Temple of the Exiled God - Part Five

Story by Shakal on SoFurry

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#5 of Temple of the Exiled God

Only one thing stands between Shakal, Salgrus and their ability to grant Anubis his freedom. Or... should that be three things?

Originally posted by Jeeves here: Temple of the Exiled God - Chapter Five

Temple of the Exiled God - Part Five

Standing in the doorway of the glyph chamber, Salgrus and Shakal peered into the room, and stared in stunned disbelief at the sight which awaited them. Needless to say, Anubis had not warned them of this. After the central chamber and the myriad immortals dwelling within it, the two men had thought, or at least hoped, that they had overcome the last of the physical obstacles in their way. This room was supposed to be about solving a puzzle. About using their intellect and experience as archaeologists to uncover the code required to set Anubis, and themselves by proxy, free from this temple.

Instead, they found themselves looking out into a small chamber whose walls and floor were stained with what looked to be a rather thick layer of dried, cracked white fluid. A room coated in cum, all of it seemingly having come from a single source. The vast, hulking, three headed black hound standing in the centre of the room.

Neither panther nor hyena spoke, but both of them recognised the huge beast instantly. With its glowing eyes and pitch black fur, it was unmistakable; a figure of mythology in its own right, though not from the same mythology as Anubis. It was a legend of the Greek underworld. Cerebus. But like all things in this temple, this guardian beast was not just a vicious protector. Sharp as its teeth and claws may have been, it wasn't those which drew the two males' attention and made them tremble nervously. It was the trio of swollen, throbbing knotted shafts hanging from between the beast's legs that gave Shakal and Salgrus reason to pause. Three cocks, all dripping and twitching hungrily as the vast creature paced back and forth around the centre of the room.

Drawing back from the doorway for a brief while, Shakal pulled off the golden mask as he saw Salgrus' ears twitch, as though listening to something which the panther couldn't hear. Sure enough, as soon as the mask parted from his flesh and fur, Anubis' voice flooded his mind.

'...hidden directly beneath me. So close to me that I could not separate its energies from my own. Poor creature. It was one a noble and trusted guardian. Fearless, but gentle and kind to those which meant it and its master no harm. Now... now it looks as though it has been driven mad. Insane with lust. But, how? It appeared aroused, but there was no source. No cause for it to feel such constant desire, and certainly no reason for the room to be so liberally coated with its already spent seed. I don't...'

The God's telepathy dropped off for a moment, on to return a few seconds later, though broken and fragmented.

'A-ah. Another wave. On its way. G-going to... to... Prepare yourselves.'

It was beyond strange to hear someone stuttering and 'speaking' in such a disjointed manner when actually it was all internal, from their mind to yours. But then again, it was beyond strange to be holding a conversation with a God. Or to be standing in an ancient temple in South America, on a quest from an Egyptian deity which involved bypassing an Ancient Greek immortal guardian. These were the thoughts which crossed Shakal's mind as he and Salgrus took another few steps back from Cerebus' chamber. They set down their rucksacks full of gear, not wishing to risk damaging or discarding any important items in the midst of what was about to happen, and stepped close to one another.

They joined hands, both hands this time, and looked at one another. Both panther and hyena's cheeks flushed brightly, and as they waited for the overwhelming surge of supernatural pleasure to strike at them, they felt their hearts racing in anticipation. Never at any point in this strange adventure had they wanted to lose control so badly. Never had they sought for an excuse, a reason, to fling themselves into one another's arms, and cum.

As the latest wave of divine energy surged through Anubis, no longer tormenting the deity by holding him at the edge of orgasm but simply driving him into an instant and savage climax, he let go of his control of the two mortals' minds. He stopped holding back the supernatural lust which had been coursing through them every since they set him free and were bathed in his Godly seed, and they too found themselves driven violently and instantaneously to orgasms of matching, joyous ferocity.

For close to a minute Salgrus and Shakal clung to one another, nipping and kissing at one another's muzzles in between uncountable fevered cries of bliss, while between their intimately entwined bodies their two cocks strained, twitched and poured forth hot ribbons of cum across one another's thighs, stomachs and indeed the other male's own crotch. Amidst their own wails of rapturous euphoria though, even their pleasure-fried minds couldn't help but notice a third source of ecstatic roars and howls.

Those louder, volatile cries of ecstasy persisted even as Salgrus and Shakal found their sanity restored to them. Once more they felt Anubis' presence return to their minds and his power restoring the barrier holding them back from a lifetime of mindless, endless lust. Taking only a moment to regard one another, blushing and smirking at the streaks of cum coating their bare fur, the two males padded slowly and carefully back to the entrance of the glyph chamber. Peering inside, towards the source of the desperately giddy yelping, they confirmed what they'd suspected from the moment they first heard those bellowing howls of pleasure.

From the ceiling of the chamber, directly beneath the altar to which Anubis was bound, streaks of violet-hued lightning appeared to be striking out. Crackling and hissing, they all converged upon a single point in the room. Cerebus. Until now the two mortal males, and probably even the God himself, had assumed that all the divine energy which was passing through Anubis was retained within the altar to keep him bound and powerless. It appeared however that the truth was somewhat different. That in reality, there was a degree of excess being channelled through the God and his altar, and that like all energy, it was seeking out a path to ground itself.

A path which explained the vast volumes of dried cum spread around the glyph chamber, not to mention Cerebus' seemingly constant arousal. If indeed this vast, immortal canine was the grounding point for each and every single burst of energy to strike at Anubis, and if indeed it had been serving that purpose for as long as the God had been imprisoned here... it was no wonder the three headed hound appeared the way he did. Thousands of years of edging and orgasmic denial was one thing, but at least Anubis was a God. A deity with a will strong enough to maintain his sanity through all that torment. Cerebus on the other hand may have been immortal, but it was no God. And thousands of years of solitary confinement, interspersed with regular, uncontrollable orgasms, had driven the three headed canine mad with lust.

Once more, Anubis' voice rang out in the two mortal's heads. Through their eyes, he could see the beast writhing and cumming from all three of its vast, swollen cocks. He could see the glazed, savage expression of pleasure upon its face; betraying its single-minded desire for endless, unceasing ecstasy.

'This could be a problem.'

It soon became apparent that Anubis was right. By his assertion, the mask which had protected Shakal in the central chamber would still work here. The blindfold which Salgrus had worn on the other hand would have been of no use whatsoever, even if they had kept it with them. Cerebus was so consumed by his own lust, by desire and pleasure meant only for a deity, that his urges would be unaffected by whether or not the creature he was looking at could see him. If Cerebus saw either one of them enter the room without the mask on, blindfolded or not, it would take them. It would claim them. It would spend the rest of eternity making them into its very favourite sex toys. In short, there was no way for both of them to work on the puzzle.

But maybe, just maybe... they could make that work in their favour.

"I have an idea."

Shakal spoke aloud for Salgrus' benefit, but he knew that Anubis could hear him too.

"What if we let him see us. Or at least, one of us. What if we... if I, show myself to him, and distract him while Salgrus wears the mask, and figures out the sequence of glyphs to release you?"

Before Anubis could reply to Shakal's idea, the hyena cut in. He was frowning, and looking at Shakal with caring concern.

"Whoa. Hold on... you saw the same creature as me, right? Exactly how do you, _one_of you, plan on handling all of that? Just one of those cocks would be big enough to do you some serious damage no matter where Cerebus tried to shove it. Never mind three of them."

It was then that the jackal deity spoke, his voice ringing inside the mortal male's heads in a surprisingly upbeat tone.

'Actually, that might not be as much of a problem as you expect. Tasting my seed might have left you without control over your libido, but it does have its benefits. As you've already noticed, your stamina is somewhat more... endless than before. But I think you'll find that your capacity has also increased. Your bodies will be more malleable. More capable of performing any sexual feat required of them, up to and including taking larger individuals. Even if Cerebus did try to fuck you with all three of his cocks, and even if he succeeded, I dare say you'd enjoy it. At least for the first few years.'

Salgrus' eyes widened, and with a frustrated snort he shook his head.

"Well... that's great, but... what about me? What if Shakal is busy getting his brain fucked out, and I can't solve the puzzle without his help?"

To the hyena's surprise, he felt a hand slipping into his own, and fingers gently squeezing his reassuringly. He looked at Shakal, and blushed as the panther leaned forward and pecked him encouragingly on the cheek.

"That won't happen. You're the smartest guy I know, and an absolute star when it comes to ancient languages. You'll crack it. I know you will."

Falling silent, the feline male smiled at Salgrus as the hyena blushed and squirmed where he stood. They squeezed gently at one another's hands once more, and only broke their shared tender gaze when Anubis rather pointedly cleared his throat in their minds and prompted the pair back into action.

'So... are we agreed on the plan? I know I have an eternity to wait, but if it's all the same to you pair I'd rather not remain a prisoner in this temple for a second longer than I already have."

Though still obviously concerned for the panther, Salgrus nodded. Shakal inclined his head in gratitude and agreement, and the pair listened, still holding one another's hands, as Anubis spoke to them again.

'Good. Just remember, Shakal, while Salgrus will be protected by the mask, it's not only this creature's lust which is far beyond that of the immortals you encountered in the central chamber. Cerebus was a guard dog. He is trained and bred to detect hidden things. If you let him get too close to Salgrus, there's a chance he might be able to sense him because of the cloaking properties of the mask. You should keep him as far away as possible.'

The panther smiled confidently, winking at Salgrus. The last thing he wanted to do was put more pressure onto the hyena, even if that meant playing down how nervous he was about his ability to successfully handle everything which that vast hound was no doubt going to thrust upon him.

"Challenge accepted."

With that said, the two mortals began their final preparations. They emptied out their rucksacks full of supplies, transferring all the research material into Salgrus' pack and leaving the rest; their food and water and other life essential supplies, in the other, out of the way where they could return for it later. Shakal handed over the mask to the hyena, and watched, as thrilled as ever to see a mystical artefact in action, as the golden, bejewelled frame shifted away from a replica of his own face and moulded itself to the features of the other male instead.

They padded carefully back to the entrance of the room, and with one last squeeze of one another's hands, stepped into the glyph chamber.

Instantly they parted ways. Salgrus headed for the opposite end of the room to where Cerebus was currently standing, panting and quivering in the wake of its latest marathon orgasm. Shakal however began to walk straight towards the powerful, hulking canine form. He was excited and terrified in equal parts, the former of those two emotions helped along by Anubis' voice still addressing him as he grew closer and closer to the as yet unaware Cerebus.

'When it takes you, I'll loosen my hold on your inhibitions. Not only will you be able to enjoy yourself more, but you'll be on a more even playing field. After all the raw divine sexual energy which has passed through him over the centuries, I'm amazed that Cerebus' libido is the only thing to have become super-charged. Divine energy has the capacity to do so much more. To twist reality, to change not just the mind but the body too. But it's certainly helpful that he seems to have remained physically unaffected. It means that once I release some of my control over you, the two of you will be in a similar state when you meet.'

Shakal didn't have much of a chance to reply. He was already most of the way towards Cerebus, and was frankly stunned that the beast hadn't seen him yet. All it had to do was turn its head, to take a single moment out of its pleasure-stricken recovery to acknowledge its surroundings, and...

Sure enough, one of the canine's three heads snapped up, sniffing at the air. A second rose soon after, barking loudly. Then the third, the leftmost head and closest to Shakal, turned itself towards the panther. Black furred feline and black furred canine regarded one another for a moment. Their eyes met, before travelling the length of one another's bodies and settling upon their equally swollen, throbbing crotches. Of course, the hulking hound's trio of erections were individually larger and thicker than the panther's own solitary cock. But that didn't seem to bother Cerebus, who yelped in what sounded like frantic delight and instantly flung himself forward over the short distance remaining between the pair.

From the far end of the room, Salgrus had to restrain himself from calling out in concern for the panther as Cerebus pounced upon Shakal. His heart skipped a beat, but resumed its pounding as he saw one of the canine's heads push Shakal's fallen body over, rolling him onto his stomach. One of the other heads nipped at the panther's right shoulder, as though trying to grab the feline male by the scruff of the neck, while another began to lick hungrily and affectionately at the left side of Shakal's face. The third head meanwhile took control of the canine's body, and wrapped its forelegs around Shakal's midsection.

A frantic wail escaped the panther as Anubis let him loose, and even as Cerebus began to hump and grind its trio of cocks up against Shakal's trembling backside, streaks of cum began to lash the ground beneath where Shakal knelt upon all fours. The mortal male threw back his head as after just a few uncertain strokes the central shaft of the three headed hound found its mark, slipping between the cheeks of Shakal's rump and pressing up against the panther's already well worked pucker.

Salgrus groaned in arousal, unable to help himself despite Anubis' control over his libido, as Shakal's own roar of pleasure was drowned out by the savage snarl which escaped Cerebus. For the first time in millennia, the three headed dog had something to play with. A lover. A hole for it to hump and breed. With typically animalistic passion it began immediately to drive its cock into Shakal with all the speed and force it could muster. Its three heads panted and yelped and howled in delight, and the two cocks still exposed, rubbing up against the already broadly spread cheeks of Shakal's ass, began to spray Shakal's dark fur with thick streaks of cum.

It took a great deal of willpower on Salgrus' part to stop watching, though the continued sounds effects of Cerebus breeding Shakal like the panther was a bitch in heat continued to make it difficult for him to concentrate as he approached what, from the layout of the room, seemed to be the first set of hieroglyphic pictograms. Pulling a notepad out of his pack, the hyena began to scrawl some initial thoughts. Trying to figure out if there was a particular dialect to these pictograms, anything which would help him narrow down the structure or form any sequence of such glyphs might take. At first, progress was slow. He recognised many of the symbols not only from elsewhere in the temple but from historical dig sites in Egypt itself, and for the most part didn't even have to refer to his translation guide to recall their basic meanings. If there was anything here to put the fragments into context however, Salgrus could not see it.

Moving onto the second section of glyphs, hoping that maybe comparing the two might provide some clues, Salgrus glanced back over to Cerebus and Shakal. Again he shivered in pleasure, about to open his muzzle and lick his lips in desire but incapable of doing so thanks to the mask covering his face. The vast three headed dog was still fucking Shakal senseless, but now the panther had rolled over onto his back. He had his legs wrapped around the powerful thighs of the canine, a dumbstruck, giddy look on his face as a mixture of his own cum and that of the two exposed cocks of Cerebus painted his torso white, the third canine erection now not only buried inside his ass, but by the looks of things knotted to him.


Less than a minute after his latest check-up on Shakal, an ear-splitting wail of both pleasure and surprise reached Salgrus' ears. He clutched his bag and notepad close in case he had to make a quick move, but upon looking towards the sound of the cry saw that Shakal was still where he'd been before. Cerebus however, while still present, was clearly the reason for the panther's cry of shock. The whole of the vast canine's body was glowing with violet energy, brief bolts of electric-like static crackling across its furred form despite the fact there was no energy shooting down from Anubis' altar. Throwing its trio of heads back, Cerebus howled in a fresh triumvirate of euphoric orgasms, and with a blinding flash of light... vanished.

Or rather, vanished in its current form. As Salgrus blinked the bright spots out of his eyes, he saw that Shakal was no longer being straddled by the vast canine form of Cerebus. Instead, he was being circled by not one, not two, but three pure black wolves. Each of them were smaller than Cerebus, the size of a normal wolf, but it was quite obvious that together, they were the mythical hound. Each one of them bore the same glowing green eyes, and each one possessed a single throbbing, dripping cock between their legs.

All at once, they flung themselves at Shakal once more. Unable to share their pleasure on this occasion however, a fight soon broke out, the trio growling and nipping at one another, attempting to mount the other wolves in a show of dominance all while trying to get their cocks somewhere close to Shakal's trembling, needy form. They moved as they fought for control and the first solo shot at the panther, beginning to spread out across the room while chasing and growling, moving closer and closer to where Salgrus was kneeling.

"H-hey... hey, pups... c'mon!!"

Shakal shakily rose to his feet and began to wave in the air with one hand, the other grabbing at his cock and starting to pump at it feverishly, half to attract the wolves' attention and half to satisfy his own uncontrolled urges. Sure enough it took just a few strokes to set the horny panther off, and as he began to spray the ground before him with hot streaks of fresh cum, the lupine trio ceased their infighting and rushed towards it, sniffing at the fallen cum before moving to lap and taste its source.

With the panther now feeding the trio on a constant stream of his cum, jerking feverishly at his cock with both hands to keep his enhanced orgasm going, Salgrus regrettably had to turn away and return to work. Slowly but surely he was beginning to make progress. Yes, he was having to scrawl down a lot of notes to make any sense of the patterns that were developing, and much of what he was considering patterns were entirely based on conjecture, but it was better than nothing.

"C'mon... it can't be that easy..."

It was about five minutes later when Salgrus found himself muttering those words under his breath, eyes widening behind the golden mask as he spotted a pair of glyphs which formed, roughly translated, the beginnings of a sentence. Could it be that the sequence wasn't some complex pattern, but was just an ancient phrase broken down across the various groups in this room?! With haste, he gathered up his things and moved on to the third block of gyphs. His eyes scanned them quickly, searching for anything which would make sense following on from the last pair. All the while, the hyena could hear the happy yelps of the three wolves and his panther companion. He spared them just the most fleeting of glances, and couldn't help but smile at what he saw.

In a chain, one of the wolves was being fucked by Shakal. He in turn had another third of Cerebus' transformed self riding him, and that wolf was being pounded by the final lupine male. It was a rather crude and disorganised foursome, none of the males having the sense to time their thrusting to the motion of the others and all just going for it as hard as they could, but for now at least it had all three portions of the chamber's guardian occupied.

It didn't last, of course. That would have been too much to hope for. There came another crackle of violet energy, and to Salgrus' dismay he watched as the burst of divine power sent Shakal tumbling across the floor of the chamber; forced out from between the two wolves sandwiching him as they suddenly and abruptly found themselves drawn back into a single entity. Thankfully the panther didn't appear to be hurt, scrambling back to his feet and immediately grabbing hold of his cock. He glanced back at the glowing ball of violet light now swirling in mid air as it re-integrated the three wolves into one, then looked directly at the hyena with wide, pleading eyes.

Reaching out with a trembling hand as the other continued to rub and soothe his needy cock, Shakal took a stumbling step towards Salgrus.

"P-please. Sal. M-make me cum. I need to. I... I need you."

Cursing under his breath as he realised that Shakal in his current state could be just as dangerous to him as Cerebus; more so in fact as the panther could still see him, Salgrus hurriedly gathered his gear once more. He shook his head, backing away from the panther as Shakal stepped ever closer. He dared not speak for fear of alerting Cerebus to his unseen presence, unsure whether the mask would keep him from being heard as well as being seen. All he could do was keep as far away from both Shakal and Cerebus as possible, until the glowing violet shape had re-assumed a form which Shakal could direct his desires towards.

Luckily for Salgrus it wasn't long before Cerebus was restored to a physical form. The hyena saw it solidifying out of the corner of his eye, turning and breaking into a run, getting as far away from Shakal as possible. That was a good plan, for just as he'd suspected the very first thing Cerebus did was make a fresh beeline for the panther. Now on two legs, a powerful feline form similar to Shakal's own but even larger and more muscular, with at least a dozen whip-like tendrils instead of a tail, Cerebus tackled the panther with a grunt of desire. Its tentacle bearing tail lashed out and snatched at Shakal's limbs, lifting him off the ground and peeling his legs apart once more.

The panther wailed in misery as his hands were torn away from his needy cock, and yet moments later was mewling in delight as while still held in mid air Cerebus began to resume pounding him. In an instant, his need for Salgrus was forgotten, and once more Shakal gave himself over entirely to the job at hand. It was his task, his sworn duty, to cum as many times as possible and as hard as possible... and, hopefully along the way, to distract Cerebus from doing something else, though he couldn't recall exactly what.

Salgrus meanwhile had his own problems to deal with. The more progress he made on the sequence of glyphs and the more confident he became in his ability to ultimately succeed, the less he could keep his mind focused on that topic. With every passing second his mind kept calling him back to what had just happened. To hearing Shakal, however possessed by supernatural lust the panther may have been, beg for them to be together. For him to make the panther cum. That was the kind of fantasy which could have brought the hyena to orgasm in a matter of seconds. But to have it actually happen, to have Shakal actually speak those words to him, what Salgrus felt now was beyond happiness.

Mask or not, Salgrus' own, natural desire was very nearly overwhelming him. His cock was hard and pre-cum was drooling down the underside of the shaft. It throbbed with every beat of his heart, and each time the hyena heard Shakal wailing in pleasure, he became ever more tempted to fling down his notebook and grab his cock. One or two strokes would be all it took. One orgasm, just to satisfy him for the time being.

Salgrus growled under his breath, shaking his head. What was he thinking?! It was madness to even consider such an idea as a fantasy, never mind actually wishing to follow through. He tried his very best to forget about it, and to ignore the rapturous cries of the panther as he moved on to the final section of glyphs and began to piece together the last of the coded phrase holding Anubis prisoner.

It seemed impossible that the code was what he could now read it to be. It seemed so stupid, so immature. Not that a God had been imprisoned by one of his own pantheon, but that as a race of beings Gods were capable of weaving such pettiness into their grand schemes.

Translating the final few hieroglyphs, Salgrus rolled his eyes. If the stakes hadn't been so high, he probably would have found it funny.

Carefully, he checked his translations where they'd been scribbled down in his notebook. He didn't need to _try_to remain focused now, having overcome his momentary lapse and re-solidified his commitment to the plan. Indeed Salgrus was so focused on checking and re-checking his work that he barely noticed the next flash of violet light. By the time he looked up, confident in his assertions, Shakal was already hard at work on the familiar, re-formed shape of the hulking three headed hound. The panther knelt beneath the powerful creature, its central cock in his muzzle and one in either hand, gurgling and grunting as the beast humped at him and flooded his body both internally and externally with wave after wave of hot, potent cum.

Skirting around the eternally needy hound and the male servicing it so efficiently, Salgrus returned to the first set of glyphs and began the process of actually entering the code. Each pictogram was resting upon a raised slab of marble, and with little effort it was possible to press them into the wall.

One by one, Salgrus darted around the chamber and added to the sequence. His heart was thundering against his ribcage and his mind was spinning with fear, but he dared not doubt himself. Shakal had faith in him, so he had to do it.

The last set of glyphs were, of course, the closest to Shakal and Cerebus. As he approached them, Salgrus heard a deep growl escape the immortal hound, and saw one of its heads glance in his direction, sniffing urgently at the air.

He hit the third from last glyph. Then the second from last.

The canine's eyes widened, and all three heads turned to face Salgrus, starting to bark and snarl loudly as they tried to pull away from Shakal.

Before they could make a move towards the hyena however, he hit the last of the glyphs, and cried out in triumph as it alongside all the others began to glow. Lighting up the message which Wepwawet had created for anyone who had gotten this far to freeing Anubis.

_ Anubis is a cheating bitch with a small cock that needs divine powers to be any good at fucking. _

A split-second later, pure white light engulfed the chamber. A frightened yelp escaped Cerebus, and before both Shakal and Salgrus' eyes, it began to shrink. To grow smaller and smaller, until it was no bigger than a miniature dachshund or other cute, tiny dog. Somewhere in the distance, the panther and hyena heard cries of delight. Of joy and gratitude. Voices singing Anubis' praises as the countless immortals bound throughout the temple were freed from their long service; granted rest, relief and satisfaction at long last.

Then, with one final flash, Anubis appeared. The black furred jackal hovered in mid-air as first the altar, then the glyphed walls, then everything of the temple began to fade away. His black coat was emblazoned with a myriad of golden, shimmering hieroglyphs, and his eyes were glowing with pure, radiant light. In his arms, he cradled Cerebus. Holding the immortal puppy affectionately close as it yipped and tried to lick at his broadly grinning face with each of its three tiny tongues.

A moment later, reality began to reform around the trio. Salgrus and Shakal found themselves standing upon solid ground once more, and looked around to see that they were now back in the central chamber of the temple. On this occasion however, they were alone. Alone except of course for the deity standing, still smiling gleefully, before them.

Opening his arms, Cerebus no longer present within them, Anubis gestured warmly to the two mortals.

"My friends. Thank you. I thank you with all that I have and all that I am for freeing me. You have my eternal gratitude, and trust me when I say the eternal gratitude of a God does not go unrewarded."

He glanced up and down the length of the two mortals' bodies. With a sweep of his hand, the cum which coated them in varied states of dryness was gone, and they were perfectly fresh and clean once more. At least, for a few seconds.

"In due time, I will reward you for what you have done. I will make your dreams come true, and that will only be the beginning of my thanks."

Licking his lips, Anubis' glowing eyes settled upon both Shakal and Salgrus' midsections. Their crotches. Their still erect, desperately needy cocks.

"But first..."

With another wave of his hand, Salgrus felt himself sliding forward along the ground. Or perhaps the ground was moving beneath his feet, the whole earth shifting under the God's command. Either way, before he knew it he was tenderly embraced in one of Anubis' arms, and his head was swimming as the God kissed him deeply upon the muzzle.

Any orgasm he'd had before that moment, any climax he'd experienced either within the temple or before he had discovered it, was a mere fraction of the feeling that swept through him as the deity's lips touched his own. Salgrus whimpered joyously through Anubis' tongue, and flung his arms around the jackal's body as he felt his cock beginning to unload yet another round of cum over his and Anubis' entwined forms.

At the same time, Shakal felt himself drawn forward too. He felt himself drop effortlessly to his knees, and in an instant found himself kneeling before Anubis' thick, liberally drooling erection. The panther didn't need the God to make him do what happened next. He didn't need any encouragement whatsoever. With a hungry growl, Shakal wrapped his lips around the deity's shaft and began to suckle upon it firmly. Almost instantly he felt Anubis' cum pouring down his throat, while his own cock began to pulse and spurt hot ribbons of seed out over the jackal's legs and feet.

Shakal trusted that Anubis would live up to his promise. He and Salgrus both believed it. But they didn't expect it right away. After all, they each knew that the God standing before them had spent millennia locked away in that temple, frustrated and teased and denied even the slightest sexual relief. If they'd been in his position, they would doubtlessly be doing the very same thing.

There would come a time to rule. There would come a time to seek vengeance. There would come a time to create.

But right now in his first moments of true freedom, all that Anubis wanted, and all that his two most devout believers and servants wanted for him, was to cum.

By Jeeves

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