Becoming a Man

Story by Sparrow Wolfess on SoFurry

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Goofy lays on the sofa, eating cheese and crackers while watching one of his many favorite television shows. Another cartoon about a man being pelted with fruits as he walks down the street to his job. It doesn't make sense, but that's all part of the humor of the show.

Goofy takes a bite of his cracker when he notices a commercial airing. On the screen is a man with long ears and red hair, a large gap between his front teeth - much like Goofy's teeth, and wearing a blue blazer with a yellow and purple spotted tie.

"Are you a single parent? Do you often struggle with teaching your child all on your own with no means of help?"

"Uh, well, no," Goofy says to the TV, "Not really!"

"Well, since you do, this public service announcement is for you!"

"Gawrsh," Goofy says, sitting up and leaning closer to the T.V. "Err, well okay, Mister Commercial Guy!"

"Today's message is brought to you by Discipline! Being a parent can be hard, but so can a childish adult son!"

The television changes from a commercial to a miniature broadcast. On the screen is a rather overweight teenager, slouching at a computer eating nachos, watching what appears to be a video about gaming.

"Is your son lazy? Have a bedroom full of sports equipment, but would rather spend all day inside on electronic devices?" the commercial asks.

Goofy looks to his left and sees his eleven year old son, Max, playing a handheld gaming system. He darts his gaze back to the T.V. and nods.

"Discipline can not only shape up your son, but can wizen him up, too!" the commercial says, showing the teen in the commercial lose weight rather rapidly, growing muscles and suddenly joined at the side by a beautiful girl, "Discipline can help your young child grow into a respected adult. Remember, teaching your children about important things now will save them a lifetime of embarrassment!"

"Ooh, that's it!" Goofy says, standing and turning off the T.V. Max looks up at his father, who towers over him. "Max! It's time you and I had a talk about some important things!"

"Can't it wait 'til I defeat the slime guards of Jargoron?" Max complains, focusing intently at his game.

"Absolutely not!" Goofy says, bending down and snatching up the game system, "The slime-jars, or whatever, can wait. Let's go to your room son, we gotta have a father-son talk!"

Max's room is rather messy. The first thing Goofy notices is sports equipment, just like in the commercial, piled up in the corner. Scattered about Max's room are video game cartridges, dirty laundry, and crumbs of snack foods.

Goofy sits on Max's bed and Max sits next to him. "Max, my boy, the time's come that we talk about discipline. Ya can't just stay inside and play vid'yo games. Why, you gotta... huh?" Goofy bounces on Max's bed a bit, hearing a crinkling sound. "What in the world?"

"Uh, n-no! Dad! Uh, that's... th-that's just my... uh..."

Goofy pulls the crinkling object out from beneath Max's mattress, only to see that it's a magazine. Looking closer, Goofy can see that it's a pornographic magazine.

"Maxie! Where did you get this? This here's a... a... naughty magazine!"

Max looks down at his feet hanging off his bed with his hands folded in his lap, "I uh... I got it from... Pete."

"Well... what in the world do you need this for anyway?" Goofy says, flipping through the magazine, "All there is, is a buncha boobies and... oh... g-gawrsh!" Goofy says, looking at a rather pleasing image.

"See? Haha! Isn't it hot, Dad?" Max giggles.

"Max... if you were curious about all this stuff, you coulda just came to me and asked!" Goofy scolds, rolling up the magazine into a tube, "Now, I get why you'd have it, I guess. You're only 'leven! But you're also a boy. Your body's beggin' ya for all sorts of attention, isn't it, Maxie?"

"I guess you could say that," Max responds, blushing a bit, "Like, when I wake up, my... uh... _down there_is really... hard. Sticks up like a tree or something!"

"D'aw, Maxie," Goofy says, placing a hand on Max's shoulder, "Well, that's all a part of growin' up! You're becomin' a man."

Max smiles and crosses his arms, "So I'm off the hook, right?"

"A-course ya are. In fact, I'll even teach ya about these women in the dirty pictures and why exactly they're doing all that they're doing."

"Ya mean it, Dad?" Max grins, "Alright! So... what's our first lesson then, Professor Goof?"

"Aw-hyuk!" Goofy laughs, "First, we'll go over why exactly they're all naked. Ya see, Maxie, women like to make men feel good! Men like you and me. Sometimes the girls will take their clothes off, because they know guys like us like lookin' at them!"

"Oh, that's all?" Max asks.

"Not quite! Maxie, when a girl gets to where she's takin' her clothes off for ya, like this girl," Goofy unrolls the magazine, pointing to a girl on a page - her legs are far apart and she appears to be rubbing herself and touching her nipples, "When she gets to bein' like that, she wants ya to do things to 'er."

"What kinda things?" Max asks, tilting his head.

Goofy stares at the image, his thoughts drifting off, "Well, uh, Maybe she'll want'cha to... lick her in some places," Goofy says, his tongue sticking out of his mouth slightly, "And make her feel good... real, real good."

Goofy imagines himself with the tall, brunette woman on page thirty two. Her glistening, shining, oiled up skin beneath his fingers feeling smooth and soft, a bit wet from the oil, but overall, soft. Her voice would be a soft, giggly, flirty voice, begging him to touch her.

Goofy can imagine himself touching the woman gently, running his hands over her oiled up breasts and caressing them. Her nipples would be hard and dark, and as Goofy runs his hands down the woman's curvaceous body, he'd come to her plush, wet, and swollen pussy.

"Please, touch me," she'd say, "I need you inside me, Goofy, I'll bet you're a big, big man." Goofy would slowly slip a finger inside the wet slit, and in shyness and arousal, the woman would moan, blushing deeply.

"Dad? Dad, you okay?" Max says, tugging on his father's long, floppy ear. "Dad, you're getting one, too!"

"Da'what?" Goofy says, snapping out of his daydream and looking around. Looking down, Goofy sees his erection and quickly covers it with the magazine. "D'oh! Haha, See, Maxie?" Goofy laughs, blushing, "It happens to all the boys eventually!"

"But what do I do to make it stop?" Max asks.

"Well, that's the hard part. See, it'll never stop happening. Sometimes ya might even gettem for no reason! But that's where masturbation comes in."

"Master... bation?" Max says, tilting his head.

"Yeah! It's easy. Here, let your ol' dad show ya."

Goofy, without hesitation, undoes his pants, revealing his strong, pulsating erection. Max looks at it, watching it twitch. While watching, Max notices his own cock starting to grow, twitching just like his father's.

"Gosh, Dad, look!" Max says, "Mine's doing it too!" Max does as his father does, undoing his pants and allowing himself to spring free.

"There ya go, Maxie!" Goofy laughs, "That'll be easier to show ya. Now, ya just grab ahold of it, like this," Goofy explains, grasping his cock near the base. "Then, once ya do that, you just start rubbin' it up and down, like this!" Goofy blushes a bit as he starts stroking his cock, his precum dabbling out of his tip right in front of his son.

"Huh, kinda like a video game!" Max says as he copies his dad. They sit together in Max's bedroom, stroking their cocks together. "It feels awesome!"

"Dunnit?" Goofy agrees, his breathing quickening and his speech slowing as he allows the pleasure to fill his core. "Now... sometimes... mmgh, s-sometimes, these ladies like in the magazines... mmgh, they'll want you to do stuff... to... m-make 'em feel like we're feelin' now."

"Like what, Dad?" Max asks, genuinely interested.

"Well, ya see... come on over here, son. Kneel down right here," Goofy says, pointing to the floor.

Max lets go of his cock and kicks his shorts off, getting them out of the way. He obeys his father and looks up at him, smiling the same buck-toothed smile Goofy has. From this angle, Max can see the full extent of Goofy's length.

The dark, black cock nearly doubles in size as Max observes, leaning closer and examining the thick veins, protruding from the firm flesh of Goofy's raging cock. He watches as a small bead of precum leaks from the tip.

"Dad, what's that? Something's wrong with it!"

Goofy laughs, "No, son, that's precum."


"It's something that happens when your penis gets so hard, you just gotta make it feel better! Why don't you give it a stroke, son, just like we did a few minutes ago." Goofy grins, watching his son grasp ahold of his shaft, wrapping his small hand around the stiff, fleshy rod. Slowly, Max starts to stroke. Up and down, Max's wrist strokes Goofy's cock, allowing more precum to flow.

Goofy moans as he watches his son stroke his cock, a smile on his little face the entire time. "Like this, Dad?"

"Doin' great... M-Maxie," Goofy moans.

Max watches as Goofy blushes, smiling and feeling accomplished, he strokes a bit faster. Seeing that his pleases his father even more, he tightens his grip.

"That's a good boy, Maxie. J-just like that! Aagh... y-yeah... that's good!" Goofy praises, fighting the urge to thrust his hips.

Max smiles and starts to giggle, stroking faster and faster, sending his father into a pleasure frenzy. Goofy moans and groans, feeling the pleasure take over his entire being. His heart beats faster as he breathes harder, feeling his precum leak down to his balls.

"Dad, what about mine? Mine's really hard," Max complains, slowing down his stroking.

"Well, I've got an idea, Son, come 'ere." Goofy says, standing up and kicking his pants to the side. His length bounces slightly as he swings his legs up to lay down on Max's bed. "Now, come here and lay up on me, Maxie. On your belly, facing my feet."

"Uh, okay!" Max says, smiling and hopping on up. He arranges himself with his knees over his father's shoulders, a massive cock right before him.

"Perfect! Now, just open your mouth, Maxie."

"Open my mouth? What do I - aaghmp!" Max's mouth is instantly stuffed with Goofy's thick, leaking cock. Thrusting gently, Goofy helps Max to suck his cock, pumping precum into his mouth, bead after bead.

Max smiles and his eyes widen with joy as he tastes the cum. Man! This stuff tastes good! I mean, it's a little odd to do this with my dad, but... how is this so bad? This is awesome! Max begins sucking on his own, bobbing his head and slurping like a starving calf.

"That's my boy! Okay, here we go!" Goofy says with a chuckle, slipping his son's cock into his mouth, suckling on the small, erect shaft.

"Mmgh!" Max shivers as pleasure shoots up his spine, shocking him at first. Max begins to feel an immense sense of relief and comfort in Goofy's actions as his shaft pulsates in his father's mouth. Moaning gently over his father's cock, Max continues sucking, swallowing any and all precum that slips into his mouth.

Goofy's tongue swirls and massages Max's cock, caressing his hardened, warm, soft, youthful flesh in firm strokes of the tongue. He can feel Max's stomach convulsing as small bursts of pleasure shoot through his small body. Goofy lifts his knees and allows his legs to widen completely, allowing for Max to suck more intensely.

Max sucks harder, daring to take his father further into his throat. His eyes widen in excitement and joy as he sucks harder, wanting to taste more of the precum. The two pant together, their mouths full of each other's' cocks, hearts beating against stomachs. Finally, Max starts to squirm.

As if he were being dragged away, Max fought to stay still so he can continue sucking his father's cock. Goofy holds Max's sides so he doesn't fall, and soon, Max begins bucking his hips, moaning as if he were drowning, groaning as if he were enjoying a satisfying flavor. The child's heart slams against his ribs as he thrusts downward, releasing his cum.

"Mmmgh! Mm- mm-mmgh!" Max screams over Goofy's shaft, cumming hard, spraying his juices down his father's throat.

Goofy's eyes widen as his ears flop up in surprise. Max's warm, youthful juices taste divine and refreshing. The minute he swallows, Goofy can feel his own orgasm climbing. He allows Max's cock to slide out of his mouth, a string of cum leaving them connected.

"N-now, Maxie..." Goofy moans, breathing harder, "I'm... I'm gonna cum now... I... y-you should... h-hold... on!" Goofy moans, feeling his pelvis tingle and his cock pulsate quickly. His heart sinks into his stomach as he feels his hot, sticky seed spray into his son's mouth.

"Mm-hm-hmgh!" Max moans as if cheering victoriously. The salty cum fills Max's mouth and immediately, he swallows it. Wanting more, he continues sucking; Goofy can't believe his eyes - his son truly wants more of his cum.

Goofy feels his cock growing sensitive as Max continues licking and sucking, even stroking to get more cum.

"Woah! Easy there, Maxie!" Goofy shivers, his cock extremely sensitive from the lingering orgasm, "C-careful! I'm very sensitive!"

"I want more, Dad!" Max says, stroking Goofy's cock, focusing intently on the tip, waiting.

"I... o-okay! Whoa!" Goofy says, gripping the sides of his son's bed and arching his back, "Ooogh!"

Max disregard's his father's discomfort and pops the cock back into his mouth, sucking hard. As if Max's body were on auto-pilot, he begins grinding against his father's chest, his still-hard cock being stroked firmly.

Goofy moans in a fit of unfair passion as Max continues stimulating him. He grips around Goofy's base and strokes as he licks firmly against the shaft, sucking occasionally at the tip.

Goofy feels himself getting closer to yet another orgasm. He moans and tosses his head back into Max's pillow, squirming as his son holds on to his father's legs as not to be tossed off.

"I'm gonna cum! Maxie! H-hold... o-o-o-on!" Goofy shouts, feeling the pressure rise in his cock once more, spraying a massive load of his creamy, salty cum into his son's mouth. "G-god! M-Maxie... you're... good at this," Goofy pants, his heartbeat echoing in his head as his entire body pulsates.

Max swallows the mouthful, still grinding. He feels his own orgasm build again, and releases his cum all over his father's chest. Moaning in slight embarrassment, Max can feel an instant sense of relief as his thighs become covered in his own cum.

"Oogh, yeah!" Max moans, victoriously has if he'd beaten a video game, "Man! That feels... s-so good!"

"See, I toldja, Maxie," Goofy pants. "So the ladies in the magazines..." he pants, wiping sweat off his brow, "They wanna feel what we just felt, so they get naked and show off for ya. When a lady does that... she wants to feel good!"

"It all makes sense now! Uh... sorry about... this..." Max says, turning around, his cock laying in a puddle of cum on his father's chest.

"D'oh, that's okay, Son, you can clean it up like ya did just now!" Goofy laughs his signature laugh.

"What, you mean like, lick it?"

"Of course! Yours is edible too, see?" Goofy says, swiping a finger on his chest and licking a large gob of his son's cum, "Yours is pretty sweet, Maxie, must be all that sodie-pop!"

"Huh..." Max says, leaning down and lapping up a large trail of cum from Goofy's chest. Analyzing the flavor, Max swallows. "Hey, this is pretty good!"

"See? I toldja!" Goofy laughs, swiping up another finger of Max's cum and licking it.

"I taste awesome! Haha!" Max laughs, licking the rest of his cum off his father's chest, swallowing every drop. "Man, I want more!"

"Now, easy does it, Maxie," Goofy says nervously, hiding his now-flaccid cock between his knees, "Ya can't go wearing yourself out just 'cause you like it! Something like this is energy consumin'."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, ya can't go tirin' yourself out too much. Gotta rest and let your energy come back," Goofy explains, patting his son's sweaty hair, "Now, what's say you and I go and watch a movie or something? Gotta get you away from these video games for a while."

"Uh, sure, Dad..." Max says, getting down and stepping to the floor, "But, I think I should go shower first."

"Haha, alright! I'll go pick us a movie and pop us some poppin' corn!" Goofy laughs, standing and stepping into his pants, pulling them up and fastening them as he steps out of the room.

In the bathroom, Max stands in the shower, looking down at his cock. It's flaccid. The more he pets and plays with it, looking at it from different angles, the stiffer it becomes. Huh... I can make it get harder myself? Cool! When it's hard, that good tasting stuff comes out! Max peeks out of the shower curtain and makes sure the door is locked.Perfect... now, if I can just stay quiet.

Max begins stroking at his cock, the euphoric feeling of pleasure riding up and down his spine again. A smile becomes painted across his face as the hot water engulfs his body in the shower. The heat of the shower plus the stimulation of Max's stroking help him get even harder, even faster. The water also makes stroking a lot easier.

Max breathes faster, closing his eyes and remembering the flavor of Goofy's cum; salty tasting cum with a creamy, juicy texture. The warm, hot liquid's residue in his mouth helps in recalling the experience. As the warm water splashes onto Max's back, he imagines his father cumming all over him. Max imagines Goofy's seed poured all over himself, slowly oozing down his black, thinly furry body and down to his feet.

Max strokes himself harder and faster, hunching over in the shower as he vigorously strokes, huffing and puffing to catch his breath. As he strokes more and more, he can feel his cock beginning to throb, pulsating in his hand. Max uses his left hand to lean himself against the shower all as he bows his head down, closing his eyes and breathing harder with every stroke.

Finally, after only a few minutes, Max stifles a grunt of pleasure, stroking himself as he cums, aiming his seed at the shower wall, spraying hard, pushing as his body becomes engulfed in euphoria.

His body convulses and his head feels a bit light, but a smile streaks his face as he sighs in relief, feeling his body pulsate and his cock twitch, draining his small balls of cum. He sighs and watches his cum drip down the wall and to the floor of the shower, being washed away.

Goofy looks to the keyhole and smiles as he notices his son's silhouette straightening and facing the shower's stream again. A smile streaks his face as he stands up straight, putting his hands in his pockets and sighing.

"They sure grow up fast. I can't wait 'til he's old enough to learn how to actually make love to someone. Of course, dear ol' dad's gonna be there. How could I not be?" Goofy laughs, smiling obliviously as he enters the living room, searching through some movies.

Goofy leans down to the movie cabinet and sees a bunch of movies they could watch together. Some action, maybe a comedy, a classic Mickey Mouse cartoon collection, and one more that Goofy had forgotten he had.

"Oh, I don't think Max is quite ready for this one, yet," Goofy chuckles to himself, looking at the cover and seeing a rather attractive woman kissing another woman - one red-haired, the other blonde. "Well, with kids today, you never know..."

Max comes out of the bathroom, cleaned and dressed, a smile on his face. His eyes are drowsy and his ears are especially floppy. He looks absolutely calm.

"Well there y'are my little water duck!" Goofy chuckles cheesily. "How's about a movie now, huh?"

Max takes a look at the movies in his father's hands, and immediately, he points to the pornographic case. "This one, hands down!" Max says lazily.

"Haha, that's my boy, Maxie. That's my boy! Goofy says with a smile, "Pop it in, Son! I'll get the popcorn!"

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