Of Dogs and Men vol. 1

Story by StallionHound on SoFurry

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The story of a boy who's pet dog turns out to be a bit more than man's best friend.

It's a hot Friday afternoon in Holmecroft and Alfie is on his way home from school. Alfie is a 5' 10" light-brown haired human with hazel eyes and an almost perfect body. Of course, this makes him very vain and it's no surprise that for this reason he's not popular with the female audience. But Alfie doesn't care. He's not sure of his sexuality yet, and he's not interested in finding out - or so he thinks.

Turning the corner, Alfie begins to pick up the pace of his walking speed for the final stretch of road before his house. Halfway there and he begins to sprint. His powerful legs propelling him forward, blood pumping through his body and the heat of the Sun making him sweat more than ever. He slows down once he gets to his driveway and walks up to the house and inserts the key. As soon as he opens the door, his pet Husky jumps up to him and almost pins him against the door.

"Hey boy! How's it going?" Alfie says with a struggle as the Husky licks his face.

"Harvey needs feeding, Alfie," his Dad calls from the kitchen.

"Sure, lemme just get changed first," Alfie replies.

"OK. Well, I'm going out now to go get an anniversary present for mum, so your dinner's in the oven OK?"

"Yeah, OK. See you later," Alfie replies as his Dad leaves the house. "Right then," he says to Harvey, "let me get changed and then I'll get you your food."

Alfie jogs up the stairs towards his bedroom, closely followed by Harvey. Being as no-one else was in the house, Alfie didn't bother closing his bedroom door as he didn't mind Harvey being in the room with him. Besides, what do dogs know? Alfie began to undress. First his socks which he folded into a ball and then threw into the washing basket. Then his shirt, which revealed his bare torso underneath. Toned pecs from hours of working out in the school gym, and a full set of chiselled abdominals. His biceps wobbled slightly as he went to take off his sports shorts (he'd been training at school for the upcoming annual athletics competition). He pulled down his shorts and put them in the basket too. Finally, his boxers. He dragged them down, sticking to his sweaty skin as they came off and joined the other clothes in the basket. He turned around and looked at himself in the full-length mirror. His balls were hanging lower than ever before, he noticed, and his shaft was semi-erect due to the heat. He smiled with approval and turned back around to go into the bathroom to take a shower, but tripped over Harvey who was standing right behind him.

He landed on his back, facing the ceiling, and hit his head on the floor. It wasn't too painful as the floors were carpeted, but he still felt it. When he lifted his head up, he noticed Harvey standing between his legs with his head bowed. He was sniffing Alfie's groin and beginning to growl.

"Oi! Get off!" Exclaimed Alfie, not sure if what he was seeing was real.

But Harvey didn't obey, instead he lowered his head even further and began licking Alfie's balls. He was about to complain again and get out of there, but then Harvey began to lick the base of his penis, which made him hard. The dog's saliva dribbled over the shaft which had grown from a measly 4" to a fully erect 8". Alfie looked down to see that Harvey also had an erection, but it was harder to tell the size from his angle. Harvey then stopped and looked up at Alfie. He put his paws on Alfie's stomach and began to slowly walk along his body towards his face. Harvey licked his face and Alfie closed his eyes in a confusing mixture of pleasure and fear. After about a minute, Harvey turned around and bent down to start licking Alfie's penis again. The dog positioned his hind parts right above his face. Alfie could see that Harvey's penis was about half way out of its sheath and was an impressive 7" which made Alfie jealous. He was also reminded that Harvey hadn't been neutered and his canine testicles were the size of ping-pong balls, almost rivalling Alfie's.

Alfie realised what the dog's intention was, and so began licking the canine shaft. This made the dog growl with pleasure as he began to buck his hips. Alfie looked in the mirror and saw what was going on from the best angle. He was lying on the ground with his penis fully erect and throbbing, with his dog standing on top of him in the 69 position. Just seeing this almost made him reach climax. The dog began to breathe heavily as Alfie felt drips of pre-cum dribble from Harvey's shaft onto his lips. He licked his lips and decided that it didn't taste too bad. In fact, Alfie decided that he liked it. And so he picked up the pace. He could feel himself reaching climax as the dog began to growl louder. Alfie began to moan and Harvey joined him in harmony as the dog and the boy emptied their seed into each-other's mouths. Harvey must have released at least twice as much sperm as Alfie, and he struggled to swallow it in time before his mouth overflowed with dog cum. Harvey licked Alfie's penis clean and stepped off his body to allow him to breathe.

After swallowing the final drops of cum, Alfie got up and looked at the dog's penis which was still erect. Alfie's penis was also still erect and now throbbing more than ever before. His balls were actually growing slowly and he began to feel a build up of hormones rush through his body. Alfie was an almost hairless teenager, but the rest of the pubic processes had happened fine. His penis was the biggest it had been in 2 years, and his muscles were in impeccable shape. And now his body was thirsty for more.

He sat up and climbed over onto all fours. He stuck his ass in the air and his firm glutes glistened with sweat. He was ready. Harvey understood the notion and went up behind him. Alfie looked at Harvey in the reflection of the mirror and witnessed something frightening and exciting. Harvey's penis began to grow again. This time, the dog's shaft extended inch by inch until it was almost a foot long! Alfie couldn't believe what he was seeing, but he didn't care. The dog positioned himself behind Alfie as he rubbed his red rocket-shaped penis against Alfie's asshole. The dog slowly slipped his shaft into Alfie's hole and growled with delight. Alfie had never had anything go inside his ass, and so he was extremely tight. The dog struggled at first but the coat of Alfie's saliva helped it slip inside.

6 inches in, he could feel the dog's penis touch the insides of his body. At 9 inches, Harvey began to thrust in and out of Alfie's rectum. Alfie was moaning in pain and pleasure and he grabbed his own cock and began to jack it faster than he thought was possible. Thrusting in and out, and rubbing up and down. Moaning and howling and growling. Alfie began to dribble and his spit hit the floor. He could feel himself reaching climax again. The dog wasn't finished with Alfie yet, though. He pushed in further and at the full 12 inches he hit Alfie's prostate. Alfie went blind with his eyes wide open. He saw stars as he struggled to keep the grip on his cock. The dog began to howl and finally Harvey's knot popped out of his sheath and slowly made its way into Alfie's rectum, stretching it beyond his comfort zone.

Alfie was in such a high moment of pleasure that he could barely feel his asshole being stretched. Harvey's knot slid inside Alfie and the dog ejaculated straight into him, his balls erupting with almost a litre of semen. The high-pressure stream of thick, milky dog seed hit Alfie's prostate, causing his to cum all over the carpet. He himself came more than ever before, and completely emptied his balls onto the floor, forming a puddle which ran and touched his knees.

After he could see again, and his balls were drained, he could feel Harvey's penis inside him. The dog's shaft was still rock solid at a foot long inside Alfie, and the knot was still on the inside. Alfie knew what this meant, and braced himself as Harvey pulled back and his knot slid out of Alfie's rectum. Alfie tensed in pain which didn't help, but he soon managed to relax as the entirety of Harvey's monster cock left Alfie's body. Once the entire shaft had exited, Alfie's hole began to pour dog semen all over the floor, like a waterfall of milk. Harvey lapped it up and stuck his tongue inside Alfie's hole to get the last drops of cum out. When he was done, Alfie got up and petted the dog on the head. He looked underneath and saw how big the dog's cock was.

For one final trick, he just wanted to feel it. So he lay underneath Harvey and grabbed the shaft with two hands. He was astounded at how long the dog's penis had stayed erect. He wanted to get the best experience of it while he could, so he placed his lips around the tip and began to slide the cock into his mouth. It was at that moment that he found out why Harvey's cock was still hard: the dog wasn't finished. He began to buck his hips and thrust his slimy penis into Alfie's throat, making him choke. But it didn't take long before the dog came again and spewed its final litre of cum into Alfie's mouth and straight down his throat, all of which Alfie took well. In order to breathe, however, Alfie released the dog's cock from his mouth and gasped for breath. The dog was still cumming and a fairly large quantity of dog milk streamed into Alfie's hair. He just smiled in the midst of the action and once the dog was finished, he got out from underneath and grabbed a towel.

He headed for the bathroom and was followed by Harvey, who's cock swayed as he walked, a sight which Alfie took extreme pleasure in. He knew that they would both have to be cleaned before his parents got home, so he turned on the shower and got in with Harvey, lathering soap over the two of them and taking extreme delight in cleaning Harvey's shaft.


Next time: How does Alfie get on at his altheltics tournament, and the consequences of Alfie's brother finding out about what goes on in his bedroom.

This is the first instalment of the fictional series 'Of Dogs and Men' written and created by StallionHound.

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