his long, dark hair out of the way as he donned some sunglasses. It was late afternoon, where the sun was still above the horizon and hurt your eyes to look at just the same. We took off on the road, flying home on the dimming streets.

We had gone hiking earlier. It was a long walk, up a small mountain and back down. We stopped and ate snacks at the top, which was uncomfortable and gave me butthurt as there was nowhere to sit. But that's not the point, the point is what happened after we got back.

We arrived home and he opened the door for me, ushering me in. We lived in a pretty rural area where people only drove by every fifteen minutes or so. I was ready for a quiet night inside.

"I'm starting some dinner. It won't take me too long."

My boyfriend and I have been together for a few years now and it's been better than ever. He cares for me, treats me well, fucks me well, and he's a good cook too! It's hard not to enjoy the days we spend together.

"What are you making?"

"I'm making some chicken soup."

Satisfied, I went to go read while he made his dinner.

Once it was ready I was certainly hungry enough. We sat and I chowed down, enjoying the soup although I noticed it had a somewhat off-taste broth to it. I didn't mention it, though, remembering that he made dinner without being asked. He kept giving me these glances and if I didn't know better I would think he was grinning when I wasn't looking. We talked about our day and discussed some other places we could go hiking in the area. I couldn't shake his glance, though, and before I knew it he was just looking at me, waiting for me to notice something.

It didn't take long to find it. When I started eating I didn't bother to take a sip of my drink and I assumed it was beer from the color. Taking another look, though, it seemed a little more frothy than usual. I raised my eyebrow at him as I went to take a whiff. It was just as I expected: pure, unfiltered piss straight from the source. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't turned on.

I grasped the cup and noticed it was still warm. I shakily held eye contact with him as I moved the cup to my mouth.

I'm a seasoned veteran of nasty stuff, and I know my shit when it comes to pee (heh). I've tasted his brand before and I feel like there's something to it, more than my last boyfriends'. I guess it's an acquired taste. I raised the glass to my lips and took a sip. Meanwhile, the smell of it overwhelmed my nose as I ingested his urine. Once it was in my mouth I swished it around, tasting it, experiencing it every way I could. I kept the eye contact as I lifted the glass once again, taking a larger gulp in an ironically civilized manner. Now I gulped down the entire glass, surprising myself with how much piss I could stomach drinking. I'm not sure whether I ignored or enjoyed the taste, but my cock was rising all the same. I placed the cup down triumphantly and grinned, my mouth full of residual pee stench.

He grinned and stood up, walking away from the table. I watched as he calmly removed his clothing. The shirt came off first, exposing his jet black torso. Next were the shorts, and the underwear only shortly after. He turned towards me and I saw him, fully nude, with his half-erect cock hanging out in the air. The knot was starting to take form but was only slightly noticeable.

He rolled the words around on his mouth before he spoke. "There is more where that came from. If you'd like to take a step outside, please be my guest."

I followed him and without hardly noticing it I removed all my clothes in just a few seconds. It felt good to be free, letting my fur splay outwards and freeing my feet of their wooly prisons. I stepped outside, and I felt him feel up my ass for a moment on the doorstep. We exited onto the front lawn, where we usually went for such special events. I found a place in the center of the yard, and tried to put my hands in my pockets before realizing I had no clothes. (Whoops!)

He surveyed me for a moment. "Not quite here. I'm thinking more over there." He beckoned to the road. I reluctantly stepped out, worried that a car might come any minute. Nonetheless the thrill added to the experience.

He stood in front of me as I kneeled on the ground. His long, grasping paws spread out on the ground as he leant backwards to begin the stream. I panted like a dog as I awaited his urine.

It began, wavering, then picked up the pace. It shot all over me, landing mostly on my head while some of it spattered down to my chest. I gulped down as much of it as I could, while lots of it collided with my chin and dripped down, moistening me all the way to my pubes. I spread it all around with my paws, determined to get as much piss soaked into me as I could.

After about ten seconds of drinking down his pee, he redirected the stream to my lower stomach. It still sprayed all the way to my face on impact. I felt its warmth as it coated my bushy pubes and dripped onto my dick. I stroked my dick wildly with his piss all over my cock. Since I was already here, I peed myself; I aimed it into the air and leaned back to catch it all. It arced up and came back down, spattering my chest and landing in my mouth as well. I moved my foreskin up and down the head, stroking long and satisfying myself rapidly.

I saw him kneeling on the ground too and wondered if he was going to give me something more. He approached me and I sat on my behind to give him easier access; I knew what he wanted. He grabbed my legs and shoved me toward his thick cock. He aimed it down with his paw, towards my exposed tailhole. He started his penetration, wet with piss, and snaked his arms around my legs and onto my chest. He slid in and I felt his dick part my widening butthole. He started thrusting, becoming more potent with each push in.

We fucked wildly, myself still soaked with piss and spraying everywhere, shooting onto his own torso. I peed and peed, pushing out every little bit onto his chest and neck. It coated his thick fur and I had no concern with the fact that the smell would be there for a few days. I felt a mutual bond as we were both soaked in each other's piss. He pulled out for a moment while my spray continued, and leaned over, surrounding my cock with his lips. I kept peeing directly into his mouth for a few seconds, and I saw him smiling as he gulped it down. Once i was done he started licking around my torso before pushing into me again with his thick, bulging cock. He grinded the knot against me, preparing my tallhole for full penetration. We made out sloppily, fully mixing our bodily fluids together.

His thrusts increased in power before he pushed all the way in, knot and everything. I felt a sharp pain mixed with intensifying pleasure as he fucked deeply into my asshole. With heavy grunting and panting, he came inside of me, shooting globs of cum firmly inside my anus. We were both so engaged in our carnal, panting, sweaty, thrusting act that we wouldn't have hardly noticed if a car approached. As his semen spread throughout my insides, propagating its warmth deeply inside my ass, he opened my mouth with his hands and spat right into it, leaving me to suck on his piss-tainted saliva. It was more intimate than I've ever felt before as I tasted his spit, swished it around in my mouth and swallowed. It was too much...

I came, powerfully, shooting my seed all over my stomach and his. He jerked me off as I came, shooting everywhere and into his hand too. No experience could fill me with more bliss than that, as our intimate act approached a close. With the cum all over his hand, he let me watch as he sucked it off. He opened his mouth and I could see the semen glistening on his tongue as he went in to make out with me.

We lay there and passionately made out until we decided to leave without pushing our luck any more. The knot hadn't shrunk yet, so he had to carry me with his cock still stuck inside my butt, sliding in and out as we took it step by step. We washed off outside with the hose and dried with a towel. Once we got back in, the soup was already cold. We spent the rest of the night upstairs, casually sucking and fucking until it was 3 AM and we were too sweaty, smelly, and sticky to continue.

He told me that yes, he peed in my soup, and I told him that was fine, and he should do it more often.


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