Winter Purposal. Chapter two.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#2 of Friends to lovers.

Ok are Andy and Belle again. Not sure on how well this one will do but I liked writing it. Helps to forget what is going on around you. XD Anyway I hope those that read it like it. This is intended for adults. Those underage turn back now. You have been warned!!!

"FREEDOM! " Andy held his arms up to the sky while his friends around him were laughing at him. " No more homework till we get back from Christmas!!" Andy grinned to his friends but soon let out a soft grunt then looked down to see Belle hugging him with a grin of her own as she looked up at him. Andy let out a murr and gently pet her head. " How long have you been waiting? I thought your classes let out an hour ago?" The vixen murred herself and nodded some. " They did...I have just been out here relaxing." Andy raised a brow and smiled before shaking his head some, putting his arm around her as he waved bye to his friends so he and Belle could walk home. " Your nuts is cold out here. You shoulda waited inside or gone on home. I don't want you getting sick while waiting on my lazy ass to get out for Christmas break." Belle giggled as she walked with him, murring as she looked up at him. " Im not cold..I have your hoodie remember?" Andy looked down at her and grinned, seeing the old Sons of Anarchy hoodie he had put on her the night he had sex with her. Andy swayed his tail then curled it around her own gently as he nodded a bit. " Ah true you do...still don't want you getting sick because of me." Belle smiled and shook her head a bit. " Come on lets go get something to eat. Im starving!" Belle took his hand into hers and laced their fingers together as she chuckled and pulled him with her towards a pizza place they often hung out at. Once there the smell of pizzas and the heat from the ovens hit the both of them Belle let out a soft relieved sigh from the heat whiel Andy heard his stomach growl. Belle chuckled and walked over to a booth towards the back of the dining room of the place, climbing in and settling down with Andy beside her.

Belle smiled once he was beside her and gently leaned into him.. Andy only grinned and relaxed until a female waitress came up to them. The young girl was about a year younger then Andy. the feline looked at him and smiled some. " Let me guess...root beer, blackberry tea and a large meat lovers with as much cheese put on it as possible?" Andy blinked and stared at her for a moment before nodding some while Belle raised a brow. The feline grinned and walked off to put in the order. Andy blinked and looked at Belle, whispering." That is kinda...creepy...more so if you know who is going to order what without them telling you...time to find a new job." Belle giggled hard and shook her head some as she leaned up to lick his cheek, making him murr and grin some himself. Andy leaned in and gently nibbled at one of Belles ears, making her wiggle and giggle from the attention. He stopped when the feline returned, setting the drinks down on the table in front of them while she glanced at Andy with a light blush on her cheeks. The feline wasn't outstanding, just a little calico with bright green eyes. Andy thanked her and watched her walk off with her ears flattening to Belle's giggles. Andy felt something wasn't right but ignored it. He smiled and sipped on his drink while Belle sipped on hers. After the pizza was brought to them Belle and Andy ate on at leasts two slices before relaxing. Belle laid her head against his shoulder and grinned as her hand rested on his thigh, slowly moving closer to his crotch. Andy stiffened up and whispered in her ear. " Don't start something unless you plan on finishing it kit." Belle giggled and turned her head up, pressing her lips to his softly a few times while her hand slid into his pants to rub his sheath slowly. Belle rubbed him gently, making him shift and squrim around in the booth until his cock was poking out of his sheath. Belle pulled her hand out and grinned to him, her ears twitching a bit. Andy grinned and nipped at her lips. " Your mean...come on lets go to my house." Belle giggled and nodded. Andy got a box and put the rest of the pizza in it before getting up and going to pay. Belle grabbed the box and walked outside, waiting on him. As he paid for the pizza and drinks the feline looked at him, the scent of his arousal hitting her and making the fur on her tail stand up. She blushed as she stared at him, watching him leave soon after before glaring at Belle as they walked off.

Once they reached Andy's house Belle headed upstairs to his room while he left the box in the kitchen. When he finally made it to his room he stopped, seeing the vixen on his bed with nothing but the hoodie and her panties on while toying with her phone. Andy closed the door and locked it behind him, kicking his shoes off before moving to the foot of the bed and looking at her. Belle pretended like she didn't see him but the excited twitch in her tail told him otherwise. Andy grinned and slowly crawled onto the bed, slowly moving up between her legs. Belle still didn't look at him but was fighting a grin. Andy chuckled and spread her legs farther apart before his tongue came out and licked over her slit through her panties, making hte vixen stiffen up a bit. Belle tried her best to keep her focus on her phone but that would fail when Andy pulled her panties aside and licked her clit a few times before sucking on it, making her gasp and drop the phone on her stomach. " Damn...Andy." She looked down at him and grinned as he gave her a sly little smile before he spoke softly. " You started it when we were eating...then you sit here with no pants on and my hoodie? No way I am passing this up." Belle giggled and laid back against his pillows, letting him pull her panties off before he went back to licking her pussy slowly, nibbling on her pussy lips gently before he pushed his tongue into her. Belle let out soft moans and gasps as she arched her back up a bit, her tail curling around his chest. She reached her hand down and gripped at his short black hair, toying with it at first while his tongue rubbed and swriled around inside her. Belle wiggled her hips and let out another moan, trying to keep it silent. Andy grinned, his muzzle becoming wet from her arousal. He gripped her hips and pulled her against his muzzle a bit more, his tongue finding her G-spot and hitting it hard a few times. Belle had to bite down on her hand a few times to keep from moaning to loudly. She whimpered and let out a little yip as she tried to warn him but instead let out a moan. He hit her G-spot again, his hand moving down and pinching her clit with his fingers. Belle arched up and had to grab one of his pillows and moan into it as she came on his tongue, her pussy clenching down on it as her juices gushed out against his muzzle. Andy looked a bit stunned by her squirting but only grinned and licked it up, licking her clean before moving up to lay beside her. Belle blushed and panted as she looked at him before hitting him with the pillow and making him laugh as he grabbed her and pulled her on top of him. Belle straddled him and murred as she pressed her nose to his, her own scent hitting her and making her blush.

Belle undone his pants after feeling his pants were tented from his cock being rock hard. She pulled his cock free and ground against him while she kissed his lips softly a few times. Andy wiggled some and let out a soft groan as he reached up, running his fingers through her hair slowly while his eyes locked onto hers. Belle blushed and felt her heart skip a beat as she smiled to him. She ground on him a bit more before finally lowering onto him, taking his cock into her with a soft moan coming from the both of them. Belle gripped onto his shirt in her hands as she took all of him until she felt his knot beginning to slowly form. Belle murred and began lifting her hips only to drop back down on him. She began riding him slowly at first, the sounds of her pussy sliding along him began filling the room along with their soft grunts and moans. Belle sat up on him, her hands now resting on his chest for support. She began to move her hips on him harder then ebfore. She was biting her bottom lip as she closed her eyes. Andy soon sat up and pulled the hoodie off her after seeing her fur getting damp around her face and neck. Belle wraped her arms around him, now in nothing but a thin tank top. She pressed her lips against his in a deep kiss with a moan. Andy gripped her hips and helped her move on him, bucking up into her as his cock throbbed a few times. He broke the kiss and pressed his head against hers as he began panting. He knew he was going to cum soon. Belle dug her claws into him a bit as she held onto him while her own movements became more frantic. She felt herself clenching him more as she began to come closer to her own orgasm. Andy let out a growl as he grabbed her hips and finally forced his knot into her, locking them together as he came only seconds later, shaking a bit as his cock throbbed with each shot of cum. Belle bit down on his shoulder hard to keep from moaning out when he knotted with her, her hips bucking into him hard as she came with him, her pussy clenching and gripping him tightly as she rode out her orgasm before going still against him. Andy moved back so he could lean against his head board. Belle panted as she let go of his shoulder and laid her head against his chest as she closed her eyes. Andy gently rubbed along her back slowly a few times as the two relaxed with no words between them. Soon Belle was asleep, murring against him as he slowly moved so he was laying down again. He let her stay on top of him, pulling one of his blankets over the two of them before joining her in sleep.

Later that evening Andy slipped out of his bed and out from under Belle. She was still sleeping so he put her panties back on her and covered her back up as he kissed her cheek. Belle shifted and curled up on her side, sighing softly. Andy fixed his pants and moved downstairs to see his mother sitting at the kitchen table with some coffee and pastries she had brought home. Andy moved to her and kissed her cheek as he spoke softly. " Hey mom..when did you get home?" The fox stood her ears up and smiled. She was lovely for her age with black and white fur as well as dark brown eyes and long brown hair. She chuckled as she watched him sit down. " An hour have like what? Two weeks off from school now? Your going to be glued to Belle the entire time?" Andy blushed and shifted in his seat with a small grin on his face. He stared down at the table before he spoke softly. " Mom...would it be outrageous if I wanted to...purpose to her?" His mother almost choked on her coffee and looked at him. "you have only been dating for like a month now haven't you?" Andy only nodded as he looked at her. The look on his face made her relax and smile before she shook her head. " No it isn' have known her almost all your life...if you know for a fact it is what you want...then do it...wait here." She got up and walked upstairs leaving him looking a bit confused. When she came back she handed him a small box with a gold ring in it that had little diamonds and rubies in it. Andy blinked and looked at his mother. " Grans ring?" His mother nodded and gently pet his ears, making him murr as she smiled. " Yeah...better to give it to the girl you love then let it sit in the box or get lost yes?" Andy smiled and nodded as she kissed his forehead. " Enjoy your time off from classes and don't wait to long to give her the ring..." Andy nodded, grabbing two cream filled doughnuts before heading back upstairs. He put the small box in his pants pocket and headed into his room. Belle was starting to wake up and smiled when he handed her the doughnut before sitting beside her as she sat up. " Hey sleepy head." Andy chuckled as she kissed his cheek before she began eating with a muffled greeting back to him. He smiled and began eating as well. When the two were done Belle stretched and leaned into him a bit, taking a deep breathe. " Belle...want to stay over night with me?" Belle looked at him and nodded as she kissed him.

Over the next few days Belle and Andy were always together, playing video games or walking around the mall. One morning Belle woke up in his bed after spending the night again, having fallen asleep watching a movie. She got up and moved to the window after pulling his hoodie on. She looked outside and smiled. "Andy! It is snowing!" Andy jerked when he heard her and sat up right, looking around with his fur messed up in different spots. The sight made Belle giggle as he stood up, rubbing his eyes and moving to her, putting an arm around her to look outside. That was when it hit him. He could ask her that afternoon! Andy stared out the window for a moment and thought he saw the feline from the pizza place standing outside at Belles house watching them. He rubbed his eyes and looked again but she wasn't there. He shook his head, deciding not to think on it. He looked at Belle and grinned. " Well since it is snowing we can go to the park and walk around...enjoy it." Belle looked at him and nodded before kissing him softly then moving to get her pants on. She waited on him to get dressed before the two went downstairs to the kitchen. His mother had left some bacon and sausage out for the two of them, keeping it warm in the oven with a little note telling them she would be gone for a day or two for work. Andy moved to fix some eggs for them while Belle grabbed some drink, helping him with the cooking. When they finished and had eaten the two relaxed on the couch watching tv before Andy nudged her to get up so they could head to the park. Belle pulled her boots on while Andy got his own shoes on and a coat. He put his hands into his pants pocket, checking for the hundredth time that the ring was there. He then walked out of his house with her and both headed down the road towards the park. Belle gently holding onto his hand with a big smile on her face as the snow was falling a bit harder then before.

The sound of their feet crunching the snow as they walked filled the air along with little cubs running and playing in the park. Belle stood and watched them with a grin, remembering when she started snowball fights with Andy. She watched him as he moved a few steps ahead before she grinned. The vixen grabbed a handful of snow, balling it up before throwing it, hitting Andy right against his shoulder. Andy jumped and turned around, looking at Belle who had another snowball in her hand and a grin on her face. Andy smiled and chuckled before grabbing some snow, moving quickly to make a ball of his own before throwing it at her, watching her dodge it before throwing another at him. He ducked and watched her take off away from him, giggling. Andy rolled his eyes and took off after her, both throwing one snowball after another at each other. Andy laughed and slowly got closer to her before suddenly grabbing her up in his arms, holding her close and kissing her deeply as she dropped her last snow ball to return the kiss with her arms around his neck. He gently set her nose and nuzzled his nose to hers, both murring happily as she looked him in the eyes. She smiled and laid her head against his chest with her eyes shut. Andy took the chance and put his hand in his pocket, grabbing the ring and quickly slipping it on her ring finger. Belle stood her ears up and lifted her head to look at him before looking down at her hand to see the ring. She looked floored, her eyes going wide before looking at him. " Andy?" Belle was blushing darkly as a few other people stopped to look as Andy moved onto one knee in front of her, gently kissing the top of her hand as he blushed as well. " Belle...Will you marry me?" Belle felt her heart leap right into her throat as she stared down at him, her hand shaking a bit as she looked him in the eyes, tears coming to her own as she nodded. " Y..yes Andy...I will" Andy was about to stand to hug her when she knocked him back into the snow with a hug, nuzzling her face against his neck while the groups of people that watched clapped for them all but one, the feline that had been watching the two since that day in the pizza place. she folded her ears back and hissed softly.

Later that night Belle was in the living room with Andy at his house. She was cuddled into his side watching him playing a game on his Xbox with the live chat with his friends. Andy eventually got rather into the game, letting out curses and fussing at his friends who could be heard laughing hysterically at him. Belle smiled and got up to get some drink. When she came back she watched him before getting a sly grin to her face. " Hmm...The punishment might be worth it" She mumbled to herself as she set her drink down. she pulled his hoodie off of her body, setting it down over a table by the wall. she got down onto all fours and slowly crawled around the couch and moved up between his legs. ' Ah just as I thought...he hasn't noticed.' She giggled as she thought to herself before getting up on her knees, her hands moving to his pants and pulling them open slowly. She kept her eyes up on him to make sure he was still engrossed in his game. She grinned and soon looked at his now exposed sheath. She leaned her head in and began licking him slowly, rubbing with her hands. Andy let out a little grunt and shifted but didn't really notice it until he felt his cock growing and starting to peek out of his sheath. He shifted again and let out a gasp when he felt something warm lick the tip of his exposing cock. " Andy? Dude what the hell?" Andy ignored his friend and looked down to see Belle licking him as well as rubbing him to get him fully erect. Andy stuttered a bit as he spoke" N..N...nothing man just leg cramped up a bit." Belle grinned and giggled softly. When his cock was fully erect for her she took the tip into her mouth, sucking on it gently. Andy grunted again and bit down on his bottom lip hard for a moment before looking to see his character had gotten hit. He cursed softly and tried to focus on the game, letting out a gasp every so often which drew questions from his friends. " Andy dude your being utter shit in the game! Focus man!" Andy shook his head a bit then let out a groan when he felt Belle take more of his cock into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down along him slowly with her smooth tongue swirling around against him. Andy let out a shiver and finally let out a light moan. His friends went silent before one spoke " Dude...are you jacking off?" Andy choked back a laugh " is uh..RUBBING one of my legs to help the CRAMP " Andy couldn't stop his voice from getting high pitched with every few words, his friends roaring with laughter at the sounds. Belle pulled her mouth off of his cock and grinned. " Now Andy you don't have to lie...they probably will get jealous knowing what I am actually doing" This drew curious sounds from his friends. Andy blushed and stared down at her with shock. " fucking way...are you AH!" Belle didn't give him a chance to answer. She took his cock back into her mouth and was beginning to suck on him again, this time making sure she was making sounds that gave away what she was doing. His friends all went dead silent for a moment as they listened. One of his friends answered finally. " holy fuck she sucking your dick?!" Andy leaned back and gave in, groaning and moaning now as he gave a husky sounding 'Yes' to his friends. They all chuckled and listened as Belle sucked on him more, she pulled her mouth off of him and panted softly before beginning to lick at his knot that was forming. " Ah! Damn it Belle! T...That isn't fair! Don't tease my knot!" His friends roared with laughter again as they listened, the game all but forgotten. Belle giggled and sucked on the knot a bit before taking his cock back into her mouth then slowly took his cock down into her throat, gagging a bit but holding herself steady as she reached up to give his knot a light squeeze. That was it. Andy tried to warn her but all that came from him was a loud moan as his cock throbbed hard a few times before his cum shot out and spilled down the vixens throat. Belle gagged and pulled her mouth off of him ,swallowing what was left in her mouth while the rest shot from him, landing on her muzzle and cheeks.

His friends all laughed and hooted for him. " Dude you got lucky with that girl!" Andy told them to shut up and proceeded to pull Belle into his lap, his cock was still hard given his knot wasn't going down anytime soon. His friends soon heard Belle letting out a loud moan. Andy had pushed his fingers into her pussy after getting her pants open. Belle held onto his shoulders, letting out yips and whines as he hit her G-spot over and over again, his palm hitting her clit until his friends would hear her cry out as she orgasmed on his fingers, shaking and panting. Andy grinned and ended the live chat before they could say anything, kissing Belle a few times before turning the game and tv off then laying down on his side on the couch with Belle beside him, holding her close and licking her muzzle clean before his head rest against hers. She murred, holding his hand in hers, grinning as he toyed with the ring on her finger as she whispered. " When spring comes...we will have the wedding?" Andy nodded in agreement as he grinned and hugged her a bit tighter. " In the spring.." While they laid there cuddling on the couch with giggles and kisses the feline was watching from the window in the living room. She wanted to get to Andy but needed Belle out of the way long enough to do it. The feline wasn't sure on how but she had time to think on it. With that she left for the night while Belle and Andy fell asleep on the couch.