Outcast of Redwall: Behind the Bushes, Part 2

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#6 of Redwall: Behind the Bushes

This is based on "Outcast of Redwall" by Brian Jacques.

Takes place during Veil's youth, sometime in the middle of Outcast of Redwall.

I know it's short; don't have time for long stories.

Stay tuned for Part 3, where everything comes together and it makes more sense.

Veil, a young ferret who was adopted by a mouse named Bryony of Redwall, was undergoing some personal changes. He didn't quite understand what was going on, but it must have had something to do with his privates. He was going through puberty.

It was night time, and Veil was in bed doing some personal exploration. "Wow," he said to himself. "It sure feels good to wet my willy and make it really hard. I wonder what it means?" He spat on his paw, and stroked his member slowly. "Ahhh, this feels so good," he said, while continuing to masturbate. He started thinking about various things, from the trees outside, to the walls of the Abbey, to fellow denizens of the Abbey. He discovered that thinking about other creatures, especially young females, makes stroking himself feel so much better. He stroked and stroked, and finally he gave out a loud moan as he reached his peak. His jizz gushed all over his paws. "Oh, yes, what was that? It felt so good!"

Veil sat up in his bed, but couldn't help but notice the strange white fluid on his hands. "This isn't pee. What is it?" he asked himself. He sniffed, and then licked it up. "Whatever it is, it sure tastes good!" He went back to sleep, dreaming about the amazing things he can do using his penis and other creatures.

When Veil woke up in the morning, he went to Cavern Hole where the young ones, called dibbuns, were playing. He went up to a pretty little female otter and said, "tonight there is something I'd like to show you."

"I don't know," said the otter, who's name was Swinka. She was a daughter of Rillbrook the Wanderer. "You always naughty, so maybe it's a mean trick."

"No," said Veil, "I think you'll like it. Just wait until tonight."

Veil went to his foster mother, Bryony, who always tended to be quite naive. "Swinka is my favorite otter. Can she sleep in my room tonight?"

"That's so sweet that you want company," said Bryony. "Of course you can! It's great to know you are developing socially."

She was in earshot of Swinka. "Well, if your stepmouse says it's okay," said Swinka.

The next night, Swinka entered Veil's bedroom.

"Come, sit next to me," said Veil, who was sitting on his bed. Swinka hesitated, then sat next to him on his bed. "So, Swinka. Have you ever, ya know, touched yourself down there?"

"On my private?" said Swinka. "Sometimes by accident."

"It's okay to touch your privates," said Veil. "I don't know if it's the same for girls, but when I rub mine it feels really good. Come on, rub yours to find out."

"Okay," said Swinka. "Let me take my clothes off first." Swinka got undressed, exposing her prepubescent nudity. She took her fingers and slowly made it to her vagina. Then she started rubbing. "You're right," said Swinka. "This feels..." she paused, moaning, "...really good!"

"Do you want to see mine?" asked Veil.

"I guess so," Swinka said.

Veil pulled his pants down and showed Swinka. "Do you like it?" asked Veil.

"Wow," she said. "It's so long! Can I touch it?"

"Sure!" said Veil. As he felt the warm hand of the pretty little female otter, he moaned and said, "that's so nice! Can I touch yours?"

"Yes but don't hurt me," said Swinka. Then Veil touched her vagina, and put his finger inside. Swinka made a surprised yelp. "I can't believe how good that felt!" she said. "Can you put your thing in me now?"

"Funny, I was going to ask you if I could," said Veil. So Swinka laid down, and splayed out her legs, allowing Veil to go on top of her. He immediately rammed inside of her.

Both juveniles were making sweet love. Veil was thrusting and thrusting, and rivets of orgasm flowed through both their bodies as they moaned in pleasure. Then Veil gushed his creamy ferret spooge into Swinka's tight otter vagina.

"That was so good," said Veil.

"Yes, it was," said Swinka. "It should be our secret, though."

"I promise not to tell anyone," said Veil. Then they slept cuddled next to each other. The two of them lost something that night. What they didn't know was that the name for the thing they lost is called virginity.

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