Goodnight Kisses

Story by Mog Moogle on SoFurry

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Sometimes quality time with your family is more fun when you're a moogle.

Goodnight Kisses

by Mog Moogle

It had been a sexually frustrating Friday, (like most days.) Tedious yard work, followed by an impromptu family gathering had made for a day without masturbation. The day finally wound down and the Aunt, Uncle and various cousins had left. I was sitting in my bed against the headboard when the situation got a whole lot worse.

My bedroom was right beside my parents' bedroom. I had arranged my room so that my bed was against the wall that mom and dad's bed was against. It started with some soft moans muffled by the wall between us, then some louder moans and finally rhythmic thumping of mom and dad's headboard against the wall.

It was subtle at first, but like a building crescendo it got louder and hotter the more the old man got into it. He was beating her pussy like it was the last piece of ass he was ever going to get. Mom moaned and screamed, clawing at the headboard so hard I could hear the scratches even over the clatter of the two middle-aged moogles in their throes.

Cursing to myself at the pent up feeling that made my balls tingle, I tossed my comforter back and wrapped my paw around my erection. I stroked from the base to the tip, tweaking it between my fingerpads. I'd rub over my flared glans and then push my paw back down as I pictured it sliding into the folds of mama's wet snatch.

I was starting to go faster; my back against the my headboard began to rock the wood against the wall just as my parents' was. I started to pant and groan as my imagination aided with mama's moans had her on top of me, face-to-face, sharing deep kisses while she bounced in my lap. I would roughly brush my tongue against hers as I caressed her rear in my paws, pulling her down and bucking against her every thrust.

My fantasies were getting more intense as I got rougher with my strokes. I could feel my abs tighten and that tingle in my sack grow more concentrated as I teetered on the edge. It wouldn't take much more to push me over at that point.

"Tsk, naughty boy." I heard from my doorway which pulled me instantly out of my fantasy as I opened my eyes quickly and looked over to see mama standing there watching me. "We heard the fuss you were making in here, kupo."

"Mom!? I, uh ... was just--"

"Oh, I can see that. It sounded like you might want me to tuck you in. Trouble getting to sleep, k'po?" She was shorter than I was, a little pudge on her tummy, breasts had a bit of sag with age but they were still plenty firm ... And those thighs, built for birthing moogles with a fresh batch of dad's cum leaking from her pussy and matting her fur.

She walked up to my bed and sat down beside me. She looked at me and smiled, then ran her paw along my tummy. I groaned as my member throbbed, and it obviously got her attention. She moved her paws to my shoulders and pushed me over until I was at an angle on the bed.

"I thought, you might want a goodnight kiss, kupo," she teased as she climbed on top of me and turned around. "Your dad thought it would be a good idea, too. We heard our poor baby's headboard knocking against the wall and thought your sleeplessness might be our fault." She lowered herself against me and pushed her rear against my muzzle. "Go ahead, Moggy. Give mama a goodnight kiss."

Her feminine scent was intoxicating but it was almost overpowered by dad's cum leaking from her puffy pink lips. I eased my mouth against her and gave her soft war folds a quick lick while I inhaled deeply through my nostrils. Mama gave me a small coo in approval as her distinct flavor mixed with dad's teased my tongue.

It was easy to transition from that to diving right in. I moved my paws up to her backside and parted her lips with my thumbs, pushed my tongue inside her as deep as it would go and suckled on her swollen pussy lips. I was no stranger to the taste of either mama's pussy or papa's cum, but they always tasted so much better when they were mixed.

Mama wasn't an inattentive lover, though. I felt her lips wrap around the head of my member and then her muzzle slip down to my base. My shaft pulsed against her tongue and she slurped up and then back down my length. I couldn't help but buck up against her mouth, (something she didn't particularly enjoy and I would try to be mindful of with her,) she responded by pressing her backside tighter against my muzzle.

I felt her vaginal muscles constrict and force more of dad's cum on my tongue. I licked it out of her and swallowed it down, just as a good son should. Her moans grew deeper around my length as she was clearly enjoying my work. I love the feeling of pride you get from making your mother happy.

Being so close to an orgasm before she interrupted my masturbation, it wasn't long before her practiced blowjob technique was sending me rapidly toward the edge again. I didn't want it to end, and I had a feeling mama didn't either. I pushed her backside away from my muzzle and withdrew my tongue, giving her nether lips an affectionate kiss.

She pulled off my member and looked over her shoulder at me with an inquisitive, "K'po?"

I didn't make her wait long to answer her question as I lifted her hips off me and wormed my way out from under her. I worked myself around to her and wrapped my arms around her body and helped her up to my pillows. I couldn't help but cup her breasts and give her nipples a quick pinch, which made her jump a little. She moaned and then giggled as I let her breasts go and eased her onto her back.

"Naughty boy, teasing your mother like that, kupo."

"I learned from the best, mama," I said as I worked my way on top of her and eased my hips between her legs in a missionary position. "Will you do me a favor, mama?"

"You know I'd do anything for you, Moggy."

"Will you give papa a goodnight kiss for me?"

Her ears heated with blush and she nodded softly. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers and gave her a passionate kiss. I always loved kissing her the way dad did. It made me feel like we were much closer as a family than any of the others around. In truth, we probably were much closer. Having a family that shared kinks made for very interesting quality time.

I pulled out of the kiss as the tip of my member slid against her juicy cunt. I eased my hips forward and her flesh expanded around me like a warm glove. Most children would never know the warmth and comfort of their mother's womb again. I was lucky in that I was very familiar with it. I sank into her until my sheath nestled against her body. "Mama? Squeeze papa's cum on my cock."

Mama giggled and leaned up to kiss my lips again. Her muscles squeezed me and the slick of her fluids mixed with the sticky of papa's along my length. After a few moments of that, I eased my hips back and gave her a few quick thrusts. I couldn't resist since it was so nice, but I did have something else in mind.

Withdrawing from her I moved my paws down to her thighs and lifted her rear. I let my tip slide down until it lined up with her pucker. I saw her expression change as she realized just what kind of kiss I wanted to convey to papa. I pushed forward and her tailring spread around my glans, aided by a mix of her and papa's cum.

She gasped as I eased in as far as I could. Luckily for me, her backdoor never got much of a workout. She was almost vicelike around my length. When My body was against hers again, I leaned over her and cupped her breasts with my paws. The attention to her soft mounds and perky nipples would help with her relaxing.

I was only partially correct. He tailring clamped on me as I was about mid way inside her as she gasped sharply. I grunted as I pushed my hips down against her and forced deeper inside of her. Mama's eyes opened wide as my sheath nestled between her cheeks. She was panting with her mouth open, and I couldn't pass that up.

I pushed my muzzle against hers and kissed her again. She wrapped her arms around me as her tongue forcefully thrashed against mine. She suckled my tongue as the hot kiss that would belong between two deeply in love was as comfortable as a pawshake between her and I. Dad and I loved each other the same, but he was less affectionate.

I made sure that my muzzle was still locked her as I pulled my length back out until my glans tugged her tailring and then I slammed back in as hard as I could. She yipped in my mouth, but her tongue still rubbing against mine indicated that she wanted me to fuck through her discomfort. It was easy to oblige. I started bouncing my body off her rear, pushing her up against the headboard so that it would knock against the wall.

A way to let papa know that I was railing his wife just as hard as he did. It was a fun competition, since papa still very much had the primal instinct of asserting his dominance over the 'competing' males near his mate. It also led to some very nice shows of that dominance, which I would feign that I didn't like so he'd fuck me as hard as he did mom.

Sadly, my endurance wouldn't hold up to keeping the old man awake like I had hoped. Mama's tight muscles, warm insides and the scents of her sex with her fresh seeded masculine cum oozing out every thrust made it impossible to hold off for long. Mama also knew what I liked.

She broke the kiss and pulled her body tightly against mine, sliding her paw down my side to my rear. Her finger pushed into my pucker and she wormed it right against my prostate. It was more than enough. I slammed into her as hard as I could as the entire day of my pent up testicles emptied into her tailhole.

I bit her neck. It wasn't something I did often, because she was usually the dominant one with me, but I wanted her to report to papa how his son just made his wife his own. I imagined papa's tongue slurping my cum from her stretched ass as she told him that her son just made her his.

Mama gasped as the last of my orgasm trickled into her body. I released her neck and gave the bite an affectionate lick as I tried to regulate my breathing.

"Little Moggy was a bit pent up, huh kupo?"

"A little, mama," I said and kissed her lips softly. "Mmm ... give my love to papa, yeah?"

"Oh, I will."

I rolled softly to the side and my member slipped out of her tailhole, causing both of us to gasp as the wet slurp echoed in the room. Mama gave me a smile before she eased out of my bed and walked back to her bedroom.

She left my door open, and I heard her bedroom door open and not close. There was only one reason for that. I could hear her start teasing my dad. I could hear her tell him how my cock worked her tailhole like it belonged to me. I could hear her tell him to enjoy the kiss that I sent him through her.

I could hear papa slurping my cum out of her. I could hear him moan as she teased his erection while he ate his son's cum out of his wife. I could hear him pin her down when he was done and push her down against the bed. I could hear her moans as the process started all over again.

The three of us didn't get hardly any sleep that night, even after the three of us ended up curled against each other in my bed with papa's cum leaking from my tailhole and my cum leaking from mama's. But, that's why Friday nights turn into Saturday mornings.

The End

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