Bound by Destiny 8½

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#10 of Bound by Destiny

Upon seeing Tenchi's and Peridot's newborns, Leona is feeling that she too wants a child, but considering her sexuality, her only solution would be adoption. Unless, help from a very kind family member is offered. But can Leona trust this family member already enough?

This story IS connected to actual lore.

Alexander, Azura, Magea, Sasha and Story (c) Me

Jane (c) Me and

Leona (c) (Co-author)

Length: 2,167 words. 11,715 characters.

Time used to type: 2 hours 15 minutes (with corrections and cleaning)

Bound by Destiny 8½ - As Nature Calls

This story is copyrighted to SashaWS/ArtisticEastern, containing characters owned by various people used with permission.

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Leona was watching the two new mothers of the family, even if they both were herms, it was still a beautiful sight. She couldn't lie, it was like the two of them had changed in her eyes only from that simple change, and those newborns were so cute. She slipped away from the crowd, walking her way back to her room, watching the guards salute as she walked by, tempting her to know what was hiding under all those bulky armors.

Sighing to herself, she opened the door and stepped inside the room, watching the silky white quilts on the bed, the fluffy pillows and the memory of how she had been having Jane and Magea sucking on her nipples to help her sleep. A soft purr escaped her maw and she began to undress herself, dropping her top and pants before throwing her panties on a chair, standing completely nude by the side of the bed, climbing onto it and assuming a position on her knees with head low and butt high, reaching fingers back to brush along her sensitive folds with a happy purr. Rubbing along the outer side of them, she was soon allowing them to collide with her clit to make her purr even louder.

She wasn't even noticing Magea and Jane coming to check on her, "Leona, are you oka..." Their words were caught in the throats as they saw Leona rubbing her clit as they entered, Leona blushing softly at first before they noticed her growing a bit sad, "Leona? What is wrong?" Leona curled up as she pulled the quilt over herself, "Nothing, just leave me alone." Jane walked over as Magea excused herself to use the bathroom, sitting down near Leona before pulling the quilt around her to keep Leona in place, "Oh no, kitten, you are going to tell what puts a weight on your heart now." Leona whimpered before finally giving in, "Okay, but I want Magea to be here too." Jane nodded as they waited for Magea to return before Leona began to explain, "I saw how happy those two were about becoming mothers and it got me thinking." Magea and Jane looked curiously at Leona who soon sighed, "Girls... I wanna become a mother." Magea and Jane could only smile and nod, "We can always go and adopt a child. I am sure there are a lot of possible cute little cubs who would love to have you as their mother." Leona was shaking her head, "No, I want a legit child that is mine. But... you two are females, so we cannot have a child, and I do not know who I could... I do not trust anyone who could help us with it. This family seems to live on honor and respect."

Jane and Magea began to understand the reason for Leona's answer, it was that ever since the day she had been saved from those rapists, she had never dared to trust anyone with an erection as she was afraid she had to relive that memory again. Moving in closer to her, they shared a warm hug as Leona whimpered, "I just wanna become a mother so badly." A faint voice spoke from the door that had been left open, "Where one might see a locked door, a window might be open. Your choice if you gonna stay and knock on the door of denial, or jump through the window of opportunity. I suggest you consider the choices carefully." Jane, Magea and Leona looked at the door where Alexander stood next to Azura and Sasha, "Also, one must consider their privacy of conversation enough to know when a door might need to be closed." He chuckled softly, "My apologies for eavesdropping, but I couldn't avoid that tone of sadness in your voice. I know you got a rough time trusting males after what I was told by Jane and Magea, but please know that not all males are monsters. Well, I was, but I was helped through it." Jane smiled, "It is thanks to you that I stopped fearing myself hurting my family."

Leona looked between Alexander and Jane before the trio entered and sat down in a chair each as Alexander spoke, "So please, at least give me a benefit of the doubt. I got no will to attempt raping or injuring you." Leona could see that he was sincere, but her fear was still there, "I do not know." Alexander nodded before Magea decided to be funny, "Remember after the first time you saw him and thought he was a girl?" Leona blushed deeply as Alexander gave a soft chuckle, "I cannot blame you, with this outfit, I look pretty much like a girl until you hear me speak." Sasha gave Azura a mischievous grin before Alexander eeped when he was turned into a female, looking at Sasha with a look of annoyance and spoke with the most heavy female voice ever, "That is not funny at all." Leona began to giggle before she nods, "Okay, I admit that you are a bit trustable. I did see that you fought back when the family was attacked. But I had trouble since... you have a dick." Azura began to speak, "Just relax about that. We are understanding and will not force you. In fact, we might know a way to solve your problem, but it is all depending on your own decision."

Leona was curious and nodded, "Go on." Azura nodded to Sasha who looked at Leona, "My offer is that I would make Jane or Magea a temporary herm or shemale for you. However, this would mean that you have to live through a small displeasure to have a little bundle of joy yourself. Think it over, because you got time." Leona was taken back by the sudden idea before Sasha got up, "If you excuse me, I got to help two mothers to take care of their young." With those words, Sasha left the room, letting Azura and the gender-swapped Alexander sit there with the three lovers, Leona being deep in thought while Magea and Jane was holding her tightly. Magea was soon kissing Leona, "I will do it. I might not enjoy putting you through something that we prevented, but you want a child so badly that we got to see through what happened so you can be happy. What is more important to you?" Leona's mind was split between the choices, giving her a light headache while Azura excused herself to get something to eat before the gender-swapped Alexander stood up and walked over to Leona, reaching into the kimono to pull out an orb that he handed over to Leona, "Here, you might need this to make your decision easier." Before Leona could react after taking it, the dragon had already disappeared and left the trio confused before they looked at the orb glowing, showing them the image of Leona happy with a child in her arms, Jane and Magea standing nearby her with a kid each in their arms too.

As the darkness was slowly filling up the castle, three hooded figures moved towards the royal bedroom, knocking a couple of times before the door opened and Sasha looked at them, "You reached your decision?" she asked before one of them nodded, "Yes, after seeing what we saw in the orb from Alexander, we decided that I want the kid badly that I am willing to face my own pain in order to get it." Sasha was smirking before reaching into a pocket on her robe, handing them a vial, "This is a potent serum that makes whoever that drinks it into a herm for 1 hour. Use it wisely." They hugged her and Sasha smiled as she returned the big hug, "Now, off you three go." As the door closed, the trio ran back to their room.

As the clothes hit the floor, Leona gave Jane the vial and nodded, "I want you to be the father." Jane nodded before uncorking the vial and drinking it all, an intense heat building up inside her as her genetic code was altered slightly, making her grow two big leathery balls and a big horsecock like her twin sister has, only hers was pink instead of black. Leona was looking at it and whimpered before Magea kissed her, "Relax darling, you will be okay." Leona nodded before laying back, noticing that Magea was quickly straddling her face, the vixen moaning softly as Leona began her eager dining, giving Jane the show she needed to get hard, both of the females not caring right now as Leona was way too busy with eating a delicious vixen pussy. A soft mew came from Leona however when Magea was spreading her legs and pulled her lower body upwards a bit, exposing the swollen vulva to their third person, Jane seeing how the juicy feline cunt was winking to her as she moved in closely and placed the tip against Leona's folds, "Last chance to stop this, honey." Leona had stopped licking for a moment, watching Jane before her tail rubbed along her balls, making Jane softly gasp before a soft purr came from Leona, "Push it in."

Jane didn't wait at this point, grabbing both the thighs before she made her forward thrust, pushing herself deeply into Leona's warm tunnel as Leona whimpered and cried, only to feel Magea lowering her pussy down on her face, "You are doing this for your own future, darling. Fight your memory and know this will give you the child you want." Magea's words were true, even through Leona's clouded mind, her walls fighting to push out the intruder, only to have Jane push back in harder for Leona to surrender to her heat, a soft moan coming forth as she continued to lick at Magea's folds, "Mmm, that is more like it, darling." Jane cooed before leaning down to softly suck on Leona's nipples, knowing it usually helped her relax and it did work even now as Leona was laying there, eating out Magea while Jane did her faithful duty.

Magea murred while watching Jane fucking their lover and how Jane was sucking on her nipples to calm down the ocelot girl, a soft spank soon hitting her butt as Magea murred, lowering herself some more until she gasped from Leona pushing her muzzle inside her own pussy, her eyes shutting themselves as the eager feline tongue was licking around, hitting all of those spots while Jane had to listen to it all, her thrusts speeding up a bit for Leona to feel as she moved her hips a bit, almost born with the breeding gene inside her as Leona was moaning too from having many pleasure spots being struck, even her g-spot. Magea looked at Jane who smiled up at her, "Keep it going there. She is actually beginning to like it." Leona couldn't lie, she was beginning to enjoy it and her instincts was getting the better of her as she was hissing a bit in pleasure, making Magea giggle and moan from the vibrations coursing through her nethers, causing a rather quick orgasm to cover Leona's face, "Ohhh, that tongue!"

Jane was looking at them and felt the only side effect of her having a dick slowly coming to the surface as she was shooting pre inside of Leona, her eyes shutting tightly, "I am... almost there... now!" Leona was knowing that this was it and Magea was quickly getting off her face before Leona sat up to pull Jane into a deep kiss, feeling how Jane was working herself to the limit before pushing all the way inside with a loud yelp, "Here it comes!" Leona was closing her eyes before the warm seed was filling her womb, sealing the deed while Jane kissed her, letting her erection keep up the work while moaning as Magea decided to help out by eating her out, making sure it would last all the time they had remaining, coaxing out what almost felt like one-fourth of a gallon.

As the erection slowly disappeared, Jane cooed happily, falling to the side panting before rubbing Leona's swollen belly as Magea joined on the other side, her too rubbing the belly, "What a beautiful view." Leona looked at it before purring as she pulled them both in to kissing them softly, "I love you two so much." Jane and Magea could only smile as they returned the kiss, "We love you too, Leona." The lovers moved up closer before falling asleep, while inside Leona's body, the cycle of reproduction was beginning.

The End.

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