First time anal

Story by Wolfy soft paws on SoFurry

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Another story. If you enjoy it let me know! :)

Dan looked down at his now four year old son. The little wolf was sucking on his father's cock just like he had done many times before. The older wolf had been training his son to suck since he was an infant and he was getting really good at it now. The wolf groaned as his son slowly moved his muzzle up and down his shaft, his tongue lapping at the underside of the organ and curling around it. "Oh yeah you're good at this aren't you boy?" Jake wrapped a paw around the older wolf's balls and squeezed gently. He used his other paw to stimulate the wolf's swollen knot. Dan gasped as his son brought him closer and closer to climax. He would usually cum straight down Jake's throat but today he had other ideas. "That's enough boy." Dan reluctantly removed his cock from the warm wet muzzle. Jake looked up at his father. "I did good daddy?" Dan picked his son up and gave him a kiss. "You always do good boy." Dan lay the younger wolf on his bed. He pushed the wolf's legs back giving him full access to the pups private parts. He began to stroke Jake's little sheath. His cock quickly began to stiffen and dan pulled his sheath back exposing his cock and knot. He leaned down and ran his tongue over the exposed flesh. Jake giggled and squirmed. Dan took the little organ into his muzzle and began to suck. Jake squirmed as the older wolf sucked him off. The older wolf's muzzle moved rapidly up and down Jake's little member. "Oh daddy..." Jake's whole body tensed as he reached orgasm. His little hips thrust instinctively as the intense feeling took over his whole body. He could not cum yet but he enjoyed the feeling of having his cock sucked. Jake's cock had now softened and retreated back into its sheath. Dan smiled, knowing how much the younger wolf enjoyed this.Dan pulled one of Jake's footpaws to his face and sniffed deeply. He rubbed his nose over the soft pads and sniffed between his toes. The wolf ran his tongue up Jake's sole repeatedly. He then licked between his toes and sucked on them one by one. Jake giggled and wiggled his toes as the older wolf worked on them. He gave Jake's other foot the same treatment. The smell and taste was heavenly to him. Dan stopped licking his son's paws and decided to move on. His wolfhood was still rock hard and leaking pre cum. He squirted some lube onto the wolf's anus and rubbed the tight ring of flesh with his finger, loosening It up. He pushed the finger into his anus and wiggled it around. He soon added a second finger, then a third. He stroked Jake's belly with his other paw as he slowly worked his fingers in and out."We are going to try something new son. Just relax and we will both enjoy it." Dan repositioned Jake so his butt was on the edge

of the bed. He squirted some lube on his paw and rubbed it onto his wolfhood. He positioned the tip of his cock against the tight hole and began to push forward. Jake gasped as his anus was stretched open. "It hurts daddy it hurts." Dan rubbed the little wolf's belly with a paw. "I know son I know. Relax and it will get easier I promise." The wolf continued to push, his cock going deeper and deeper into his son's anus. Dan soon had his full eight inches buried inside his son's ass. He stood still, giving the younger wolf time to adjust. He pulled out slowly then pushed back in. Dan was not expecting the little wolf to adjust so fast. As he pumped his shaft slowly in and out he could tell Jake was enjoying it more and more. Dan was getting close now. He could feel his knot bumping against Jake's stretched hole with each thrust. He decided not to tie with him since it was his first time. The tight hole gripped and squeezed the wolf's cock as he pumped in and out.He grabbed one of the wolf's ankles and buried his nose in the soft furry sole. He slurped at the sole and sucked on his toes. The soft padded digits wiggled against his tongue as he licked between them. The wolf was close now. He howled as he finally came, firing jets of hot wolf spunk deep into his son's ass. Jake's hole milked his cock until his balls were drained.Dan pulled out and began lapping at Jake's stretched and dripping anus. Once he had cleaned the wolf up he picked him up and kissed him deeply. "That was fun daddy! Can we do it again soon?" Dan smiled down at the little wolf. "Sure thing son."

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