New body and Poke Park: Chapter 1

Story by Ashchu97 on SoFurry

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#1 of The new Poke Park!

Ash wakes in a body of a young Riolu in front of a new special Poke Park. Not knowing how or why he became a Pokemon, Ash decides to go inside and explore this new Pokemon only park. Unknown to Ash that this park is a lot different than the one his Pokemon stayed in before.

In each chapter Ash will be in many different sex act's with different Pokemon.

I made this story out of pure boredom so hopefully it doesn't have to many errors. Enjoy. XD

'Where... Where am I...'

Ash's eyes slowly opened and everything was so bright, one way to tell that it was morning. As he's eyes adjusted to the light he found himself laying on the ground on a stone path.

'Okay... One minute I'm at home about to fall sleep then I wake up in the middle of nowhere.'

When he tried getting up onto his own two feet is when he almost had a hear attack. He wasn't human anymore, Pawed feet and hands, a tail behind him, a muzzle, blue and black fur and metal oval on his arms. His height had also gotten much smaller and had gotten two new aura sensors with one on each side of his head. Adding all of this into his head, Ash realized he was now in a body of a Riolu. And just like most wild Pokemon he was naked, with his ball sack and sheath completely exposed to anyone who sees him. Reacting quickly the once human boy covered his dick and balls encase there's someone watching and closed his eyes shut.

'This is all a dream. This is all a dream.'

But it sure didn't feel like it, every little detail was perfect. The new fur on his body, the ground beneath him, the cool breeze, it was real. Getting his lungs under control and opening his eyes again he looked around to see where he was and found a large sign saying "PokePark! For never ending fun for all Pokemon!".

'So...I wake up as a Riolu in front of the entrance to a Pokemon resort....I guess I have no other choice.'

With that thought in mind, the Riolu walked down the path and into the PokePark.

Walking along the never ending path Ash soon found a small sign with a map showing the whole park which to Ash's surprise was as big, definitely bigger than the one that Pikachu and the rest of his Pokemon last stayed at. On the side of the map had a list of rules that didn't make much sense to Ash at all.

"No Gore? What do they mean by that?" Ash spoke out loud and was startled when he got a reply.

"Exactly what you think it means, especially during sex."

The voice turned out to be a Ditto right behind him. "I mean I know us Pokemon can accept most fetishes, but I think most can agree that all blood and guts can be a bit to much."

"Y-You mean that these rules are about having sex?"

"Well yeah what do you..wait do you not know where you are?" the Ditto asked with a shocked face.

"I thought I was in a Pokemon Resort."

"You are, but this one is special. It has everything that the last one had but this time 60% is about mating. Look here." Ditto then pointed at the map. "Half of the resort is the old stuff so Giant lake, slides, beach, stuff like that. Then the rest is all dedicated to sexual activities, for example there's a huge area dedicated to group sex, next to it is a Role playing area, Hot springs that allows sex and so much more."

After the Ditto finished explaining Ash started to panic. He's never done anything involving sex and now here he was as a Riolu in a park full of horny Pokemon. Ash took a deep breath to help clam himself down. 'Its okay, just don't go in those areas of the park and I should be fine.'

It was then Ash notice the Ditto's smile. "I think I know your problem is now, you're afraid."


"I new it, I can spot you're kind from a mile away. But its okay." The Ditto moved closer and wrapped its slimy arm around Ash. "You've must of spent too much time with a trainer, but don't worry here you can let it all out and be the Pokemon that you are."

"But I.."

"No buts, one of the main things we Pokemon do best is mating. Male and female, male on male, girl on girl it doesn't matter to us. We do it because it feels good and we do it to make others feel good, its completely natural for us Pokemon. Now tell me, you've must of have had the talk by now or at least the know basics, right?"

Ash grabbed his paws together, trying his hardest not to shake to much from this conversation. "Yeah, but..."

"Let me guess, that's all. Put penis in pussy or tail hole."

The Riolu gave a small nod and kept his eyes to the dirt path. He then notice the Ditto take hold of his paws. "Hey, its okay. There are so many Pokemon that can help teach you new things, and remember that no one in this resort is going to make you do anything you're not comfortable with. We all do have or own interests that we will or will not do,"

Ash looked up at the Ditto and gave a smile. "Thanks, Ditto...but I'm still a little nervous about this."

"Hey it fine but how about you finish walking and actually get inside the main park." the Ditto said as he pushed to the Riolu down the path.

"But what about you?"

"Its my job to help welcome new comers into the park, and later some other Pokemon will take my place so I can have my own fun. Who knows, maybe with a certain shy and adorable Riolu."

"Um, o-okay, bye."

As Ash run deeper into the park the Ditto continued to smile and wave. 'Aww, what a cute little pup.'