Chapter 8: "It's simple, We Corrupt Him"

Story by Tessler on SoFurry

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Watching the two cousins returning home, Amanda watched from a distance, stuck in her own thoughts. "Amanda, what are you doing? You should be getting back to the Team Phoenix HQ." A feminine voice had spoken in her head."You again." She growled, knowing who it was. "Violet, I thought I told you to eave me alone!""Don't scream." This "Violet" person has responded. "You know you're just going to make a scene if you start yelling to yourself." "Fine. What do you want?" "Nothing of importance, our Master wants you to return to base, and we don't want you in a jail cell because it was reported on the news of a lightning manipulator running amok."Amanda laughed and replied "Hope they catch the bastard, then.""Yeah, they'll catch you if you don't get out of here." Violet explained."Ugh, fine. I'll leave if it'll make you shut the hell up." Amanda replied with disgust. "I swear to Arceus I'm going to get a lobotomy if it'll get you out of my head. Or have Aranea bite my frontal lobe off.""Gal?" Her spider had asked, respecting her owner enough to want to avoid doing such a thing. Her hands glowing with a dark purple color, Amanda said begrudgingly "Anyway, I'm out of here. And you can screw off, Violet." She heard something about being more respectful to those that had far greater power than her, but Amanda didn't want to hear it as she recalled her Galvantula, and created a field of static electricity as she glided out of town. And no, not like Batman.****Unknown*Having overheard the entire conversation, a lone man clad in white couldn't help but sigh at Amanda's attitude. "Haec operatio nostra molestum futurum sit, si non se continent. Quoniam pervenerunt peccata eius usque ad operandum sic obsistat petit nostris membris magister.1" " He heard from behind. Turning around, he saw a fellow servant of Team Phoenix, dressed in a cassock as white as the freshest snow."I still see a use for her, Balder. She knows Ethan better than any of us. Not even Violet knows him as well."  Came his reply."Tibi gratias ago pro nomine meo Domine. Illum Amanda puellae credo.2" "Balder" replied. "Tamen non meum est iudicare habentibus potestatem facere bonum opus praedicat praedicandumque Phoenix.3"Changing the subject, the elder had replied "Anyway, it's still not the right time, but we will reach the goal of our fallen master. The Aura Guardians stopped us twenty years ago in Kalos, but not without cost to their own members. Our predecessors planned this thousands of years ago, and we will succeed where they have fallen. Even our Master recognizes this." Gesturing for Balder to follow him, the two walked across the hallway of a castle, one that had fallen into ruin after a great battle had occurred. "If we can get the offspring of Hilbert Black on our side, then we will have an invaluable ally to assist us.""Sin

autem noluerit nos?4" Balder had asked."It's simple, we corrupt him, and use any means necessary to keep him corrupted by my power until he submits." Was the reply. "And I have one idea of getting him corrupted."Walking through many floors, the two came entered a rather massive basement that been turned into a lab of sorts, with many scientists working on studying Pokémon. But there was a specific Pokémon that had the interest of the elder. Going through a series of hallways and protocols, they came across a door made of seven inch steel. Many dents could be seen, indicating that whatever was on the other side really wanted to escape. Fearing the worst, Balder stood behind his superior as the two looked onward."She's under my control. You have nothing to fear." He said as his hand glowed with a blackish-red light, and opened the door. Within seconds, the two had seen a Hydreigon, a three headed hydra hailing from the fallen region of Unova. But what intrigued Balder was it's coloration. Whereas normal Hydreigon had pale blue skin and jet black fur, this species had a rather unusual white skin, and muddied golden fur that spread from its body and neck to it's six wings. "Isn't she a sight to behold, our power of dark aura had done wonders to this great beast. And I suppose it would fit to use the Pokémon that best represents me." By pure instinct, the Hydreigon glared at the elderly figure, before charging as she opened her three mouths, ready to kill. "Now that's not how you treat your master." He joked as he pointed a hand at her, and menacing, almost destructive bolts of blackish red lightning came out of his fingers as the dragoness was struck. Ignoring the pain, she continued onward, only for him to put both of his hands together, and the hydra was forced to stop as she felt lightning so devastating course through her body that her skeleton could be seen as she hit the floor, exhausted. Suddenly feeling a foot on her head, she submitted, accepting a rather inevitable defeat. "Now there's a good girl. Now I need you to take care of something for me..." *Amanda*Having left the Pokémon Center where she stayed for the night over in Cherrygrove, she continued to ponder her thoughts before she had noticed Ethan running through the woods nearby. What on earth was he doing? Nonetheless, she decided to follow him. Keeping her cool, she nonchalantly walked across the many sidewalks, acting like any ordinary law abiding citizen until she had reached the northern exit of the city. She soon noticed him on his phone, chatting with someone. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't close enough to hear just who he was speaking to. Not that it mattered to her, for she saw an opportunity to strike him. But before she could create an attack to hit him, he was suddenly engulfed in a burst of light, it's radiance being powerful enough to knock her off her feet, and send her onto her face as the light

vanished. When she looked up, Ethan was gone. "What...the...hell...was that?" She asked herself, looking around before giving up, and letting out another Pokémon, a four winged bat like creature that many called Crobat. Without saying a word, she took to the skies, trainer and Pokémon knowing exactly where to go.***Translations:1: "She's going to become a nuisance to our operation if she doesn't control herself. Her sins are going to get the better of her if she continues acting like this to our fellow members, Master." 2: "Thank you for using my real name, Sir. As for that Amanda girl, I suppose."3: "Nonetheless, it isn't my place to judge those that have our power to do the good work of the Phoenix."4: "And if he refuses to join us?"

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