Joel's announcement and Nicks plan.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#4 of Secret Lovers.

Things can move quickly even if it is a day to day thing. Joel makes his choice and Nick decides he has had enough.

Jayce chuckled softly as he stood back with a few of the male foxes. He had been up since dawn with them teaching them how to use the bows. The females soon showed up to watch in silence so they could learn as well. Jayce looked to them and smiled some before watched the males working on their aim. He took note of how quickly they took to using the bows. Jayce soon stopped them and smiled. " You all will be fine...take the females out with you when you check the traps and your nets in the them how to set the them how to make more. They could set up even more traps and you all will gather more then before." The males nodded and smiled to him before motioning to the females that had jumped to learn to hunt. They got up and went into the forest with the males, all of them talking softly among each other. Jayce turned and went back into the village since he had kept the practice at the edge of the village. Isabelle was coming out of his hut when he came back. Joel moved up to his daugther, putting his hand on her shoulder and smiling to her. Isabelle looked at him and moved to walk with him through the village while Jayce was sitting near the fire with the cubs, playing with them and making them giggle with little yips. Isabelle smiled at the sight before looking to Joel. "Daddy...thank you for considering his mothers offer...the tribe seems to be taking to him well." Joel nodded a bit as he watched the cubs before looking to ISabelle. " They are...all of them but a few males that are not to happy about him getting the females involved with hunting...but that isn't to much to worry over. They will come around in time." Joel gently pulled Isabelle into a hug. He began petting her head softly as she hugged him in return. Isabelle closed her eyes and relaxed, smiling some as Joel spoke softly. " He is gentle with the cubs. He is making it a point to not come off as threatening to anyone in the tribe. And you...are happy yes?" Joel looked down to her as she looked back at him before nodding some, her cheeks a light shade of pink as he pet her softly. Joel smiled and kissed her forehead. " I'm glad to see you happy bad as I thought of it the other day at the lake...seeing how you are...makes it seem worth it to let the tribes combine...Even some of the single females are getting sweet on the other wolves that stayed behind with him." Isabelle giggled softly and smiled as she nodded some while she looked at him. " Daddy...I am happy with him. I love him very much....and I want him to be my mate." Joel stared at her for a moment before nodding. " Give me another day or two...then I will let you know alright?" Isabelle nodded as she kissed his cheek softly. Joel gently patted her back towards Jayce and the cubs before leaving to patrol the boarders, taking one or two of the wolves with him.

Jayce looked at Isabelle as she sat down beside him, a small cub about three years old jumped into her arms as she smiled and hugged the cub with a murr. Jayce smiled as he watched her, his tail wagging softly. Isabelle looked back to him, blushing brightly as she did. The cubs all giggled and played with excitement until the mothers appeared to gather the cubs for breakfast. Isabelle let the cubs mother lift it from her lap. Jayce spoke softly as he put his arm around Isabelle. "Good morning my vixen.." Isabelle giggled and nuzzled into him with a murr as she whispered good morning to him. The two sat there for a while before Jayce spoke softly. " you wish to have cubs of your own?" Isabelle blushed and looked at him, her ears twitching rapidly as she felt a bit of nervousness run through her. She bit her bottom lip, getting a thoughtful look on her face before nodding. " Yes...I would like to one give daddy a little grandcub to spoil rotten." The two of them laughed before he bumped noses with her, grinning some. "So would I...and your cute when you get nervous.." Isabelle smiled and nuzzled her muzzle along his gently as she murred happily to him. The wind blew against them, the temperture was getting warmer with spring starting to come to a close to the forest. Isabelle smiled to him and kissed his cheek. The two sat there cuddling for sometime before the hunters came back. the females all looked rather proud as they carried game birds and rabbits in their hands, the males carrying fish from the nets. Jayce smiled to them and chuckled. " You all look like you done well!" The males chuckled and nodded as one spoke. " We did...they ddi very well with the traps...kinda surprised us though when they caught a few of those game birds." The females giggled and went off with the others to get the meat and suck from the catches.

While the village was buzzing and happy, doing what they needed with the furs and bones of catches or teaching the cubs the lessons they needed Nick had left the village, moving along the boarders of the tribe. He had made sure to wait for Joel to return to the village before he himself left. He moved over into the feline teritory and moved silently. He knew this was a bad thing but he couldn't stand Jayce and wanted Isabelle for himself. He knew if Jayce lived he would never get her. Soon Nick found what he was looking for. A group of feline hunters for the tribe were lounging after a large kill. Nick grinned some. He knew his own tribe was small and could easily be over taken if the attack was unexpected. Nick moved into the clearing. One of the felines, a female lion stood up with her ears folded back. "What in the hell are you doing here fox?"

Nick held his hands up to show he wasn't a threat as he spoke. " I figured you felines would want to know...the wolves and my tribe are planning on combining...the chiefs going ot mate with the son of the wolf chief soon...making the two tribes bigger...and stronger." The lionness looked at the others, a small tiger and leapord who looked to each other then looked to her before they stood. The tiger moved forward, growling as he spoke. " And your telling us this because?" Nick crossed his arms and folded his ears back. " I don't want my home to be invaded by wolves...or for the females to be mating with them or having cubs. I know you want more land off of my make your hunting ground bigger then they are...listen to my offer and you will get just that..." The lionness shifted. Her tail twitched a bit as she looked uncertain. She moved with the other two, whispering softly with them as they discussed what to do. The lionness soon looked at Nick and nodded. " Let us hear the offer before we decide fox." Nick grinned and nodded some as he sat down in the grass with the felines. " It is simple...attack the village late in the night...when everyone is asleep...burn the huts...the only one you need to the chief....while I kill one of the wolves while everyone is panicing...when it is all said and done...I will take the daughter as my mate and become the new chief of the turn...we will share our hunting grounds with you." The lionness raised a brow as she listened to him. The tiger chuckled a bit before he spoke. " A twisted little ball of fur isn't he?" The leapord grinned but nodded in agreement. The lionness looked thoughtful before looking to the other two. She took a deep breathe before she looked to Nick. " us here the day before you want the attack to happen...we will have our leader with us to discuss it further." Nick nodded and stood up before heading off into the forest while the felines left with their kill to head home.

That afternoon in the village the females were resting with each other, laying out in some shade. Some were grooming others, brushing out their fur. Others were sleeping while the cubs were near by napping. Isabelle stepped out of Jayces hut and looked around for a moment before spotting the wolf with a few of the crafters, watching them with working on jewelry and dream catchers. She smiled and soon sat beside him, her tail curling around his tail and swaying slowly. Jayce smiled to her and kissed her cheek softly. The older females of the group around them grinned then handed Isabelle the tools to work on some bones. Isabelle chuckled softly and began carving little designs into the bone. Jayce watched Isabelle, making the patterns and swirls around on the bone before using another tool to hollow the bone out more. She repeated this with two other bones before looking to him and smiling. She then showed him how to make a dream catcher, starting with a large one. The two were working together intently to get it done. As he was finishing the last knot on the catcher Isabelle threaded some string though holes at one end of the bones she worked on, tying them to the dream catcher then adding some feathers to it. The older females chuckled as they praised the two. Isabelle grinned sheepishly then looked at Jayce who smiled. He looked happy to be there in the tribe. The air around them was calm and relaxing. Jayce took the dream catcher, putting it in his own hut while Isabelle moved to get some food. She took it to his hut and disappeared inside. Jayce settled into his bedding with her and ate as they whispered softly to each other. " Daddy seems to be warming up to you becoming my mate more and more...he has asked me for another day or two before he makes his choice." Jayce stared at her and smiled brightly, his tail wagging happily behind him as he swallowed the last of his food."That gives me a lot of hope Isabelle...the idea of combining the tribes...and us being abel to be mates...Have a family."

Isabelle blushed brightly to his words. He reached up to run his fingers through her hair, making her murr happily. He smiled and pulled her into his lap with her back against him. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close, his claws gently dragging along her skin slowly as he licked the back of her ear. Isabelle groaned softly as she leaned into him a bit more then before. Jayce grinned, groping one of her breast and giving it a gentle squeeze as he kneaded the soft orb in his hand. The other hand moved between her legs and began rubbing against her pussy slowly. Isabelle let out a soft moan and laid her head back on his shoulder. Jayce knew he didn't have time to really pound her since he was going on patrol with her father soon. He began biting along her shoulder softly, nibbling on her skin between his bites. Isabelle held onto his arms as she shuddered a bit. Her pussy was already dripping wet from his rubbing. He spread her pussy lips apart, rubbing her clit with his middle finger lightly, barely grazing over it and making her jerk her hips and whine a bit from the little jolts of pleasure. Jayce grinned to her moans as he moved his hand down, pushing two of his fingers into her pussy. Isabelle let out another moan and began moving her hips on his fingers now, gripping his arms a bit tighter. Jayce kissed against her neck before turning her head to his and kissing her deeply to silence her, pushing his tongue into her mouth to rub and swirl it around her own. Isabelle let out a muffled moan into the kiss as she returned it. Jayce began thrusting his fingers hard into her pussy, his fingers spreading apart a few times before he began hitting the vixens G-spot making her hips jerk in pleasure.

He deepened the kiss with her as his palm began brushing against her clit hard, the sounds of his fingers thrusting into her pussy filling the hut with her muffled grunts and moans. Isabelles pussy began clenching down on his fingers as he added a third finger. He increased the speed he was using with his hand and soon sent Isabelle over her edge. She let out a moan as she came on his fingers, her juices gushing out against his fingers as her hips bucked on his fingers. She rode out her orgasm before going still and panting hard. She watched him pull his fingers from her then bring them to his lips to lick them clean. she grinned as she blushed before he kissed her again, making her groan to her own taste on his tongue. She returned the kiss before pulling back and murring happily as she whispered. " Your going to have to fuck me tonight before bed." He laughed and nodded before slowly moving her from his lap, laying her down and petting her before he spoke. " We will see love...if we have the energy...I have to go on patrol with your father...he wants to show me the boarders fully...I will be back later." He leaned down and kissed her again before leaving the hut. Isabelle stretched out in the bedding before going to sleep a moment later with a grin on her face. Jayce met with Joel at the edge of the village, smiling to the fox. Joel nodded to him and the two left into the forest.

For sometime it was silent between the two of them before Joel spoke again. " you will take care of Isabelle right? You won't let anything happen to hurt her...and protect her with your life?" Jayce stood his ears up and looked at Joel with shock. It took him a moment before he nodded some. " I would die protecting her sir...I won't let anyone harm her. I have every intention of taking care of her in any and every way I can think of..." Silence fell between the two of them as Joel reached the boarders of his tribe. He looked at Jayce and took a deep breathe. " Several of the males and females in the tribe have praised you...playing with the cubs..taking time to teach Isabelle hunting...taking the time to learn some of the crafts. They like you...and even they see how happy she is when she is around you. I told her to give me another day but...I think...No I know what my choice will have my become Isabelle's mate." Jayce stood there staring at Joel with shock before he nodded, unable to really find the words to speak. " This means...the wolves and foxes will be a combined tribe...and you will take my place as chief." Joel held his hand out to Jayce who took it, both shaking it firmly while Joel grinned. " Don't tell Isabelle...lets let it be a surprise for her." Jayce finally grinned and nodded in agreement. " I won't say a word...and thank you Joel." The fox nodded and soon the two went along the boarders of the village while speaking with each other about the two tribes, neither having any clue of what Nick was setting up for the village.

That evening when the two returned Joel moved to the bon fire the village gathered around. Isabelle was already there sipping on some water while the others were starting to settle down to relax with each other. Jayce sat down beside of Isabelle and put his arm around her, pulling her against him and kissing her cheek softly a few times to make her giggle. Nick watched from near by, his tail twitching with annoyance at the sight of the two of them. Joel let everyone chatter with each other while the sounds of the cubs getting the last of their playing for the day out of the way. Joel waited for a while before he finally decided to get the village to quiet down as he stood up, standing behind Isabelle and Jayce while they were still seated. " Calm down everyone...listen...I know it hasn't been that long since the wolves showed up in the village...and Koren made her offer to me..But I have watched everything going on since then..and listened to those of you that have come to talk to me about it...and I have made my choice." The entire village went silent as they looked to Joel with an expectant look in their eyes. Isabelle looked nervous as she stared down at her hands while Jayce had to fight off a grin. Joel gently nudged the two and got them to stand with him. Joel looked at Isabelle, gently lifting her head by her chin as he spoke. " Isabelle and Jayce...will be the first to combine two different tribes in years...and help each tribe survive a common threat...while making the tribe members happy...and healthy." Isabelle stared up at her father looking dumb founded while the village let out yells and yips of happiness to have Jayce becoming part of the tribe.

"D...Daddy? Are you serious?! " Joel nodded then grunted when Isabelle jumped into his arms with a hug, almost knocking him back while Jayce laughed with the others. Isabelle had tears rolling down her cheeks as Joel hugged his daughter tightly, holding onto her for a moment before letting her down and gently wiping the tears from her cheeks. " He makes you happy...the villagers have all praised him for taking the time learn our crafts and teaching females to hunt. He has even told me himself he would die to keep you safe....I have made my choice...and sent word with one of the wolves to his mother. After tomorrow you two will have the mating ceremony with the village as witnesses..." Isabelle nodded as she held onto his hands, holding them against her cheeks for a moment before he pulled back. Jayce gently pulled Isabelle to him and hugged her tightly, Isabelle murring heavily and happily as she held onto him tightly. Nick was furious at the announcement and while the others were cheering for the two lovers he had left the village in anger. He had to find those felines and get his plan into motion.

Jayces first real day.

The birds chirpping outside the hut woke Jayce who groaned and rubbed his head some. He stretched out a bit, feeling the warmth from Isabelle's body next to his own. He smiled, remembering where he was. He had no problem with the foxes. In fact he was...

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A Slight Compromise.

Back at the fox village the old fox was dragging Isabelle back. The vixen pulled hard to try and get free from her fathers grasp with tears rolling down her cheeks. " Daddy please let go! Your hurting my arm!" He ignored her and drug her to the center...

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Secret Lovers.

The vixen twitched her ears a few times as she sat in the soft grass on the bank of a crystal clear lake. The lake itself hidden deep within a thick forest. The vixen was only at the age of 24, still young as far as her tribe was concerned but also at...

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