The Roommates Secret (Commission for dante777a on FA)

Story by Cimmaron on SoFurry

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Way back when I started the furry fandom, I wrote two stories: The Farmer's Secret and The Girlfriend's Secret. Five years later... a sequel!

Why did I do it? Well, because FA: dante777a on FA paid me money.

Amazing what money can do, no?

Well enjoy!

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The Roommates Secret

By Cimmaron Spirit

Commission for dante777a on FA

*WARNING: Contains M/M gay sex, transformation, oral sex, big cocks and horses. Gotta love 'em horses. And equitars. Basically a centaur, but both halves are horses. How cool is that? So if not 18 or older or not into that, then just carry on your merry little way. Otherwise, enjoy!*

"Ugh!" Jake growled, throwing his cellphone on the couch, landing inches away from Dale, who jumped at the sudden surprise. He pulled himself from his slouched gaming position, and tapped the pause button on the controller and brushed his blonde hair out of his eyes, fixing the shirt he wore that rode up and exposed his flat stomach.

"I can't believe that fucking bitch!" Jake continued, stomping around the shared living area of the apartment. "She fucking lied to me! Again!"

Dale blinked. "Jessica?"

"God fucking hell, she's just trying to piss me off, isn't she?" Jake ranted, before flopping on the couch beside Dale. The bulk of the athletic and well-built Jake nearly made the smaller, leaner Dale nearly fly off the couch and into the coffee table full of empty cans, pizza and take out boxes, and carelessly strewn video game cases. But the smaller guy managed to hold on, taking a deep breath and composing himself. He realized the picture of the two 18 year olds sitting next to each other had to be pretty interesting: one a few steps away from bodybuilder status, the other a seemingly frail, pseudo-emo of a twig setting next to him.

"What did she do now?" Dale asked, doing his best to pay attention to Jake's face, and not let his eyes wander over the hunky slab of meat next to him... Dale blinked, his tongue running over the piercing in his lip, while he reached up and gently tugged and fiddled with the larger one in his ear.

"Well turns out that a while ago, when I thought I got her pregnant, that it was a false-positive on the test. Well, she decided not to share that little bit of information with me! Fuck!"

"Well... it's good new you're not going to be a father, right?" Dale offered.

"I... I guess so." Jake offered, before grabbing an unopened can of beer and opening it, his bare biceps flexing just enough to open it, before lifting the can to his lips and chugging it. Dale watched mesmerized as the muscular macho man's Adam's apple bobbed up and down, guzzling the fermented hops, a stream of liquid flooding past his mouth and dripping from his lips, over the strained muscle shirt that struggled to hold back the dinner plate sized pectorals, and the six pack that Dale knew hid just underneath. His eyes continued down to the nearly absurd sized bulge that the tight jeans did their best to hide, though in reality it just gave Dale a pretty good guess of what Jake was packing. His massive things couldn't compare, despite how big and thick they were.

"Umm... Dale?"

Dale blinked, and looked up at Jake, the macho stud looking at his roommate with an incredulous gaze.

"I-I... sorry," Dale said, his face turning bright red as he looked away. Dale's long blonde hair that was normally fashionably off to the side fell to cover his eyes while an arm nervously reached up to grab his shoulder, where just a few months ago he got a tattoo of his favorite band. Shit, he just caught ogling his hot roommate, who was just complaining of his girlfriend.

Fuck. I'm dead.

They sat there, Jake's gaze not leaving Dale, and Dale, doing his best not to turn his head, tried to look at Jake through the wall of hair.

After a moment Jake chuckled, then started laughing.

"W-what's so funny?"

Jake continued laughing, before reaching a hand to turn Dale's head to face him. Those fingers, usually wrapped around a barbell or some tool at work, was rough and calloused, but it was still gentle on Dale's skin. The touch made shivers run down Dale's spine.

"I thought you would have done something by now," Jake whispered, the beer on his breath washed over Dale, making the smaller boy shudder again.

"What?" Dale asked, blinking.

Jake didn't answer with words, instead pulling Dale's lips to his own, locking into a kiss. Dale's eyes went wide, but as Jake's tongue, after momentarily playing with the lip piercing, pushed into Dale's mouth, Dale relaxed, nearly melting into Jake's arms, and embraced the bigger guy, his hands slipping under the thin shirt, starting to explore the places that just minutes ago he was terrified of even acknowledging. Groping pecs and back muscles and biceps and nipples, Dale's hand began to explore all of his roommate's body. Jake's hands also found their way to stroke and grope Dale, making the twink moan and shudder as those thick fingers brushed against his soft skin.

After an eternity that lasted only a few minutes, they both pulled away. Jake gave a sheepish grin.

"I... yeah, that was weird," Jake said.

Dale just smiled, and looked down at the bulge that was even bigger than before. "I think you have something else in mind, don't you?"

Jake chuckled. "Well... yes. Haven't really gotten off in... I guess in a few months at this point, thanks to that bitch."

Dale got up and straddled Jake, his lithe body grinding up against Jake's muscular frame. "Shhh. Don't talk about her. Just us for now."

Jake gave a grin, though it faded a moment later, as his crotch throbbed painfully in his pants. "Well... uhh, there is a bit of a problem," he said.

The twink looked down to see the massive bulge between his thighs. "Oh, I think I can handle a big guy like you," Dale replied, reaching down and working his roommate's shirt off, exposing the massive chest and surprisingly thick chest hair. Dale hadn't really seen Jake's body before, but there wasn't that much hair there before. "I've been in this rodeo before."

"Oh, it will be a rodeo alright," Jake said as Dale reached down to unbutton his jeans. The moment the button came off, his green clad package burst out, forcing down the zipper from it's hiding place as if the desperate gasps of a drowning man.

"Umm, Dale," Jake said, concern in his voice. "Could we just..."

Before Jake could finish, Dale grabbed hold of the stretched green underwear and yanked down.

What spilled out shocked both of them. The massive snake released from the confines of Jake's pants was, simply, massive. A thick sheathe surrounded the base, providing support to the rest. A mottled black and brown flesh pole, a thick band around the middle, with a huge, flat and nearly flared head, already oozing precum even though it had to be only half hard.

"It's a fucking horsecock?" Dale spluttered, his eyes wide as he slipped off of Jake's lap, staring at his roommate.

Jake gave a weak smile. "Y-yeah. I've been meaning to tell you that..."

The two boys just stared at the throbbing, hardening stallion prick, inch after inch seemingly growing from nowhere was added to the member, until it stood a proud 20 inches tall, throbbing. Jake couldn't resist letting a nicker escape his lips, and he could feel the rest of his body going into that familiar stiff yet warm feeling of reshaping. Not like it really matters to hide it anymore, Jake thought. Might as well go all the way now.

The chest hair grew even thicker, this time taking two separate colors, brown and white, and started to grow across his body, wrapping him in a fur coat. His neck grew thicker and longer, the bones in his head popping and reshaping themselves. His nose and mouth began to shift away from his face, the nose stretching into two nostrils on either side of a muzzle. The eyes grew larger, the ears bigger and moved to the top of his head. The hair that he kept fairly well cut virtually exploded from his head, forming a mane.

Jake held his hands up, watching as his fingernails began to turn black and solidifying into hooves, but remaining separate. Jake winced as he felt his leg muscles tighten up, before his jeans he forgot to take off ripped, allowing his lower half to pop and break and shift, his feet solidifying into black hooves. But then it went further than that, and with a grunt Jake's stomach and torso seemed to grow even longer, two bumps growing out of the top of it. In moments, the bumps had grown into full-fledged horse legs, which dropped to the floor, holding the rest of the changed Jake from falling. The elongated torso shifted, expanding and lengthening out until it became more like a normal horse, only one that was also still sitting on a couch. Jake looked behind him, snorting as he felt his feral lower half grow out. Turning into a centaur, or in this case a horsetaur, was not a feeling he never got quite used to.

As if a finishing touch, Jake nickered once more, feeling his far tailbone push out, and a long, black haired tail swished out, flopping onto the couch beside him.

Jake leaned back, with a dopey grin. "So, yeah. I'm a werehorse. Who can also turn into a centaur."

Dale, transfixed by the transformation, stared at the werehorse, blinking in shock. "But... how..."

"My uncle... well, let's just say he inducted me." Jake stood up, his body getting used to having gained a foot and a half in height, and trying to manage with having a massive weight and more legs behind. The floor boards creaked in protest as a several hundred pound horse man stood on it, the couch sighing in relief from not having to hold that. "And... well..." he pointed down to his cock with hoof tipped hands, before his back hips involuntarily bucked forward, slapping the thick horsecock against his stomach, making a huge wad of pre land on the floor with a splat! "I can turn other people as well."

Dale was, well confused. Werewolves, lycanthropy, he'd heard all about that. Back in middle school it was his favorite thing. But... a were_horse_? He read a story like that... once. Some furry thing someone linked to him as a joke way back. It was a good story, and now it came back to him: the change, the sex, the problems, the emotions...

He felt his hardon, harder than ever. His nose was flooded with a scent that seemed like a mixture of sweat and sex and oats and leather and barns... and horse. It was a strange, erotic scent, one that Dale couldn't help but enjoy.

Dale looked at the huge cock, the massive black and pink pole jutting from Jake's back legs. It was mesmerizing, watching the huge, throbbing shaft that Jake slowly stroked. It was... so wrong. Basically an animal! This is bestiality, isn't it?

Dale's face burned red, his cock throbbed painfully. Logic didn't mean anything... it was sexy to him! But weird! What the fuck?

Jake could see the confusion in Dale's eyes, and smiled. "Take your time to think about it," he said, turning around and walking to the kitchen, his tail swaying behind, showing off the thick haunches, occasionally revealing a thick, puckered tailstar. "I need a snack anyway."

Dale blinked, watching the display his roommate put on for him. "No!" Dale nearly shouted, making Jake stop in his tracks and look over.

"I... I..." Dale stammered, before he walked over to Jake, placing a shaky hand on the rear of the horse, and petting the fur. "I... I'll do it."

"Are you sure?" Jake asked, turning around. "No going back..."

"Well, I can turn back into a human, right?"

Jake nodded. "Though, the horse cock is pretty much permanent."

"I... I would be okay with that."

Jake smiled, and turned around, grabbing hold and hugging Dale to him, where the part anthro and part feral part of him met. "I promise you won't regret it."

Dale blushed even deeper, before he feel onto his knees. Jake shuffled over, walking until he cast his roommate into shadow, his thick, hard, drooling cock inches from Dale's face.

Without instructions, Dale reached up and carefully stroked the massive artillery piece in front of him. Jake nickered, his hoof stamping on the floor. Taking that as a sign he was doing something right, Dale got more adventurous, and kissed the flared tip of the cock, the metal piercing touching the sensitive glans.

"Oi! That's cold!" Jake exclaimed in surprise, though Dale was still rewarded with another burst of pre that splashed over his face, rolling down and soaking his shirt. But Dale didn't care anymore, and launched into the equine blowjob with gusto. His tongue covered the entire head over and over, dipping into the gaping urethra, making Jake snort and nicker. The rest of his mouth sucked and kissed over all it could reach, while Dale's hands continued to stroke and caress the huge cock, which flared more and more.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck ohfuckohFUCKOHFUCK!" Jake repeated, his breath growing ragged, before letting out a loud, ear piercing whinnying. The massive balls lifted, pumping out their bounty directly onto Dale's face and mouth. Gallons of seed covered the twink head to toe in thick, hot, musky stallion cum, and he was forced to drink the bitter, salty, delicious fluid to prevent from drowning.

As Dale drank the thick white seed, the first changes took place. His mouth and nose stretched out into a muzzle, his ears and eyes shifting place. But unlike Jake's transformation, Dale's hands grew stiffer, the fingers blending together and hardening into hooves, just like his toes. The fur that grew up over his body was a solid grey, with a few white marks on his new muzzle and around his new legs, which matched the changing hair on his head, brightening from blonde to a pure white.

Dale's body continued to adapt; his stomach grew longer, more barrel shaped, but it was hard for the new werehorse to remaining sitting up, and he fell backwards, his muzzle at last pulled away from Jake's fire hose between his legs. The shirt and jeans Dale wore couldn't contain the expanding bulk of his new body, and they ripped and shredded into pieces, leaving a nude, rag strewn horse laying on his back underneath a massive horsetaur.

With a nicker and a whinny of his own, Dale's own cock exploded, each shot of his orgasm adding inch after inch of pink and brown flesh to his human average cock. A thick furry sheathe formed around the base, to provide a future resting place of his new, 16 inch member (though that wouldn't be used for quite a while), while his testicles ballooned out, growing to the size of small melons, hanging in a black, leathery sack.

And to complete the transformation, a long, silky white tail flowed out through the mess of dirty clothes, rags, pizza boxes and stallion cum.

Jake took a deep breath and exhaled, before looking down at the horse that lay between his legs. Unlike Jake in his transformation several years before, Dale didn't exactly get a whole lot bigger. If anything, he was just a pony, compared to the bigger brown and white stallion over him.

But the piercings in the lip and ear were still there, and a tattoo was visible on the upper shoulder of the new pony, though as a special black pattern that almost looked like interlocking horseshoes.

Jake smiled, and folded his legs to lean down to his roommate. "You are one sexy pony, let me tell you that."

Dale looked up at Jake, and nickered in reply. Jake smiled, and stroked Dale's neck.

"I'll show you how to change, don't worry," Jake started, but then he felt something touch his butt. He whipped around, to see Dale's member starting to harden again, leaking pre everywhere.

Jake laughed, and climbed up, followed a moment later by Dale, who wobbled on his new legs.

"In time, you horny fucker," Jake said, smacking Dale on the rump, making him snort. "All in due time..."

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