Another long night in the lab

Story by JenrisSoul on SoFurry

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A story I'm picking at for fun. Telling the story for one of my older, (and younger) characters and what he does with his talents, and who he does it with. Will expand with more later. Expect hyper fucking, huge cum loads, drugs and experiments in the name of science.

"Another long night doc?" she asked with a sigh, pouting out her magenta painted lip.

Jenris looked up from his microscope and rubbed his eyes, he was tired but he felt so close to a breakthrough there was no way he could sleep now. He nodded, brushing back bright blue dyed hair when it swept forward across his face. "Yeah, sorry Lucia." he apologized to his pouting assistant, Lucia.

Lucia sighed again leaning against the door frame to the laboratory, her outrageously voluptuous body framed with bright led light fixtures behind her. She wore a open white lab coat out of respect for his work and her studies in chemistry, but beneath it she work a scintillating pink lace bra which was far too small to hold in the large bust she had, the straps pressed into the soft bright blue flesh of her mammaries. He smiled laying eyes on her, she was so cute when she pouted like that, hips cooked to one side, nothing covering her lower regions, no doubt to tempt him with those wide round hips and lush ass, and the massive knee knocking cock between her legs, it alone was covered in a bright pink cock sock to keep it warm. She looked at him, disappointment in those large round green eyes, the dragon's gave him her best lower lip routine, "Jenn hunny, all work and no play makes me very lonely..." she cooed in hopes of convincing him to join her, but she already knew, as tempting as she might be to fuck, his chemistry always came first. It was how they met after all, back when they were both in college, her fourth year at 28 and his first at just 12, oh they had some good times...

"I'm sorry Lucia babe, I'll make it up to you tomorrow. " she promised her, earning only a pouting huff in return. He just smiled at her with a wink, " I'll let you test the HC2 drug again. ' he promised her, going right for her weakness, sex enhancing drugs. Lucia couldn't help but smile at that, her cheeks flushing as she remembered the fuck they had using that drug, oh it was making her hard just thinking about it.

"Alright doc, you better get your blue little butt ready for me then. " she smirked winking at him, " Because I'm gonna spread you open and fill you like an... "

" Lucia... "he smirked giving her a warning tone, which just made her giggle." Okay, okay, spoil sport. " she teased sticking her fourteen inch pink tongue at him, " Just let me know if you need anything love doctor. " she told him with a playful wave of her hand before stepping out of the lab, horny and disappointed but looking forward to the next morning.

Jenris smiled as she left, admiring her plump ass with a wistful sigh chuckling to himself. He almost curse his work ethic, but he soon put her and her lovely ass out of his mind as he watched the chemical reactions taking place under his microscope. Already in his little lab he had created and perfected several drugs on his own. A feat for any chemist, but extraordinary for a young man who wasn't even legal to drive yet. At first with naive wonder her sought out to cure diseases, cancer and other ills of the world. Then in college he found new ways he could use his talents, at first it was a new steroid for the college sports team that lead them from a four game slump to a championship without detections. Then it was a drug to enhance mental focus, concentration and awareness for students needing an edge with their grades. These both had proved to be highly tenable sources of income for him, and being so young he was able to escape detections and often used associates to make deals for him.

This lead to the discovery that drastically altered his life. He met Lucia for the first time. She had been hopeless in college and did her best to earn at least minimum marks, and while she wasn't stupid, she was hopeless with even basic algebra. She had heard of Jenris's wonder drug and attempted to buy from him, though she herself had so little cash she couldn't afford it, so she offered something Jenris didn't have in his lab. Her body.

It was a wild night of sex she had put him through, taking not only his virginity, but exposing him to wild, kinky ways of having sex. By morning she had left him a quivering mass of spent youth after arranging to do the same to get more of the drug, she had tests to pass after all.

And so, during that year Lucia was as much responsible for his development to who he was as his own family. He still pursued lofty goals of chemical science, but with the reality of needing to earn a living. Sex had provided the answer, from pills to enhance sex for either sex, to engorged and enhancing parts of the body. And sold through the Internet, he remained anonymous save for a few special clients he met in person, but he had differnt ways to handle them.

Jenris quietly reflected on his recent accomplishments and felt proud of himself, after all what 14 year old kid could say they had a successful business to duel his endeavors? And had a lovely assistant with benefits too?

He sighed standing up, his tests were done with the same infuriating result. Negative. He sighed walking over to the electric white board and at the formulae he had on the board and the simple 3D model of the molecule he was hoping to produce. The glow of the white board hurt his warm amber eyes, he pulled off his square rimmed glasses frowning slightly. Bathed in the pale. Light, his white lab coat practically glowed in the otherwise dim room. Beneath he had on a siimple t-shirt of baby blue color with the logo of his favorite science fiction cartoon printed on it, a transforming robot of blue and red. He scratched idly at his side for a moment before thumbing his belt in his long and baggy jeans that had a variety of old stains on it from experimenting with safer, mundane substances for fun. His large toe, with its pronounced claw tapped on the floor with a quiet ticking as he did his more serious thinking, drawing out new theories and equations hoping to stumble upon where he should go next. The drug in its current form had some of the desired effects, but not all, nor at the potency he wanted.