The Calm Before The Storm Scrapped Interlude

Story by Tessler on SoFurry

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Hearing the sound of Lego bricks being put together,

with only a few seconds between individual clicks and clacks, Hilda could only

wonder what her young nephew was building as she passed by his bedroom. A good

eleven years had passed since her and Cheren had arrived in Johto, along with

Ethan. Since then, not much had changed, he and their son Nathan had been doing

well in school, save for an occasional bully that would go and pick on Ethan

for some unexplained reasons.

She didn't understand why. After all, he always kept

to himself, and thanks to some girl at the school, whom Ethan would try to

avoid as much as he could, he started to prefer being alone. And Hilda didn't

want that. Sure, he still had Nathan for a friend as well as a brother figure,

but that wouldn't last. Thinking that it'd be the best option, she considered

taking to a Breeder, and get him either a Pokémon Egg, or a newborn Pokémon

that was ready to be sold.The

night before....

"What are we going to do, Cheren?" Hilda had asked,

as the two sat at the dining room table, their son and nephew having gone to

bed, the weekend ahead for the two kids. "His grades are still good, but that

little witch just won't leave him alone!"

"Calm down, Hilda." Cheren pleaded, not wanting the

kids to wake up.


will not remain calm, Cheren!" she yelled, clenching

her fists, her arms twitching. "Our

nephew is being harassed by some waste of breath that will try to attack him

with any chance she can get!" Stopping to take a breath, Hilda began to

calm down, and had asked "What did he say that her name was..."

"Didn't he say that it was some girl by the name of

Amanda?" Cheren had asked, remaining cool.

"Yes, that's it, thank you Cheren!" Hilda exclaimed.

Closing her eyes, she had remembered of how her younger brother had shown more

fondness for being around Pokémon than humans, save for his closest friends as

well as the family, but before she began to think more deeply of her past, it

then hit her. "What if we were to get him a Pokémon?"

Surprised by her question, Cheren remembered of her

opposition to the idea of Pokémon Trainers starting at an early age. Was she

beginning to have a change of heart? "Are you saying that you want him to drop

out of school, and travel as a Pokémon Trainer like us?"

Laughing, she replied "Of course not! If all of his

school friends are going to be separated from him because of that Amanda girl,

then we might as well get him a friend that he can always look forward to

seeing at home, where she won't be able to grab him or her."

"I suppose." Cheren had responded.

"I'll take him to the breeder not too far from

here." Hilda continued with a smile. She was ready to turn off a light, only to

notice Cheren raise a finger.

"One last question; What about Nathan? It wouldn't

be fair to leave him out of this."

"Not a problem. I'll just take the two with me

tomorrow." She replied.

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