vampirism. kate hadn't thought much about the raccoon boy she had agreed to go on a date with. the young cheetah had let him wine and dine her with expensive gifts and at the end of the date, dumped him, in the end using him only for his money.

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Outercourse with the Vampire

"because no vampire in known history has ever been able to get it up, and female-bodied vampires are drier than the great desert." "no vampire can get it up, let alone spend fourteen solid hours edging."

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Vampire Busters

That was my first time seeing a real vampire and she is immune to silver bullets.

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Chosen by a Vampire

First vampire-ish piece. wip, if you have any tips or ideas let me know!

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The Vampire's Bride

"i'm a vampire, you know the kinds that drink blood with these." he opened his mouth pointing to his fangs. this made her eyes wide as dinner plates. "y-you mean to say, that you're an honest to god, bloodsucking, vampire?"

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Vampiric Love

"a vampire? yes... my name is orai." he stretched his wings out to their fullest, reaching what had to be almost fifteen feet. zaki couldn't say anything. here he was being held still by a large vampiric wolf.

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Vampiric beginnings

These ones had sharp metallic points on the end and where connected to a medium sized vat that was filled with the vampiric blood of the other pets.

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Lust of a vampire

Is the sexy vampire hungry?" he said with a chuckle. i opened my eyes only slightly, i was shocked on the inside but unable to show through my troubles with simply breathing, but i smiled lightly, "you knew? wait... sexy?"

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A night With Vampire's

" ' wait he can read my mind how is that heart beat-' he was cut off then by the wolf's smooth voice " yes i am a vampire." vash snapped " your think i didn't notice that?"

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Vampire Abduction

I... frst just fucked a vampire... who... turned into a wolf? or... something? oh.. god... this cant be happening.. i...

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The Nature of a Vampire

I am in love with a vampire, i have only told my best friend delilah, and even she doesn't know what he truly is. he is the most amazing person i have ever met, and i never want him to leave me. my name is alex and i am his slave.

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The vampire club.

The moon was full and the color of blood, when some pirates came to the vampire club.

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