In Dusk I Fade

Story by AuburnPanda on SoFurry

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Just a poem I wrote. It's a little depressing, so don't read it if you don't want to carry the burden of my pain. If you want to be happy today, I suggest you not to read this. It's nothing special and it isn't that long, I just need to write stuff down as a coping mechanism. That's all I have to say about the matter, enjoy. That might not be the right word... Don't enjoy. Bah! I give up.

In Dusk I Fade:Essence of one's soul, variety may never know.Deeds will take its toll, many will become your foe.To strive for and to live, many have their goal.Why them?  To forgive, I am and forever will be null.God did not bless me with a soul, may my home be in the shade?I am far from whole, so I will live my life and fade...All of life's beauties elude me, there is not much I care for.My eyes that were meant to see, only grasp the core.The details in life do not amuse, I am not satisfied with this world.Why I am so confused?  Where is my destiny, was it not purled?God did not bless me with a soul, my home resides in the shade.I am not whole, why do I have to fade?A deep slumber it seems, will I find hope and awaken?The only salvation is my dreams, reality leaves me dead and shaken.From dusk till dawn, may it be useless to try?The sky flickers with hues of bronze, I'll cling to hope until I die.The days will wear on the soul, Yet morning will always return.I will never become whole, Never will I learn...Where did God store my soul?  Is it in the darkest of shade?I will never be whole, I will just wait and fade...