Polaroid: Ejaculated!

A nurse will be called to service the ejaculator and room after you have departed. thank you for ejaculating with ejaculator 2000. goodbye." and the machine turns off.

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Premature Ejaculations

Hello, and welcome to the latest chapter! If you have any comments, don't hesitate to drop a few lines once you're done. It'll help me be a better writer, and I appreciated each and every one of my comments. Votes, faves and watches are luvv as...

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Who Broke Who?

It only took ten seconds for wil to climax and ejaculate and to his surprise, spirit leaned his head down and allowed wil to eject his semen on his muzzle as it spurted.

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Rabbit Heart Pt. 2 - Ch. 4

Agnes ejaculated, that much i was ready for. but i wasn't ready for how _much_. she blasted my mouth with a load big enough to choke me, and i swallowed reflexively. it made room in my mouth for the next hot, salty blast of jizz, but not _enough_ room.

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Ghost in the Machine (Part 1)

File Name: Ghost in the Machine (Part 1) Owner: Pokégirl File Location: [www.patreon.com/SomeonesPC](http://www.patreon.com/SomeonesPC) File Type: Story:Adult:F/M: Human x ??? Caption Text: Support us on Patreon for special art, stories, and...

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bareback riding

I'm cumming! i'm cummmminnggg!!!"

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gaining the digimon king's trust

Then he stopped sucking the king and turned to me and then i grabbed his red canine cock. i started sucking that foot long cock and swirled my tongue then i took his dick out of my mouth and started sucking his enormous balls when he was on the brinck of cumming

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Reagan's Fun Chap 1

Reagan's Fun Reagan practically sprinted up the stairs in his excitement. All he could think about as he ran up the stairs to his dorm room was how it had been almost two weeks since he had been able to do this. With spring break having just started...

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Baker's Recipe: A Letter

A letter from an Anteronian Citizen to a friend out of town: I hope this finds you well. I know you long for the warm embrace of our hometown, but I must inform you of the most amazing experience I had! I was on my normal journey to find a nice little...

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An Aquatic Seduction

She then recalled the dangers of oral sex with a male dolphin - the thrusting before orgasm and the power behind their ejaculation.

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A Berri Good Affair With Aleck

Aleck checked the street sign as he drove up, making certain it was the one he wanted before turning. Driving slowly along the street, he glanced at each house, checking the numbers. Finding the one he was looking for, he pulled into the driveway....

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Scuba Clash

I can't...stop....cumming..._he thought, eyes scrunched, teeth clenched upon each other from the too potent pleasure.

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