Cats of a Different Color, Chapter 5: Lessons

Story by BlindTiger on SoFurry

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#5 of Cats of a Different Color

Leaf discovers what happens on the other side of the heavy door, and this time it's her screams that are going to be heard in the cage room.

Leaf Chaser

The Cage Room, Somewhere outside Cheyenne, WY


Leaf Chaser shivered in the corner of her cage. She'd lost track of how long she'd been locked in the cage. Katie was right, the lights never went out, and even when she wanted to sleep, the harsh light was always on and it made her sleep fitful. Beyond the light, though, there were the other sounds. The other girls crying, the sounds of voices that could sometimes be heard if the man left the heavy door open, and then there was the man himself.

There was no way for her to tell when he would come. Sometimes he left them along long enough that the bowl of water in her cage was dry and her throat was parched with thirst and her stomach rumbled helplessly. Other times he came through the door in rapid succession. No matter what else he did, every time he came, he took one of the girls from her cage. Sometimes he took them away from the room. If he left the door open on those days, they could always hear the girl's screams for hours before he brought her back, almost always unconscious. Other times he set up equipment in the center of the room so that they could always watch what he was doing.

Leaf Chaser couldn't decide which was worse, her imagination of what was being done to the others or the reality of it in front of her face.

There were two, however, that the man had yet touch. Every day, he checked on Katie's wounds, watching them heal, but he had not taken her from her cage since he had inflicted them. He also never did more than toss a bowl of food through the bars to Leaf Chaser. He didn't even open the cage door when he did, meaning most of the raw ground meat ended up on the floor of her cage.

She had learned to come to the front of the cage when he arrived and to stay there until he left. She didn't want to be responsible for another girl's suffering as she was with Katie, and so for now, she obeyed, the cat always in the background, watching and learning, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

The sound of the door latch unlocking sounded through the room, and as if guided by some internal automation, Leaf Chaser found herself crawling to the front of her cage. The collar around her neck itched, but she dared not scratch it when the man could see. Instead, she sat nearly motionless, her keen eyes watching the door as it swung open.

The man had no cart of food with him this time. In one hand, he held the hated stick with which he'd shocked her before. In the other, he held a long, black pole. He didn't stop at any of the other cages, but walked directly to Leaf Chaser's.

"Hello, pussy," he chided.

She kept her head bowed, eyes fixed firmly on his shoes. He always wore heavy black boots with his laces meticulously arranged and the toes shined to a mirror finish. Bloused at the top of the boots, he wore a loose pair of trousers that gave him plenty of movement. He had a habit of wearing plaid shirts, the kind that tried to stir memories in Leaf Chaser's head every time she saw them. She could tell by the way that the feeling sped up her heart and quickened her breathing, making her cat arch up and hiss, that they were not pleasant memories, but she could never quite grasp them enough to remember what they were, like something from another life, barely remembered only in dreams and hardly even then.

"Look at me," the man demanded.

Leaf Chaser hesitated momentarily, but when she saw him starting to move the stick towards her, she whipped her head up and looked into his eyes. He had a rugged sense about him, like a bear or a wolverine in the wild. A full beard covered his face and his hair was unkempt. She'd seen him only twice since she had been stuck in the cage with his hair combed, both times when he arrived with someone else, looking as though he was showing off the girls to the other man.

"You've been a kitty for a long time, haven't you, pussy?" he asked, sneering. "What's the matter? Don't want to associate with us humans?"

Leaf Chaser was silent, her eyes wide as her fingers arched into what would have been claws in her other form. In this weak and fragile form, though, her fingernails merely scraped on the metal of the cage floor.

"Think it's time we finally played, pussy. Haven't heard you scream yet."

Leaf Chaser couldn't stop the shivering from taking over her whole body as she saw the look crossed between lust and pure sadistic anticipation settle into his eyes. She'd seen that look before on a man in her past, someone in one of those memories that refused to come.

He leaned forward and put his nose almost directly against hers and for a split second, there was a melding of her mind with the bexookee. She wanted to tear his face off with her claws and crush his skull with her strong jaws and sharp teeth, and at the same instant, she felt a warm trickle down her thighs while the human mind trembled, paralyzed by the look in his eyes. She drew her lips back and curled her tongue as she hissed, the cat wanting to fight, but her hands couldn't lift from the floor, nor could she do anything to cover the all too apparent terror collecting in a puddle at her knees.

The man stood and sneered at her once again, then pulled a small syringe from his pocket. He clipped it into the end of the pole and slid the cap off. Leaf Chaser's human side knew exactly what that was and the sight finally spurred her into motion. With a cry of rage and fear, she skittered backwards in her cage, stopping only when the bare skin on her back hit the bars on the far side. She hardly even noticed the burning, so focused was she on getting away from the needle.

It was no use, though, for she'd backed herself into a corner quite literally and the man simply slid the pole through the bars, inching it towards her. The fear in the human side finally won out and she turned her head away and closed her eyes, waiting for the jab of the needle.

It was less painful than she thought it would have been, but seconds after it faded, the world started swaying. She finally opened her eyes and watched as flashes and trails of color wavered in her vision. She tried to crawl away from the bars, knowing in the back of her mind that it was something she needed to do, even if she couldn't remember why.

"Please, daddy," she pleaded, looking up at the man once again. "Didn't mean it..."

Her voice trailed off and her head lolled down between her hands, followed quickly by the rest of her. Only when she was laying motionless on the floor of the cage did the man finally open the door.

He reached into the cage and she felt herself being hauled out by the collar around her neck. The way he had his grip, the collar cut off her breathing, choking her harshly, but she hardly noticed until she could once again breathe. She felt herself coughing, but couldn't make the connection to why she would be.

"We're going to have some fun, pussy," the man said as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. He hadn't fed her the last two times he'd brought food around, and so even though she wanted to throw up down his back, there was nothing to bring up, leaving her heaving fruitlessly while he carried her out of the room. She had time to look up and watch Katie kneeling at the front of her cage, her eyes filled with tears. Just before he turned and took her out of sight of her friend, Katie lifted and hand and pressed it to the bars. Leaf Chaser could only make out one word by the movement of her lips.


The world spun around Leaf Chaser and she couldn't seem to keep track of one minute to the next. She felt like she was floating, even though her mind insisted that she was being carried. Images appeared imposed upon the walls of people that looked familiar to her, but that she could not seem to place. Even through all of it, though, the cat's mind was clear, though even further removed than it had been over the time she'd been stuck here in the man's custody. She could feel it pacing in the back of her mind, wanting to get free and reclaim the place that they both knew was rightful. The human mind was out of its element and she even tried to push it to the back and force the cat to the front, but nothing she tried seemed to work.

Still, the bexookee watched and waited, lending a clear set of eyes and its keen sense of smell to the human. It was the only way that she knew that the people surrounding her weren't really there. The only living scents in the room were her own and the man's, though she smelled many other things.

There was meat cooking somewhere in the house, deer by the smell, and there was more silver around than she'd ever smelled before. That was the scent that made her skin crawl. She knew before she was taken what silver did to her kind, and she'd managed to avoid it, for in the wilderness there was very little of it, and the people in her village didn't keep much that wasn't found in the forest.

The man finally stopped and the world lurched as he tossed her off his shoulder. She had just enough presence of mind to lift her head to keep it from cracking on the hard metal table he threw her down on. The fall still knocked her breath away and left her stunned, even more so than the drugs had.

With rough hands, the man grabbed hold of her arm and tossed her over onto her belly, pressing the side of her face into the cold metal.

"Stay," he commanded, holding her head there with his strong hand. She couldn't have resisted if she tried with the drugs flowing through her system. They made every part her her feel heavy and the more she tried to move something, the heavier it got, leaving her unable to wiggle even her little finger. She could still breathe, though it felt as though if she stopped concentrating on that, she would stop even drawing air. She wanted to scream and fight and kick and bite, but nothing that she tried worked.

Even the bexookee was showing its frustration, pacing anxiously there in the shadows. She managed to draw her lips back away from her teeth once again and let out a weak hiss when she felt the man's other hand spreading her legs.

"You've quite the spirit, I'll give you that," the man said, finally letting go of her head. "None of the others managed to fight the drugs like you."

With his hand away from her head, she tried to lift it, but found even that much was out of her reach. All she could do was lie there while the man pulled her back on the table and fastened heavy straps around her ankles. While he was adjusting her, she felt the edges of the mental underneath her legs, telling her that they were stretched out behind her in a V shape, meaning there was nothing but air between them. The human mind couldn't understand what he was doing other than realizing that even after the drugs wore off, she'd be helpless.

The cat, though, knew exactly what he was doing. He was putting her in a mating position, and it was not her time to mate. Another hiss sounded from her mouth, this one stronger. Little by little, she could feel the effects of the drugs wearing off, and she managed to finally lift her hand, curling her fingers into claws.

The man noticed and cinched the last strap tight around her second ankle. Then he yanked her hands roughly above her head, wrapping them tightly with a thick piece of rope.

She managed to lift her head enough to watch him wrap it enough times that it formed a line of rope almost halfway up her lower arm. Then he wrapped the rope around the center, between her arms, tightening the bond until it was tight enough to be painful and turn her fingers a darker, deeper shade of red. Done with that, and satisfied she was tightly bound, he tied the loose ends of the rope to another rope he retrieved from the floor and then walked to the far wall where he started turning a crank. With each click of the ratchet, Leaf Chaser felt her arms being drawn forwards. He wasn't slow about it and after only a couple seconds, she found her arms stretched painfully over her head, hard enough that it pulled even the bonds around her ankles.

Even with the drugs wearing off quickly now, she didn't have enough room to struggle. As the effects faded from her mind and the world cleared, so too did her realization of just what was going on. She was too caught up in trying to keep herself from floating away that she hadn't paid nearly enough attention to what was going on around her and now that she found herself unable to move with her body stretched so far, she felt the panic rising in her. She struggled not just against the bonds, but against the last remaining cloudiness from whatever he had drugged her with.

"Damn," the man muttered, hurrying back to her side. There was one last bond to fasten and while she fought the other bonds, she felt the thick leather belt slip around her waist. Then there was a click of a lock and another sound of ratchets as the belt tightened and pulled her hips firmly against the table.

The man stepped back into view in front of her and she raised her head again, her muscles almost fully under her control once again.

"I'd meant for the drug to last a while longer, so I could take my time getting you trussed, but you didn't want to cooperate with that, did you?" he asked leaning down to look into her eyes.

She hissed at him, this time growling deep in her throat afterward before screaming her cry of rage into his face. It wasn't the voice of a human, it was the cry that earned her kind one of their names: Mountain Devil.

"You really did stay too long, didn't you, pussy?" he chided. "I think I'll enjoy this a lot."

He stood up in front of her and she watched his hands move to his belt. Slowly, he unbuckled it and then opened the buttons on his trousers. Just as slowly, he lowered them to the floor, leaving her no doubt about what he planned to do. She knew she'd seen a naked man before, and the memory of it set her to shaking. This man was larger even than the one she remembered. Long, thick and hard his manhood waved in front of her nose.

Distant memories surfaced in her mind and she shut her eyes against the tears they invoked. The human whimpered and cowered, straining against the bonds, trying to close her legs from the exposed and vulnerable position he had forced them into.

The man laughed and moved out of her field of vision, though she felt his hands, rough and calloused against her skin just to the side of her spine. They stroked down her skin to her backside and then down the back of her leg, following his movement down the table. As he walked around the end, his fingers slid against the sole of her foot and then up the inside of her leg, slowing only when they got close to the point her thighs met her body. She could hear him behind her, his breathing heavy, and she could smell his lust on the air, a scent that pushed the human even further back.

Still, the cat couldn't assume total control, though it could at least curl around the human and keep her somewhat protected with its matter of fact view on the world.

"You know what I love so much about you shifters?" the man said in a conversational tone as his fingers finally crossed the final inches and touched the soft and sensitive skin between her legs. "You're so damn warm. No human girl ever gets this warm."

Leaf Chaser shut her eyes tight as he thrust his finger inside her. The cat roared through her mouth in outrage, followed moments after by the humans squeal of pain. His finger felt huge inside her and the rough skin made it feel as though he was thrusting sand between her legs.

"That's it, pussy," he said, "scream louder for me. I want my pets to know that I've claimed you."

He withdrew his finger and she laid her head on the cold metal table, feeling the weak human skin chilled by its touch. That wouldn't have to happen if she could slip her skin and have the comforting warmth of fur to shield her from it. She whimpered softly, her body shaking with cold and fear, until she felt something very different than his finger pressing between her legs. She lifted her head once again and shook it violently side to side.

"No," she whimpered, halfway between speaking and whispering. "No no no no no no..."

"Oh, yes," the man answered.

Giving her no time to prepare or even to think, he thrust inside her, burying himself inside her to the hilt. She felt as though she was being split in two and her scream this time strained her throat to the point that her voice gave out. It didn't stop her from crying out, though it shrank her cries to a whisper. The hissing, though, was still full force whenever the cat forced its way to the fore.

Her hands clenched, fingertips finding rope and trying to rend through it with nonexistent claws. She tried to pull away but the belt held her tightly to the table and the buckles around her ankles kept her legs spread wide. There was no way to get away from the pain.

"You're tight," the man murmured, "but someone got you first, pussy, didn't they?"

Through the pain, she felt her skin heat with the flush of shame. She didn't know the answer to the question and she couldn't have answered him even if she did. The pain was fogging her mind and she could barely remember how to scream let alone talk. She could only shake her head while the cat forced out another hiss of fury.

"Was it some boy, or did you lift your tail for some tom to rut like a common cat, pussy?"

As he talked he started thrusting, pulling out and then forcing himself back inside her. Each time he hilted, the cat let out another screaming hiss and got closer and closer to the surface. Finally, she felt her bexookee getting near to the point of taking over, something she hadn't been able to feel since the trap.

"Bet you let some mountain lion try to give you kittens, didn't you?"

Through the haze of pain, she felt the familiar sensation of prickles on her skin, the itching as the fur started to grow and she looked at her arm to see exactly what she thought, tawny brown fur starting to appear where she knew it would. Her fingers arched again, and this time, the start of claws scraped against the rope.

The man didn't notice, he was too busy thrusting. His rhythm was faster but as the seconds went by, it lost its regularity and started becoming more erratic. He said nothing more, and she smelled his sweat on the air, the pheromones telling the cat that he was nearly finished.

Two thrusts later, she screamed again, this time quieter than a whisper as he forced himself inside as far as he could go. A new sensation joined the burning pain between her legs and the dull, steady ache from somewhere deep inside behind her belly button. It was a cool rush, the feeling of him letting loose inside her, pulsing repeatedly for seconds that felt like hours. Her nose brought her the scent of his semen and her ears the splattering drops of it falling from her to the floor beneath.

It mattered not, though. The transformation was more than halfway done. Paws replaced her hands and her arms were covered in the brown fur that she loved so much. She felt her hips crunching and realigning themselves and the dull popping sensation of her long and luxurious tail springing from her back.

"Shit," the man muttered.

He withdrew from her and she heard his hurried footsteps as he backpedaled away. The ears atop her head rose slowly and turned to better hear behind her as her human ears faded into her fur. He'd tied her forepaws too tight to get loose, but when her hind paws formed, they slipped easily from the straps and she kicked against the table, claws seeking purchase as the transformation finished.

With a roar that was nothing close to human, she found a crack in the table and hooked her claws into it, her powerful hind paws pushing her out from under the waist belt. Another kick and she was free of the belt entirely. She leapt off the table and crashed to the floor, unable to stop herself with her bound forepaws.

As she struggled to find her feet on the smooth tile, she felt another jab in her haunch. She turned and hissed, seeing the man with the large pole once again. This time, the world didn't just swim around her vision. This time it faded, the color leaching out of her surroundings. Then they darkened second by second until there was nothing but black.

"You've got spunk, pussy," the man said. She felt his breath against her ear and she tried to turn and catch his face with her teeth, but he was out of reach.

"I'm going to enjoy breaking you."

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