Beyond Friendship is Magic

The first thing I heard was a high-pitched scream that reverberated throughout the entire Carousel Boutique. I was so startled, I fell right off the sofa and fell face-first onto the floor. I was still half asleep at the time, but the force of...

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic The forgotten and the forgiven

#1 of my little pony my little pony friendship is magic the forgotten and the forgiven not many reviews, so i am guessing that... a. nobody cares for the cheesy story. b. it didn't come out to good. c. everyone wants pinkie pie back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Litte Pony; Friendship is Magic A little help

#2 of my little pony my little pony; friendship is magic a little help i ask that people here please take this story seriously. i know that i may not be as good as a writer like my older brother, heartless dragon, but i wish to be. i truly do.

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My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic. Not an offical chapter

#3 of my little pony my little pony friendship is magic not an official chapter not much to say except trying to improve character quality.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A regualr Day.

#5 of my little pony my little pony friendship is magic a regular day new weird shit i'm doing here and its only because i fell in love with my little pony the first five episodes and now i'm finally caught up to current.

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Sparkles and Scales

Custom cover artwork by elza fox editing and so much more by klamnei friendship is magic: sparkles and scales by winter quill twilight sparkle felt like her world had come crashing down around her shoulders.

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Rape Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

This story is my little pony: friendship is magic fanfiction. "go on, piss already. i'm gonna be late." butch's dog took its sweet time sniffing at the bush. it then looked at its master and whined.


My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic: Friends Beyond Magic

#4 of my little pony my little pony friendship is magic friends beyond magic this chapter will not have pinkie pie breaking the fourth wall. what?! aww come on dracie! no! in addition, please do not call me that!

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Hallowtide: Chapter One

"oh, look, they've recommended an episode of 'friendship is magic'. we should watch that next! it will be a pleasant change of pace from the _ghostbusters_film." "'friendship is magic'?"

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09 - Tumble Weeds

The heat of the volcanic craters lessened as they plodded wearily through the night, and the darkness was too thick for any of the dragons to find them. No ponies spoke as they cantered uneasily through the dusty oblivion of the Badlands. The stone...

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MLP:FiM: Chapture 3: No Friends, No Problem

It was 9 in the morning and Applejack was pounding at Washington's door, shouting " Wake. Up. Now. Wash!.". Washington gowned. He rolled over and shouted back in a almost comprehensible language "Applejack. It our day off. Let me sleep.". ...

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05 - Luna’s Call

_"Quilliam ... Quilliam ..."_ The voice echoed through the fields as the purple darkness rolled in to crush out the light of day. The grasslands sprawled in every direction ... spreading into the vastness of infinity. Unreachable goals ......

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