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#22 of Three Masters

Written by: avatar?user=259&character=0&clevel=2 Teiran Story by: avatar?user=259&character=0&clevel=2 Teiran and avatar?user=212694&character=0&clevel=2 Blackstone Editing by: avatar?user=57822&character=0&clevel=2 saintajax33

Subdrop: The depression experienced by submissives/masochists after intense BDSM play.


Tom lay on the hardwood floor of Daon's private den in a state of shock and disbelief. His heart hammered on his ribcage so hard he was sure it would escape, and his whole body twitched in reaction as adrenalin pumped through his veins. The white rabbit's vision swam, dark blotches fading in and out, so that he could barely see Master Mason walking away, followed by the big black dog Feral. The boar's unconcerned stride showed that he didn't care at all what was happening behind him.

He'd had his fun. The rabbit he had muzzle fucked, edged, teased, tortured, and almost castrated was simply not important any more. Tom tried to marshal his thoughts, tried to push through the pain and fear that gripped him like a giant's fist. 'Take stock,' Tom thought dully, using mental tactics he had once taught to slaves to keep them from breaking when a master required perfection. 'Focus on your thoughts, not your body. breathe steadily, and listen to the sound of your breathing. Nobody is watching. Think about what you should do next. Take stock of yourself.'

He was propped awkwardly against the base of the leather couch where the bear and boar had sat watching Missy's live show. Tom's attempts to focus his thoughts kept being derailed by memories of what they had done. How the two men had casually used his toothless mouth repeatedly while watching their slaves play. How Mason had commanded Feral to knot fuck him, and then triggered the castration device built into the ring Daon had fitted around his balls. Tom wanted to crawl away from the couch, to get away from the scents and memories, but he was still too weak to move carefully and he didn't dare jostle the spring loaded trap surrounding his permanently de-furred nuts.

'Do it anyways,' Tom thought furiously at himself, and shifted his body to get up. Pain lanced through him, his jaw and ass aching horribly, as did his balls. The white rabbit got on his hands and knees, knuckles pressed to the floor, cushioned by the gloves he was forced to wear that stole away the ability to use his paws as hands. The slender rabbit struggled forward away from the couch and onto an open spot on the hardwood floor before running out of steam completely. He used the last of his energy to carefully lower himself to the ground on his side and roll onto his back.

Tom instinctively tried to curse in pain as his back twinged, and the lack of noise beyond a wheeze of air coming out of his nose made him shiver as his back pressed to the hard floor. Again, the theft of his voice punched him in the gut. Tom's silence as he had been tortured tonight made his face burn with shame, as if he had somehow wanted all this to happen to him. He could feel the blade of the castration device pressing into his ballsack, the cool metal threatening to cut into him if he put pressure on it. He couldn't risk standing up, not while he was so weak. If he fell down it might jar the blade free to continue it's work. Or maybe not, Mason had smacked the thing two dozen times while beating Tom's balls blue. Either way he didn't have the energy to try. He would just have to lay here and recover for a while.

As bad as his physical condition was, the pain in his body was nothing compared to the storm of emotions roiling inside Tom. What Mason had said before he left had sparked something inside the slender rabbit, and now that he was coming down from the adrenalin high it made Tom's chest so tight it hurt to breathe.

Mason had done this to him just because Tom had spilled some fucking wine on him? Tom's mind reeled at the very idea. How could someone do that? 'Stupid,' Tom thought, shaking his head to clear it, 'You damn well know how he could do this.'

Tom had been a trainer with the Organization for years, and he had seen masters do far worse to their property. He'd trained young men to withstand horrible beatings while retaining perfect posture for hours on end so the slaves could serve as living furniture. To keep their dicks erect no matter what happened, or locked them into chastity devices to prevent those same erections as Tom teased and fucked them. He'd forced boys to take dildo's far larger than any real penis could ever be. He'd once even taught a young tiger to suck cock without even a hint of teeth on skin while being whipped bloody. He'd forced over two dozen kidnapped straight boys to see their new Master's cock as the only penis that would ever matter to them again. He had turned people into products, objects, inventory to be sold, and now the same had happened to him.

Tom shuddered, stretching his legs out into a more comfortable position, careful not to jostle the chastity cage around his dick. As he laid there, body twitching, heart still pounding after his near castration, there was only one thing he could think about. Escape.

He had to get out of this house as soon as possible. Daon had broken his weird no-homo taboo and fucked his mouth, so Tom's ass couldn't be far behind. The rabbit's back door throbbed with pain after Feral's rough knot fucking, clenching rhythmically as if trying to close properly again. That had been the most painful thing to ever happen to his ass, and was second only to the agony of Feral using his balls as a chew toy. Would he even be able to handle Daon's even larger dick? Tom doubted it. The bear would not be gentle fucking his 'Bitch' like he was with his precious Missy, and Tom had heard the way she howled while being bred. Someday, the bear was going to fuck him, and Tom was afraid he would find out that it was possible to be fucked to death. Worse, he might probably be forced to enjoy it as he had the first time with Feral, perhaps even forced to cum as Daon fucked him to prove how virile the bear was. Assuming the rabbit didn't lose his balls first.

As his heart slowed and his thoughts cleared, Tom realized that Daon might not be his biggest problem anymore. Mason wasn't done torturing him, why would he be? The boar could still humiliate Tom, and that's what the bastard truly got off on. When Mason had bragged about Feral being 'meant for him' three weeks ago, the rabbit had assumed that was just dirty talk. The kind of thing a master tells a slave to make him blush and feel even less of a person, but maybe the bastard of a boar had been telling the truth. Tom had actually followed the boar's instructions and rimmed Daon out as the bear gave Missy her special goodnight kisses, and look where that had gotten him. Knot fucked and nearly castrated as a 'reward' for selling his dignity to avoid pain. Mason would continue to use Feral as a proxy to make Tom's life far worse than the living hell it had been for the last month, until Tom's body was ruined or he died. He had even made sure that the rabbit knew who and why had been done, while leaving him no way to tell anyone else. The boar was going to enjoy watching the rabbit stew in the knowledge that Mason had done this to him. That made it even more important that he get out of the mansion and go on the run as fast as he could.

In fact, tonight might be his best shot at escape. Everyone on the night security staff would be focused on making sure Mason left the mansion a happy man, assuming they didn't get the chance to avail themselves to his panther slaves before the boar left. Daon might be willing to overlook how the slaves had changed the scene they had been instructed to put on tonight, but Mason wouldn't. He would make sure that his panthers paid a price for their defiance, and that would probably involve a lot of the mansion security staff, the only ones awake this late, fucking them in humiliating ways. Daon and Missy were asleep at the other end of the manor, and most of the household staff would be in bed by now. Tom knew that the dead of night was always the quietest time in the hallways, and thus his best shot at moving around the manor itself without being stopped.

If he could make it to the back of the manor, he could go over one of the balconies, climb down, and be off into the grounds before anyone saw him and raised the alarm. The security staff would get an alert once he was a certain distance from the house thanks to the chip that had been embedded inside him, but he'd have a good head start by then. Normally the staff kept tight patrols that would have prevented any intruders, or fleeing slaves, from getting very far. But tonight might be different. Tonight, Mason might be providing just the kind of distraction Tom needed to evade the guards. All he needed to do was get his paws out of these gloves, and he would have a chance.

Better yet, Tom had finally been left alone in a room that wasn't his former bedroom turned dog kennel. That room had been carefully secured to prevent him from escaping the gloves restricting his paws. Here, several glass tumblers had been left on the coffee table, and there was a hardwood floor to break the glass on. Unless he was very unlucky, that would get him a nice sharp edge to slice the gloves on. He might get cut up a little, but Tom reckoned that he should be able to rip the gloves binding his hands enough to wiggle a paw, or even just a few fingers free. Once he had that, he would be able to undo the straps on the other glove and have the use of his hands again for the first time since being made a slave. If Tom still had his teeth, the rabbit would have used his sharp incisors to weaken the gloves to the point of breaking by now, but broken glass would have to do.Then, he'd make his way to the back of the house, out onto the grounds, and into the woods.

So the rabbit began marshalling his energy, forcing his body to respond to his thoughts. Tom might not get far, but tonight was his best shot yet at escape, and if he got lucky he could be out of the house before anybody realized what was happening. If he got unlucky, then he would fight back as hard as he could, forcing the guards to kill rather than recapture him. If it came to a fight, the athletic rabbit would make them regret working for Daon.

Tom had almost gotten up the energy to roll over and break the glass tumbler when Feral came back into the room and padded right up to him, sniffing with interest between his legs.

The white rabbit immediately shoved the dog's face away, trying to punch the dog in the face as if he were wearing boxing gloves. This damn animal and its constant, almost clingy, need for attention had been what had stopped all his escape attempts before now, and the rabbit was not going to let him ruin this one too. So he punched the dog in the head with all his might, but the motion was just too weak to overpower the large dog. Feral growled like a chainsaw, his lips peeling back as he snarled at Tom. Instinct made the rabbit freeze, and the big dog's huge teeth flashed as he barked twice. The deep, woofing barks carried through the house, but nobody came to see what was happening.

On his back, legs spread, ass still aching as the dog loomed over him, Tom realized that all he could do was lay there. He couldn't call for help, didn't have the energy to run or fight the dog off, and couldn't risk fellating the dog to distract him. He didn't want to risk activating the ring around his nuts again by giving the beast another orgasm. Not that the beast seemed to want a blowjob.

Feral wanted to play. The white rabbit could only shake in fear as the big black dog's head dipped down for a little quality time with his favorite chew toy. Feral sniffed with interest, licking at Tom's nude balls. The warm ribbon lapped at the rabbit's balls, and Tom closed his eyes, shuddering in anticipation. He had a long cut along one side of his nut sack, and that meant the dog's usual chewing was going to be incredibly painful, and possibly finish the job the castrator had started. Feral gave a soft bark, which almost sounded confused. Tom just curled his arms up to his chest, screwed his eyes shut, and waited for the pain to start.


Bishop walked up the grand staircase, zipping up his pants as he reached the top. The brawny tiger gave a satisfied sigh, his whiskers twitching and his ears splayed out in a relaxed way as his tail swished back and forth. Mason had been most kind, allowing Bishop to participate in punishing the two swishy little panther sluts for their ineptitude at sucking their master's cock.

When they'd failed to make him cum for a fourth time in one night, the boar had the tiger post a staff wide alert that his twins would be servicing any cock that needed release until they'd properly learned their lesson. It was late, but there were still a dozen night staff awake that would jump at the chance for a blowjob break and several security personnel who could go on 'break'.

The boar had bound their paws behind their backs and fitted each of them in matching full head muzzles with built in ring gags, so that they couldn't resist even a little when Bishop and the other staff members had fucked their muzzles. The burly tiger was so rough that they both were crying by the end, but they dutifully swallowed his loads like proper slave boys should and thanked him for the chance to drink his seed. Well, it had at least sounded like thank you, the ring gags and his ejaculating penis made it hard to tell.

Bishop doubted that the boar would leave the house for another hour or two, given how many staff members were lined up in the foyer. Even Joe, who was on duty in the security control room, was there to take advantage of his fellow panthers. That meant Bishop would have the time he needed to get what Mason wanted from the security logs.

The tiger meandered through the hallways of the mansion's upper floor, heading towards the security room in order to collect the footage from the evening's festivities. He was about to pass the main south hallway when a series of deep, echoing barks made his ears flick up and stand at attention. Ages ago, Bishop had taken the time to learn the various kinds of sounds a canine might make. It was the sort of things that made him a good security specialist, as so many people with canine blood fell back on barking when surprised, and this bark was one of distress. He put one paw beneath his jacket, paw on the butt of his Taser gun as he turned the corner, and found that it was Feral who was barking. The big black dog barked and snapped at Tom in between pulling hard on the rabbit's leash. Feral was practically dragging the rabbit down the hallway, probably heading back to the trainer's former bedroom.

Bishop stalked up the rabbit on silent paws, and when Feral saw him the dog stopped barking. The black dog's tail began wagging and he even seemed to be holding the leash out for the tiger. Feral looked up at Bishop, down at Tom, and then back up at the tiger, as if pleased to have brought the rabbit to someone. Bishop looked down at the free man turned slave.

Tom was a real mess tonight. He was slumped against the wall and breathing hard. The tiger could see red claw and bite marks along his back and sides. His face and ass were coated in semen, and his nuts had a purplish bruised look. His white fur had the crusty look of dried cum, sweat, and spots of blood. Mason and Daon must have worked him over good while watching Missy and the twins put on their show. Bishop smirked when the rabbit's eyes focused and he jerked in surprise, having just realized that the tiger was standing over him.

Tom's eyes widened and he tried to curl in a ball, as if trying to hide his shaved chest and nuts. The way he used one arm to cover his bare chest and the word Bitch tattooed across it just made the already sated tiger smirk. "Right Bitch, as if covering up your shame matters now. You still look like a cum rag that's been used and thrown away." The rabbit curled up tighter as the tiger's tail swished. "I'd punish you for making so much noise by plugging your muzzle with a real dick, if I hadn't just cum twice in those pathetic panthers downstairs. Good dogs don't bark in the house." The tiger kicked the rabbit's side, forcing Tom to get on his paws and knees. "So go on. Get back to your room, and keep your master there quiet if you know what's good for you. Mr. Daon is sleeping with Missy tonight, and if I find out he heard you two making noise, I'll make sure you can't disturb your betters at night anymore." The tiger's tail flicked as he grinned, well aware of what Feral did to the rabbit's balls at night when no one was watching. "I'll probably put you in those hobble stocks you never got to use on Missy. I made sure to keep all those fancy toys you brought to the house, you know."

The tiger enjoyed the look of fear on Tom's face. The rabbit knew exactly what piece of bondage gear Bishop was talking about, and he would not want to get bound up in the stocks he had once owned. The hobbles were basically just a long metal bar with rings for ankles and wrists to be locked in place. Putting someone in them meant forcing them to bend over, put their face on the ground, and their hands back between their legs, which were then immobilized by the bar. That left the person with their tail in the air, hole and balls exposed to anyone who came along. Being trussed up like that with Feral in the room would guarantee a night of rough fucking and nut chewing for the rabbit.

Bishop smirked as Tom scrambled away from him, his gloved paws sliding on the carpet as he moved past Feral. Bishop turned and walked away from the two of them, tail swishing. Feral tried to follow after Bishop, tugging on the leash, but the tiger turned the corner and was gone. The big dog whined softly, looking back and forth between where the tiger had gone, and down the hall where Tom wanted to go. Feral turned and resumed pulling Tom in the direction of their, and Missy's, room. This time they made much better progress, since Bitch was no longer fighting the dog's lead.


Edwin lay face down in the darkness of his girlish bedroom, breath coming in ragged gasps. He lay beside the slumbering form of his master, trying desperately not to wake Daddy with his squirming or whimpering.

That was a real struggle however, because beneath the young wolf, his dick was attempting with all its might to achieve an erection. For over an hour, according to the clock on his nightstand, the tightness of the chastity device around his sheath prevented this, leaving him whimpering and aching. His dick was trying so hard to become erect that the chastity cage was pulling painfully at the wolf's blue balls, but that didn't matter.

The little chastity cage was vibrating like mad around his sheathe. The device pulsed and buzzed, cycling through different patterns and various intensities designed to maximize Edwin's arousal even as it prevented his dick from getting hard. The vibrations sent waves through the wolf's sheath, pulses that seemed to travel through his whole body as Edwin squirmed and bit his lip. The smart chastity device was making sure that Edwin wanted to, but was completely unable, to get an erection. And it showed no signs of stopping just because it was after midnight and Edwin was supposed to be asleep.

The wolf stifled his whimpering by biting his pillow as he began grinding his hips against the mattress, moving back and forth in little circles as his cock cage pulsed in a slow rhythm. His dick was leaking pre cum, which joined with the bear cum leaking from his butt to form a large wet spot on the bed. The haze of lust Edwin felt as his chastity cage vibrated was simply unbearable, but there was simply nothing he could do about it. The cage would prevent any actual orgasms from happening, and waking up Daddy and begging him to cum was just foolish. But Edwin couldn't resist trying to masturbate as the chastity cage teased him.

As he lay there, dick throbbing, balls aching, everything about the three weeks since Edwin had last cum came back to him. It felt like this great weight pressing down on his back, trying to force him into the mindset of being a slave. He remembered all the blowjobs he'd given to the staff. All the times he'd gotten down on his knees to service Daddy's Pride, how he'd worshiped the bear's dick, and now knew exactly what every inch of it looked, felt, and tasted like. He'd learned exactly how to make Daddy feel good, and had often ended up acting as urinal as well as cum dump as a 'reward'. The way Daddy fucked him pretending that the wolf's howls of pain were actually cries of ecstasy. Or that the girlish moans of orgasm Missy made when Daddy licked 'her' balls with his thick ursine tongue were real, and proof of his ability to please a woman.

Edwin whimpered, imagining spending weeks, months, even years like this. A slave to be raped, someone who provided orgasms for others but was denied his own in increasingly humiliating ways. How long was this going to last, forever? Or just the rest of his life? What could he do, escape? It seemed impossible. Every opportunity that had presented itself had been a trap, designed to drag his family down with him.

The wolf's chest heaved, and he began to weep thinking about his family. Did they know what had happened to him? Did they care? Did anyone care? Only Daddy and Mason seemed to care what happened to him. Only one of them had a shred of kindness for the wolf, and Daddy would only remain kind if Edwin was the perfect little woman, if he became Missy fully and stopped pouting or begging for release.

Edwin stifled a laugh with his heart shaped pink pillow, realizing that he had just thought of his kidnapping, rapist slave master as the 'nice' one. At least the bear seemed to genuinely care about him sometimes. Edwin wondered if it were real, if Daddy had actual feelings for him, or if it was just another lie the bear told himself like Missy being a girl.

The chastity device shifted modes, vibrating faster and faster. Edwin gasped as the vibes washed through his groin, bringing the young male wolf right up to the edge of orgasm. Edwin's body shook and tensed as his breathing quickened, his hips grinding back and forth, and for a moment he thought he might actually be allowed to-

Then it just stopped. No vibrations, no stroking, and certainly no release. Just the irresistible pressure keeping his dick nice and soft, as a sissy slave's cock should be. Edwin rubbed his trapped dick against the soft bedsheets, smearing it through the puddle of wolf pre and bear cum, but it wasn't enough. Nothing would be. Even if he had a dildo, he wouldn't be able to force himself to cum as long as the safety measures built into the device were active.

So Edwin just lay there, eyes screwed shut, dick and butt leaking as he humped the bed and whimpered. His eyes were overflowed with tears as his aching blue balls remained full of the teenage cum.

The thump at the door made Edwin gasp and jerk his head up. For a moment the teenage wolf thought he'd woken Daddy and the bear was angry at him for humping the bed, but Daon simply shifted in his slumber and made a soft snoring sound. Then the bang came again, and Edwin recognized it as someone pounding on the door between his and Tom's 'kennel'. He carefully slid out of bed and made his way to the door between his room and his former trainer's, which thumped a third time as a weight smacked into the other side. This time, there was the added sound of claws scrabbling at the wood and a dog whining.

"Shush, Feral," Missy said harshly, growing even more afraid that Daddy would wake up. If he did, Edwin would probably end up trying to sleep with a belly full of warm piss. Assuming the bear wasn't horny again and added another load to the four already leaking from his butt. Or more likely, did both.

The dog let out another loud whine and clawed frantically at the door again, digging little grooves in the wood from the sound of it. "Stop it!" Missy hissed again, aggravation making her voice sound very masculine, but Feral did not stop trying to dig his way into the sissy wolf's room. "What do you want?" Missy demanded as she pulled open the door. In the bed behind Missy, Daon turned over in his sleep, facing them now.

The dog's room was dark, the only light coming from the hallway door. Feral bounded back as the door to Missy's room opened, whined loudly, and then pointed his nose at Bitch's groin. The big black beast looked for all the world as if he were a rescue dog showing someone what was wrong.

Edwin, in nothing but his chastity cage, hesitated in the doorway. Feral watched him intently, eyes fixed on the gray wolf. The stare the black dog gave him was so unsettling that Edwin held the door handle as if it were a shield, ready to slam it closed if the dog lunged at him. But then Feral looked away, pointing at Tom again, and whined. Edwin followed the dog's gaze to the rabbit's groin, and when he saw the blood, Edwin only hesitated for a moment before moving to the rabbit's side, the young wolf's fur rustling as he knelt down to inspect him.

The rabbit was sprawled on the floor, and he looked like his night had not been any better than Edwin's own. The wolf bit his lip as his chastity cage began its vibrations again, making his hips shift in a small circle.

Tom, who was too tired and too hurt to do anything else, just rolled his head to face the wolf slave. He watched the younger wolf with dull eyes and as Missy looked him over the younger slave's face darkened. There was a fresh trickle of dark blood flowing down the rabbit's leg from his groin, staining Tom's white fur. "Oh... oh god. The cutter went off?" Edwin swallowed visibly, his eyes wide. At least the rabbit's balls were still attached to him. "Did it... jam or something?" The wolf reached out a paw, but hesitated when the rabbit's eyes widened and he tensed up. Tom nodded urgently, obviously not wanting Edwin to touch him,

Edwin stared at the rabbit's bruised nuts, eyes wide. "Okay... okay... How bad is the cut? Do you think I can get it off you safely?" The rabbit made a vague motion at his mouth, and Edwin saw the flash of anger in the rabbit's eyes. "Right," Edwin muttered, "Stupid question." The rabbit nodded, still glaring. Feral made a soft whimpering sound, sniffing at Bitch's groin. "Go away Feral," Edwin snapped, pushing the big dog's head away. The dog barked, letting out a low growl. Edwin stood up, looming over the dog and raising one foot. That reminded Feral who Edwin was, and the dog hurriedly ducked away from the petite wolf.

That brought a grim smile to the wolf's muzzle. Feral had been kicked in the nuts one too many times by the feminine wolf for chewing on Tom's balls not to be afraid of Edwin, but he circled the rabbit and wolf, barking again. Edwin tensed when the barks were followed by a loud snort and a bleary voice calling out, "Missy? Where'd you go baby?"

Edwin swallowed nervously, turning back towards his room. "I'm in here Daddy. Bitch is hurt, Daddy. He's bleeding." Missy replied, keeping her voice feminine and high pitched so she wouldn't anger the bear more than he already would be.

"Oh?" The bear rumbled, sounding completely unconcerned. "Well, come back to bed babe." Then what she'd said seemed to get through to him, and the bear sat up. Daon rubbed sleep from his eyes before lumbering over to look at the rabbit where he lay on the ground. Daon knelt down cup the rabbits furless balls, completely ignoring the way Tom tensed up when the bear reached out to touch him.

"Looks like your balls have reached their expiration date, but the ring jammed." The bear stood back up, smiling in a cold way as he reached down to fondle his own nuts. "Well, I suggest you start sucking some dog dick, Bitch. You can try to earn one last orgasm from those impotent nuts of yours while you still have them. If the spring blade hasn't deployed by morning, I'll have Bishop finish the job."

"What? Daddy, no!" Edwin said without thinking, "Daddy you... you can't! That's awful!"

The bear blinked in surprise, and then rubbed sleep from his eyes with one paw as he turned to face Missy, his voice full of sleepy anger. "What did you say to me, girl?"

"Daddy please," Edwin whimpered, realizing how stupid it had been to say that to his master. "Please don't. It's so mean!" the wolf reached out a paw imploringly, touching Daddy's chest as he assumed a begging posture. The young wolf's ears went back as he tucked his tail and hunched his shoulders, nervously cowering in front of the huge bear. "Please don't be cruel, Daddy."

The bear seemed mollified by the wolf's display of submissiveness. "Don't worry your pretty little head, Missy." Daon said, gently patting Missy's paw in a comforting way for a moment before pulling it down to his groin. It was a motion that mimicked how Daddy had first made Missy touch him, how he always made her touch him, and when the wolf's paw closed around the bear's half hard dick the wolf began stroking it automatically. The teenage wolf began stroking his master's hardon because... well what choice did he have? Edwin didn't even think about it like he had back in the limo that first time. He was going to end up sexually pleasing his master, and there was no use fighting it.

Besides, Edwin was squirming with pent up lust, subconsciously thrusting his hips as the chastity cage around his dick began working his trapped cock towards another ruined orgasm. Thoughts hazy, the wolf gave in because he wanted desperately to make Daddy cum, in the nonexistent hope that maybe, just maybe this time the chastity cage would let him cum and stop the torture.

The big brown bear smiled condescendingly down at his sissy slave as she got down on her knees without prompting and began nuzzling his growing erection. Missy's warm paws felt good in the cool room, and the young wolf's tongue began to lick Daddy's rapidly growing shaft as she groped Daddy's big balls.

"Don't worry Missy, this is a good thing," Daddy said softly as he stroked his slave's ears gently, "I'll make sure its not painful for him, cause you're asking so nicely sweetie. Maybe once you see how much happier Bitch is without his balls giving him constant pain, you'll see how much better your life could be without your own naughty orbs-" Daon gasped as Missy snarled, the wolf's paw suddenly squeezing down hard on his nuts.

"What did I tell you about my balls?" The teenage wolf growled. After everything that had happened tonight, he felt just as wrung out and ragged as the night he'd first threatened Daddy's nuts. The bear had let Mason use and humiliate him in his twisted games, and now this? Edwin was not going to let the bear fall back into thinking about taking his nuts away.

And just like last time, Daddy's dick got harder rather than going soft. Daon took a shuddering breath and said, "That... that I'd lose mine first." The bear put a paw on the doorframe for support, and the other came down on Missy's shoulder. Edwin flinched, but the bear's thick fingers only touched the wolf's fur, they did not grip him or push him away.

Shocked that once again his defiance had not led to outrage, Edwin frantically tried to think of what to do next as one paw squeezed down on the bear's nuts as the other worked the shaft. "Do you want me to crack these little walnuts you love so much?" Edwin said harshly, recalling how one of the trainers had threatened another slave with castration once, a big hyena whose balls had rivaled Daddy's. At the time Edwin had thought it was an idle threat. Now he knew better.

"No! No, Missy." Daon was panting in pain now, his eyes only half open as Missy rolled his balls in her paw and squeezed them a different way. "Ah sweetie, kiss... kiss Daddy's dick... ah... if you're going to play so rough with my balls." Daon's paw gently pushed on the back of Missy's head, but again, the bear didn't force the wolf down onto him. However, he did allow the tip of his hefty package to bump ever so gently against the young wolf boy's sensitive black nose, as if already anticipating his slave's response.

"Only..." Edwin bit his lower lip, torn between pressing his luck and sucking Daddy's dick so the chastity cage would stop edging him. He adjusted his position in front of the bear, spreading his legs to relieve the tension on his own nuts. "Only if you swear you'll take the ring off Bitch. I'm the one who decides when someone loses their balls around here, understand? Bitch, Feral, you, even one of the servants... I'm supposed to be the only girl of the house, right? Doesn't that make me responsible for everyone's balls?" Daon didn't reply until Missy slapped his straining erection, making the bear tense as it bounce in front of his slave's muzzle.

"Yes! Yes that's right Missy." Daddy panted, eyes closed as he sagged back against the doorframe, his dick drooling and erect as both of Missy's paws squeezed his nuts hard. "Oh that hurts so good girl..." the bear muttered, stroking her ears again, coaxing but not forcing the wolf to suck.

"Then I'm the one who decides if somebody loses their nuts." The wolf kissed the tip of Daddy's cock. It was a long slow kiss, his tongue working the bear's piss slit as if he were French kissing the bear's dick. "Right Daddy?"

"Oh god, yes... yes Missy. They're your balls. All of them," Daddy moaned as the tip of his dick was engulfed in the wolf's warm mouth. The bear thrust into that warmth, his dick forcing itself several inches into Edwin's mouth before the wolf squeezed his nuts hard and pulled down on the bear's sack, forcing Daddy to pull back with a gasp, his dick popping free of the teenage wolf's mouth.

"So you'll call a doctor for Bitch? Have the castrator removed safely and get him patched up?" Edwin pressed, one paw squeezing the bear's right nut to make him squirm in pain as he worked the bear's now slick tip with his other paw, smearing the bear's thick pre around.

"Yes Missy, yes. I'll call Doctor Stone." Daddy's head bobbed up and down enthusiastically, and both his paws began caressing the wolf's head. It appeared that the bear couldn't wait any more, as he pulled Missy's mouth down onto his dick with a moan.

Edwin choked, gagging at the quick entry of the bear's pride and joy. But he had a firm grip on the bear's nuts and pulled down sharply, forcing the bear to back off so Edwin could breathe. That set the pace for the blowjob. The bear's hips would thrust forward, burying his cock fully into Missy's muzzle until the wolf forced him back by squeezing his balls. Daddy's thick cock thrust deep into Missy's mouth with reckless disregard for his balls, and the wolf did her best to suck the thrusting shaft. The brown bear was certainly eager to get off in his pet's mouth. And Daddy wasn't the only one eager for things to continue. Edwin sucked his master's dick with greedy abandon, slurping and pulling at the thick shaft with his muzzle. He stroked and rubbed the base with one paw, while squeezing or slapping the bear's nuts with the other as Daddy moaned. Missy moaned too, her hips working as she humped the air, desperate to make the bear cum and stop the teasing vibration that made the wolf's whole body tingle. Maybe it was the teenager's imagination, or possibly lack of air, but Daon's shaft seemed to throb in time with the cage around his dick.

After what felt like forever to Edwin, and only a few moments to Daddy, the big bear stammered, "You've... you've almost squeezed all of my cum out sweetie... I... I need all of your mouth to cum Missy... oh god yes!" The bear groaned as Missy released the bear's balls and let him have full control. The bear's paws forced Missy all the way down on his cock, pounding his dick into that beautiful mouth. The wolf gagged as the bear fucked the last inch of his long shaft in and out of her pretty lips, but that didn't stop Daon. It took a surprisingly short amount of time for her to make Daddy cum again, despite how much action he's already seen tonight.

"Don't swallow yet," the big brown bear grunted, hips thrusting rapidly into the kneeling wolf's mouth until with a heartfelt groan he came. It was a big load this time too. Daon's balls were tingling with the after effect of being abused by Missy's paws, and her mouth felt so perfect around his shaft as it pulsed, pouring seed into her muzzle. Daon sagged back against the door frame panting, his shoulders shaking and balls tingling as Missy's pretty mouth slowly nursed his massive cock. Chest heaving, Daddy looked down at his Missy with a broad smile, "Oh god Missy... you look so perfect like this sweetie..." Just looking down at her almost made Daon hard again, her pretty muzzle wrapped around his dick looked magnificent as she panted through her petite nose. It was the best view he could imagine.

For Edwin, all that mattered was that when the huge shaft pulsed and cum flooded his mouth, the cage around his dick stopped vibrating. It went from the very peak, from actively trying to make the wolf cum, to nothing. Blessed stillness. It made the wolf sag, relief flooding through him, and again he was struck by how much like an orgasm the cessation of being edged felt like. That relief combined with the taste of Daon's cum, the feel of his hard dick throbbing as he came, into a sensation he'd felt many times before. The release of making his master orgasm. And with a sinking feeling, the wolf knew that unless he did something, he would feel it many more times in the future. Every day for the rest of his life, if Daddy got his way. And Daddy always got his way...

Breathing hard, Daon gently cupped Missy's chin and tipped her muzzle up, pulling his dick from between her lips. "Open wide, show me the load you spanked out of daddy's balls. Good girl." Missy opened her mouth, revealing that her muzzle was still full of his cum just as he'd instructed. "What a mess you've made girl... get that tongue out and down, Missy. Gimme a good look at that load... I can barely see any pink down there. Just pools of pearly white. Getting a good taste of me? No, babe, proper ladies don't talk with their mouth full, do they? When your tongue is coated in my warm seed, you either nod or you shake your head." Missy nodded very slightly, careful not to drip, staring up at her Daddy who smiled again. Shifting his hand, the bear slid his thumb down her tongue, sweeping a small wave of sloppy cum down her throat which made her swallow lewdly around his thick digit to avoid choking.

Tom watched with incredulity as the bear cupped his slave's head affectionately, basking in the afterglow and admiring her as the little sissy faggot began nursing his cock again. With any other Master, that kind of defiance would have earned Edwin a thrashing he would never forget, assuming the Master left him capable of remembering anything at all. Instead Missy had been rewarded with a frankly gentle blowjob, sweet words, and getting what she wanted. And her chastity device had turned off too, from the look of things.

The bear was even cooing with pleasure and whispering how good Missy was. "That's it sweetie... you love giving Daddy's seed a home in your tummy don't you?" The wolf's reply was just to bob his muzzle up and down the bear's retreating shaft in a slave's nod. After a minute of slow, post blowjob sucking the bear said, "I'm tired Missy, you've utterly worn me out today. Why don't you give me full service and we'll go back to bed."

"The doctor?" Missy asked softly, which was an incredibly stupid thing to do really Tom thought. Once they came and the heat of the moment had passed, most Masters were much less forgiving of disobedience, but the bear just nodded yes curtly.

"I'll text Doctor Stone, he'll be here first thing in the morning to remove the ring and stitch Bitch up." Missy glanced back at Tom as he lay on the ground, and though she didn't speak, the rabbit knew what she wanted to say. This was the best she could do for him. Tom supposed he should be grateful to the little faggot.

Tom felt a shiver run down his spine as Missy looked away. Morning was a long time to wait for the removal of a castration device that could finish deploying at any moment. He would just have to spend the next few hours laying very still, hoping and praying that the device didn't go off unexpectedly and bring an untimely end to his ability to feel sexual pleasure. There wasn't anything else he could do really.

"Now come on girl," Daon said, pulling her muzzle back to his flaccid dick for Full Service. The naked bear let out a soft sigh as the wolf's lips wrapped around his penis again and she relieved the pressure in his bladder. "In the meantime, you'll have to go in your dog crate so there are no more accidents."

At first Tom thought the bear was talking to Feral, who was sniffing around at Missy's back side, intrigued by the scent of various male's cum he smelled there. Instead, the rabbit realized that Daon's eyes were on him, and that he was the one who would have to crawl into the dog cage to sleep.

So balls aching, ass burning, Tom crawled carefully on his hands and knees into the dog crate, feebly fending off Feral's advances while Daon watched, Missy kneeling obediently at his feet as she relieved him. The wolf kept one paw possessively wrapped around the root of the bear's now spent jewels, tugging the pair firmly away from his brown furred crotch and towards the floor. They were the only thing he could control it seemed, and Edwin was not going to let it go.

Author's note:

Oh my, this one has taken much too long. I'd hoped to post this chapter way back in June, just before Anthrocon. Then things got hectic and i didn't get the chance to do editing properly, the con was upon me, and man did I fall behind.

Subdrop is "The depression experienced by submissives/masochists after intense BDSM play", which basically sums up this chapter, which ties up everything after Mason's little scene. As you can see, Tom is starting to plan his escape, Edwin is getting a better grasp (ha!) on how he might handle Daddy, and Bishop... Well he's off to do things for Mason, which can't possibly end well. Those of you who leave a comment will get to see a sneak preview of what the boar is planning next, because I'll send you a special scene from the next chapter which I've finished early.

The next chapter is all planned out, parts of it are written, and I'll do my very best to get it done a lot sooner than this one. Then, we'll begin exploring some of the the storylines I've had stewing in my head for a year plus now. Chapter 17 thru 22 weren't suppose to last this long, or take that much time to write. (They all happen in a single day!) Hopefully I can keep a better pace for the next few.


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