Sajin Komamura

Story by Wolfboy1995 on SoFurry

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Komamura stands under the shower, feeling the spray wash away the blood and the knots in his limbs. The Gotei 13 has won. Aizen and the other two captains were defeated and killed. The arrancar were vanquished. Hueco Mundo was closed and the Soul Society was safe. They had won the war. Yet, Komamura didn't felt satisfied.Hisagi and he tried to bring Tousen back, yet they both knew how futile it was. They were horrified by Tousen's hollowfication.  Komamura was also horrified by the reason why Tousen betrayed them. Komamura remembers someone saying how wanting revenge is like poison. It will do nothing, but slowly start to kill your body and mind. He remembers Tousen and cannot imagine the toll it took on him.And when Tousen was defeated, he repented his ways. They were so close...but then, Aizen slaughtered him. Komamura remembers the flood of blood and the rage that went through him. They could have brought Tousen back. They could have! But Aizen killed him! They could have!Komamura felt his chest and throat constrict.  He breaths out and shoves the weight n his chest down. He has to remain string; he has a division to run. Komamura sighs as he turns off the shower and steps out. He dries himself and puts on his clothes. He leaves bathroom and opens the door leading outside as was surprised to see a person there with a somber expression on his face."Hey" he said.Kiba Okami is a wolf with grey body fur and white fur from his chest going down, has blue eyes, he goes up to Komamura's chest, has a average built and is wearing the soul reaper outfit. Komura met him after Aizen's  betrayal and has been with him to help Sajin through the pain, and they have been friends since then.Komamura just hummed in response, trying to look as compose as he can be. Kiba moves to the side so he could pass. He goes forward and sits on the bed with a sigh. Kiba looks at him with pity. "Sajin, Iba told me what happened. I'm...I'm so sorry".Komamura looks at him with sad eyes, and then he looks down. " I should have been prepared", he said, his voice barely audible, "That I should of been prepared to kill Tousen. I was prepared. He reprimanded his action and we could have taken him back, but..."Komamura breaks off, his eyes downcast. Kiba walks towards him and puts his hand on his shoulder. "Sajin..."Suddenly, he grabbed Kiba and buried his head in his chest. His arms went around his waist and held him close as if he was his lifeline. Kiba was about to ask what's wrong when he saw his shoulders shaking violently. His gazes soften when he realized he was crying. He wrapped his arms around his neck, his chin nestling in his fur, as he listened to his sobbing. "Tousen was my best friend! Why did he do all this?!", he sobbed, "He could have told me! I could have helped him. He could have! He was getting ready to kill me!  He was! But, he reprimanded his ways. But Aizen killed him! He...He..."Komamura broke off, as he sobbed more, while Kiba soothingly rubbed his back. "I don't...know what to do. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do anymore!"Kiba is silent and then he cups Komamura's face and makes him look at him. His eyes were saddened when he took in his tearful appearance. "We move forward. That's all we can do. We'll bear our pain and move forward. We'll move forward...with the ones we love. That's all we can do."Komamura looks at him and burst into fresh new tears.  Kiba holds him close as he sobs into his chest, serving as a support for the fox-captain. " I can't stand knowing the one I love is hurting"Sajin is shocked by this, and lifts his head up to see Kiba looking at him with eyes full of love."Why?"Kiba smiles gently at him and brought Sajin closer, their faces are close."Because I love you"Sajin stares at Kiba, and then he stands up, he reached up and rubbed Kiba's back as they embraced each other. They locked their muzzles in passionate kiss. Both of them moaned passionately as they let their tongues dance with each others. This was Kiba's first time making out with Sajin he started grinding his hips against Sajin's chest, all the kissing was getting him aroused and Sajin was feeling the same way, he started to rub Kiba's back sensually and it sent a sensation of relaxation down his back. Sajin felt a hardening feeling in his lower body and Kiba felt the same thing in his lower body too. They suddenly stopped kissing and looked down at their own stiffening hard-ons in their clothes and blushed, looking back at one another as Sajin smiled at Kiba."Show me the truth behind your words"Sajin grabbed the kimono strap to Kiba's kimono and unlaced it, making it easier for him to take his clothes off. Kiba had a average built yet well toned body, he had a nine inched hard-on poking in the air, he knew what was going through Sajin's mind and he's never had sex in his life."Wait till you see my body." said SajinSajin began to reach for the straps of his kimono and unlaced them, slipping his kimono off his own body. Kiba's shaft could've popped off his body when he saw Sajin's body. Sajin had a really well muscled body, the muscles on his arms measured thirty-five inches around, really broad shoulders with huge muscles around them too, a humongous six-pack chest, his neck was bigger than an average man's neck, his neck a huge muscles, his waist measured up to be over fifty inches from his muscles, maybe wider than that, even his legs were well muscled and larger than his arms, his cock was really big, measuring up to eighteen inches long and three inches wide, his balls were big as basketballs, his entire shaft was really hard and huge. Sajin had the well muscled body of a god. Kiba looked at Sajin's body, looking mesmerized. Kiba then grabs Sajin and pulled him into a deep kiss while they grind against each other moaning as they passionately kiss. He broke the kiss and said"Bed"He reached down and picked Kiba up in a fireman's carry, walked out of the bathroom, and gently set him down on the bed.He climbed up so that he was over Kiba and staring right into his eyes. He closed his eyes slowly and started to kiss him. His tongue forced itself into Kiba's mouth and wrapped around his tongue and explored his mouth passionately. He broke the kiss and opened his eyes. He kissed Kiba on the forehead and slowly started to work his way down his body: he kissed his neck, his chest, and started to play with his nipples some more. He skipped Kiba's crotch entirely and let his tongue slowly glide up and down his legs. Kiba shivered as the sensation over took him. Finished with his legs, Sajin kissed his way up to Kiba's member and gently kissed the head, purple with need for release. He kissed it a few times and then slid his black lips over it and started to knead Kiba's balls with his hand.Kiba gasped as he felt the warm flesh of Sajin's mouth enclose his cock, his tongue gently stroking it and wrapping around it. His hand playing with Kiba's balls felt like magic as the fur rubbed against his fur tight. He let go of Kiba's cock with a wet plop and took his balls into his mouth and started stroking Kiba's shaft with his free hand. The sudden air was cold and sharp

after the moist warmth of Sajin's mouth. His hand acted as a firm insulator as he started stroking Kiba feverishly. His tongue was all over his balls and it felt amazing as he sucked them and let them pop out of his mouth, only to be brought back in again and again. He released Kiba's balls and watched as they retracted into his body as his orgasm approached. Sajin reached out one of his index fingers and rubbed Kiba's nipple, making him moan and shiver with pleasure.

 Sajin stopped rubbing Kiba's nipple and lowered him down to his lower body again, this time he carefully positioned Kiba to his well muscled and well toned ass and he helped Kiba slip his length up his butt, he let go of Kiba's body and he let him take control. The feeling of Kiba's cock inside Sajin's butt felt warm and hot, he started to pull his cock and out at a slow and steady pace. To Sajin it felt quite comfortable to have a shaft inside his butt, all Kiba could do was moan and enjoy it. Sajin layed back and his length was standing up in the air, he moaned in pleasure along with Kiba.Sajin was laying on his back with his shoulders holding him up so he can see Keiba fuck him, small yet soft moans of pleasure. Kiba was just too amazed at how big Sajin's body appeared to be from all of his massive muscles, if any girls saw how big Sajin's muscles appeared to be, they would be all over him like a bear licking the honey off of a human's body.Kiba could feel the inside of Sajin's butt start to squeeze on his length, it felt really good to have Sajin's ass squeeze tighter around Kiba's dick, he moaned in reaction to the sensation. Sajin could feel the muscles from his butt get hard and tight from Kiba riding his ass, it felt oddly relaxing yet incredible to Sajin.

 "This feels so good, Kiba." moaned Sajin pleasurably."And it's about to get even better." moaned Kiba in pleasured tone.Kiba wanted nothing to do but continue to have sex with Sajin and Sajin had the same thing on his own mind. Kiba increased his speed a little and he felt Sajin's butt squeeze tighter around his shaft. Sajin was moaning in pleasure a bit louder along with Kiba.Both of them were moaning in pleasure together. Kiba felt the same heating and tingling sensation build up in his body again, it felt warmer and hotter than before, even Sajin could feel the sexual tension build up in his body as the body temperature inside both of them was rising. Sajin stared at Kiba so he could get more sexually aroused by Kiba's pleasured expression on his face and it was working. The expression on Kiba's face was a pleasured smile, his cheeks blushing.  "Oh Kiba-kun, please go faster." moaned Sajin blissfully.Kiba increased his speed on his thrusting and he felt Sajin's butt squeeze his shaft tighter. Sajin was moaning in pleasure as his ass got tighter and the

muscles in his body got more tense with sexual tension, all he could do was moan in pleasure with Kiba. Both of them could feel all the tingling and body heat inside them get stronger as the temperature in their bodies got hotter.

 "Oh Kiba-kun." moaned Sajin in excited pleasure."Sajin." gasped Kendo excitedly."Faster Kiba-kun, harder." moaned Sajin out loud.Obeying Sajin once again, he increased his speed more and thrusted harder, he could feel Sajin's tight ass get tighter and squeeze his shaft with more added pressure. Sajin couldn't believe how good sex felt like, he's only done it once but that was a long time ago, he couldn't believe what him and Kiba were missing out .Kiba started to go at top speed and applied as much pressure to his thrusts as possible, making every tingling sensation and body heat build up get really strong, both of their body temperatures was rising really high, their bodies getting really hot and their bodies were tingling all over with pleasure, a lot of massive sexual tension was building up in each other's balls which drove them insane with pleasure. Kiba cocked his head back in reaction to the pleasure spreading all over his body."I'm getting really close, Sajin." moaned Kendo really loud."Me too, don't stop." moaned Sajin almost howling.

 Kiba was thrusting so hard and fast, he could feel his first ever orgasm take full control over his body, along with Sajin feeling the exact same thing. Both of their bodies started to become really stiff in a lot of places as thier orgasms were ready to explode. Both of them moanig real loud as if they were screaming.They both came hard at the same time. Kiba shot his load up Sajin's hard-clasping ass, he shot jet after jet of his semen inside Sajin's really tight butt, wondering how long will it last. Sajin on the other hand was cumming long and thick ropes of semen, he shot long and thick ropes after rope of his hot seed in the air, some of it going passed his head and on to the floor while some of it hit the ceiling, both of them wondered how long will their orgasms last as they shot continuous amounts of hot and thick semen at the same time."Are you absolutely sure you want me in you?" Sajin asked, making sure Kiba didn't change his mind or get cold feet."I am positive. Don't worry; I will let you know if I change my mind. I want you to enjoy yourself too," Kiba said."I enjoy every second I am with you," Komamura whispered before straddling him. "I will go slow and

give you time to adjust.""Okay," Kiba whispered as I felt his twitching heat press against my entrance.He guided it in with his hand and forced steadily, trying to get past my entrance.Kiba pushed out a little to help him enter and gasped in pain as his huge head entered Kiba. He clenched the sheets as he felt Sajin enter him slowly, adding inch to inch, filling me entirely. Kiba moaned a little as he felt something inside of him tear. Sajin stopped immediately and started to pull out a little."NO!" Kiba exclaimed. "Don't stop, just give me a minute to get used to it."Sajin seemed reluctant but stayed where he was. After a few minutes, Kiba sighed and told him to continue. He slid in, and once again Kiba was gripping the sheets for dear life as he felt every centimeter fill him. Sajin let out a sigh of relief when he felt his hips pressed against my ass. He sat there a minute before slowly pulling back and sliding back in.Kiba gasped at the foreign sensation and bit his tongue as he felt Sajin hit my prostate. He waited and thrust into Kiba again. After a while he picked up speed and started thrusting harder.Kiba clenched his teeth the entire time, not wanting Sajin to stop on my account. Kiba groaned in pleasure every time Sajin hit his prostate just the right way to send shivers through Kiba's entire body. Soon, the pain dulled to a faint throbbing, and finally it went away entirely, leaving only the burning pleasure of him thrusting in and out of Kiba to fill its space. A feeling started to bubble in Kiba's stomach, and soon he started rocking my hips to meet Sajin's every thrust."Oh...oh   god, oh god, oh FUCK!" Kiba panted as the feeling spread through his body.Sajin took his moans and outbursts as encouragement and started thrusting harder and faster. He felt his balls

slap against Kiba's ass a mere instant after his hips and could hear his quiet grunts of pleasure with each thrust. Kiba smiled up at him and lifted hisbody off of the mattress to kiss Sajin.Kiba wrapped his arms around Sajin's neck and pressed thier lips together. Sajin kissed Kiba back passionately, forcing his tongue down Kiba's throat and panting little puffs with every thrust of his hips. Kiba broke the kiss and took several breaths as he felt myself approaching orgasm for the second time.Kiba rocked back into Sajin's thrusts as hard as he could and let Kiba's orgasm take him. Kiba's anal walls tightened around Sajin's pulsing meat and sent him over the edge. With a howl, Sajin thrust his knot in and out of Kiba's ass until it locked inside of Kiba. Sajin came inside of Kiba; filling him almost instantly with his seed. Soon, it spilled out around his engorged and onto the sheets beneath us. He thrust a few more times before stopping, panting and covered in sweat. Kiba fell back against the sheets and regained hisbreath slowly.Sajin picked Kiba up in an awkward, yet soft, embrace. He brought Kiba to the other side of the bed where it was cleaner and laid down, settling him on top of Sajin.Just before unconsciousness took Kiba, He managed to get out a sentence. "That was amazing Sajin. I love you so much." Kiba nuzzled his head into the hollow of Sajin's neck."It sure was," Sajin said and then added, "I love you too."Sajin covered themselves, and fell asleep with with one he lovesThe End