Suki's Connections Chapter 8

Story by Rick Coona on SoFurry

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#9 of Suki's Connections

Chapter 8

Suki gets her first look at her crush Marcus


A few days later, Suki went to one of the bathrooms to wash her hands, as she had been doing some food work at the house. It turned out that Sally's son Marcus was in there, stepping into the shower. She blushed seeing the young teen skunk, especially from seeing his front, but she backed out of the room and apologized. "I am sorry young Marcus." She then went back to sit down in the little sunroom where Sally was, her face red.

"What's up Suki something got ya flustered?" Sally asks.

"Oh...I went to the bathroom to wash my hands...and...Marcus was in there going for a shower," she said with a red face. "So I saw him naked. I didn't expect to see..."

"Well nothing wrong with that, The big guy is getting to that age where he may be wanting to check out the fairer sex and he didn't freak out on you did he?" Sally asked with a tilt of her head.

"Oh no, I felt rude...I just...didn't expect to get I did. And he didn't say anything really, he just eeped but I apologized and left. But...I did look long enough that I saw...his penis," she admitted. "And I liked it; it was cute."

"Awww, well I wouldn't worry about that sister, nothing rude about it, I mean ya didn't point and laugh at it and you said you liked it so let him know or better yet give him the chance to see you in the shower, hell if you are feeling ballsy shower with him, I don't think hes gonna try and rape you ya know but if he gets a bit of wandering hands, it's all good, doing your fur and all, right?''

"Oh but he is so young...even then...I do wonder what it would feel like to touch it...have you ever looked at it sister?" she asked, blushing. "I even think of...putting it in my mouth."

"Well, ya know what? Let him lead if he is cool with it then take it as far as he is comfortable taking it. I bet he'd love to fondle yourTitties. If he's anything like his daddy he'd pop a hard core boner, be appreciative and see where it goes." Sally advised.

"I just may, sister. It is...such a cute little thing..." Suki said softly. "Sister...when was the first time you felt...horny...wanting to see other people?"

"Probably around his age but I grew up seeing nekkid people every day."

Suki giggled and blushed. "What did you think when you first saw Mr. Ken's big penis?"

Sally giggled "I was scared and excited at the same time I wanted to touch it but was afraid it would split me open like an overripe melon if I tried to take it in me. But that night I dreamed of rubbing my little cunny all along the shaft like sliding down the railing. I woke up soo horny I had to rub one out twice!"

Suki got wet thinking about that. "Oh wow...that must have been an amazing sight...and...hehehe...I may be naughty for this but I'm thinking about what you would have looked like doing that. And...I like the idea."

"When was the first time you ever rubbed one out sister Suki? it must have been hot" Sally asked reaching over to pet the raccoon's pelt between her legs."

"It was...when I was parents said never to touch myself...but I tried it." she said softly, moaning a bit.

"aaaand?" Sally prompted letting her middle finger slide along suki's slit.

"I put my finger in and made myself...ohhh...I had to be so quiet..." Suki said. "I did it just...putting a finger along side it and I felt my hole...and I feels good to touch here, what if I go deeper...and...oooooooohhh wow...I couldn't stop...I had my finger all the way in, it felt so warm and wet. I didn't even know what a cum was like, and when I did it, I thought I had peed myself! But it was juices."

"Good Girl! It feels really wonderful but betcha felt super naughty!" Sally giggled.

"Yeah..." Suki blushed thinking about this too. "Do you think...Elise is masturbating yet? She is cute too."

"If she is anything like me, yeah.." sally nodded. "As soon as she hits menarchewe are going to all go out to the woods and perform the ceremony marking her entry into womanhood. then mom and I and you will teach her what It means to be a woman, it's more than just going out into a tent screaming and eating s'mores, but mom and I should do that for you, now that you are part of the family." sally paused smiling at her soul sister.

"Ya know, I'mreally glad you and mom got you covered, cause you have been rolling the dice with pregnancy ever since dad plowed the poegees out of you back in the bakery. No one here would have minded if you got preggers from that, gods know daddy seems to cum in quarts when he is really deep in his passions, and it had been a while. So... but no worries you are safe now and can now take all the dicking you want, hell you could safely swim in a pool of spooge and not worry about getting knocked up. It's a nice feeling to be in controlof your fertility, isn't it?" Sally smiled happy that her new sister no longer need woryabout an unplanned pregnancy derailing her life plans.

"Yes, yes it truly is. I...I nevergave it any thought I was having way too much fun reveling in the total freedom of unlimited sex I neverreally thought about any negative consequences like pregnancy. I guess I figured if I did become pregnant it was just my time to become a mother and know that I was loved... but now I don'thaveto ever worry, not that I would really have minded much bearing Mr. Ken's or Mr. Larry's baby. Uh you wouldn'tmind, would you sister?" Suki asked suddenly self conscious.

Sally shook her head "Nope, I never would have offered to share him if I thought it would be a problem.You have seen the kinda kids he makes and you can see what daddy makes.... ME! So if you ever did get knocked up by one of the guy's super sperming sessions, I see it as another reason to welcome you into the motherhood club." Sally paused contemplating something before continuing. "I Know that just sounded really weird. But we are _Not_like your everyday family. I think it is all about the unconditional love we have for each other that makes us different. I am soo glad you became my sister, I really missed my Suki." Sally said hugging the raccoon to her ample cleavage.

"Did you know Dr. Enora has her Nipples pierced?!" Suki whispered with an excited giggle. "...And they are Gorgeous! She let me explore them after the exam this afternoon." She couldn't help but give Sally a nuzzle against one of the skunk's plump nipples.

The next day, after the birth control was surely in effect, Suki walked over to Sally after work, greeting her. "Sister...I think it is over 24 hours now, is it? I...have been thinking of Mr. Ken so much of the day...I felt so lusty for him seeing him working the dough. He has so much power."

"Like the idea of daddy working your buns that way?" Sally asked.

"I do...I...want to feel him inside me again...I...I can't wait till he's free to do that." Suki said, blushing. "He is such a sexy man. All of you are sexy, sister."

"Don't sell yourself short Sister you bring your own sexy hotness to the table. oooh I know!" Sally beamed "Let's get you into a cheerleader outfit and see how the guys respond!"

"Me, a cheerleader? I've never done that before," Suki replied enthusiastically. "It sounds fun though. Is there one that would fit me? You've got such a lovely shape after all."

"I think I still have my Suki's old uniform in the attic and I bet it would fit you. Let's see if we can dig it up this will be a blast!" Sally said taking Suki in hand and heading up to the attic.

Locating the old steamer trunk that was a gift from her grandparents, she soon retrieved the classic short pleated skirt and halter top that she and her friend wore in high school.

Holding it in front of Suki, Sally nodded. "Yeah, I think this will fit you, You are about a C-cup, right?" the skunk asked.

"Oh, I think it is that size, yes," Suki said, blushing. "Wow yours are so cute...this outfit will be a lot of fun though. Are you going to wear one too?"

"I don't think I can fit into my old top any more--these milk filled jugs are just too big--but I can probably whip up one that will fit!" Sally said cupping her large sloshy breasts.

Suki looked them over for a moment, licking her lips before grasping the outfit. "I can't wait to put this on for Mr. Ken!"

A quick wash to freshen it up and Sally was helping Suki squeeze into the incredibly sexy highschool cheerleader uniform and oh my goodness it fit her like a glove. a flirty sexy HAWT glove.

"This feels wonderful, you know, I have never thought of myself wearing something so lovely," the raccoon said enthusiastically.

"You look drop dead sexy in that sister, I think I should teach you a couple of dance moves we used to do on the squad so you can really show off and make the guys really pop boners, whaddya say?" Sally giggled giving Suki such a naughty wink.

"Yes sister, I would love to. I've never really danced a lot but I am willing to learn," Suki said enthusiastically.

"Alright now follow along and we will soon have you busting moves and popping boners!" Sally cheered taking Sukithrough some basic dance routines and moving on to moves that would put a stripper to shame!

Soon Suki was strutting, shaking and shimmying in a way that would get a rise out of the men of the house for sure. It didn't take long for her to pick up the moves, and by this point everyone would've turned in to their various rooms.


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