Bull Daddy's Bedwarmer

Story by Gruffy on SoFurry

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#5 of Blue Paws Amateur Showcase

Bull Daddy's Bedwarmer


This is a "Blue Stars Productions' amateur showcase commission, featuring the fursona Nisabu for avatar?user=329143&character=0&clevel=2 FoxyJ and graciously sponsored for him by the generous avatar?user=73004&character=0&clevel=2 Xenin - who has a few other stories coming up as well, so you give him a big thanks for getting all these interesting stories out here! I hope you have a fun read, and I look forward to seeing your comments!


Blue Paws Online Exclusives - "Nisabu & Harold"

Studio: Blue Paws Productions Ltd.

Duration: 28 minutes

Director: Max Field

Starring: Nisabu, Harold

All rights reserved.

All performers were over the age of 18 at the time of cinematography


"Hey there!" a disembodied voice spoke into the bedroom, sparsely furnished for their purposes, but still comfortable enough, well lit, and with a bed equipped with enough pillows to provide for even the most adventurous positions, if necessary.

"Sup" a big, booming voice replied to the call. It came from a middle-aged bull who sat on the bed, with his broad back resting against the headboard. He was a huge, burly man, not a wonder, being a bovine who were definitely not known for being tiny in any respect, but this one truly had the bulk to show as well. His deeply muscled body, the salt and pepper sprinkling of hair over his chest and the dark, piercing eyes were even further complemented by the shiny stainless steel ring piercing through his snout that made him look even wilder, and unquestionably raunchy as well. He wore a black jockstrap and a black leather harness, and nothing else, and seemed more than happy with his current state of being under the scrutiny.

"Who's your friend today, Harold?" the voice asked again.

The bull grinned and dropped one of his big, huge hands over the shoulder of a small, timid fox sitting over the bull's knee. The fox's bushy tail flicked quickly against his own folded leg and he looked shyly at the big man who had now touched him. He wore tight-fitting blue undies and nothing more, and looked very small indeed, sitting by the bull who towered over him even while he was in a seated position.

"Come on," the bull rumbled, with a smirk, "tell your name for everyone out there."

"H-hi..." the fox mumbled, "I'm Nisabu..."

"I heard this is your first time appearing in a film like this, is that so?" the mystery voice asked again.

The fox's ears flicked quickly.

"Yeah...heh..." he said, sounding very nervous," that's true."

"Why do you want to appear in a porn flick?" the voice asked.

The fox giggled. The big, pierced bull he sat on grinned, and rubbed his big paw down along the little fox's back. The younger male let out a surprised yip, but tried to remain calm on his perch on the bull's thick thigh.

"I just...wanted to try something new?" he said.

Now the bull laughed, a rough, rattling chuckle that was partway between a chortle and a moo.

"Spoken like a true fox, eh..." the bull called Harold said. The paw on the fox's shoulder suddenly slid lower down along his bare back and ruffled the base of the quietly giggling fox's bushy tail.

"Uh...hmmm...maybe?" said Nisabu.

The disembodied voice broke into laughter as well, a brief one.

"I better give you guys some space, then...have fun!"

"I'm sure we will," Harold said with a grin, before he gripped the fox's long, pointed chin between two huge fingers and pulled the fox into a kiss.

One could easily see how Nisabu shivered, being kissed by the big, aggressive bull like that. The daddy bovine's tongue punched against the fox's lips and slipped inside to plunder his muzzle, even while Harold's big paw slipped under the fox's tail and pulled him up and over his chest. Nisabu was sprawled onto the hairy mattress of the daddy's bosom, their lips plastered together in a wet, heady, noisy kiss. His tail swished happily from side to side, resting on top of the big daddy bull whose pleased rumblings filled the fox's chest as well.

Nisabu's timid paws reached for the bull's leather-adorned shoulders and squeezed them ever so carefully, though nothing he could have done would've had the strength to harm the bull in any way, and even then the bull might have actually liked it. Even now he let out an approving moo and slipped his own big paws down along Nisabu's back, in a rough, quick caress that terminated only when he reached the fox's butt and cupped each half into his palms.

"Hmmmh..." murmured the bull, "nice slut fox..."

"Hmmmmhh..." Nisabu moaned, his ears drooping meekly. The bull fondled his ass with rough paws, pushing his rump cheeks together, rubbing them and then prying them apart, all through the undies that Nisabu still wore to cover whatever little modesty remained for him. His wagging tail tickled along the bull's bare tree trunk legs and made him put out extra rumbles of approval while he toyed with the small fox on his lap. The fox certainly felt the bull's nine inches of solid cock pressing onto his belly, even through the pliant leather of the jockstrap that covered his stalk. It dwarfed the fox's own endowment that was certainly rock hard in its own right, resting above the snug, compact balls that were fueling the fox's own lust.

The bull's deep, masculine scent and the feel of such strong paws pressing him down onto the daddy bull's body were even better. The submissive pleasure of giving himself up to someone so strong, fragrant, masculine, perfect in every ways was intoxicating the fox, who could only do the one thing that came into his mind on such a moment. He wanted to give himself to the bull, the master of his pleasure, to submit himself to be used in whatever way the bull saw fit. The fox would've never even thought of speaking such things aloud, but it seemed that the bull could read his mind, and acted accordingly, to show him the proverbial ropes.

Who knows, maybe he had a little stash of the real thing under the bed, too.

"Taste daddy right, boy..." Harold rumbled.

The bull threw one beefy arm over and then folded it behind his head, to expose one musky, deep armpit for full view. A tuff of dark, fragrant hair adorned this particular spot of his body and sent a whiff of deeply manly scent to the fox's sensitive nosepad.

"Lick daddy's pit," the bull said.

He didn't have to exert any physical force upon the small fox. The simple scent lingering on the fox's nosepad led the way for him, moving his muzzle over from the bull's pierced snout to reach for the treasure pit under the bull's arm, now ready to receive his worshipful attention.

Nisabu's pink tongue extended between his lips and took a careful lap through the wispy hair covering the pit, just as his nose was buried onto the fragrant streaks that helped to retain the bull's deep scent. The fox whimpered, softly, and his tail went rigid upon his sampling of the remarkable, heady mixture of bovine skin and sweat.

"Yeah...dive in, slutboy..." Harold encouraged the fox's exploration of his body, and gave an approving rumble, "check out what a real man tastes like..."

"Ahhh..." Nisabu gasped softly, with his nose buried into the bull's pit .

Harold appeared pleased with the worshipful treatment of his pit, and let out a deep 'moo' . He dropped a strong hand over the fox's neck and made sure he would remain exactly where he was now, nuzzling and playing with the muscular hollow under the bull's strong arm. The big bull luxuriated and rumbled while the little fox continued to play with him, obviously content for now to simply enjoy this kind of play, of the fox submitting to the powerful male's private musk. The fox was surely intimidated by the feeling of the relatively huge bulge of his shaft, too, pressing to the silky furs of Nisabu's belly, a pulsing testament to his intense arousal at manipulating the fox to his will.

"Good boy..." Harold murmured," nice lil' slut...yeah...oh yeah..."

The daddy bull's growls and rumbles became punctuated with very rude nothings, calling the fox repeatedly a good boy and a nice slut, and with a few rough, raunchy "yeahs" thrown in while he let the fox continue his tongue bathing of the bull's musty pit. It went on until he seemed to decide that as fun as it was to keep the fox's tongue busy, there were some other, more amusing uses for that slippery muzzle.

"Time to worship something else, boy," Harold grumbled. "Down, boy..."

The big bull thrust his hips upwards in a little bit of play-humping. Nisabu got the hint easy enough, and slowly crawled down along the bull's expansive body, to reach the leather bulge of his erection obviously vying for attention. Harold could see the fox's eyes widen up at the sight of the musky mound upon the raunchy leather jockstrap lining his tool.

"You know what to do, kid," Harold smirked. "Get on with it."

The little waggy-tailed fox braced himself on his paws and began to nuzzle the bull's groin. He inhaled the musk, and felt the warmth that radiated through the heavily scented leather and onto his own cheeks and lips that now touched the bull's intimates in such a reverent manner. The bull let his other paw join the first behind his neck and appeared very relaxed while he let the fox continue on the task ordered upon him. The fox fit neatly between his spread, hooved legs, quite absorbed in the feelings of playing ever so gently with the large bulge.

"Yeah...sniff daddy's dick for me..." Harold growled, "just imagine it sliding in your little ass...you know it's gonna go there soon..."

The fox whimpered, but did not stop his slow motions over the jockstrapped sheath of might. He seemed completely under the spell of the bull's snake staff, and he hadn't even unwrapped it from beneath the leather that kept it tantalizingly under the wraps. Its heavy pulsing could be felt even through the shaped leather, and it fueled the fox's own arousal. There was nothing tentative about the way how his cock throbbed in his undies, and how he mouthed at the bull's erection, those small paws reaching to touch the beefy thighs that would definitely propel the very same shaft into great depths under the fox's tail once they would get that far.

His asshole clenched at the very thought, and he let out a whimper, another one, a breathless, keening sound that washed heat onto the bull's steaming groin. Harold's muscled tail swatted about the bedsheets momentarily, as he enjoyed the attention, for a few further moments before he shifted on the bed.

"Stay like that, foxboy..." Harold rumbled.

The fox remained in his previous position, on all fours and ready to apply his muzzle anywhere it was desired the most. The bull climbed up to his knees and posed, arms flexing, the dark nipples upon his chest jutting out from huge pectoral muscles that glistened with sweat and shone with the curly hair that adorned them so attractively. Harold grumbled, from the simple pleasure of his own physicality, before he copped a feel of his own bulge and let out a grunt.

"Hmmmh...fuck...I'm hard..."

It really seemed like such a redundant thing to say, with the bull's erection having been poking the fox's muzzle every time the big hips flexed upwards to further the somewhat lopsided contact between their bodies. Right now a couple of inches remained, and the bull grinned, when he finally hooked thumbs under his elastic and began to pull down the leathery pouch of the jockstrap.

Nisabu watched, in his own, sweetly worshipful way, when the pointed tip appeared, framed against the bull's musclegut belly. The glistening metal of the Prince Albert piercing the bull wore proudly set up another highlight for visual pleasure, a sign of the bovine's deeply sexual, raunchy, and indeed adventurous ways. It was a smooth ring with two steel spheres along its curve, and it carried a drop of pre-cum upon it, leaking from the hole of the bull's urethral slit.

Down the voyage of the jockstrap continued, and the shaft grew thicker, a darker shade of red, all way until the fold of sheath came to view and eventually, finally, the humongous balls sprinkled with generous amounts of the same hair that made several parts of the bull's body particularly fuzzy and sexy, in consequence. Nisabu let out a small whimper of pleasure and submission as he witnessed the unfolding of the porn star daddy's thick meat, and again, the nervous tingle appeared, under his flickering tail.

"Like it, kid?" the bull grinned.

"Y-yeah..." moaned Nisabu.

Harold lost his jockstrap entirely in the next move, and only had to curve a finger to indicate the fox what he wanted to do next.

"You know what to do with it, boy," the rough daddy grumbled.

The fox even closed his eyes before he approached the bull balls of might, nuzzling onto them with great reverence. The bull remained steady on his knees and observed the sight of the fox playing so warmly with his balls, enjoying the look of that. He rumbled contentedly and began to play with his nipples by rolling them between his fingers.

"Ah...yeah...smell that man funk...suck daddy balls..." Harold drawled.

"Hhmmmhhh..." mumbled the fox, his tail wagging about while he continued to play respectfully with the large orbs that jiggled slowly under the soft little movements of the fox's muzzle touching them.

"Nice and full for ya..." Harold said. "Just wait 'n see..."

"Hmmmhhh....yeah..." moaned the fox.

"Like it in the ass, kid?" the bull seemed to be keen to carry on with the dirty talk for the moment.


"Ever had a big bull like me?" the daddy bull suggested.

"N-noo..." the fox whimpered against the bull's pendulous sack.

Harold dropped one of his calloused hands from his nipples and cupped the fox's muzzle instead.

"Time to make it real wet, kiddo."

The fox expected to get the bull's big tool in the muzzle that very instant, but instead the bull leaned over and stuck his tongue into the gaping maw. Nisabu let out a surprised gasp, but had little choice otherwise, with the large tongue swiping against his tonsils.


The grumbling daddy bull finished his oral attack with a particularly wet lick over the boy fox's muzzle. This time, when he pried the jaws open with his thick fingers, however, his other paw joined in on the fun, to smack the heavy shaft of his cock against the fox's long muzzle.


"Looking good like that," Harold commented as he looked down from this angle, to see his entire cock rest obscene against the fox's muzzle, his breaths huffing onto the musky crotch of the daddy who held him fully under his control .

"T-thank you, s-sir..." Nisabu moaned and nuzzled at the cock on his face.

Harold bopped the fox's nosepad with his Prince Albert ring and then aimed his tool at the muzzle below that, so pink and succulent that it looked like it had been made for taking in thick, hard, elongated objects belonging to well hung daddy bulls.

It looked truly dirty, the disproportionate dick, poking at the lips of the fox who could barely open his muzzle wide enough to allow the ringed tip to pass. It slid into Nisabu's maw and the lips became a taut ring about the fleshy prod slowly making its way into the twink's gulping muzzle. With so much cock to work with, there was little Nisabu could do, really, besides opening his muzzle and allowing it to enter him as easily as possible.

The bull didn't seem to mind that he was simply using the fox as his cock warmer for the moment. He hunched into the maw and tried to fix as much of his nine increasingly thick inches into the fox's long, yet narrow muzzle. It was obvious that it was something of a difficult entry, too, with that pierced tip jammed deep down the fox's throat by the time several inches were buried into the fox's warmth. Nisabu tried his best to suck on the imposing cock, but mostly the fox concentrated on breathing through his nose with whatever room that was left in his gullet.


"Oh that's right, boy..." Harold tousled the fox's head furs as he felt the fox's throat begin to contract around his shaft, "ride through the gag..."

He pulled his cock out an inch or so, to give the fox a chance to catch his breath, but immediately jammed back into the all too inviting slick warmth, and let out a satisfied 'moo!' at the feeling. The fox's ears flopped, his throat gurgled up spittle that gushed over his chin, and he let out a weak noise the bull only seemed to take in the stride before another hunching thrust into the offered orifice caused the fox's cheeks to bulge out.

"Hmmph...sweet muzz..." the bull rumbled. "Takes daddy cock good..."

The fox's eyes were teary from the amount of gagging he'd been doing in his attempt to accommodate the big bull cock as easily as possible, but he seemed to be able to press on. He even managed to bob his head a little, to give the bull some extra sensations when his meat slid back and forth in his muzzle.

"Yeah..." Harold grunted roughly, "good lil' cocksucker...hmmyeah..."

The bull's raunchy one-sided commentary accompanied his humping into the fox's maw. Those big bovine balls swung and gave Nisabu's muzzle an occasional slap. Even the bed was shaking with the force of the thrusts the bull could propel himself into with the simple tilting his hips, back and forth so that his own thickly muscled ass cheeks clenched together with nut-cracking strength. This spectacle the fox didn't see, for his eyes were mostly closed, his entire being concentrated in pleasuring the bull and his particularly thick shaft.

Deeply horned up or not, the bull daddy was definitely not going to drop his load into the fox's muzzle, no matter how sweet such an opportunity might have appeared to him. He had his sights on the dropping and rising of the fox's compact tail end, and knew that he wanted to have it.

"Let's see how good your ass is, too..."

The bull changed his positions in a four-limbed crouch, still on his knees but leaning over the fox's body so that he was effective sandwiched underneath him, muzzle still wrapped around cock while the bull's chest and belly dropped down over his back. The bull propped his weight on one arm and twisted his body so that he could have enough freedom of motion to begin to swat and fondle the fox's butt.

"Yeah...looking sweet..." Harold commented roughly, "hmmmm..."

He made the rump cheeks smart with quick slaps before he even tried to pull down the slinky cloth that formed the undies his porn partner in crime was wearing to cover his assets. Russet and white fur was revealed, along with the sweet curves that made the butt look especially appealing, propped up as it was with the fox still under the bull and struggling to take the big meat inside his muzzle. When the big paw landed on his ass and resumed the groping, it became obvious that the bull was soon planning to sample the other end of the fox too when it came to cock reception ability.

"Hmmm...." Harold seemed to approve, for now, pulling his fingers through the fox's tail as if it was a simple cleaning duster.


Harold licked his thumb and began to knead it onto the fox's taint, grinning as he watched the fox's tailhole clenched when the fingerpad slid over it. The fox's vocalizations transmitted themselves through the bull's cock as sweet rumbles that made his shaft twitch and splurt further pre-cum down Nisabu's throat.

"Just take it for daddy..." Harold mused. He continued playing with the fox's hole in the hopes of relaxing it just a little for the big challenge about to come in just a moment, if the bull had anything to say about it. The fox should better just bite his teeth together and think of the paycheck ,Harold thought somewhat darkly, and spat a big hock of spit onto the pink ring that trembled under the sudden hot and slick assault.

"There ya go..." the bull massaged his spit to the fox's asshole, "show that moneymaker to daddy..."

Nisabu raised his ass a little, wantonly, as if trying to get that big thumb inside there already as some sort of a substitute cock. The bull chuffed upon noticing this new behavior, and decided to reward the fox with an especially firm poke against his butthole.

"Hhmmm...nice and wet..."

The bull gripped the ass cheeks, tugged them apart, and then pushed them together, all the while the fox's tail swung and tickled the bull's arms.

"And teasing..." the horned daddy noted.

He gripped the fox's hips with both of his hands and pulled on them, to yank Nisabu away from his cock. It made a loud slurping noise and bounced up against his belly once the coughing fox was extracted from the bull's tool.

"Uhhhh..." breathed the fox.

The bull winked at his foxy charge and grinned.

"Get on all fours, kid."

They changed positions on the bed, Nisabu on his paws and knees and facing the head of the bed, tail raised and swinging nervously over his rump, the bull kneeling behind him and eyeing the pucker he planned to penetrate with the pierced cock he stroked slowly in one paw slickened with pre-cum and saliva. The 'whap-whap-whap" noise of that act was as unnerving for the young fox as the rough breathing it caused in the harness-wearing bull daddy.

"Time to put it in the butt..." Harold declared, with a slap on the fox's pert hindquarters as if to drive the message home.

The fox meeped. The bull replaced his spanking paw with his cock, and used its battering ram length to tease those red cheeks even further.

"Let's see if you're as good a cumdump as this ass advertises you to be..."

The bull shuffled forward, and pressed his meaty, steel-adorned tip against the fox's pucker.

"...and that you're not all talk with that hiked up tail of yours and no...delivery..."

He thrust, grinding his cock against the young male's opening, huge paws clasping onto slim vulpine hips. The rough, slippery hotdogging could only last for a few moments in his pent up state, wanting to finally sink his flesh into the boy's warm crevice.

"Hmmpphhh...daddy's good boy..."

The porny monologue couldn't cover the noises of sodomy that ensued from him trying to push himself into the fox's rear. The muscles clenched under the bludgeoning pressure, and the fox let out a whimper, nerves, fear, lust, and his paws grasped the sheets as a kind of a lifeline to keep himself in check. The Prince Albert could be felt as a particular hardness among the spongy tissue of the bull's dick in his struggle to pry its way deep into the sexy hole he so much wanted to be in now.

"Hmm...yeah....hmmm....hmm...yeah..." the bull huffed and grumbled in a series of loud, sexually charged noises coming off his rumbly throat.

The fox's whimpers turned into outright yowls when the cock finally started to make way into his ass. The tip was nothing too much for his poor assring to take, but after the first couple of inches, the tapering shaft began to gain in girth and became more of a challenge for the fox's unseasoned rear. No amount of clenching or trying to squirm away from the invasion could stop it, though, with the fox slowly slumping to his chest on the bed while the bull continued his slow toe-curling entry.

His bovine conqueror seemed very pleased with his progress so far. The fox's tailhole wrapped itself around his shaft very firmly, and its constant clenching was a source of pleasurable twinges that travelled up and down his shaft. His big balls were drooping forward towards the fox's upturned rump, but did not yet come into contact with Nisabu's rear. His Prince Albert continued to dwell deeper, and made the fox moan when it slipped past his prostate and carried along exploring the rippling walls of the bottom boy's tunnel.

"There we go...yah..." grumbled the horned male, leaning over his catch, "let's do it..."

His hips began to pump back and forth in a slow, deep, easy-going rhythm. The motion of his cock inside the fox soon forced globs of lubricant out of that buggered ass and over the bull's crotch, which only added to the dirty sounds their mating produced. Nisabu buried his muzzle against the sheets and let his moans be muffled, while the big bull seemed to have no trouble letting it all rip.

"Hmmm...sexy tight little boy hole..." Harold growled.

The fox seemed to be somewhere else, propelled into submission by the huge cock. His tail drooped to the side, practically unmoving while the bull drove himself deep underneath it. The bull's cock had spread his hole as widely open as it could physically get, and despite the copious lube, it still smarted somewhat, especially on the pull out when his prostate wasn't being pressed flat by the sheer thickness of the hard shaft plugging his rear. Each such thrust made his mostly soft cock leak an oozing trickle of pre-cum that started to mat his belly furs, under the fox's body splayed on the bed.

"Time for a change up...foxyboy..."

Harold moved onto his side and dragged the fox along with him, one knee thrown over his hip so that the fox was carefully held close to his body throughout the shift in positions. They ended up with Nisabu's head resting against one of Harold's thick arms, the fox craddled to the bull's body while he began to once again hump into the fox's ass.

"Hmmmmmm...good boy... " the bull noted into one of the half-flat ears that almost tickled his snout, "taking it like a good bitch..."

One big hand kept the fox in place by pressing down on him. Otherwise the bull's thrusts would have surely been enough to bump him off Harold's lap, but with this bit of assistance, the fox had nowhere to go. The bull's cock slurped back and forth inside his sore rump and continued stimulating the fox's glands from within. The bull didn't show any signs of losing his steam, not even though the very strong clenching the fox's insides commenced on his shaft during the change of positions. This new angle of attack was even more stimulating to the fox, who now had nothing to muffle his moans with. He was practically chirping out, moans mixed with yips.

"Boy likes..." Harold bit softly onto the fox's ear, "hhmmmmyeah..."


The fox's noises gained volume with every inch that ploughed into his rear. By now the bull used every inch of his length, pumped into the fox's ass and held nothing behind. It sounded like the fox's teeth would start to clatter soon enough.

The bull had another idea, however. He pulled out of the fox's rump, settled onto a seated posture on the bed and beckoned.

"You're gonna sit on it, foxyboy..."

He made Nisabu spread his own cheeks with his paws while he used his own big hands to lower the smaller male onto his shaft. The Prince Albert was like a flashing beacon on the top to lead the way, to join the hard bovine flesh with the fox's tired puckered opening.


Harold, impatient as ever, jammed his hips upwards and impaled a further couple of inches inside the fox even before he allowed gravity to do the rest and lowered him down onto a perfect approximation of the reverse cowboy position, fox on top and sitting on the bull's long tool. Now the bull could watch how his cock disappeared into the fox's rear whenever he bottomed down, and enjoy the kinky slide of ruddy meat emerging from the very same hole on the reverse.

"Ride 'nnnhhhh..."

He set up a rhythm, a proper gallop alright that made Nisabu's package slap up and down noisily while he was pummeled now from below. The bull's cock felt like it was punching up against his diaphragm with the deep thrusts that bottomed out in his rump. The bull's own jewels pressed repeatedly onto the fox's small, round ass, reminding him of his partner's immense size and the load that was probably bound to be enormous. The fox seemed to be holding onto his dear life while he was bounced on the bull's lap like he was sitting on a Space Hopper.

It was obvious that the fox's prostate couldn't survive such an onslaught for very long, and he didn't surprise the bull when he began to moan and whimper continuously. His insides became even tighter than before, spurning the bull to ram himself as deep as he possibly could, to ride the milking orgasmic waves of the fox's back passage while Nisabu sprayed himself.

"Here cums...daddy...!"

Harold's own gushing load pumped deep into the fox's ass and made a complete mess of both Nisabu's insides and his rump as well, once the smutty seed began to leak out of his overstuffed hole. The bull enjoyed every moment of it, of course, and punctuated his last thrusts with deep moos that seemed to drive in the message of ownership to the small fox.

Nisabu ended up flopped on his belly on the bed, panting with his tongue lolling out of his muzzle, and with a big bull still cradling his smaller body in his arms.


Thank you for reading!

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