Bound by Destiny 3

Story by Talon Stormclaw on SoFurry

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Tenchi stands in front of her biggest challenge ever. Meeting the full family of her beloved and begin her training. But behind the shrouds of shadow, an evil is slowly approaching.

This story IS connected to actual lore.

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Bound by Destiny 3 - Shrouds of Shadow

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"You pathetic fool!" the female voice spoke as her hand gave an ominous glow, slowly choking the guard that had delivered the news, "I asked for one simple thing and you failed! How am I supposed to be the rightful ruler if I got imbeciles who cannot even kill a defenseless daughter of mine?" The pressure of the power began to grow as the guard was fighting for his life in its grasp, the sudden experience of his body bloating up only causing him more pain, and his fellow guards to look away before his scream erupted into a shower of blood and organs laying around the floor of the throne room, "Let this be a message to you all. Failure will result in death. Do I make myself clear?" The guards nodded, "Yes, your majesty!"

"Good, then get out of here!" the female voice called out before the guards left the throne room, the monarch putting her hands together, "Tenchi... once I find you, your life will end and I will rightfully remain the queen and claim your inner gift of power for myself. Just you wait, mommy is soon about to snuff out your life." The echoes of her sinister laughter filled the air and the whole castle, her kingdom nothing but a huge patch of fields, forests, mountains, lakes and settlements, all covered in shrouds of shadow.

Meanwhile in a place less sinister, Tenchi was looking confused and shocked at the entire group of random individuals, all looking so strange near their, what she presumed to be, parents. Taking in the moment, Sasha was soon patting her on the back, "Come on now, Tenchi, do not be a deer struck by headlights now." Tenchi's slight insecurity showed before Sasha sighed and looked at the other family members, "Take a seat everyone, I think we need to let her get to know everyone one by one." Tenchi could do nothing but just stand there before Peridot was hugging her closely, breaking her out of the state she was in, "Ohhh, sorry. I just wasn't expecting to see so many here. Hello, my name is Tenchi, Tenchi Arizonia. It is nice to meet you all."

Sasha smiled before noticing why a few of the family members was looking at her strangely, "Umm, Tenchi. Can you follow me, please?" Tenchi looked confused before feeling Sasha pulling her and Peridot out of the room and over to what seemed to be the laundry room, "I know this is sudden, but I want you to undress." Tenchi looked shocked at Sasha, who quickly pointed down at the shirt, "I kinda forgot that I made a mess when I installed your new arm and even before." Tenchi noticed it quickly, seeing the blood and various hydraulic fluids covering her shirt, the next question obvious enough for Sasha to reply by leaving the room.

Peridot smiled at her mother's thoughtfulness before helping Tenchi to pull off the shirt, softly kissing her on the maw as Tenchi returned it, holding her closely before Peridot had skillfully undone the pants next and already gotten to work on licking at the exposed tip of her shaft, Tenchi's joyful murrs being heard as her lover took great care of it. The eagerness of Peridot's sucking proving to be what Tenchi needed right now as her hands soon found her head to use as she began to push her dick into her maw.

The door had not been fully closed though and one of Peridot's sisters was looking at this show, her own erection standing hard between the legs as she witnessed how the two lovers went at it, even as Peridot was reaching up to finger Tenchi's pussy, making her growl out happily while pushing her shaft even deeper into younger yellow dragoness' muzzle. The show really getting the sister going as she was stroking her erection, listening in on the sounds as her eyes closed, caught up in her own world so much that she did fail to hear the approaching sound, "What are you doing?!?" Tenchi and Peridot stopped and looked at the door just as Sasha walked by and a whimpering cry could be heard, "I was just checking up on Peridot. She was taking a long time on her in there. I thought she was hurt or something." Sasha's powerful voice rang out after the whimpering girl had finished speaking, "And you do that by spying and stroking yourself off? Shame on you!"

A loud scream was heard next and the sound of spanking as Tenchi and Peridot looked at one another and had a giggle fit before Peridot stood up as the spanking ended and Sasha put down some clothes on the table near the now naked Tenchi without even looking, "Here you go, you can use these while I clean your other clothes." And as quickly as she had entered, she left, all without even looking at Tenchi. Tenchi looked amazed at the fact how much self-control and privacy Sasha actually showed towards her, checking the clothes to find a pair of panties, a bra, a tanktop and a pair of shorts, all black and all the right size for her to use. Peridot smiled to her, "Mother has her ways to know."

Putting the clothes on and leaving the laundry room, Sasha was coming walking with two very cute girls by her side, waving Peridot and Tenchi into a room with them before Sasha was taking a seat next to a zebra while the girls were laying against them as Sasha began to speak, "I guess we better start like this. The zebra here is Vee Stripe, and these two lovely girls here are our daughters Jane and May."

Vee bowed at her introduction. She was a zebra with wings, with the whitest coat covered in the blackest stripes, her hair just as black as the stripes and her eyes as orange as a burning fire. She seemed a bit short though, but she did more than make up for it by having the kindest personality ever, "A pleasure to meet you, miss Arizonia."

Next up was Jane, and Tenchi could see that she was looking like a bunny, the black coat and white stripes suggesting some weird genetics had played a role, especially when she had a yellow chest. Her hair was brown which only raised the question seeing as Sasha had blue hair and Vee had black hair. The sparkling blue eyes shimmering like sapphires. She was rather tall though, perhaps a few inches shorter than her. What stood out the most about Jane was the fact she was wearing a skull necklace around her neck, "Wonderful to meet you, sister-in-law." This was making Tenchi blush a bit.

Finally the spotlight was on May, who Tenchi had almost been able to look in the eyes before. May, unlike her fraternal twin sister, sported a white coat with black stripes and a blue chest. Her hair was however black and her eyes was a pair of glimmering emeralds, but something felt off about her, "Lovely to finally meet my sister's girl." She had noticed it, May had barbells pierced on the tongue.

Peridot smiled before Sasha clapped her hands, "I know this is sudden and we all have questions, but we got to have the introductions done with quickly so we can have a big feast later." With those words, Vee, Jane and May simply shakes Tenchi's non-mechanical hand before leaving as Sasha brought in the next four, "Next we have Marcia, Avril, Elizabeth and Sariya."

Marcia caught Tenchi's interest, but Elizabeth was quick to pull Marcia in closely. Elizabeth and Marcia were both looking like raccoons, but their bodies seemed a bit more goo-like. While Elizabeth sported an orange-brown coat with a white-orange-brown tail, brown hair and green eyes, Marcia had a yellow-brown body with matching tail, brown hair and green eyes. Both seemed to be around the same size, "A great pleasure to meet you."

The odd pair for this moment was however Sariya and Avril. Both seemed to be almost brother and sister in terms of appearance, but still they looked so much different. Being both dragons, they both sported a lightblue color to their bodies and purple eyes, but unlike Sariya, Avril had short blue hair, "Do not be afraid to ask if you need any help, Tenchi."

Sasha saw that Tenchi was warming up to the family and Peridot noticed it too as Sasha chased them the quad out the room and brought in two canines and two dragons, making Tenchi wonder how much more she had to sit through, "This is Juna and Seras, and Julie Ruby and Ruby." Tenchi gave her a questioning look, "Wait, you mean that one of them is named Ruby and the other is named Julie Ruby?"

Ruby smiled and nodded, "Yes. My sweety wanted a name close to mine, so to keep everything easy, we named her Julie Ruby." It was no understatement that the name would confuse anyone, Julie Ruby and Ruby both sported a darkred coat, only Julie Ruby had a yellow chest. Both also had their black hair with red tips and red eyes, almost keeping the ruby red theme. Tenchi couldn't avoid to giggle at it.

Seras coughed a bit, "Not forgetting someone?" Tenchi stopped for a moment, that dialect was familiar. Turning to look at Seras, she saw someone who could actually be mistaken for a youngster. Seras and Juna both sported a rather young appearance, but also blue bodies which Juna also complimented with having a pink chest and a yellow heart mark unlike Seras' simple pink heart mark, both also having white hair and green eyes. The other way to telling them apart were also their heart-shaped tails which Seras had a pink heart on while Juna had a yellow heart. Tenchi asked Seras, "Do you happen to be from the same place as Tarja?" Seras nodded, "Her father's area to be exact, yes." Tenchi had an understanding for it now, but sadly for her, Sasha had to bring them out and bring in the next group.

Tenchi's eyes nearly popped out of her head when the line of genetic understanding finally broke again with the next four, "These are Sapphire, Topaz, Turbo and Onyxheart." The quad bowed, but poor Tenchi was still unable to understand what she was seeing.

Turbo and Sapphire, who she thought was related, did not even have a single connection in terms of specie. Turbo was a cheetah while Sapphire was a bunny. Turbo had the standard yellow body with black spots and white chest, while Sapphire had the same, minus the white chest. Turbo had no hair at all while Sapphire sported long blue hair. The first change from the entire ordeal was that while Turbo had yellow eyes, Sapphire was proudly showing off green eyes like Sasha, "Blessings be with you."

On the other side of the spectrum, Onyxheart and Topaz was no better on that part. Onyx was a wolf while Topaz was a bunny. They were however sharing the same gray coat, only yet again Topaz proved to have a yellow chest. While Onyx had brownish-toffee colored hair, Topaz had golden-brown hair with blue tips. They did both however share their green eyes, "Pleasure to getting to know you, miss." Tenchi was holding her head as Sasha chased them out before Sasha told them, "These will be the last ones for now, I promise."

Tenchi watched how the last four entered, waving to Tarja who waved back before taking a seat, "You have already met Tarja here, but the other ones are Jaeger, Phoebe and the one who spied on you, Ocarina." Tenchi and Peridot looked at Ocarina who seemed to be ashamed over being exposed like that.

It was clear where the first attention went with this part. Ocarina was sporting a lightblue body with a golden chest and darkblue stripes, short blue hair and unlike most, limegreen eyes, but she seemed to not have a parent there, "I... am sorry..."

Next on the line was Jaeger, who looked a bit like a snake, sporting more muscles than Tenchi had seen in a while. His body was purple and covered in red glowing stripes, his hair being black as his daughter's and those eyes, glowing yellow to send a shiver down her spine, but something also told her that he was not ruthless at all, "A pleasure to finally meet the one my daughter told of." Tenchi was unsure how to reply to it.

What peeked her interest the most was the fact that Phoebe was leaning against him. Her body blue with a cream colored chest, her hair black with lightblue tips and the most enticing green eyes. She seemed not even look like Jaeger. Sasha noticed that Tenchi was looking confused, breaking the news to her, "Ocarina's mother abandoned her. And Phoebe's mother... she is dead."

The room fell quiet at the news, Tenchi's eyes narrowing when she heard it before she lowered her head, "You have... my condolences. I didn't know." Her words came out before a gentle voice spoke from the door, "Knowledge comes from experience. Wisdom comes from using knowledge wisely. You did not know this, so now you will be wise about using the knowledge." Sasha looked up and Phoebe sprung from her seat and rushed over to hug the owner of the voice, "Uncle Alex!"

Tenchi looked at the one they referred to as Alex. He was a dragon, but slightly different, mostly because of the whiskers hanging from his muzzle. He was wearing a black robe with pink cherry blossoms covering it, covering his dark blue-purple body, the steelblue hair shining in the light and the blue eyes almost calming her, "I hate to disturb, but the food is ready now." He bowed before heading out, "Also, can you bring me my sword from my room?" Sasha looked at Tenchi and smiled, "He will be your teacher in swordplay. He is my sensei. Better do what he says, if you wanna make a good impression." Tenchi just nodded before getting told where his room was.

Standing up from the chair, Peridot kissed Tenchi on the cheek before heading off to sit down by the table, as Tenchi made her way to Alex's room. Upon entering, the scent of incense filled her nostrils and she noticed the sheathed sword sitting on a holder, "This is rather impressive. It is like a shrine." She gave a soft smile and walked over to pick up the sheathed blade. At her own mistake, she didn't expect her new arm's strength and the sudden pressure causing the blade to snap made her heart sink faster than a stone in water, "Oh damn, this is not good!" She was worried now, this was the blade that would teach her and now she had broken it.

Holding it in her hand, she was making her way to the dining room, where all were sitting in front of a big feast. Alex saw Tenchi entering and smiled, "Ah good, you brought me my sword. Come here." Tenchi slowly made her way over to him and handed it to him, watching how his eyes seemed to focus on the katana as he drew it out and noticed it had been snapped in two. Sasha looked at this and then at Tenchi who was nearly about to cry, before Alex handed the sword over to Sasha, "Think you can fix this one, sis?" Sasha nodded and Tenchi's face turned from crying to utter confusion before Alex spoke up, "The one who finds regret in not knowing the power of their new self, is one who should not be punished. It can be repaired." Tenchi calmed down before taking a seat for the feast, happily eating the many assortments of meats, fish and other wonderful foods cooked up for the occasion.

Later that night, Tenchi took farewell of the people she had met before Tarja smiled to her, "Come along. It is time for your second training in gunfighting." Tenchi seemed to confused before Tarja brought them outside, the night sky glimmering before a few lights turned on around them to show a dome appearing around them and virtual enemies being constructed. Tenchi was ready to pull her weapon out before Tarja stopped her, pulling her Cougars out as she charged in, relentlessly firing rounds at them while switching magazines quickly from her jacket before another wave of enemies began to be constructed, only to be struck by Tarja's handguns as the next strike came from her fist going through their chest before she was grabbing the Cougars again, firing the rounds perfectly to take down even that wave.

It was like watching poetry in motion for Tenchi as Tarja decimated construct after construct, finally going up against one looking like herself, the duel taking to the air as neither of them seemed to even flinch as their strikes connected by fist, their shots by bullets and their kicks by legs. Tarja seemed to not even slow down before Tenchi saw Tarja's eyes going from round to slit and her speed nearly doubled, catching the fake her off-guard before what seemed to be an equal match became an one-sided slaughter when Tarja's guns came to her hands and thirteen bullets flew around her body, "Say your prayers in the afterlife." Tarja's unmatched speed showed as she ran around the construct, firing the rounds and capturing them before firing them again, leaving more and more bullet wounds until she emptied all the thirteen rounds in less than a second, "Thirteenth Hour of Calamity!"

Tenchi felt her knees giving in as she fell backwards watching the final show before a rather familiar voice spoke out clearly, "Ah, I see you two finally met. Hello again, my students." A female bat, wearing mechanical arms, legs and wings suddenly appeared from the shadows, much to Tarja's confusion at the word "Students." But Tenchi looked at her and gasped out, "Oh my. Gun Master Maria!"

The End.

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