Don't Leave Me - S2EP2 - A Time for Firsts - Part One

Story by LunusTBren on SoFurry

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#13 of Don't Leave Me - Seasons One & Two

I went a little crazy with the concept for this one so I hope you guys like it.

I'll give you guys a little teaser for this one, something very unexpected happens to Brandon in this one which is why I wrote the 'I apologies in advance but hope you like it' note above. Its nothing too bad but still big.

Remember, I love feedback so don't be afraid to comment and vote it helps me learn, thanks.

Don't Leave Me - S2EP2 - A Time for Firsts

I opened my eyes to the tan-orange chest of my lover heaving below me. I looked over to the alarm clock on his night stand. The blinding green block numbers read six-fifteen. I looked down at my sleeping lovers head, his mouth was hanging open showing off his pig fangs. Reaching up I nudged his head to wake him up. Normally I'd just let him sleep but today was Wednesday which meant our long weekend was unfortunately over. Damn, no more basking in his cuteness for three more days. Fuck this no sex during the week.

"Hey Sam. It's time to get up."

He groaned at me, "Ugh... no its not..."

"Yup it is. Come on we've got school today."

I giggled as he stretched and crinkled his nose, "ugh... why are they so cruel. Making us get up this early?"

"Sorry hon, your days of sleeping in and playing the invalid are over. I'm going to go get ready, okay."

"Yeah I guess it's time to make myself useful again."

I rolled off his chest and onto my back and stretched my arms. I looked into his bright green eyes.

"What?" he asked as I stared at him.

"Come here."

"Okay..." I leaned him and planted a kiss on his lips.

"I love the way your tongue feels in my mouth. I better go get ready." I stood up stretched and walked over to the door. Looking back I saw Samson standing by his dresser, "Sam. I love you." He looked at me with a big smile as he continued what he was doing.

I walked out and into my room threw on some new clothes, brushed the mats out of my fur and sprayed on some of Samson's favorite cologne. I went upstairs and took a bag of pop-tarts from the cabinet and waited for Samson to come upstairs. I'm not really sure why but I feel just really horny this morning, very strange considering it was like a virtual nonstop sex-fest yesterday. Well I have been feeling a little strange the past week, though I'm not concerned with a few minor headaches here and there.

As I finished my breakfast Samson walked up the stairs donning his light blue button up and a pair of cargo pants.

He looked up at me, "Ya ready?"

"Yeah we better get going."

I put on my book bag and we walked to school together exchanging a small kiss before separating for our first period classes. For the most part first period was okay I did get few disgusted looks from some of the females in class and a couple of the guys. I mostly shrugged it off until the bell rang.

"Brandon. Can I just tell you something?" I recognized the voice and snarled as I turned around.

"What Amy. What could you possibly have to say to me?" I sounded absolutely disgusted with her.

"I want to say sorry for..."

"Sorry for what!? For taking advantage of me when I was drunk? For causing the hell I went through on Monday? I asked you to stop texting me Amy and you just kept going. Everything that we had between us, died when you dumped me and now I have lost all faith I thought I had in you." I began to walk away but was stopped by her.

"Brandon I..."

"Save it for the next idiot. Please just leave me and Samson alone. You've caused enough damage." She was silent as I walked away towards the gym.

I quickly changed into my uniform before heading up out of the locker room. I swear that place still smelled like sex but no one ever asked any questions as to who and why it did. I mostly avoided Luke, I know Chris blames him and I partially do too as far as the stomach pumping went. I doubt I'd be going to one of his parties again anytime soon. Especially since his parents practically grounded him into oblivion. Apparently it's bad to have your parents come home early and find you sleeping naked with about five girls in bed with you. Not to mention the lingering scent of sex, drugs, and alcohol and a vengeful Chris Carrie who had the hospital send the bill to his house.

After gym I quickly got myself changed and hurried along to third period where I could finally be with Samson. I walked in and placed my things on the seat next to him. "Hey hon."

He beamed back at me, "Hey!" I leaned down giving him a kiss before taking my seat.

Aaron leaned forward so he could get a view of the two of us, "So you two have made up?"

I replied promptly, "Yup."

Samson also decided to add his thoughts, "I've forgiven him."

"Well I'm glad to hear it. I couldn't imagine you two without each other. You've become like _that_couple."

I tilted my head as I asked him, "That couple?"

"You know the couple everyone knows. The... the..." he looked like he was searching for the right words, "The poster couple."

Samson turned his head towards me, "We're the poster couple. I like the sound of that."

The rest of class went by pretty quickly and this time the death stares were more few and far between than first and second period probably since we were all lovey-dovey with each other again. Samson and I had lunch together next period but I had something else planned for us. I grabbed his paws and escorted him down the hall back to the gym locker room.

"Where are you taking me Brandon?"

"You'll see." I pulled him into the shower room and locked the door behind us.

He looked at me with his arms crossed, "What are you planning?" I giggled as I pounced on top of him knocking him onto the tiled floor with a thud. "Ack! Brandon! What are you doing?"

"Shh... baby." I nibbled at his ear, "Just let me take care of everything."

He moaned before pushing me back, "Are we really going to do this here? What happened to 'never making love in a public bathroom'?"

"I never promised that." I spoke to him seductively.

"Yes you did. Remember the morning after our first night together?"

"I didn't promise. I avoided the question by telling you 'where else we supposed to do it?' don't you remember?"

"Uh...Brandon should we really be doing this here? What if someone catches us?" he was speaking more desperately like he was trying to avoid the situation.

"Trust me, they won't. I'll make sure of it." I moved down to begin suckling his neck as I started to pull off our shirts. Mine came off effortlessly, of course, along with my pants. I finally managed to get Sam to grudgingly release the grip he had on his shirt and I threw it to the side. I began working on his pants.

"Brandon... this isn't right."

"Just let go hon."

"What's wrong with you? Get off me!" he kneed me right in the balls before pushing me off of him. I laid on the floor in agony as I held onto my bruised orbs. Samson ran back over to me and flipped me onto my back. "I don't know what the hell you think you were doing but when I say stop, it means stop."

I couldn't hold myself back, "Fuck me!"

"What the hell's wrong with you?" he reached his paw to my forehead, "It feels like you've got a fever."

"Help me!"

"Oh, I'm going to help you. Just not in the way you think." He stood up and put his shirt back on. "Wait here I'll be back. I'm going to get help." He walked out of the room leaving me alone to my own devices.


I stumbled out into the hallway with my disheveled fur and clothes. I scanned the hall for anyone I could find when I finally spotted Amelia walking down the hall.

"Amelia! Can you help me with something?"

She stopped in her tracks and spoke to me in her usual high-pitched and nasally voice, "Sure Samson. What do you need?"

"It's rather... personal. I need some on to help me with Brandon there's something wrong with him."

"Well I got that from what I've heard from the party but, I'm not sure I can help you with that."

"No that's not what I mean, anyway we've made up. I mean that he's acting strangely." We began walking toward the gymnasium.


"Yeah. I'm not sure but it's almost like he just tried to rape me in the locker room." She stopped dead in her tracks.

"He tried to rape you?! I think a police officer would be more help than I can." She looked into my eyes with a worried expression.

I tried to put her at ease, "He has a fever I'm not sure he was even aware of what he was doing. I need to get him to a doctor. Can you help me?"

"Huh..." She looked around taking in what I was telling her, "Sure we can take my car. Where is he?"

"In the locker room showers. We need to hurry." She nodded her head at me as we ran to the locker room throwing the doors aside. "Let me go in first. I'll see if he's... dressed."

I walked into the room to find him still laying on the floor in his underwear.

"Come on let's get you dressed." I picked up his shirt and pants. I managed to get his pants on by distracting him with a kiss. His shirt was harder to get on though and eventually I just gave up all together. I helped him to his feet and started to lead him out of the room.

"Mmm... Where are we going babe?"

"Somewhere special. I assure you."

"Sounds fun."

"Uhh... yup I'm sure it will be... more or less." I mumbled under my breath, "Maybe I'll get them to give you a prostate exam while they're at it..." I finally got him out of the room where Amelia helped me the rest of the way to her car. She drove us to the same hospital I went to for my back. It like we were become regulars here. "Thanks Amelia. I can take it from here. Owe ya one."

"Anytime. Lemme know how it goes, okay." I waved as I walked Brandon through the sliding doors.

I don't really know what was going on inside his head but he pushed me down to the floor falling on top of me. "Whuah!" A couple of nurses rushed over to help me up.

"Are you okay sir?" one of the nurses asked me as she brushed the dust off my sleeve. She looked familiar.

"Yeah, I'm fine. My boyfriend needs help though he's acting very strangely."

One of the burses turned her attention to my shirtless lover, she took his pulse and felt his forehead before taking him to the back. The nurse that was still with me gave me a familiar smile, "I remember you. You were here for your spine a few weeks ago. Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah. I can't believe you remembered me that well."

"I'm make it my duty to remember the important patients. Are you keeping up with your medicine?"

I giggled as I answered her, "Yes, I am. And my back hasn't given me a single problem since."

"I'm glad to hear that. Now has he been drinking again?"

I was dead serious this time, "No. At least not that I know bout and I've been with him virtually every second for the past three days. It's so strange he's never acted like this to me befo... well once four days ago and he was drunk. I'm sure you know all about that."

"Yes, I do. I helped treat him."

I looked off into the distance, "But, even then he didn't try to rape me. There was some... uncomfortable touching but not rape."

"He tried to rape you!?" she sounded shocked at my accusation, and for good reason.

"Do me a favor and keep that part between us. We... don't need to get the police involved, I won't press charges. It's like he was someone else."

"I think I understand. Now, let's go and see what's going on. Shall we?" she crane her neck towards the back and started walking with me trailing behind her. She led me into the room where the other nurse had taken Brandon. She looked to be taking his blood pressure when I walked in.

"Has anything unusual happened to you recently Mr. Carrie?"

I answered for him, "No. the most unusual thing to happen to him was when he got his stomach pumped a few days ago."

"Have you been having any headaches recently or other pains?"

He pointed at her playfully, "Yeah! How did you know?" she just smiled and nodded at him.

She motioned for the other nurse to come over, she whispered something into the other nurse's ear. I flicked mine trying to drop in on what she was saying but to no avail. The other nurse laughed as she said, "Really! Wow... now it all makes sense."

I interrupted with my worried tone, "What makes sense?"

"Uhm... Mr. Temmek it would appear that your boyfriend is... in heat." She couldn't keep a straight face as she told me.

"Really? I've been in heat three times before and it doesn't do this to me." I said in a calmer tone surprised that it was that simple.

"How much do you know about heat Samson?" the second nurse asked.

"Well I know everything they teach us in health and sex-ed about it. The female members of most species go through it a few times a year when their bodies are ready for fertilization. Males of some groups of animals are also known to go through a similar process usually brought on by pheromones or environmental factors which drive them to mate... I also know it sucks from my experiences with it."

"Well then you're quite aware that feline males are susceptible to male heats. Do you know if he's been through one before?"

"No, I don't. It's not the subject that casually comes up in conversation since most males are embarrassed by it. ... I can call his sister, she might know."

Brandon interrupted us, "Baby I thought you said we were going someplace where we could have some fun."

I turned my attention to the giggling nurses, "In the meantime is there anything we can do for... Romeo over there?"

"Well there's nothing 'we' can do. But there are several options for things that 'you' can do while we wait for the doctor."

I pulled the aside and whispered to them so lover boy couldn't hear, "You're not suggesting that he and I have... ya know, while he's like this. Are you? Can't we just give him a shot of lidocaine or Diazepam? Oh! Or, or uh... Lorazepam! I here that stuff works great at knocking people out."

"I'm afraid not, Lidocaine is only a local anesthetic and Diazepam and Lorazepam are only used in emergency medicine and for surgeries. In fact I believe we used Diazepam when you came in for your surgery. Where did you even learn about them anyway?"

"I've had a lot of time to watch daytime television the past two weeks."

The second nurse chimed in, "Now, since he's not currently dying of blunt force trauma and the doctor will probably need him to be both conscious and alive when he gets here, I suggest you call his sister and then do what boyfriends do."

Has every one lost their minds!? Oh hell, what am I saying? I just suggested they drug my boyfriend into unconsciousness so that I don't have to make love to him in a hospital. I'm not really acting very sane either right now, "You can't really be serious."

"It's the best solution we've got right now if you really want to make this easier for him."

"We have several types of lube available if you're interested." My mouth was hanging open at her suggestion.

"I think I'll make do with what I've got." The second nurse walked over to the monitor and looked like she was pondering something.

"Come to think of it we don't really know how long this has been going on. We can't be certain that a mating session will help. Maybe we should wait for the doctor to get here first."

The first nurse walked to the side of the bed, "Mr. Carrie? Do you remember when you first started feeling like this?"

He looked at her in a daze, "I don't know. Maybe two weeks?"

"Two weeks! This may be bad."

"How? All of mine lasted for three each."

"I assume that you two have regular sex."

"Normally but the brace made that kind of hard we only just started having actual sex again on Saturday."

"Interesting that should be enough to end a heat. Something must have gone wrong. I'll be back." The nurses walked out of the room before I had a chance to ask them any questions about how serious my lover's condition was.

I was stroking Brandon's ear while he was in a heat induced daze as the doctor entered the room.

"Hello. You must be Samson. Did you manage to get ahold of his sister?"

"Yes. She doesn't remember him ever going through a heat before so I'm guessing this is his first."

"That des make sense since he doesn't seem like he recognized any of the signs and let it get this far."

"Again doctor I'm confused about this. He's only been in heat for two weeks and is like this. I've been in it for three weeks before and, aside from minor irritability, more sensual dreams, and a few other things I wish not to discus, I was perfectly fine."

"You were likely medicated for it. Right?"

"Yeah. I was all three times." I was a little skeptical about where he was going with this because I doubt people went through this every time they got a heat before the medicine was invented.

"This is his first heat and the medicine you had helps build up a tolerance for it when mating is an undesired solution or is just impractical. He's been dealing with this on his own for two weeks without being medicated and from what I've heard from the nurses mating hasn't helped his situation so that means he's probably coming into the final stages now." He picked up his clip board before walking over to the counter on the far side of the room and grabbing a pen.

"What do you mean 'final stages'?" I was worried normally those word meant bad news, like terminal illness bad.

"I just mean that his heat is coming to an end naturally. Medicine will help him through it and will make him more manageable. Next time I suggest coming to see us sooner. We do have specialists for these kinds of things for a reason. Might as well use them." The doctor tore a piece of paper off of his pad and handed it to me. "Here is his prescription make sure he takes it every day until I runs out and he'll be fine. Until then I suggest you go home and... enjoy yourself."

I grudgingly replied at his almost condescending voice, "Thank you doctor."

And with that he left the room leaving us alone.


And so ends Episode Two. I must say this chapter took a completely different turn from where it was supposed to go. At some point I just started writing what came to me and just went with it. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun writing the next few episodes so I don't expect them to take too long to write.

I know I went way out there with the plot and narrative with this one so, sorry if it didn't live up to expectations it's one of those chapters that just... happened. The last one that wrote its self was Episode Nine in Season One which was pretty good so I hope second time's a charm too.

Happy reading and look out for the second instalment of the 'Monte and Me' Mini Series to be coming out soon.

This is the first of a two part special the second episode is currently in the works and will hopefully be finished by Friday.

Please remember to leave a comment with your thoughts. I always enjoy feedback it helps me become a better author by knowing what works and what doesn't. So thanks in advance.

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