Newfound Love Chapter 8

Story by Ray HuskyPunk on SoFurry

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#10 of Newfound Love Series

Decided to post a new chapter for my 5th year anniversary on SoFurry.

Finally, Newfound Love Chapter 8. Been holding off on posting it so I would have time to write more chapters. But since my laptop stopped working, that hasn't happened. So posting times might be spread out a bit more than usual. Anyway, enjoy the chapter! ~ Murasakime

(Rated Adult for Violence and the like)

4 Hours Later....

"We are gonna get going, it's getting kinda late." Bruce said as he dragged me to his car, waving goodbye to his friends. We got in the car and he sighed heavily, "Damn, there is only so much I can take of them. It gets boring after a while." "I know the feeling hun, but what can you do? They're your friends, even if they can be annoying sometimes." "It's just, I can tell one of them is against our relationship. I mean, Rube did tell me that he would marry me in a heartbeat if he could, but he felt like he already smothered me with how much we hung out. Every time were alone he can be irritable when you're around." "If he has a problem with us he needs to tell us. I don't take bullshit from anybody, and I'll be damned if he tries to start something between us to split us apart." "He won't, he isn't like that." "But Bruce, either anger or jealousy can take over and he will do it without thinking about it. Then we are all hurt in this. I don't want him to be hurt, but I don't want this to go the wrong way." "I understand that, but the only issue is he isn't a personal talker. He locks up when he talks about his feelings sometimes. Sometimes bad enough to the point where he doesn't talk to you for weeks. There was one point we didn't talk for 4 weeks because of it. But, that was still long ago." "I'm the same way sometimes, just not as severe. But with you around I don't have to hold my feelings in. Maybe he just needs our company, and hopefully it will be enough to get him to talk to us." "I'll call him tomorrow and we will see if we can set something up. He'll probably be busy with work or gym, but I'll try." Bruce started up the car and we made our way back home. We sat in a bit of silence for a time, I turned to Bruce and saw a tear falling out of his eye. I unbuckled my seatbelt and laid my head of his lap, murring quietly to myself as I inhaled some of his musk. I slowly turned myself over until I was lying on my back, and brought my paws up to his chest, slowly rubbing it. He flinched a little bit, but relaxed as I worked my paws over him. "Whatcha doing down there?" "I don't know...." As soon as I said that I rubbed my head on his bulge. I heard him moan a bit, and pressed harder. "He reached down and held my head in one of his hands, turning me to look him in the eyes. "Don't do that, I don't want anything to happen while I'm driving. Just wait until we get home." I whined a little bit, and sat up in my seat. He looked at me with a worried expression on his face, but it only lasted a second.

It was about another 15 minutes of driving, when I heard him scream loudly, and all of a sudden I heard metal and plastic crunching in front of us, and I saw the car in front of us get slammed into by another car coming from the opposite direction. Bruce threw the steering wheel off to the right, and we rolled into the median safely. I looked back from the car, to the car in front of us only seconds ago, rolling into the wooded area behind us. I jumped out of the car after it rolled a couple more times, and it hit the ground with a huge slam as I approached the vehicle. The engine was close to bursting, flames were shooting out of it. I saw two people exit the vehicle, only with a few scratches or cuts. I followed them and made sure they were okay. But I saw that one person, a pink fox, remained in the vehicle. I went over to their door and yanked it open, yelling out to them, but no response. I shook them a little bit, and they moaned while they opened their eyes at me. I told him who I was and told him that I was taking him out of the car. I was able to pull them out with no issue, carrying him by my arms and ran away from the wreckage. I heard somebody shout as I felt a huge force of heat and shrapnel fly and hit me. I fell forward, with the pink fox in my arms. I fell to the ground, narrowly avoiding landing on the fox. I felt my skin bursting with heat, and I tried to get up, but everything went black.

5 Hours Later.....

Darrent County National Hospital 4:00 AM

"I don't remember much, all I remember is the wreck in front of us, and pulling a pink fox out of the wreckage. I told him who I was, but, I don't know who he is." I had survived the car explosion, worst thing only being a broken foot and a few gashes. The doctor told me the pink fox I had rescued is doing fine. Not much damage except a few bruises. The doctor told me something that surprised me though; the pink fox had been calling for me for the past couple of hours. Making the doctors annoyed but also worried he might wake up the other patients. I got up out of the bed, feeling weak but still able to stand on my own. My foot hurt like hell, but after breaking them so many times, I had gotten used to it. I asked the doctor what room the fox was located, and I headed for it. Bruce followed me to the room and we slowly entered. The pink fox turned to look at me, and gasped as I got next to his bed. "You're...." "Yes, I am the one that saved you from the wreckage. I never got your name." "M-my name is Nokia." I pulled out my phone and showed it to him. "I guess it has a nice ring to it". He ended up bursting into laughter from hearing that. "I've never heard of that before." "You seriously never have? You have a Nokia phone but have never heard of it? That's shocking to me." We laughed for another minute before the doctor came in.

D: "Well, your test results came back, you're perfectly healthy after that crash. Nothing more than a few scrapes. You would've been seriously injured or even dead if the massive, blue husky hadn't have saved you."

R: "It was nothing really, just common courtesy."

D: "Well, I'm surprised you didn't get caught into the blaze, there were traces of gasoline on you."

R: Wait, wait, how did gas get on me? I didn't feel it at all."

D: Even though they were small traces, the one area that got covered was your tail. I guess you weren't close enough to the fire. Some bullet you dodged there."

R: Damn, can't believe I was close to becoming an inferno."

D: But you should be fine now, after a chemical shower you should be able to leave the hospital. You still got gasoline traces on you."

R: I'll only go through the chemicals if you have a bottle of Blue PowerAde sitting out for me when I'm done."

D: O..k.. My only question is, why?"

R: PowerAde is basically an "everything elixir" for me. It's the drink I go to drink when I have pain, discomfort, or anything else that may be stressful. It's weird and I don't know how to explain it other than that. But it just works."

D: "Alright then." Lemme check and see what the break room has down the hall."

The doctor left and Nokia was the first to start a conversation.

N: "So really, why did you save me?"

R: "I told you before, common courtesy. I'm not gonna let some unseen fur die just because of other people's careless actions. A few more seconds in there you would've been dead for sure, because the car exploded when we were literally five feet away from it. Not the worst car explosion I've endured, but one of the closest."

B: "You've been through this before?"

R: "Yes, about 5 times to be exact. There was only one time where I was in the car and was seriously injured. I ended up getting launched 50 feet from the car and onto the pavement. Highest point I flew was about 20 feet. Knocked me out instantly, along with the fact I had a rib bone stabbed into my heart. But I'm fine now. The recovery was the only traumatic part. The other four were minor except for one when I caught on fire because of it being a highly explosive Kerosene running car. But, that's a story for another time."

They both looked at me in shock, and Bruce looked like he was about to cry.

N: "Is that why you have those scars under your eyes?"

R: That was because of the fire accident. I had blood coming out of my eyes from the pressure, and the blood ended up morphing into my skin, somehow creating the permanent red scars you see today. Just so y'all know this for future reference, but I've been in about 12 Car Crashes, 8 Fire Induced Accidents, 5 Car Explosions including this one, 37 Near-Death Experiences, 3 Unsuccessful Suicides, 2 Gunshot Wounds, and 1 recorded death. There is a LOT more to tell but that's all I can think of right now."

Bruce ended up passing out onto the floor, and I picked him up and carried him to the spare bed in the room. Nokia on the other hand sprang up out of his bed and hugged me tightly from behind.

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