A Feminine Experience PT. 3

Story by Mosesj on SoFurry

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#3 of Transformation

So I was in the middle of writing the next part when I reflected that it'd be nice for the fans of this work to see an update on it ^^ Thought the parlor made a nice break point so I just decided to make this into a part. Hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think of it !

Thomas began to stir, his body felt very sore and he felt something very large stuffed into his rear. Oooh, what happened? He tried to move his arms to feel his head, only to realize they were firmly bound behind him. The fox's eyes flared open and he found Mark's large muscular arms were wrapped around him to hold him closely to the stallion's chest. In a moment, Thomas remembered with horror that Mark stuffed his cock into his 'cock warmer' before falling asleep. He struggled to move but his arms were properly tied down in what felt like soft but rubbery padding, his legs bound closely together and a gag shoved into his mouth.

His efforts to escape roused Mark from his sleep. He felt his new pet stirring some trouble and simply nickered before he kissed Thomas' cheek. "Morning sunshine, did you enjoy your first night with your master?" Thomas' words back were obviously not kind, he shouted into his gag and furiously tried to struggle his way out of Mark's bed. He was no match for the stallion, Mark didn't even have to register his struggles and he didn't. "Oooh, I knew you would. As a treat for you, I'll prepare breakfast for the both of us while you have fun with your new favourite toys!"

Mark pulled out of Thomas' huge ass, his cock coming out with a wet slick before he reached over to a large bedside drawer. It only took a few moments of rummaging for him to find what he wanted, a huge purple dildo shaped like an equine's dick. With a flick of his finger, he turned it on, the vibrator hummed with energy. Thomas heard the sounds and began to panic. 'no! He's not going to do, no- Agh!' That last word came out as a muffled moan as the equine jammed the vibrator into the fox's ass. Already it was causing damage to him, Thomas' cock sprang into full erection as his extremely sensitive ass shook with vibrations.

"Don't worry slut, it's smaller then my cock and won't get you off. It'll leave you just on the brink so you'll be all nice and ready for the real deal. Enjoy yourself."

With that, Mark pulled away from Thomas, his large hooves clopped on the wooden floor as he made his way down into the kitchen. The fox struggled against his restraints, the vibrator had left him feeling so horny, so teased as it shook inside his still tight rear. He needed to get himself off he was just left so pent up! Struggling as he might, his restraints held firm and his cock just stayed agonizingly out of reach. As the moments rolled by, his efforts became more and more desperate, he tried to do anything to make the teasing torment stop. His attempts to push the dildo out failed, it was firmly planted inside his rear and no amount of squirming would push it out. He'd need a free hand to pull it out, something only Mark had.

Thomas' torments felt agonizingly slow, he was left bound and very needy for what felt like an eternity. Just as he thought Mark had forgotten about him, he heard the clops of the stallion's hooves marching back to his room. Thomas looked at what he had in his hands and he paled at the sight. The stallion had a plate of food and a red doggy bowl. Mark simply smirked at Thomas' expression "what? This is your plate now, you get to eat out of a doggy bowel! Just like a real pet should. Now... let me show you the special sauce you're going to have with every meal." Placing the bowl down, the equine started to stroke his cock in front of Thomas, the poor fox had to watch while his own cock was left needy and pent up. Mark let out a deep breath of air, his massive pole of a cock already reaching a terrifying height well above a foot long. "This first showing is for free, Thomas, you'll have to do the work yourself next time. " Mark's cock was leaking pre, the gay fox squirmed at the sight. His new sexual mind was filled with foreign dirty thoughts that he thought was vile. His own cock was throbbing at the sight of such a powerfully built stud jacking off in front of him. As Mark was nearing his climax, he suddenly pointed his flared tip downwards and shot a huge wad of cum into Thomas' breakfast. Thomas looked at the sight in disgust and shook his head. There was no way he was going to eat food filled with Mark's cum!

"Oh yes, you will. Like I said, if you want to eat, you will have my spunk added in. I'm sure a horny vulpine like you will come around in time.... "

Mark bent over and removed Thomas' gag from his mouth, the fox's aching mouth was finally finally relieved of its soreness and Thomas groaned at the feeling. Already, his stomach began to rumble in hunger. Mark took him away before he had dinner last night and the rough sex sapped any calories he had left. He looked down at the food in the doggy bowl, some sort of oats and nuts were mixed into a hot meal, Mark's spunk had already sunk in and looked like it filled the whole bowl. He needed food... badly. Thomas sighed to himself and gave in. "Alright, untie my hands so I can eat."

Mark looked like he was about to, he went behind Thomas but raised his index finger as a sign of caution. "remember pet, you have only one chance to please me. Disobey and you will be punished..." With that warning, the stallion untied the fox. Thomas muscles screamed their relief, his arms fell to his sides next to his lovely feminine thighs. Steam escaped from the spunk covered oats and Thomas brought it to his face. Though the food looked disgusting, the fox's stomach rumbled and his mind was awashed with dirty thoughts of what he just witnessed. He was infuriated, his cock was still stiff and at attention while he brought the oats to his mouth. His eyes opened wide in amazement as the food entered his taste-buds. Immediately, the cum that touched his tongue felt succulent and divine. The fem-boy's cock throbbed at the delicious taste inside his mouth and he was instantly hooked. Instantly, he eagerly began to eat the rest of the spunk and oats left in the doggy bowl. Mark looked at the scene with amusement.

"seems that witch who cursed you gave a hunger for cum as well. I'll have to keep that in mind." Thomas finished with the bowl, his mind returned from the lusty haze he got. F,fuck, he thought, I can't believe I just did that. Damn that witch... ' It was a curse he's been uttering under his breath since he got bestowed this curse. The fox sighed and rested his bountiful booty back against the soft bed, the cushy padding made him aware of his bubbly big butt.

Before he could get relaxed again, Mark rose up from the bed and without a word, the stallion wandered to his closet. In a moment, a pink shirt came flying and landed on Thomas' chest. "Here, wear this. This should be enough to cover you while we go shopping for your new outfits." Thomas looked down at the pink shirt in his dainty fingers. "What? You can't be serious Mark! I'm not wearing a shirt several sizes too big for me."

Mark didn't seem to care. He rummaged through his closet for an attire for the day. "You call me master, not my name, pet. Remind me again when we got home that I have to think of a better name for you then Thomas. Perhaps Courtney, you look like a Courtney." The fox was fuming at that casual comment, it practically looked like steam was rising out of his ears. "And either you wear that shirt or nothing at all. I'm sure the mall will love the sight of your nude butt out on display but I'd rather get home in a decent time." Thomas looked at him with a furious look before he slipped on the pink shirt. The shirt hung loosely on his lithe body, the tshirt's sleeves were hanging nearly to his elbows and the shirt just barely covered his rear. Thomas desperately wished he had a pair of pants or something to cover up his legs. He felt so exposed, even though his rear was covered up, his large and lovely thighs weren't. In fact, he could hardly believe Mark was taking him shopping in only a shirt! The fox's protests fell on deaf ears and Mark simply just continued dressing himself up. Finally the stallion came out in a black muscle shirt and a pair of shorts that did nothing to conceal the massive bulge he sported between his legs. His tail was allowed to flow freely from the top.

"Damn, look at how much you shrunk! I remember when you and I could have swapped shirt sizes. " The horse walked over and spanked Thomas' rear once more, causing him to yip and step forward. "Remember to keep your tail low, otherwise everyone's going to think you're presenting yourself. " Thomas grumbled himself and tried to keep his tail as low as possible while Mark held the fem-boy foxy close to himself. "Remember, you are my pet and should show me just how happy you are that I'm buying you clothes..." Thomas huffed to himself and knew what game Mark was playing at. "You don't need to buy me clothes, I got my-" "Your old wallet? That's obviously mine now. You are my pet, my property, and everything that was yours is now mine."

Thomas' heart thudded. He looked at Mark in a panic and said "B,but-" "No buts. Now, I've been looking to expand my supplies. I think an extra room for my toys. You don't need that room anymore, right? After all you're bunking with a stud now." The fox humphed as he was pushed against Mark's side, the stallion held him close. What was he going to do?! That collar around his neck was all the evidence Mark would need Thomas was his pet, whatever he wished to do with his pet and his stuff was up to Mark. Thomas gulped, the fox had never given that law much thought until now...

The trip to the mall was grueling. Thomas was forced into humiliating positions the entire way there. Mark had decided to take the bus instead of his work truck for the trip and Thomas was made all too aware of the many people looking at the fem-boy and the stud. Mark made sure to point out a few to torment him. "Oh did you see that big gator guy? I saw the look of him, if it wasn't for that collar around your neck, he'd certainly have carried you home!" "Man, is that dragon trying to make everyone jealous by not wearing pants? You definitely made him horny alright, that weapon he calls a cock should come with a warning label. Perhaps I should call him over sometime, he looked awfully interested in you..."

By the time they reached their stop, the fem-boy fox was left trembling in his seat. Thomas' new hormones were driving him up the wall, it took all of his effort not to form a tent of his own in the shirt he wore and he knew Mark's words were true. He wouldn't last five minutes walking down the street without being pounced! He'd remain a pet slut for the rest of his life if he couldn't turn back. He needed to call that woman back again and get her to change him back.

This wasn't something he could do now though, Mark had dragged him out of the house without his phone or wallet. He was stuck with the stallion and he wouldn't dare leave the equine. As they walked through the mall, Mark brought him to a part of the mall he was unfamiliar with. The stores of general clothes and bags had started to turn more sexualized and specific. There was a leather store, a collar and pet accessories that looked rather advanced to the fox. At the sight of a tattoo parlor, Mark turned Thomas and headed there.

"Woah woah woah! Why are we heading here?" "It's obvious Thomas... you need a tramp stamp! Can't be a proper fem-boy otherwise" "hey! Dude, I'm not getting a tattoo, what if it stays when I finally find that girl?" "Thomas... you're never turning back, you might as well give in and enjoy yourself."

Any further continuation of this argument was stopped by Mark. There was a heavily inked shark in a black shirt. A pair of hand cuffs laid with one side open. The shark spoke in a deep rough voice

"Hey, what can I do for the two of ya?" "My pet here-" Mark begin to speak and with a sudden movement, quickly brought Thomas' slender arm to the hand cuff and latched it shut. The fox cursed and tried to break free while Mark resumed. "Is my recent addition. Can I get a album of some good tattoos?"

"Uh, sure, here you go." The shark was unconcerned, as if Thomas' plight was one he sees regularly. He handed the stallion a lavender album to sift through. "That one's for the fem-boy or the girlish types." "That would be great, thanks." "Hey, don't I get a say in this?! I-" "Gag him please." Before Thomas could react, the shark's long arms grabbed him and held him against the white gold counter with one arm. The wind was knocked out of the fox and the shark pulled a red ball gag out from behind the counter and quickly slipped it in. He let go of Thomas to tie the strap to the back of the fox's head. "Thank you." "A rebellious one eh? There's schools that'll train him right quick..." "I'm good, always like to train them myself."

Mark looked through the purple with a steady eye. He flicked through the pages one by one, commenting to the shark on ones he looked. He kept the book out of Thomas' sight, claiming that he'd rather not ruin the surprise. Finally, the stallion chose one and pointed it out to the shark.

"Oh ya, good choice there. That's a popular one for sure." The shark grabbed the side of the handcuff chained to the counter and unlocked it. With Thomas still cuffed, the shark carried him to a rather odd looking chair. Instead of one seat, it was a seat with a belt attached to restraints for his head and limbs. It looked like it could seal him in place and easily move him around, there was adjustable lengths attached to each part so the artist could reach anywhere on his body with ease and an adjustable seat so the shark could easily get to his back. The male latched Thomas into the strange contraption and quickly restrained him. The locks proved firm, the fox couldn't move a single inch in the chair. Thomas whimpered in the seat and continued to try to struggle.

The shark ignored him and turned to Mark. "Now what do you want it to say?" Mark muttered something to him Thomas couldn't hear to which the shark simply nodded. "Got it, no problem. Hey uhh, why don't you grab a drink or something? It's going to take about an hour to finish." Mark nodded and wandered off to who knows where in the mall.

The shark turned around to the helpless fox, Thomas stared at him in fear while the artist grabbed one of his tools to begin his work. He brought the instrument down to Thomas' stomach and began the process. Thomas squirmed a bit in pain from the sharp penetration of the tattoo's ink. "Now, while we're alone, I guess I'll have a bit of convo. My name's Timmis, been branding pets and sluts like you for years." Thomas made some muffled noises into his gag, presumably curses. Timmis simply laughed to himself and kept to his work. "Your name's not important, whelp. Your master decided on a new name for you already. You're lucky though, phew! What a handsome stud he is, I know lots of furs who would be eager to be his fuck buddy." Thomas had nothing to say to that, he stayed quiet against his gag. Unable to see what Timmis was doing, his eyes wandered over to the mall's hallway. He was able to see what was going on in the questionable part of the mall. All manners of sexually active furs walked through, many fetishized in ways that Thomas never thought he'd ever see. He knew Mark loved and often hung out in this crowd but the fox always shied away from that sort of thing. Now, he was forcefully shoved into this world and Thomas had a sinking feeling he'd be spending a great deal of time with this sort of crowd.

Timmis' drill continued to drill on the fox's stomach. Thomas could feel that it must have been quite the extensive tattoo, the shark was working for what seemed to be a design band around his stomach. The femboy could see some bits of ink here and there, it seemed it was black tribal tattoo with letters emblazoned in a purple that shone in his cream coloured fur. The wait was agonizing, Thomas was forced to lay there, still gagged and restrained. He dreaded to see what design Mark had picked out for him. Just as he wondered if Timmis would ever finish, the shark pulled away and showed him the tattoo. Thomas stared at the design in horror. Emblazoned in a bright lavender colour was the name "Sasha" and underneath is "Master Mark's pet" emboldened with a pink heart. Thomas screamed into his gag at the name

"Oh you're wondering who Sasha is? Why it's your new name! Get used to it, Mark wants you to always be called that. Now to finish the rest of the design."

The shark went over to a contraption and pressed a button, the seat Thomas was on and whirled to life, his restraints coming off only for a second before he was flipped over onto chest. The restraints quickly clamped Thomas back down, his rear exposed to Timmis. "Mmm, that's quite an ass you got. Hope you don't mind if I give it a few slaps while I work on it." Thomas screamed into his gag and struggled uselessly. He was stuck in place though, and once more the shark got back to work. It seemed the design was meant to wrap around Thomas like a belt, for once again it took a while to finish. Thomas tried to doze off, though quite a few times he was awakened by the shark who gave him a slap every so often to torment him. After what seemed like forever to the poor fox, Mark came back eventually with a cup in his hand. "How's my Sasha doing? Did he love his new tattoo?"

"Oh ya he did, he seemed rather excited when he saw his new name." "Good, Just the way I want him to be. How's the back end coming?" "Just about done here, you want Sasha to see?" "Yes, I do want him to see."

Thomas made a muffled yell into his gag while the two spoke, they ignored his protests though. Within a few more moments, the shark pulled away and allowed Mark to examine his handiwork. The horse nodded with approval, "nice, very nice indeed. Now why don't you show Sasha his new tattoo". With a nod, the shark lifted Thomas' head rest upwards to a mirror near the ceiling. With it, Timmis raised a second mirror so Thomas could saw the brand in all it's glory. His eyes widened in horror and surprise, emblazoned above his ass in the same colours was "Cumcheeks" with black markings that dipped onto the top of his rear. There was a black ring of various tribal flames attached to a ring around his hips. "There, isn't that a good name for you pet?" Mark tormented Thomas, his hand came over to ruffle his long effiminate hair "Sasha Cumcheeks, I think it suits you well. From now on, you'll be calling yourself that, not your old name." Mark turned to the shark, leaving Sasha to fume on what he just said. The stallion discussed the price and paid Timmis what he owed. Once he paid, the restraints on the fox were released and Sasha eagerly got out of the chair. His quick movements brought a wince to his face, the tattoo markings were rather sore and Timmis warned him to be careful for the next couple weeks.

"We will Timmis, now Sasha, why don't you give the nice man his ball and cuffs back?" Mark helped him remove the gag and cuffs, to which the stallion put back on the counter. The stallion wrapped his arm around Sasha's waist and held him close, Sasha looked up at the horse with an furious expression.

"Sasha, thank the shark for the tattoo."

"No way in hell! You-" "Sasha...." Mark said in a warning voice. Sasha sighed, he looked at the shark in a defeated voice and mumbled. "Thank you." "Put more effort into it." "Thank you!" the fox tried to fake a smile. Timmis chuckled with amusement at the sight and Mark patted him on his ample rear. "Good girl..." With that, Sasha and Mark left the palour, Sasha's shirt hiding the new tattoos. "And I expect you to be more polite in public. You do represent your master now." "Like hell I do, I'll -" "Do what? You already got your tramp stamp and there's no way you can resist me. Face it, you're my pet now and the law's on my side. Now, it's time to get you some more fitting clothes then my old pink shirt."

Sasha mumbled to himself, the fox was fuming at the humiliation he was constantly going through today! He'd find that girl again, he will!

To be continued...

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