Commission: My Little Pony: Battle of Princess and Gods

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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It's hard being the princess to an entire pony kingdom and sometimes in order to keep the peace you're forced to make deals that you would otherwise never make. That is the case for Princess Celestia having made a deal with the always deceptive Discord who has managed to behave himself over the course of their agreed time and now the princess must give in on her side of the deal, a wrestling match in the form of his own choosing.

I was paid to write it, please don't hurt me. I'm not much of a pony fan, I've seen the show, but only really to find out what it was like and I'm more neutral on it than anything else. The story was inspired by a picture that was released of an muscular anthro Celestia wrestling with a muscular anthro Discord that caused handofblades to pay me to write it. I did my best and used my basic knowledge of the show to create the world where such a thing could be possible. Honestly, the idea was weird, but I wrote it, and I stand by it. I hope you all like it as well.

Celestia vs Discord

Every step she made with her hooved feet brought her closer to that throne, her eyes focused on them as she looked over the towering stained glass windows that took up her room. The many adventures that had accompanied her, her sister, and her student, were on full display, a picture gallery of history that rained down the colors of the glass around her in order to fill her mane with further with the colors of daybreak. The stars that colored her hair were few, but the soft tones that showed through well made up for those seldom sparkles that occasionally poked their way from the depths of the sunlight that was represented through her mane. This ruler of an entire kingdom, this magical princess of her fellow ponies was know for her compassion, for her understanding, and most importantly for the history that she had not only lived through but was easily apart of all throughout Canterlot's reign. She had been out of the adventuring career for some time now, having promoted her closest pupil to handle such things where she was left to watch over the country side and apply help where it was actually needed. Was it a boring job? Not even slightly, but it was a job that she took very seriously and despite the common coolness of her demeanor she was able to find herself drinking down her own stress, hiding it away, and secretly looking for any level of excitement to be able to work that out. This was why she'd made the deals that she did out and about. Her past enemies having taken a vow of pacifism towards her kingdom and in return she would provide a predetermined favor done in the fashion of their choosing. That was why when she reached her thrown it didn't have the usual softness that she'd found common and normal in her everyday practices, but instead it felt soft like hide, but the more she sat into it the more she found the harder points of bone and muscle. This princess gasped, moving to stand up again quickly at the realization that she was sitting on someone, but that deep chuckle that filled the room brought his hands around her, one hand as a lion the other as an eagle's talon and with them moving to wrap around her slowly, hugging her, scooping her closer into his grasp her struggling only became more apparent that she wanted to get away from this creature.

"Oh come now, Princess Celestia..." he said with an easy pause in the middle of his sentence, the tone of his voice deep and male, but clearly peaceful, "You couldn't have forgotten our arrangement, could you? A little agreement that we made to help cut you away from the boring duties of your dull castle life..."

The princess would sigh at his clearly jarring approach, something that she'd grown used to ever since he was released from stone, but with a fast snap she'd show her authority, "Release me, Discord, I have not forgotten our deal. Let me locate a suitable place to handle such an affair and we'll get..."

"I already have a place picked out Princess." He interrupted quickly, but doing as she wished and releasing the girl from his hold in order to allow her hooves to come down on the clear grassy area, "And look! Here we are!"

The area looked like the field of grass went on forever, maybe one of his small pocket dimensions, maybe just a place that he knew about in his travels, either way she didn't have to worry about anyone walking in on them while the two accomplished her deal with him. In the past, the two had made a small pact, an agreement that if Discord was able to fully behave himself over a period of time then she would meet him in a friendly duel, a fight with sexual implications where the winner would be determined by who could force the loser to reach orgasm first. If anything it was an interesting idea, but still the prudish princess found the very concept of this mixed up beast to be clearly disgusting, and the very concept of him having his hands on her, trying to force her into something that she preserved in herself, little more than abominable. Still it wasn't entirely her call, the choice was being agreeing to such a thing, or to allow him to run around again without the elements of friendship to stop him. This alone made that decision for her, she had to agree to it in order to preserve her kingdom from this chaos god's wrath.

While he floated upside down over her the mixed up beast smiled easily at her, "Don't forget that the choice of battle is my own, and so I think that for our first meeting we should go just a little outside of our comfort zones don't you?"

With an easy snap of his finger their bodies began to swell, their figures growing in muscle mass, bones altering, organs moving, their very shape changing to accommodate his will and while his body didn't change that much, only the legs and arms growling longer with the body bulking up and the entire figure looking far more muscular than before, Celestia's body went through a dramatic alteration. Before she was a beautiful pony princess, the ruler of her entire kingdom, and now she have lost her hooves, her body standing on two legs with the front two not only fully formed into arms, but set with fingers. Her body was naked, bare, just as it was before, but still covered in a thin layer of her usual white fur. Her tail flowing still even if her mane had turned clearly into full on hair along her head and the back of her neck. Large breasts set at the front of her chest, massive in size and eagerly enticing towards the mixed up creature that had done this to her. Even her hips showed well the curves that her body would have in this figure. Beautiful by nature, she would be beautiful in any form that she took, and this was simply one of them. She wasn't exactly at a disadvantage against this now strong beast that set before her, either, her own body was built in with a strong level of muscle just as his was, placing them on near equal ground to one another. He had changed the least between the two of them, but even so her body showed itself off well, and this wasn't the first time she'd been forced to walk around on only two legs.

"Is this all, Discord. I was expecting a bit more out of you." She said, taunting him, wanting to get him riled up for the fight that was going to be breaking out, but her words only made him smile.

"Oh no, Princess. This is only the start. We're also not permitted to use our magic." He responded, the soft smile wrapped around his lips growing even larger while the horn on her head was taken away suddenly, poofing to what seemed out of existence before he'd open his mouth to her and rolling that forked tongue out, displaying what looked to be her horn shrunken down and piercing his tongue like a ring. His own magic leaving his body, flowing from him in a green fog that lifted from his figure. It stayed in place for a second, hovering between them, showing itself off as it gathered and drained the chaos beast of his powers, but then in a flash of a second the mist would arch down at her, coming in contact with that newly formed clit of hers in order to pierce it there on the spot, swelling, gathering, stretching, and then compacting down into it's own bar, "These will help with pleasure. As we fight our magic has a chance to activate in a hard blast. Yours to my mouth, and mine to your.... lower mouth. The first to cum loses."

"Very well, Discord. Let us begin."


Where Celestia relied almost entirely on her magic most of the time to fight the idea of wrestling such a creature was almost discouraging, but then again she did have to acknowledge that he was similar. In all of her time of knowing him he'd always used his magical powers to handle all of his fights for him leaving her to feel far better about having to take him on in this way. It was the wrestling itself that really bothered her, having to struggle, grapple, and try and force him down into a submission, if not a full on climax was something that seemed far harder in such a body, but she wouldn't be much of a princess if she didn't at least try. That small touch of doubt was all Discord needed, though, and with a fast swing of his serpent tail to crash against the side of her knee and buckle it the princess that was used to standing on four legs was suddenly reduced to one forcing her to gasp out quickly while she worked to regain her balance. This little bit of a distraction gave the chaos god the chance to swoop in quickly, his strong lion-like arm wrapping around the backside of her neck with his forearm at her throat so that when he leaned backwards she'd be forced to follow and when he dropped down onto his back on this hard grown her face would be the first thing to impact a full second before his body did, stinging her snout in a deep grunt while he worked to hold her there, wanting to grind her face into the dirt. It was a good starting move, and if the princess didn't do something quickly to get herself free then it was going to be her last and she'd have to hear about it for a long while as he had his way with her. The movement of her struggled worked to try and push him down, to try and break his hold on her, but that jawline of hers didn't permit such a thing even as she grunted to use her new-found strength to try.

Celestia might not be the most comfortable on too feet, but it wasn't something she was entirely unused to thanks to the various portals that she'd uncovered in her days. The strength thing was absolutely something new to her, but it was something that she could learn to use. If this pale horse couldn't pull herself away from his arm then she had no choice but to take him with her as she lifted herself from him. Those strong furred arms moving to wrap around his buff body, struggling and groaning as she worked to kick herself back to her feet once more, lifting his full body with her thanks to the muscled girth that he'd granted her, and soon that white body would fall backwards all on her own, releasing him on the way down to literally throw the mixed up beast off of her figure and having the chance to watch him land head first into the ground before being forced to roll under his own muscular weight. Neither were going to rest there, though, and while they quickly turned to pick themselves up the sudden gasp came over the princess as she felt that magical energy of his starting to tingle against her clit. It was well outside of his control, simply acting on it's own, but would work as a distraction while she pushed herself to her feet, and a distraction that she really couldn't afford given what was on the line between them. Discord couldn't help but find himself occasionally suckling on that horn, ignoring it for the most part the best he was able, but catching himself doing it more and more often while that tongue ring of his seemed to actually throb in his mouth. It wasn't big enough anymore to really effect him, but the tongue ring did make itself known on occasions.

When she turned her eyes down to her strong body all she was able to see was the top of her large tits, but even that was enough to take her eyes off of Discord who was already closing in again. His hands reached for her quickly, but with luck she was able to bound to the right just enough to get out of the way of it and leave the that mixed up figure open for her quickly lifting kick from those powerful legs crushing down against his strong, built abs. The force of the blow driving him to jump back, but those arms quickly wrapped around her leg working to fall down once again with his own dragon and equine leg wrapping around hers in order to force this girl to fall backwards away from him. The large, strong, creature of chaos would quickly start to twist that foot, bringing the girl to writhe in pain from his ankle lock on her even as she lifted the other foot for the purpose of stomping into the ground just to try and subside that pain. In the oddest sensation the more pain that she felt from him the harder his power throbbed against her clit forcing her back to arch and her lungs to empty in a deep call, but she wasn't giving up just yet, not when she still had fight left in her, the juicy and dripping slit saying otherwise. With that foot lifting high into the air she'd once again rely on the strength she knew nothing about, slamming that toed foot straight down and into his stomach, forcing him to release her for the purpose of wrapping his arms around the now wounded abs while he moved to try and roll away from her. Discord wasn't getting far, though, not while she had anything to so about it, and while she moved to try and get over him that tongue came out of his mouth once again, biting down on it just to add that little boost of pain and send a harsh stream of raw magical energy to collide with her person, throwing her backwards into the air to land with a hard oomph on the ground.

The pony princess slowly rolled to try and pick herself up, her furred snout rubbing against the ground where that blast had taken a lot out of her. The magic was no longer bound to her, but the pain that it caused when it hit her clearly in the torso was obviously enough to drive her into considering staying down. Discord saw the opportunity, shrugging off his wounded abs and not willing to pass up this opportunity to get back at her a bit, his figure came down quickly onto her back, wrapping himself around her with his strong legs crossing around her thighs, and his arms passing in front of her. At first he was taking hold of her massive tits, squeezing them, paying with them, feeling around the nipples and while this drove her to moan out deeply and loudly in a deep groan her hands quickly reached up to stop him, trying to push his hands away. This was only part of his plan, though, taking hold of those wrists with opposite hands for the entirely purpose of crossing them over one another in front of her throat. Celestia struggled, tried to pull free, but while she was on her side, her large breast crushed into the ground while the other shivered at her very movement, the equine woman found herself completely trapped while her airway was being squeezed down by her own muscular arms. Those lips opening trying to call out only to hear her voice muffled at the strain of it all, and her hips grinding against that clit ring that was still vibrating against her figure. Long gasps, deep moans, she needed to find a way out, she needed to get the upper-hand again. She could even see his smiling face staring down at her, looking over her beautiful body while he planned out how he was going to use her. Those hips even grinding against her own, allowing her to feel that sheath rubbing along her pert, perfectly formed, rear and driving her slit to leak it's delight out even more in anticipation for a nice long, hard, fucking.

She had to find a way to recover from this, she needed to get out of this situation entirely, but how? As she pulled her arms she found that his body wasn't budging, but hers did and that was going to be her way out of this. Those hips moving to roll against Discord's figure, those arms pulling to add strength to this roll and soon she was turned around, facing him, his hands still holding her wrists, those legs of his still wrapped around her hips, but she was facing him now if nothing else and that was all that Celestia really needed. The god of chaos looked on at this, gasping at her resilience and decided that if he might as well give her another hard dose of her own energies. That tongue moving to come out of his mouth once more, his sharp teeth biting down on it in order to instill more pain through it, but this time she'd managed to break her hand free, gripping the horn on the back of his head and forcing that skull past her face and over her shoulder so that when he fired off that beam of magic it would miss her leaving the girl to wrap her arm around the back of his neck just as he did her at the start of this fight, but she wasn't here to slam his face into the ground, no, she was going to keep herself upright, squeezing down on that neck in order to cut off the air supply the best she was able to.


Discord was already struggling, trying to push her back, his legs releasing her in order to do so, but finding that hold she had on him to be a bit too much to really do anything. He'd have to do to her what she did to him earlier and try and force enough pain into her to make the equine woman let go, but before he could her legs worked to wrap around his hips, trapping her abs against his own and stopping that copied plan that he had of hurting her stomach. Instead what he felt was her hips lifting, grinding along his own and while he felt the touch of those large breasts over his shoulder there was little that this mixed-up creature could do in order to stop that thick member from starting to slide out. The deep moaning feeling came from him as the sensitive tip touched against her lower lips just before she'd drop her princess hips down hard crushing the length of his hot dick inside of her and force a deep groan from herself in a loud call of pleasure and lust. It wasn't how she wanted to win the fight against him, but it absolutely was the most amazing way to do it. The more she dropped her large rump, feeding that cock into her cunny, the more she felt stretched by it, the depths that it was reaching tunneling through her and forcing that head of hers backward which in turn tensed her body and her arms more closing off more of that airway. Soon Discord couldn't breath at all, simply locked in this position while his hips worked against him, ignoring his brain and driving itself into her body while she smashed her swollen cunny lips down against him all the way to his base. Princess Celestia had never imagined that such a matching could be possible, or could feel so outstanding, but here she was, panting, almost drooling at the feeling of it.

Even through her stuttered breaths her hold held tight, her grip on him never failing and while she knew she could last a ways longer, could stand dropping herself down on him like this for at least a short time more to come, the feeling of that throbbing member proved to her that he could not. This wasn't the time to gloat, though, it was far too soon for that, but instead while she had him at her mercy those hips would stop dropping, allowing him to fuck her, allowing him to thrust into her, allowing this god to penetrate her all on his own so that he would know by the time he came that it was entirely his own bodies fault, that she had outlasted him not because she made him cum, but because he made himself reach his own orgasm. With that tip leaking out, with it passing it's pre into her tunnel, this girl would moan loudly to him, filling his ears with the sound of her cool toned voice. If Discord could speak then he would be saying that he wasn't done yet, but with her harm pinching down his throat that creature of chaos couldn't say anything back to her and instead continued to drive his hips into her out of pure instinct. She'd stopped moving against him, and now he was feeling himself driving into that soft flesh, that tender tunnel, his balls tensing up, his hard cock aching for release, and just as she gripped down tighter around his neck he felt his thick member burst with a heavy flow of juicy chaos cum pouring into her, gushing inside of her, flooding her more and more until finally the extra liquid just burst from her lips down over his own balls. That arm finally releasing him, giving him the chance to finally breath once more while he fell backwards away from her. That princess was without mercy, though, even harder such a hard dumping of his swollen testicles into her figure the princess continued to ride him, pressing her hands against his strong and firm chest as her hips lifted and dropped all the new, riding out his pleasure, torturing that extra sensitive dick and smiling at him the entire time that he groaned to her to give him a minute. No, she wasn't going to allow this beast to break, she had won him, and she was going to use him until she was done, just as he would do to her in this same situation.

The ruthlessness of her forced a smile across his lips, watching her, eying her, and even as he could barely stand the feeling of her riding him after such a hard climax the chaos beast still reached a hand up to easily play over her massive tits just before her hands lifted to force his back into the dirt over his head. She was in control, and while he nodded his submission to her the two would continue their long and hard session, the movement of her large perfect equine rump, the texture of his fantastically shaped dick, and the squeezing sensation of her deep tunnel made the two share a long time together in this field, riding, grinding, thrusting, and rolling around to share their time until his spell would wear off, whenever that would be, and allowing them plenty of time to show the very rare display of intimacy that they were finally permitted to unlock. It was a time of passion, a period of hard romance, and wither that was just the spell he had on them, or any level of real feelings it was hard to say, but it this day was going to change the feelings that they had over one another for a long time to come.

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