Angela Thomas 7

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#7 of Angela Thomas

Story about a blind genetically engineered wolverine going through life in society. Trying to become a citizen the world she's been thrust into. Well, so what others tell her. She just wants to be happy, live, and maybe find love.

Angela Thomas 7

By : John Hartman

The white rat morph woke up, looking frightened as he didn't recognize the bed he was in. He felt a large, thickly furred creature behind him, arms and legs wrapped around him. He felt a chin over his head as it breathed frighteningly like a ferocious sounding animal. He can heal the soft snarls and growls as it breathed. He sniffed the air around him, only to blush when he finally remembered where he was at and who it was. His tail shifted, making him blush more as he noticed it not only rubbed her sex, but it was very slick. The wolverine on his back growled in pleasure as she humped his tail in her sleep.

He chuckles as he gently turned around in her arms, getting her to roll onto her back. He pulled the covers off of them, wanting to see her body in the dim light. She growls as she grabs the sheets and put it back over them, making him roll onto his back as she hugs him from his side. He found himself smothered with her thickly furred body once more, though this time his face was pressed up against her fuzzy chest and small breast. A nipple was poking his nose as he did his best to break of her, only to have her whimper and cling onto him tighter. He moves his muzzle away from her chest, starting to find it hard to breathe as she was smothering his face with her chest. The rat morph then gets an idea as he starts to lick a nipple, making the large wolverine chuckle in a snarly tone. Eventually she rolls onto her back, whimpering in pleasure as he continues the oral onslaught on her nipples. Her hand fumbles in her sleep to find his crotch, finding that his penis was already getting erect from the situation. He then moans in pleasure as her hand found his penis and clumsily rubs his penis in her large hand.

"Angela?" The rat asked quietly, only to get no response but animal like breathing. Though finally able to see her face, he can see she's smiling brightly and looking peaceful. He blushes as he find it funny that she's dead asleep, yet her hand is clumsily milking his shaft in her sleep. He decides to shift between her legs, positioning himself so he can slip his penis into her hot, slick passage. She grunts, then whimpers as he sinks in without resistance. He slowly moves his hips, making his shaft slide in and out in long strokes as he enjoys feeling her body. Instinctively the wolverine wrapped her arms and legs around him, snarling haughtily as she humps her hips. He got the clue and started to hump her fast and rough, making her lay still, grunting and whimpering to his work out.

"What? Oh wow," Angela groggily growled as she woke up to a feeling of something pleasant building up in her and the violent shaking of her body and bed. When she realized what was going on, she just closed her eyes and had a huge smile on her head as she snarls, "Oh fuck Kevin." His movement intensifies as she whimpers, "Oh, oh...oh shit...wake me like this every morning."

"Heh, morning...ungh...pup," Kevin says as he continues. He then says quickly, "Cumming, cumming, cumming."

Angela's response was to buck her hips a she whimpered from her climax. Kevin felt her insides tighten as she gripped his body, which helped him climax. He plops onto her body, knowing he won't crush her as he felt his penis pulsate inside of her. Angela moans in pleasure as he asked, "How was that?"

"Wake me like this anytime, Kevin," Angela growls weakly, her face was in bliss. She then groans, "Wow, so hot. I never felt it in me before."

Kevin chuckles as he hugs her, which she hugged him in return as he remained on her tummy. He then asked, "Had Eric ever climaxed in you? Or he pulls out?"

Angela snarls in anger, "He pulls out, then fucks my ass till he cums. And it feels icky in my butt."

Kevin chuckles, then says, "I'll never do that to you."

The wolverine blushes as she pet his back, "I know, I know. If you were going to, you would have by now. Eric says he can't feel a thing in my pussy."

"Funny, I feel a whole lot," Kevin admitted.

"Really?" Angela gushed as she wagged her tail, "He says it feels like swaying his dick in a hot tub."

"Ignore him," Kevin says, actually wanting to punch the kid himself. He then says as he gently petted her sides near him, "You are not a tight grip. But I still can feel a lot with you. He just doesn't understand how to appreciate the lover he is with and how to work with it. After all, there's more than one way to be pleased than dick alone. Your fur entices me."

Angela blushes as she pets him lovingly, "Oh? It does?"

"Yes," Kevin says honestly. He then says, "And laying like this with you after sex makes me want to go for round two."

The wolverine blushes hotly as she says softly, "Well, I can feel how hard you are still and I got a chance to get used to you in me after sex. If you go a bit gentle, I'll let you do me again now."

"Nah," Kevin chuckles, "I don't want to discomfort you."

"I insist," Angela says firmly, "I want to enjoy you as much as I can before you leave."

Kevin chuckles as he moves his hips slow and long, making her grip him as she closes her eyes tightly, grunting as it was obvious it was bothering her a little. He does this for a while, then stops, "Angela, you really look uncomfortable."

"No, I am okay," she grunts, though it's obvious she's lying.

The rat morph smiles as he gently pulls out of her. He then laid beside her, scooting up so he can be face to face with her. She gave a disappointed look as he says softly to her with a warm smile that made her melt, "Puppy, just because there are stories out there saying great sex happens when you are able to go multiple times doesn't mean you must force yourself to go past your limits."

The wolverine looked embarrassed as she says, "But I don't want to disappoint."

"You are wonderful," Kevin says softly, then licks her cheek, making her smile brightly. She then rolled onto her side and lick his lips, which they both started to lick each others lips and tongues passionately till the door opened.

Jenny looked in with an amused face as she see the two heads out of the sheets and their chests. Angela snarls tiredly, "Aww, I don't need to go to school today. I am suspended."

"No, but lover boy here needs to get his ass in gear since he does have to go to work today," Jenny chuckles, "I took the liberty to make you breakfast. Shower's down the hall; I left towels for you to use Kevin. If you hurry up, I'll drop you off at the school on my way to work."

"Okay, thanks Jenny," Kevin looks embarrassed at Jenny. Angela then got out of bed, walking naked out of the room, obvious the his semen was trickling out of her sex as she mumbled morning to Jenny. Then cautious walk down the hall with her hands on the wall to see. Jenny looked unfazed as Kevin asked, "She roams in the nude here, I take it?"

"Yes, she does," Jenny grumbles, "A habit she's used while at the labs. She never had to wear clothing till she started to go to public school. So she grasps the concept of going out in public in clothing, and even having guests over to be dressed. But since you are now part of her private life, obviously you get to see her as is."

"Oh, well, I go naked at home too," Kevin admits. He then says quickly, "BUT I'll keep decent in your home."

Jenny just chuckles as she look at him, she then says, "Oh go ahead and dress down if you like. I am told most morphs prefer to be undressed anyways, all that fur and what not. So I am told."

Kevin blinks, then decides to take a chance and tease, "I take it you would like to see me in the buff more."

"No fair if Angela get's to," Jenny teases back. She then casually walk away, leaving Kevin in the room to think on that. After a moment, he shrugs and grab his belongings in the room and head to the living room to get his backpack. Jenny and Angela sit in the kitchen, eating as Kevin walks by in the nude back to the hallway, making Jenny grin as she watches.

Angela sniffs the air, making Jenny freeze as she realized what she was sniffing. The wolverine gives a silly knowing grin as she continues to eat her food. The woman goes quiet as she continues to eat her food. Though after 3 minutes, Angela breaks the silence by laughing. At first Jenny wasn't going to say anything. But after 2 minutes of laughing, Jenny says in an exasperated tone, "That's not funny."

"Jenny wants Kevin," Angela teases. She then says, "I honestly was worried you wouldn't like him as a friend. Yet here you are getting aroused by him."

"Okay, I can admit he's quite handsome, for a mouse," Jenny grumbles.

"Rat," Angela corrected with a smile, "They are different you know."

"What does it matter if I am interested in him or not?" Jenny says seriously, "He's obviously taken."

"By who?" Angela asked honestly, "He's widowed. A girl at school keeps chasing him, but he refuses her advances. Who else?"

"Someone other than you wants him?" Jenny asked.

"Same bitch who I got in a fight with," Angela growls.

Jenny sat there for a bit, then starts to laugh, "That explains a lot. So he's got another girl who loves him too?"

"More like treats him like shit and just wants a fuck toy," Angela growls, "Linda is fucking trouble. How I ended up talking to Kevin was when I found him crying after Linda left him alone. She's trouble and there's nothing he can do about it."

Jenny sighs then shakes her head, "More I learn about him, the more I realize he's not as bad as I thought. But he sure has a lot of jerks around him."

"Yeah," Angela sighs. She then asks, "So who took him?" Angela brought the question back around from earlier.

"You, goofball," Jenny says with a chuckle, "You obviously cling onto him."

Angela blushes as she gives a dreamy look. She then says softly, "I wish. He just wants to be friends right now. Though I think we unofficially jumped into friends with benefits."

"Oh don't be like that," Jenny says seriously, "I am sure with how he is attracted to you that he'll eventually want to settle with you."

"I can dream," Angela blushes, "But I don't want to get my hopes up. After all, you did warn me. And he did tell me we can't for a lot of reasons. I am just happy we can be this close. I don't want to push my luck and make him run like Jerome did. I...I still hurt when I think about that."

Jenny sighs, then nods. Kevin then walks in, fully dressed for work and sat at the table with them, "Morning ladies."

They both said morning as Kevin started to get some food and eat. Angela chuckles as she says to Kevin, "While you were in the shower, Jenny here..." Jenny kicks Angela in the shin, making her yipe.

Kevin blinks at Jenny as she nervously says, "Well, Puppy here just finished her meal and needs to wash up before I take you to school. So please excuse us, I'll get Angela here situated and then I'll come back down."

"I don't need a shower..." Angela protested only to be shushed by Jenny.

"Nope, don't argue. Bad enough you got Kevin's spunk dripping out of your love box this morning," Jenny says quickly, coaxing the big wolverine to get on her feet and go to the bathroom.

Kevin shrugs, then eats his breakfast. Once he was done, he decided to help clean up the dishes. Jenny came back in, looking surprised as she says, "Hey buddy, you didn't have to clean up."

"Meh, got nothing else better to do," Kevin chuckles. He then sat down on the couch, "Well...that was...interesting."

"It was," Jenny admitted as she sat down across from him. They sat in silence for a bit till Jenny asked, "Are love with Angela? Or is this friends with benefits?"

Kevin blinks, then look uneasy, "I...I'm honestly not sure."

"Not sure?" Jenny look surprised.

"We only hung out for a day or two and already here I am in your home, had a night of intimate sex with Angela." Kevin admitted. He then look embarrassed, "I do care about her, and I do wholeheartedly adore her. But I still have a lot to learn about her, to learn about us. I guess if I MUST have an answer now, it's friends with benefits."

"Fair enough," Jenny responds. She then asked him seriously, "What if you two don't work out?"

"We don't, we don't," Kevin responded honestly, "But I hope we'll still be friends and in each others lives. I do not want to break her heart. I hope to never do that. I hope last night won't make her think I am leading her on. But I want to be clear I didn't sleep with her cause I wanted to get laid and that was it. Sexual attraction did play a small part. But I really wanted to be close. She...she..." He starts to look embarrassed as he tries to bring himself to say something. He finally says, "She makes me smile when she holds me close. I...I have not been held like that in years. I...miss that."

Jenny smiles warmly at him, then says, "Aww, so I figured out what you two have in common then."

Kevin blinks, then asked, "What's that?"

"You both are cuddle sluts," Jenny smirks. She then laughs as he looks indignant toward that, "Don't deny it buddy boy. You love to cuddle, and she loves to cuddle. Nothing is wrong with that."

"Just the way you say it," Kevin grumbles. He then looked at the clock, "Well, I hate to not be able to say good day to Angela, but I need to head out."

"Oh no you don't," Angela growls as she comes out with on her head and gets on the couch. She then leans in to lick his face a couple of times, then says, wagging her tail, "Be back tonight?"

Kevin, who was in a defensive stance as he thought she was going to pounce him with her wet furred body, responded, "Depends if Jenny is fine with it."

The rat relaxes as he realizes the wolverine is well aware of the situation as the woman responded, "Sure, though don't make it a habit of every night. Unless you want to start buying food for the home. I can't afford to support all three of us. I am barely supporting us two as is."

Kevin chuckles, then says, "Okay, I'll pitch in." He then petted Angela's head as he says, "Well, you have a wonderful day puppy. We need to head out now."

Jenny chuckles and pets the wolverine's head too, "Yeah, same here pup. Do have a wonderful day. Stay out of trouble." They both then got up and head out of the house, leaving Angela up to her own devices. Which so far just consisted of her laying on the couch dreamily near his scent.

Jenny drops Kevin off at school, both were smiling as they said their goodbyes. The rat morph smiles as he had a good morning as he walks toward the building. As he entered, most of the students look up, watching him as he walk by. He's used to it now, being watched as he stood out from the rest of the crowd of humans. Kevin walked by the cafeteria to his office, glad to find his office locked by janitorial. Once he unlocked the door, he opened it, only to hear a girl approach him from behind, "You've been avoiding me for a long time now, rodent."

Kevin just sighs, then says, "Not now." He then closes the door on her hard, hitting her foot as the door closed. She gives a painful grunt as she backs off, only to have the door fully latch in place. The rat sighs as he went to his desk as the door was banged a few times by the angry girl. Eventually the banging stopped as he removed his contacts, putting them in cleaning solution as he looked in the mirror. His good mood was disappearing as he can't help but worry about getting trouble for slamming the door shut on Linda's foot. He stared at himself in the mirror for a bit, looking mainly at his red eyes. He then sighs and brought out another tray of contacts and put fresh ones on, looking in the mirror at brown eyes. He then says to himself, "Well, another day, another try. Let's get this started." He walked out of his office, making sure to lock the door to prevent Linda from sneaking her way in. He then walked toward the teachers' lounge when Linda popped up around a corner.

"Tsk, tsk, Kevin," Linda says coldly as she smiled, "I swear, I take it you don't want to ever see me again."

"I don't have time for games, Linda," Kevin says flatly, "I do have a lot of things to do between classes."

"Well, I do need to talk to about practice this evening," Linda coolly says.

Kevin folds his arms, "Take that up with Mrs. Wilkes. I am not your coach. Nor do you have any classes with me in them. Do you truly have anything important to talk to me about that you can easily back up if we are confronted?"

"Are you implying that I am trying to get close to you, Mr. Malkovich?" Linda taunted.

"What are you trying to do then?" Kevin asked cautiously, "Because nothing else makes sense."

"I know about you and that giant mutt," Linda says calmly, "And I know you two've been very close lately."

Kevin just folds his arms, chuckling, "I've been counseling her like I counsel all my students."

"She isn't in any of your classes," Linda says seriously.

Kevin smirks, "But she is part of the minority, therefor I been asked to check up on her." He then walks past Linda, "I've got no time for these games, Linda. You got nothing on me with anybody here. Other than who you meet in the mirror each morning."

"And what happened there?" Linda asked, "I was for certain you liked me." The little red head girl started to show some weakness as she then says, "Didn't I give you anything to look forward to?"

Kevin stops, looking over his shoulder. He can see there's a hint of truth to her words, though there's also a hint on her face that she's still playing a game. He just says, "Nothing healthy, that's for sure." He then walks into the teacher's lounge and closes the door.

The rat morph took a seat by himself as the other teachers in the room just conversed amongst themselves. A teacher from Angela's social studies class comes up to him, asking, "Hey, got a chance to talk to Angela yet?"

"Yes," Kevin responds, not ready to talk about her this morning.

"She ever said why she would come up with a crazy story like that?" The teacher asked as he takes a seat near him.

Kevin lowers his ears, then says seriously, "Don't get me involved if you don't want to hear my answer." He then says in almost a snarly way, "It doesn't matter what I say cause it obviously won't matter what she says."

The teacher put his hands up like he's trying to avoid being hit as he says, "Whoa there buddy. What got you uptight today?"

"You know damn well," Kevin says seriously, "You of all people know Angela is very civil, intelligent, and quite sweet."

"Not lately on the sweet part," The teacher sighs, "She keeps attacking Eric."

"Because what she said happened," Kevin says sharply, just so only the two of them can hear, "Don't go around saying the fucking world is fair then turn around and throw her accusation out of the window."

"Kevin," the teacher says sharply at him, looking angry, "You do realize the heavy implications that would happen to not just our school, or to Eric, but to Angela too? Do I believe her? I have a hard time believing. But even then, do you think cops would be willing to take this case up? We have a hard time as is letting her in here without risking some random nut job run in here to shoot her."

"You could at least explain that instead of just scoffing her story," Kevin snarled at him, "I should not have to play damage control over your fucking social experiments."

"I wasn't experimenting on her," the teacher protested.

"Then why did you just accuse her of making shit up?" Kevin demanded.

The teacher looked around, making sure no one was paying attention. He then says, "Because the faster she learns how dire her situation is, the better she'll learn to adapt. That, and I'll admit, I didn't want to believe it. Eric's your star player, and Angela is a sweet young lady. But despite sweet, she's tall, gangly, and capable of defending herself, which is why I have a hard time believing a little guy like him could have forced himself on her."

"He's my wrestling student," Kevin smirks, "We are the best for the last 4 years, think about it. It's not size, it's skill to overcome obstacles." He then says seriously, "From what I got from Angela, he didn't force himself on her. She wanted to. The only thing he forced was anal."

The teacher shudders, then says, "Problem is, I got them working in a group. Though this year is almost done, and the project is going to be completed while she is out. Shame really, I honestly thought they'll get along. He really showed signs to at least try to see her point of view. I mean, first time in our class, he was horrible to her. But after awhile, he really tried to talk to her, despite being a moron about it. It's like a kid who keeps touching the hot stove. Yet when you ask why he keeps doing it, he says he wants to know why it burns him. So got to give him credit for wanting to learn."

"Should have at least sat her down and explain things for her," Kevin says in exasperation, "She would respect you more if you did. She has no illusions about her situation. But if you cover things up, she'll distrust you if she finds out you lied. Angela wasn't raised like most of these kids with their Peter Pan advice. Even I wasn't raised like she was," the rat morph says flatly, "Even I had that Peter Pan advice. Angela didn't. She knows where she stands with us in general. Lying to her WILL give her false hopes. Hence why she'll distrust you if you lie to her."

The teacher sighs, then shrugs, "I don't know how to talk to her. And I am being watched by the kids. The fact I vouch for her the most puts me on the hot seat." He then admits, "I am scared for my job too Kevin. Believe it or not, I can't keep jumping in and saving her, or I'll get burned. The best part about you helping out is you don't have a class with her."

"Yeah, but that also gets scrutinized," Kevin grumbles, "I already got a student who thinks I am having a sexual relationship with her."

"Well, I am sure thats all made up shit," the teacher chuckles. He then says, "But I understand your concern. I'll talk to her once she returns. But if she does, her last outburst and attacks really got the District Board reconsidering having her here. The fact they quickly gave her the same punishment the last time was gracious. Though this time they are really irate."

Kevin sighs and nods, "Angela didn't realize how lucky she was till now. Then again, she really didn't want to be pulled out of her comfort zone in the lab. Though obviously now she's coming here and moved out of the labs. This current issue would really be a huge blow to her if she is expelled."

"Yeah," the teacher agrees, "I had high hopes for her the moment she walked in and was very shy and polite. Even I was expecting this wild creature to come in snarling. Well, she snarls, but can't be helped since it's how her vocal cords are set up. But she definitely tries to get a long. Even yesterday when she snapped at me, I can tell she was being civil."

"So why are those hopes dashed?" Kevin asked.

"Word has already got out," the teacher responds, "Parents are pressuring the District to just abandon the project. Angela as far as they can see is a danger if she keeps getting herself suspended. Let's forget the fact no kids were fatally harmed by her Or the fact she even tried to save one from another Wolverine. She actually fights poorly."

"She doesn't want to hurt anybody," Kevin defends. He then look exasperated, "Honestly, she's a sweet girl. I can't help but wish she was my girl. Kind of daughter I would like to have."

The teacher chuckles, then says, "Sorry to beat the subject into the ground. I wish there was a way help the situation. Even if we can get Eric to admit harming her, the public most likely won't want to have to deal with it, nor face it. Angela will be harmed regardless if it gets out. All I can do when I get called on to testify my thoughts of her in my class is to request giving her another chance."

"Well, thanks," Kevin smiled. He then says, "The world is sick at times."

"It is," the teacher sighs, "But, do what we can to survive. Preferably at nobody's expense."

"I hear that," the rat agreed to the human. He then asks, "Do you have a clue from the others on where Angela stands?"

"Right now, not looking good," the teacher says, "I would hope they'll consider her back. This whole issue was to have Angela show us that wolverines can be part of society. Yet after her third suspension, and that wolverine attack, it's looking bleak for her. She'll be lucky if she get's accepted as an honorary citizen. Which would be good for her, but still leaves her kind outside of the gates."

Kevin sighs, then asks, "How's her academics at least?"

"Stellar," the teacher responds, "If she was able to start at the beginning of the year instead of near the end, she'd probably be on the honor roll by now. I am actually going to use that angle."

"Really?" Kevin sounds impressed, "Didn't realize she was doing that well. Know what her best subjects are?"

"English, biology, and trigonometry," the teacher responds.

"Trig?" Kevin asked, impressed, "Heh,, heh."

"You sound really surprised," the teacher chuckles. The bell rang, making everyone stand up, "Well Kevin, nice talking to you. Have a wonderful day."

"You too," Kevin smiles, then walks off.

As he heads to the door, he gets stopped by an athletic looking woman with black hair, holding a clip board. She is dressed in the same gym clothing he is as she says, "I overheard your conversation. You really believe that...girl could be trusted?"

"I trust her more than I trust some of your girls, Mrs. Wilkes," Kevin responds.

Mrs. Wilkes folds her arms, then says, "You've always got something against Linda. She obviously has a crush on you."

Kevin just sneers, then walks off toward the gym with Mrs. Wilkes following him. He then says quickly, almost snapping away like he's biting something, "Wilkes, do understand that regardless of the context you used for your proclamation of Linda's crush on me, she is dangerous."

"She is just curious about you," Mrs. Wilkes responds as the two walk into the gym while the rest of the students walked into the locker rooms to get ready. She then says quietly, "You are quite unique to the kids here. Nothing wrong letting them hang out and chat."

"If only you knew how far Linda's curiosity have gotten," Kevin says seriously, "No pun intended, but she's worse than a cat. And cats can kill things before curiosity catches up to them."

"You mean curiosity killed the cat," Mrs. Wilkes corrected.

"Exactly," Kevin says seriously, "And I know what I said, think about it."

"I don't get you," Mrs. Wilkes folds her arms, "Kids here don't get to meet many like you."

"I am not some show and tell piece," Kevin says sharply. He then does his best to remain patient, "Most kids I dealt with have not been a problem. But Linda is beyond curious. She is the worst possible crush there is."

Mrs. Wilkes stood there, then glares at him, "You are not saying that girl is lusting after a rat like you, are you?"

"Oh heaven forbid, no," Kevin responds quickly, changing his tone, "Nope, there's no way a child like Linda would want to be curious about the birds and the bees. Or the lizards, or the rats, or anything else that may strike her curiosity during a time in her life where she is going from child to woman."

Mrs. Wilkes watched him, then says coldly, "I know sarcasm, rat."

"And there's part of the problem," Kevin responds sarcastically, "Our wonderful children are able to show people like me respect with wonderful words like rat, and rodent, and what ever else other than buddy, pal, friend, or guy."

Mrs. Wilkes went up to him and says chillingly, "Watch it buster, I can have you out of here in no time.

Kevin just glares at her, then says icely, "Crystal." He then says, "But I still stand by with what I said. Maybe I would be okay with LInda if she quit calling me rodent, or mascot, or other derogatory things."

Kevin then walks away from her as his class was out and ready for him. Mrs. Wilkes just glares at him then mumbles, "Fucking rat." She then goes to her class, greeting them.

Rest of Kevin's day went smoothly till after school. He was sitting in his office when he got a call from the intercom system, "Kevin Malkovich?"

"Yeah, I am here," Kevin responds as he continues to grade students on his computer.

"Mrs. Wilkes needs your help today with the cheerleader squad," the intercom responds.

Kevin looks annoyed, but responds politely, "I'll be there in 10 minutes." He then mumbles angrily to himself, "Now the fuck what? I still need to do my extra curricular shit with my wrestlers. Why the fuck...?"

Loud banging came from his locked door, making him jump out of his seat. He then asked, "Who is it?"

"Open up, it's the police," a female voice can be heard, trying to sound deeper.

Kevin, already angry with having to merge his duties that evening with a group that have the trouble child in question. He open the door, saying angrily, "Don't do that, that is not funny Linda."

Linda pushes him roughly, making him stumble backwards as she fought her way into his office. She then lock the door as he regains balance. She grabs a bat nearby and swings it across his face, knocking him onto the ground. He coughs as he was shocked from the attack, putting a hand over his jaw to make sure he wasn't bleeding. He then felt the bat swung down onto his back, knocking the wind out of him. He rolls onto his back in pain as Linda says icily, "I don't take kindly to rejection, rat." She then swung the bat across his chest, making him see stars. He coughs as he tries to catch his breath as she says, "Nobody rejects me. Nobody." The girl put the tip of the bat under his chin to make him look up at her, "Not even you, rodent. I'll do more than bruise you next time. Understand?"

Kevin was frightened as he nodded, his vision being blurry. Linda then chuckles as she looked at his eyes, "Oh my, my, my, were you wearing contacts? Either you been drinking, or those are some seriously bloodshot eyes."

"You don't even know what bloodshot eyes look like," Kevin protested, only to have her tap his cheek with the bat. He goes silent as she put a finger over her lips, telling him to stay quiet. She then mounted his face, pulling her shorts down to expose her little, meaty sex. He tears up as he obediently lapped up her sex silently as she moans in pleasure. After a moment, she grunts, squirting his face with bodily fluids. She then stand up, putting her shorts back on as he just sobs on the floor.

"Such a pansy," Linda taunts Kevin. She then straighten out her outfit, saying, "I better get to practice. Gotta give everyone a great cheer. I know you like my cheer, heh, I can see you got a raging hard on."

"Just get out already," Kevin snarls at her as he weakly got up. Linda tsks a few times, then swings at him again, only to get a surprise as he grabs the bat and yanks it out of her hand. He then snarls at her as he throws the bat behind him, "Just go."

Linda starts to stomp the ground as she has a temper tantrum, "You never want to hang out with me anymore. I try to be nice, try to be assertive."

"Beating me with a bat and forcing me to give oral is not going to win me over," Kevin growls as he grab her shoulders. He then forces her out of his office, "Maybe if you quit calling me derogatory names and treat me with respect, I would be happy to have you around."

"Let go of me or I'll...," Linda demands, only to get cut off as he nearly throws her out of his office. He then slams the office door shut, locking it behind him. He goes to the sink, washing his face off of her bodily fluids. Then quickly dries and smooth out his fur as he look himself over for any bruises or damages. So far there were just bruises that are easily hidden by fur. He then checked his eyes to make sure no contacts got stuck. So far, eyes feel fine, and the contacts are lost. He went to his desk to get a new pair and put them on. Once done, he walks out and heads toward the gym to see his students already practicing. Mrs. Wilkes was at work trying to get her girls to try out a new pyramid scheme.

Kevin walks up to them, ignoring the glare from Linda as he says, "Sorry I am late, had to take care of something."

"Yeah, a huge dump," Linda chuckles, making some of the girls chuckle.

"Very mature, Linda," Mrs. Wilkes says sarcastically. She then says, "Okay girls, our rodent helper is here. So let's get started."

Kevin sighs, wishing to correct her, but isn't in the mood. Especially since he's more focused on Linda. As they did their thing, he alternated between them and his students. He eventually got to focus on his students, Eric in particular as he says, "Okay, okay, you are leaving yourself open Eric." Eric ended up being grabbed by the legs and flipped onto his back. Kevin sighs and blows his whistle, "Hey, hey, ease up you two."

"Hey, Whiskers!" Mrs. Wilkes calls toward Kevin, "We need your help here."

"Why do you put up with that?" Eric asked Kevin.

"Don't know," Kevin grumbles, wanting to talk to him about something, but can't at the moment. He heads over toward the girls trying to work out steps to get the Pyramid going. Kevin doesn't look excited to be there as the person he ends up helping the most was Linda. He swears she is messing up on purpose just to get him to tend to her.

"Okay, hold her right there," Mrs. Wilkes says to Kevin as he held onto Linda to balance her. Kevin looked up at Linda as she look down at him. Kevin looked like he would rather throw her than hold her up as Linda gives him the look of superiority and importance. She then tries to make it look like an accident as she tips back, only to have Kevin keep her up by the hips.

"Careful, Linda, focus on our balance," Kevin says nicely, doing his best to act like nothing was wrong.

Mrs. Wilkes was starting to get very annoyed with Linda as she says, "Either get this right kid, or you are not going to be on the team. We know you've got great balance. Stop messing around."

Kevin looked thankful as Linda quickly changed her attitude and got serious. After a moment, he was able to go back to his students. Soon their afterschool activities ended. And Kevin walked back to his office, looking worn out. Eric came up behind him, "Hey, Mr. Malkovich."

"Yes Eric?" Kevin turned around to face him, "What is it?"

"Uh...," Eric looked a little uneasy as he looked around the room.

Kevin smiles a little as he says, "I think I know what it is, come with me." The rat morph lead Eric to his office, then closing the door as he says in an icy tone, "This is about Angela, isn't?"

The boy looks pale as he says quickly, "Whoa, hey, I didn't do anything wrong."

"Other than rape her in the ass," Kevin got straight to the point as he approached Eric in a threatening manner, "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't smash your face into that wall?"

"Hey, I came to you for help," Eric says in defense.

Kevin snarls at him, "And what is it you need? Though you better explain yourself first."

"I thought girls like it in the butt, shit, why is everyone giving me hell for this?" Eric cries out.

Kevin clenches his fist, making Eric duck. The rat then says, "Obviously trying to explain to you isn't going to work, so I'll just say this straight up." Kevin then says in a 'Mr. Mackey' voice, "Anal sex is bad. M'kay? So don't do anal sex, m'kay. M'kay? M'kay."

Eric folds his arms, saying, "Okay, okay, I get it, pornos lied to me."

"Actually," Kevin says seriously, "The real problem isn't anal sex, it's you."

"Wait, what?" Eric look confused, "What did I do other than anal?"

Kevin sighs, putting his hand on his face, "Eric, Eric, Eric, you are my best wrestler. But there are times where your IQ is very questionable."

"Hey," Eric look insulted, "I am not stupid."

"You are right, you are not," Kevin says, "Just lack any forethought. Or is that empathy? What do I know? You ignored Angela when she told you it hurt. You say you didn't want to hurt her, but you did anyways. Golden rule to avoid hurting the person is to STOP the moment they say they are hurting."

"But...," Eric was trying to defend himself.

"'But girls like anal,'" Kevin mocked him. He then says angrily, "Stop thinking with your dick. And stop thinking of Angela and everyone else with breast and a pussy as a magical creature different from your own...stop snickering." Eric couldn't help chuckle when he heard Kevin say pussy. Kevin then says sharply, "You need to take this seriously. You are lucky nothing happened against you yet."

"How can I prevent anything bad happening?" Eric asked, fear in his voice, "I didn't mean to hurt her. So she may hate me now. But anyway I can at least avoid trouble?"

Kevin just look at him for a bit, then says seriously, "Well, for starters, if you ever get her forgiveness, quit trying to take her aside for a quicky. No one is interested after what you did. So if you do get to talk to her again, just don't try it. That chance for hanky panky is gone and never coming back." Eric sighs as Kevin folds his arms, "And stop thinking women are so extremely different. They may have different hormones and sexual organs. But in the end, the same. Their heads are the same, their eyes are the same, their hands are the same. And guess what? Their asses are the same. They are not going to magically enjoy anal if you are not going to enjoy anal yourself. Got it?"

Eric sighs, then grumbles, "Her pussy is so loose though." The boys then looks shocked as Kevin angrily back hands him in the face, "GAH, what was that for?"

"For thinking with your dick again," Kevin snarled, "Not enjoying any forms of sex does not give you the right to go to anyone's butt without consent, got it?" He then grumbles, "No wonder she keeps smacking you around--fuck--even I am getting annoyed enough to do it."

The boy rubs his face, looking annoyed as he says, "Okay, okay, shit, I get it. Okay, no sex with Angela."

Kevin growls, but then looks exasperated as he says, "Yeah, that's it, no sex with Angela, ever. Just apologize and try to be a friend. Though that last part I am sure is impossible at this point."

"Well, I'll try," Eric sighs, then walks away. Kevin just waved, not in the mood to talk to him anymore. Once the boy was gone, the rat morph sighs in exhaustion, "That boy needs a good smacking around."

Angela sits on her office chair in her room as she types away on her laptop. Her earphones reading everything for her as she blankly look at the wall.

SiameseDream54 : Hey MonkeyC, Monkey Do, how are you?

MonkeyChick : Oh, doing good. Last night was wonderful, despite how things got into a mess.

MrsSlyC845 : Oh? I just got on and already trouble? What now MC?

MonkeyChick : Oh, hey Sly Cooper wannabe.

MrsSlyC845 : MRS. Sly Cooper wannabe. icon_razz.gif Hi all.

SiameseDream54 : It's our favourite ringtail, hey bandit eyes.

MrsSlyC845 : Hey pussy. Anyway, what's up MC?

MonkeyChick : I got suspended, again. Ugh, that guy I told you about cornered me and did my ass again. Fuck, I knocked him on his ass in class.

MrsSlyC845 : Yeah, beat that shit head up. I swear, if anything goes in my ass, I would claw right back. So many males tried, but none walked away scratch free.

SiameseDream54 : Heh, I guess I am the only one that likes a good fuck up that ass once and a while.

MrsSlyC845 : You're a masochistic nut at times.

MonkeyChick : Anyways, but I ended up getting closer to another male. He's sweet. He loves to be cuddled, and got a little fluff. His tail is smooth and sexy.

MrsSlyC845 : I am thinking, rat?

MonkeyChick : you know?

SiameseDream54 : We get around girl. So you decided to give rat boy a try over your kind. Good on you.

MrsSlyC845 : Not to change subjects, but I am curious. You live in Anchorage, yes?

MonkeyChick : Yes, why?

MrsSlyC845 : You get suspended three times. The same amount of times that wolverine have.

Angela pauses, weirded out that MrsSlyC845 heard about her, despite that person living in Florida. She sat there for a little bit, then responds.

MonkeyChick : Coincidence.

SiameseDream54 : I never thought of that till now Sly. You go to the same school?

MonkeyChick : Yeah, of course.

MrsSlyC845 : I am curious about her. I mean, the reports say she's highly intelligent, yet recently lashing out for no reason. Sad really, I wanted to see her prove those hairless apes that a monster can be more human than them. No offense MC.

Angela sat there silently as she let that set in. She could not help but feel complimented on her intelligence. The wolverine was actually surprised that was out there.

SiameseDream54 : Well, I am sure there's more going on than they are telling us. If she's that intelligent, there's no reason she would start attacking out of the blue unless there's a reason. Especially since she did try to ward off a wolverine attack.

MrsSlyC845 : Yeah, I wouldn't want to be in her shoes. I mean, think about it. She had to fight one of her own kind, probably the first one she ever met in her life, and to not understand it. Then watch it get shot like a wild animal. That's...rough.

SiameseDream54 : Yeah, granted, she's also blind. But I am sure that knowledge it happened from sound and scent alone would be horrible.

MrsSlyC845 : Yeah, speaking of blind, so is MC. She probably wouldn't have seen all that.

Angela was beside herself as she listening in on the chat. Eventually she sighs as she paused on her response.

SiameseDream54 : You gotten real quiet MC. Ever met this girl?

MonkeyChick : Sorry, just listening in. I have. Why you care about her?"

SiameseDream54 : Why? She's a creature who proved to be sapient a long time ago. Just these clowns want to give her more hoops cause her kind are larger, more animal like than the rest of us morphs. Armadillo morphs are like Wolverines, but they are very short, weak, and easy to overpower, hence why they go their acceptance really quick.

MrsSlyC845 : She grew up in a laboratory and not once showed any signs of violent behavior. Only till recently she have, and even then, it's tame compared to what her kind could really do. It all seems held back. It's unfair to think she'll adjust to strangers the second she is tossed into that type of environment. As far as I can tell, she's reacting normally.

SiameseDream54 : I bet she is lonely.

Angela started to cry on her seat as she can't believe everything they are saying.

MonkeyChick : You have no idea. Things I do to try to blend in. Or at least be accepted. I just want to live, that's all. Just live. I didn't ask for all this. Fuck, I was so happy just living in that lab and not be bothered by anyone. I couldn't care less, seriously, call me selfish. But I am not looking to change the world. I want to live. And I want to be loved. Yet who can I love? All I have around me is humans. Humans, humans, humans. Fuck.

SiameseDream54 : ....?

MrsSlyC845 : MC? What are you talking about? I mean, is this about you?

SiameseDream54 : Oh shit Sly, I don't believe this.

MrsSlyC845 : What?

Angela wipes her eyes clear, feeling bad that she let her cover go.

MonkeyChick : Okay, I confess, I am not some human. I am that Wolverine the entire time. Okay? Me, big gangly monster thing been posing as a human to get your trust.

MrsSlyC845 : :-) I had a hunch recently. But I didn't want to believe it. I just figured it was coincidence.

SiameseDream54 : No wonder you were more concerned about how I gave head than to hear my tips for a woman giving head. Hehehe, no wonder you are proud of the compliments you got for head.

MonkeyChick : Sorry, I felt either I would be ignored, feared, or what ever. I mean, most around here avoid me. While I did try to chat online as myself in the past. Just no one wanted to believe a wolverine is using a computer. Then again, most people don't believe a blind anything can chat on a pc.

MrsSlyC845 : You got a camera on that PC of yours?

SiameseDream54 : Yeah, I want to see you.

MonkeyChick : This laptop does. Though I have no idea how to set it up. I am not even dressed.

SiameseDream54 : Hehe, I would love to see you naked.

MrsSlyC845 : She loves to see everyone naked. Get dressed if you feel comfortable. Then we'll figure out how to get your camera going.

Angela typed she'll be back, then got up and quickly got dressed. After making sure she got everything on correctly, she got a flower and placed it in her head fur. She straightened out her goggles, the only article she wears at home during the day. She then heard Jenny come home. Angela quickly went up to her, asking, "Jenny, could you help me set up a video chat?"

Jenny chuckles, "Not cybering, are you?"

"No," Angela answered excitedly, "I got dressed for this, please help me."

"Okay, okay pup, let me get my shoes off," Jenny chuckles. She then followed Angela to her room and help set things up. Once it was all up, Angela sat back down and let Jenny start it up.

MonkeyChick : Back, my caretaker just got home, so she helped me set this up.

MrsSlyC845 : Aww, I have to behave then?

SiameseDream54 : Heh, not like she'll see us anyways. It's just us seeing her.

Jenny chuckles as she read some of the text as she clicked the button to start the camera. She then helped adjust the laptop so it would be aimed at Angela staring blankly at nothing.

MonkeyChick : Do you see me yet? I can't tell. I just know my caretaker here just hit the on button.

SiameseDream54 : Holy shit, you are really huge. You are sitting down yet the woman there is at even height standing up. Hehe, does she like lady kittens?

MrsSlyC845 : SD, stop drooling. Nice flower by the way. I recall you saying you wear them ever since your last caretaker ran off.

MonkeyChick : Yes, I still miss him. Though I am hoping this would make me look less threatening.

SiameseDream54 : It's cute on you. Though that shirt looks annoying.

MonkeyChick : It's all they got for me. Plus I am told I need to have that 'property of the us government' on me clearly in hopes to prevent others from trying to skin me.

MrsSlyC845 : Open your mouth for us, I want to see your jaw.

Angela opens her jaw wide, showing her sharp teeth, still blankly looking straight as she continues to type.

MonkeyChick : How's this?

SiameseDream54 : Deadly, heh, but it's you. You are quite cute though.

MrsSlyC845 : And you able to please both boys with that mouth. You learn well, Angela.

MonkeyChick : How do you know my name?

MrsSlyC845 : It's also on the news.

MonkeyChick : Really? I guess nothing is a secret. Did they also say that I accused of a boy of sex, or a boy says my sex is like the Grand Canyon?

MrsSlyC845 : Wait, I never heard of those things...whoa, whoa.

SiameseDream54 : Sly, I think we both know the problem all along with why she's been getting suspended. That's sad, such a big girl like you. No reason why he should take advantage of you.

MrsSlyC845 : Aww, you poor dear. I don't know what to say. You definitely are a sweety, poor puppy. That boy is lucky you are not ferocious. You could easily wreck his shift up. Wow, don't let him walk over you like that.

MonkeyChick : No one will believe me. I tried to report him. They just refuse to accept anyone would want to sex me up. I don't know what's worse. Not able to find a lover. Or not able to report a horrible lover.

SiameseDream54 : Don't let him walk over you. You must be firm if you don't want something to happen. If you just let it happen, he'll keep coming back.

MrsSlyC845 : Yeah, stick to that rat boy you mentioned. He sounds like a keeper.

MonkeyChick : He says he just wants to be friends. That, and he's a teacher at school.

SiameseDream54 : Whoa there, direct me to that hot rodent then. This kitten needs to be smitten by this teacher of love. Hehehe, what subjects he teach?

MonkeyChick : He teaches physical education and is in charge of the Wrestling Team.

SiameseDream54 : Oooh, sign me up. He could pin me anyday. Has he pinned you in a lock hold?

MrsSlyC845 : Nah, I bet the only move he's done to her so far is the pile driver after locking her under the missionary.

MonkeyChick : Heh, you two....yes he did.

SiameseDream54 : Aww, that's cute. You are a sensual lady. I bet you fondle him for a long time. Sniffing and cuddling, huh?

MonkeyChick : Yes

MrsSlyC845 : Aww, we got her to blush.

Jenny, who left a long time ago, called from the hallway, "Angela, we need to get dinner way before Kevin shows up."

MrsSlyC845 : Hey, I heard that. You got the mic on too?

SiameseDream54 : Say something, please.

Angela blushes as she nervously growls, "Uh, okay. Uh....hi. Hi, I am Angela Thomas. Nice with you, yeah. Hehe."

SiameseDream54 : Wow, I see why the news say your speech is very animal-like. More so than us.

MrsSlyC845 : Well, despite that issue, you got the pronunciations down well. I guess it helps that English is all you know.

Angela growls as she looked embarrassed, "Yeah, it's all I know. But thank you. Ladies, I got to go. But thanks for not being mad with me when I exposed myself. I...wish I was a human at times."

SiameseDream54 : LOL, so do I sometimes. Then I realized I am more happy to be me. No one is going to like you but you. Sadly, so once you are confident in yourself, others will follow.

MrsSlyC845 : Yeah. Anyway, I gotta run too. You two take care. Later.

SiameseDream54 : Yes, same here, take care you two. I look forward to chatting again. Especially now we are talking to a celebrity, LOL. Night you two.

"Yeah, good night you two, take care," Angela growls softly. She then turned off her laptop and carefully walk down stairs. She got into the kitchen to help with preparing for dinner. Once dinner was done, the doorbell rang. Angela greeted the door, smiling as it was Kevin. Kevin just clung onto her and started to cry as he held onto her. Angela looked surprised as she wrapped her arms around him, bringing him in as she says, "Shhh, it will be okay." The door then closes, leaving the cold air outside.

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