Team Spirit

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Emma tossed her phone on her bed and let out a bit of a groan as she cracked her back and shoulders with the movement. It had been a good morning, but she was still a bit sore from the night before when she had gone out for practice in the park. The soccer group was pretty contained when they were playing at the school, but when her teammates got together outside of the school they always played a bit harder. It was good to keep that edge, especially as they had been doing their best lately to make it to the finals despite losing a good portion of their veterans from the year before. She hoped they'd make it, she hadn't had a chance yet to really show what she could do and if they could just get to finals her team would be able to break out all the stops.

She wiped the sweat from her eyes as she peeled her shirt off and wriggled it free along her back, trying to cool down as she glanced at the clock. She still had time to get a nice shower and get to the qualifying match as long as she was quick about it. Her entire junior year had been spent working for this season and she didn't regret it. She had loved sports from the time she was little, always eager to be the best from soft ball all the way to volleyball, but she preferred soccer. She loved the way it felt to be on the field and a part of a group, the thunder of feet around her and the ball being shot person to person in a seamless understanding of who would be wear. Why wouldn't she love it? If she gave up a few dances or times at the movie, she didn't mind, they were small sacrifices.

It would have been easier if she had been able to play with the odds a bit on the game. She was one of half a dozen children in the area that had come down from an older lineage than most. Her mother's great great great grandfather had once been a duke, or at least that's what she'd been told when she was younger. He had been from a noble line that had been long reputed to have powers, magicians they had been called. Her mother had said that they had practiced in the open under various religions and even the names of saints as their powers had been attributed to divinity, but as the world had evolved their powers had become more secretive, more hidden. There were only handfuls that were born with any sort of magic, only once every generation or so and even then it was a toss-up on how powerful a young magician would be.

When she'd been little she had been excited to learn about her power, she had wanted to use it all the time, she had been able to levitate small items and change colors. When she was five she had been able to change the family cat into a dog. It had been great fun until her mother had sent her to her great-aunt's house and she had been forced to learn control. In this day and age there was no place for magic any longer. She had to learn how to contain it, control it. There was no reason to cast spells or try her powers. She could, of course, use it in little way sin her life, but nowhere else. She couldn't help her team win, she couldn't use it to cheat on homework, she couldn't even use it to keep her brother from bugging her all the time. It was largely useless.

_Like most things, it's a great idea in theory. I know the other kids who share my talents feel the same way. _Emma thought ruefully to herself and tugged her hair free from her pony tail.

She wriggled out of her pants next and tossed them in the hamper, stripping off her sports bra in favor of digging through her clean clothes to find something to wear for the rest of the day. As she pulled out her drawer a frown formed right between her eyes as she noticed that the pile of underwear was relegated to just a handful. It was just another nuisance, but they had to be going somewhere and every day she seemed to be missing more or else they weren't making it back from the wash when she tossed them in the laundry room. She shrugged and picked out a pair and a new bra, snagging up her practice clothes before heading into the shower. It seemed silly to shower when she would just be sweaty later, but she had to admit that it would feel good to get the grime off herself for a little while at least.

It didn't take long to actually get clean, she didn't want a long shower, unlike most of her friends she had never really been a real girlie girl, she was a bit of a tom boy. That was probably one reason she and her younger brother didn't get along that well. He was constantly bothering her, always stealing things from her room or causing trouble. Sometimes she thought it was because he wasn't that good at sports and tended to do better academically. Not that her parents cared at all, their father was happy just to have one of them involved in sports. Even if Vince never turned out to be an athlete their father would be just as happy. Instead of trying to see that it didn't matter, he spent his time sniping at her, picking at her and trying his best to annoy every aspect of her life. Just the other day he had managed to ruin one of her favorite set of shoes because he had wanted to get a rise out of her.

And her parents did little to help the situation. They were so focused on just letting him 'find himself' that they often just gave him a slap on the wrist. She was supposed to be the one that kept her cool, that did her best to let it roll off her and not take it personally. It was just a phase he was going through, he would grow out of it, it wasn't that big of a deal. Still, it was hard to think about being rational and calm when she had to deal with him always getting into her things, destroying or teasing her, or generally being a nuisance. Some day she was going to teach him a lesson, or at the very least put him in his place so he could learn how to stop behaving like an animal.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Vince heard the shower running before he slipped out of his chair and made his way to his sister's bedroom with a slight grin on his face. He knew it would be a quick shower, but he really didn't need a long time to do what he wanted to do. Her bedroom was smaller than his own, but he also had taken over the old nursery when he'd been old enough to have a bed of his own, but he privately thought that her room was better decorated and had more time taken into getting her nicer things. He frowned a little at all the trophies on her wall that were a testament to the amount of wins she had accomplished through her activities. He wasn't here to look at them though, he was here to snag her underwear before she was out of the shower.

It was dirty, he knew it, he even felt a bit embarrassed to be rifling through her hamper to find her panties, but at the same time he had learned that even if he found it disturbing and a little gross, there were people who were more than willing to pay good money for them if he put them out on the market. Well, not really the market, more like the guys at school. He didn't see why all of them found her so attractive, but if they were willing to slip him five or ten bucks for a pair of her panties he wasn't really going to question it that closely. He had already made nearly a hundred bucks from selling them on the sly. It amused him to think that she went to school with people who secretly had a pair of her underwear hidden away.

_I just don't have to think about what they do with them. _ He grabbed her panties and crinkled his nose a bit, trying to hold them from the least offensive part of the band by default.

He was in the middle of searching through to see if he could find anything else that might be interesting to sell on the side. Most of the clothes weren't worth it, but he had been thinking of grabbing a bra to try and sell on the sly if he got the chance to. He was pulling some of the older clothes out when suddenly the door opened with a blast of steamy air from the bathroom and the still running shower, making him yelp and jump up, stuffing the panties into his pocket.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Emma snapped, her voice loud enough to make his cheeks flush red as her eyes were fixated on the hand he'd stuffed in his pocket. "You little pervert!"

"I was looking for my favorite hat! That's all, I figured you'd grabbed it by mistake." Vince answered, nearly tripping over the words as he swung around to face her the entire way.

She wasn't wearing anything more than a loose towel wrapped around her waist and upper chest so that she was well hidden, her hair pulled up into a towel. She looked the way she always looked, like a cheerleader, like the ones at school. Everyone in his class thought she was pretty, more than a few had crushes on her. They even though the freckles along her cheeks were adorable and when matched with her blonde hair and light green eyes most of the boys were eager to have a chance at winning her attention, even if they had no real chance at it. Her cheeks were red from the shower and there was a spill of steam spilling out behind her as she advanced across the room, an all too familiar expression of anger on her face as he evaded her by the simple virtue of bolting backwards and ducking his head down a little bit to try and keep himself from looking her directly in the eye.

"You were not! What do you have in your pocket?!" She reached out and tried to grab his pocket, but he managed to jump back again, swallowing.

"Nothing! Just don't worry about it, I just wanted my hat, Dad probably thought it was yours." He furrowed his brows a little bit as if thinking. "Come to think of it, he probably gets confused on what clothes as yours since you are always wearing guys clothing."

"Oh really?" Her eyes sparked with annoyance now, and Vince felt vindicated that he managed to tweak her badly enough that her cheeks became rather spotty with her anger. "Maybe it's because some stinking bit of vermin keeps coming in here and messing with my things."

"I don't know what you're talking about." He stated plainly, widening his eyes with innocence while she reached out to catch his shirt.

"I'm tired of this, tired of you touching my things, tired of you being in my room, tired of having things come up missing!" She tightened her hold and he squirmed back, pushing against Emma's stomach to try and pull free. "Why won't you leave me alone?!"

"It's all in your head!" He responded and felt the fingers gripping harder before a thumb brushed right up along the underside of his chin with a feather light caress that made a shiver run down the line of his back.

"That's it! You can't even tell me the truth, you little rodent!" Emma's voice depened on the last word, a throaty sound before something suddenly sparked out from her fingers.

Vince almost said something in response, but the spark threw him backwards, it was as if he had stuck a finger into the light socket and experienced a sudden strong jolt that made his heart leap painfully tight in his chest. He hit the back of her bed and his legs went out from under him, making him slide back along the line of the bed, tugging some of the cover off so it tumbled over his shoulder. He couldn't move, his muscles felt as if they were all locked up as the shock still trembled over his body. There were little sparks and stabs of pain, pins and needles that ran over his skin. The sharp sensations made the hair rise up along the line of his arms and down the length of his back while he tried to get up, struggling to push himself onto his feet but they refused to move properly.

He was trying to lunge up, his feet drawing back when he realized that his clothes were starting to hang loosely over his body. His shirt felt almost like a tent as he shuddered and lunged up, using some amount of momentum to propel himself up into the air only to fall down nearly on his face, his hands outstretched as he hit his sister's legs as she stood above him glaring down. Something was terribly wrong, but she offered no hand to help him up or responded to his pleading looks, she just watched and moved a step away when he grabbed at her calf and realized that his short sleeved shirt was falling all the way past his elbows. He was nearly drowning in the material! His body wasn't just shrinking, it was changing as it grew smaller, something he saw at the tips of his fingers first.

His nails were sharpening and turning into claws, the tips curling up from the narrow digits as they grew dainty and small looking. The entire build of his hands were changing, starting to grow less nimble and harder to move around. His ears were growing as well, he could see them in the full length mirror as the relatively round ears began to move up along either side of his head, losing definition and becoming more like thin flaps of skin instead of the human ears he was used too. He reached up with his changing hands and touched the ears, letting out a cry of disbelief as he felt the soft thin flaps against his finger tips. His entire head was changing, the shape of it shifting as his lips and nose pushed out into the air strangely instead of lying flat as they had his entire life.

"Here, we can't have you ruining more clothes, you little pest." Emma, he'd nearly forgotten her in the shock of seeing his ears and her hands suddenly reached down and caught his shirt.

Vince tried to keep ahold of it, but his hands weren't working well, his entire body felt aching and sore as parts of him were steadily starting to show changes that were running rampant over him. His shirt was pulled free and over his head, his newly made ears pinned back against his head while he let out a rough cry and fell forward on his sister's floor. He felt so small, she was looming over him, far taller than an adult when compared to his changing body. His bare skin was exposed as the hair on his head began to lighten and fade, turning to a soft snowy white as the relatively short hairs began to thicken and grow heavier. He could feel the heat growing as the hairs spread down along the bridge of his nose. His brief fear and confusion at seeing his hair was replaced with the ache and horror at the feel of his front teeth starting to grow larger.

"You're doing this!" He accused, eyes wild as his words were slightly slurred from the large teeth jutting out in the forming muzzle.

They turned into large squared buck teeth, top and bottom, making his lips push out even further so that he looked as if he had a muzzle instead of a normal mouth. His lips grew thinner as his teeth felt as if they were bulging and his cheeks were puffy and swollen with the skin warming up rapidly at the moment. His white hair was growing thicker and rose up from the neat buzz cut into soft thick fur that was falling down in a line along his back as his face began to look more like an animal than any humans. As he was trying to feel the changes, reaching up with his hands to touch his face, his sister was moving around him. He was outgrowing his pants in an alarming rate, they were falling off of his hips and hanging down to either side, almost coming off without any help at all, but Emma had other plans for him as she came to grab the edge of his pants.

He tried to stop her, he let out a high pitched sound, it didn't sound normal, it was high pitched and chattering as his tongue was growing smaller as well. The pants were easily taken from him, they weren't nearly tight enough to hold them up to his waist. They were yanked down over his ass and he let out a ragged cry of protest. He tried to hide himself, moving his hands down as far as they would go to cover his groin, but it didn't keep him safe as she could still see his cock flop free and his bare legs. His ass was on the rough carpet, he felt it scraping against him as she scooted it down to his legs and then tugged them off entirely with a firm pull. He couldn't stop himself, he let out a high pitched sound of shock and affront as they were tossed to one side.

"I thought you'd be bigger, but I guess it's not that surprising.." Emma commented with a bit of a laugh, mocking him in a way that made his cheeks go hot.

"St-stop this..." He begged, he was growing smaller, half his normal size and still shrinking as he tried to keep himself covered.

"Of course, being so tiny, you'll be just useless to anyone." She persisted and reached down with a foot, lightly pushing her toes against the edges of his jutting cock.

"You have to q-quite this! It's not.. r-right!" He panted and squirmed as her toes rubbed down along the edges of his shaft mockingly, making him twist in place.

"I guess we'll have to make sure that you're going to be a little more useful. I can't have you waving around a tiny little dick, can I?" She put mockery in her voice, mockery that made his cheeks burn hot with humiliation and anger.

The fur spread over him, but it was what was happening between his legs that gave him a real moment of fear and confusion. His cock was growing smaller as well, but it wasn't shrinking proportionately at all. It was growing rapidly smaller, pulling up between his legs, disappearing from sight as his balls grew swollen feeling even as they retreated back into his body. His entire body shape was changing, thick fur was covering him and softening his features so that his arms were disappearing into the fluff and his legs were starting to bend. Even those changes didn't hold his attention like the most vulnerable part of his body that was disappearing rapidly. His cock was drawing away completely, the feel of swelling skin was making him ache as his breathing came out in short bursts, every intake making him shudder before he cried out again. His heart was throbbing and the sensations seemed centered right at his loins and growing worse by the moment.

His legs grew closer to his body, his feet growing longer and pushing outwards, but he was reaching down and trying to feel himself, feel his cock through the silky white fur that was growing over his stomach and down along his hips. He tried to reach with his hands, but it was hard to reach with as he was fumbling around at nothing, his hands shifting to feel what was left of his cock, but the moment he felt it he let out a shrill cry. He didn't feel his cock tip, his fingers were grabbing at nothing at all when his fingers were touching something soft feeling. Lips, they were pursed hidden pink lips through the fur that was covering him all over. Covering her all over, there was no hiding the fact that she was boasting a set of soft set of cunny lips hidden between her hind legs entirely.

She scrabbled upwards in terror, jerking to one side as she realized she was growing far smaller than she had been. She jerked forward, starting to bolt towards the door, but the moment she did a foot came down to press down right against her shoulders and pinned her down. The foot itself was so large that it easily held her down to the ground as the changes continued. Her fur covered her entire body, and more than that, she could feel the shape of her body being changed as her bones began to align themselves and shift. There was a spike of pressure right along the line of her back while something began to push outwards above the crease of her ass. She was left staring at the full length mirror, but she wasn't staring at herself, she was staring at a pure white chinchilla with overly large ears that were pulled back to either side of the head while the body continued to adjust to the new form, every bit of humanity lost as a tail pushed out.

"Now, this is a bit more fitting if you're going to scurry around like a little pest." The foot pressed into the line of her back, the toes digging into the soft fur as she tried to drag her way free.

Her toes and claws scrabbled wildly, attempting to drag herself forward, but the foot only pushed down harder and squished her in place so that she couldn't do more than writhe back and forth, her tail twitching above her plush soft haunches. Everything in the room was far larger than she was now, everything was looming high up as she was roughly the size of two hands put together. Her eyes bulged as she stared up at her sister and heat suffused her large ears when she realized that the angle gave her a glimpse all the way up beneath the fluffy white tail that covered Emma's body. There was no hiding the soft pink folds of her sister's cunny, the pursed lips pressed together between her shapely muscled thighs.

She wanted to get away, but the toes curled along the soft thick fur, stroking against it, pushing her back against the ground. She was trapped in a position where she had to watch the way the thick pursed lips began to open slightly and close with the movements. There was a glistening wetness clinging to the inner thighs, messily coating the outer edges of the plush lips. She couldn't look away from them, her eyes were fixated on the sight and unable to quite look away from what was happening. She had never seen her sister naked in this way, any time she had seen Emma she had been quickly covered up or there were little glimpses. She was horrified to feel herself reacting to the sight as the toes rubbed right along the shoulders and massaged, wiggling and making the fur poke up in between the digits with obvious pleasure.

Vince tried to stop the feel of arousal and heat, she didn't know what to do with it as her body began to react to the sight above her. It was her sister and she knew that she shouldn't have been thinking about Emma in that way, but she couldn't help herself. Without the towel hiding what was happening, she was made to look at the soft plush folds being flashed. That hint of glistening wetness making her belly tense up all wrong as she twisted and the toes rubbed over her in just the right way. They stroked along the length of her belly, stroking near the hidden teats as she let out a shrill little squeak and writhed. Emma leaned down, moving down to curl along the edges of her sides, the fingers playing against her before the toes moved away from her to allow for her sister to pick her up.

She did this to me! Mom is going to have her head!! Vince though and twisted a little as she reached down to slip a hand beneath her bound body.

The towel fell open and revealed the sudden flash of a naked body that had been hidden, making the chinchilla's ears flush hotly in embarrassment as he was lifted up. She tried to squirm and kick, her hind legs thudded out rapidly against the ground and then the air as all four paws were lifted up and she tried to keep herself balanced. The hand between her legs curled and squeezed, the fingers gave a few squeezes right along the soft folds that were exposed between her hind legs. She tried to pull away, kicking off with a bit of a noise, her whiskers flattening down along either side of her cheeks as she was touched, fingers curling up to roughly squeeze right between her haunches to make her writhe in place, leaping backwards, but her sibling grabbed her scruff to keep her from getting away.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Emma was barely able to contain her rage at her little brother's attempts to get into her room, to constantly mess with her things, to do little 'pranks' that were anything but harmless to her. The fact that she was being forced to continually forgive him thanks to their parents was just one more reason that she felt trapped. When she had opened the bathroom door to find him elbow deep in her clothes basket she had lost control of her temper, she hadn't been able to forgive and forget. She hadn't wanted to call her parents and get yet another barely intelligible apology that she would have to accept, she wanted to finally teach him a lesson about how to behave.

She could admit, staring at the small white chinchilla, that she hadn't really thought things through when she had begun to change him. She had simply reacted and started the changes while she was filled with anger and the spell had been one made more of her emotions than any real direction. She'd been warned about that, casting spells when her emotions were at their height, but she just couldn't stand the idea of him getting off so lightly yet again. Obviously he wasn't learning anything about his bad behavior, which meant it was up to her to step in and show him how to behave, or at least what boundaries were rightfully between them!

The wriggling white form was easily cupped in the palm of her hand, though the little legs kicked against her frantically as the small chinchilla kept trying to get free of her hold. The claws bit against her now and then before she flipped over the small body and cupped Vince right on her back to explore the little body. The small form was squirming to try and get away, but it was pretty hopeless. When she had been younger she'd had a chinchilla, their soft plush fur was always a treat to touch and even if they were a little squirmy, she had learned how to handle them with a few choice holds at the neck and behind the haunches. The dark brown eyes were bulging wide and staring up at her as the hind legs kicked out and she gave a firm pinch right between the hind legs.

"Stop looking at me like that. There's no reason for you to feel like you're the injured person here!" She gave a squeeze and her fingers flexed up to press right up against the hidden pink folds. "Oh look at that little pussy! I probably should have been a little more careful about what I was thinking about."

The chinchilla glared at her, twisting and kicking so that both small hind legs stuffed against her hand to try and shove it away. She let her shove away, moving her hand backwards before pushing forward again, the shove nearly pushing her hand away before she reached down to tickle those small little folds with a flex of her fingers. She pinched firmly just to hear the creature squeal out, the body twisting this way and that to rub plush soft fur right along the line of her hand. It was just as lovely as she had remembered, so soft that her fingers easily sank into the thick softness and brushed through it lightly. She ran fingers through it all, ruffling the fur up right between the broad ears while the bucked teeth were being bared at her angrily. The stiffer hairs along the curled tail brushed against the underside of her fingers as she examined her changed brother a bit more closely.

"Now what am I supposed to do with you? I can't exactly set you lose outside, who knows where you'd go and what would happen. Mom and Dad will likely miss you.." She mused aloud to herself, running a finger up along the line of the soft plush belly. "It's not like I can just keep you in a cage either, they'd figure out pretty soon that you're a little more than a new pet."

The dark eyes glared at her, it didn't matter that they were set in the pure white face of an animal, there was no hiding the fact she had one angry little creature in her hands. It amused her, wondering just what was going through her siblings mind as she was trapped and so tiny and vulnerable. She started to figure out a plan, she still had the old carrier and cage from her former pet, that would at least give her time to make future-

"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!" The sound of her cell phone made her nearly drop Vince, reaching around behind her to grab the phone from the top of the dresser. "Crap! I'll have to figure out what to do with YOU later."

She picked up her hard cased bag that she normally used for her gear and tossed Vince into it carelessly, letting him tumble end over end before the snapped it closed. She would have to scramble if she wanted to get to the soccer game on time. She couldn't leave Vince here, the little vermin could possibly find a way out, she'd have to take her out to the school for the day to keep her out of trouble. It shouldn't be too hard to keep one little chinchilla out of trouble for the day.

~ ~ * ~ ~

"Oh my god! She is ADORABLE!" The squealing voice made Vince pull her ears flat down to her head as she huddled back in the carrier and stared in at her with eager eyes. "Can I hold her?"

"When did you get her? Just look at those little pink ears!" One of the other girls spoke up and the head pushed into view.

Vince was huddled back into the hard bottomed carrier and stared out at the all too familiar faces of Emma's teammates. She couldn't do anything to hide from them, she was tucked so far back, but they were still able to see her no matter when she turned her back to them. She was in the girl's gym, hauled in with her sister and dropped down on a bench where they had finally spotted her. She normally would have been quite happy to be here, she would have been able to peer out at them and get a glimpse of the girls dressing and undressing, seen the nude bodies that she had had a few fantasies about in the past. Instead, she was miserable and hunched in on herself, doing her best to keep anyone from being able to reach in to touch her or even really see her. She was nude, entirely nude, fur or not there was no way she could hide herself from any of them.

Most of them were already ready to go out to play, a handful, like her sister, were still getting on their uniforms which gave the ones who were ready ample time to coo over her. As she did her best to keep locked in the corner one of the girls unzipped the front of the carrier and a large hand reached out towards her. She had never thought of any of Emma's team mates as being large, but now they were slightly terrifying as the hands reached in to catch her, the fingers wrapping around her and suddenly lifting her up as she scrabbled and tried wriggle her way free. She tried to twist about, rolling, but the girl only giggled and fingers grabbed her scruff to hold her immobile as she was brought out into the bright light of the locker room.

"She's even more adorable out here!" The girl holding Vince exclaimed and pulled her in close. She thought the girl's name was Meghan. "What made you bring her here? I hope you aren't going to let her loose in the woods or something."

To Vince's horror she was snuggled right up against the human face, a soft nose was pushed into her fur while the hands kept stroking against her with light rubbing caresses. She kept trying to wiggle her way free, the movements only worked to rub herself against the softness of the nose and the fingers began to knead and caress through her playfully, ruffling right along the lien of her spine. The former boy twisted and pushed, the paws hitting against the neck and shoulders only to get a sudden kiss against the side as the girl giggled. It was horrible to be handled this way, no dignity paid attention to her body as she was lifted and rubbed about, fingers ruffling all along the sides of her haunches and even down under her tail with the way she squirmed making the fingers wander this way and that in all the wrong ways.

"Oh, well I was thinking we might use her as a mascot. You know, we're the Andes and we can't really use a mountain as a mascot." Emma spoke up as she got dressed, stuffing herself into her uniform. "But Chinchillas are native to the Andes and she's pretty adorable."

"She's so soft." Meghan rubbed her cheek into the fur again, kissing and tickling playfully against one of Vince's sides just to make her writhe in place. "And ticklish!"

"Let me have a turn!" One of the other girls said and reached out to grab her, the hands lifted her up from the hands and suddenly she was being nestled up against another face.

The soft fur was being fluffed up as the fingers were rubbing her all over, caressing behind her ears and tickling down the line of her spine and back, kneading her intimately. It wasn't painful, they weren't rough in the least little bit, they were playful and dancing against him in all the right ways. She started to turn to one side, partially rolling onto her back so she could push with her paws to get away, but that only earned her a tickling of fingers right against her vulnerable belly. She writhed and twisted, shuddering a little bit as the finger tips teased their way up along the line of her sides so that the finger tips were lightly dancing over the nub of her nipples. It was horrible feeling them there, the way that they stroked against her, rubbing back and forth in such an intimate flutter that made her toes curl down and she kicked out again. The movement involuntary as the caresses ran over the tiny nubs, brushing through all that soft white fur.

"Oh a mascot is perfect!" Someone laughed. "I think you can put them on little harnesses, it's no good if no one can see her in the carrier."

"You can! We just gotta make one for her, go grab me your shoe laces, the pink and purple ones, I think I know how to make one for it." A girl offered as Vince was pinned on his back and tickled by them, the ruffled movements working over her as she was unable to do more than push and squeak unhappily.

They found the squeaking utterly adorable and said as much as they passed her from person to person. Their fingers worked all over her, rubbing and caressing, not caring where they were touching even as she tried a few times to bite. Not that biting helped anything, the few nips she gave out were reprimanded with pinches against her, one in particular actually caught her soft pink mound and squeezed the folds together painfully tight so that she was letting out a shrill sound of panic at the way that they were gripped and pulled. The force dragged forward before releasing and letting her scrabble away, running towards the bench before another girl dragged her up in the air with a loud happy squeal at how pink her ears and nose were.

"She's just perfect, look at those tiny little toes." The girl giggled and kissed one of Vince's paws, making her jerk it away in mortification.

"Here, give her here, let's get this harness fitted on her so we can take her out." Emma interjected, the girl standing next to her team mate with an assortment of little ropes and shoe laces.

No matter what Vince did, or how she showed her teeth, she was still held in place right against a bench so that they could pull out the shoe laces. She tried to wriggle in place, twisting and turning, her eyes casting up accusingly towards her sister as the girl's braided the shoe laces together to form what looked like a multi-colored harness. She jumped up, her hind legs propelling her up and over a girl's lap, but a hand suddenly pinned her down to flatten her along the legs, her ass pointed towards her sister and the rest of the team as she squeaked out angrily at them. Her voice rising in pitch as the hand pinched her down and forced her against the upper leg as other hands began to work the newly made harness was slipped up and over her thickly furred shoulders.

"She's a lot tinier under all of this fur." Someone said as she was lifted and the harness was slipped over her forelegs, pulling up under her sides and chest. "Like nothing at all!"

"She's certainly loud enough, I bet she has no idea we're just trying to make her look cute." A girl giggled and tickled fingers right under Vince's belly.

She didn't want to look cute! She wanted nothing more than to wiggle free and bolt back towards the indignity of the bag that she had been hauled here in. The fingers gripped her tightly as the harness was tightened along her back, the woven bits of shoe laces had to really dig into her, pinching her ribs and sides as it was laced up right along the line of her spine. The careful tugging pulls were used to make sure that she couldn't wriggle free of it. Some of the girl's went off to start getting ready to head up, but many stuck around to coo over her soft fur. Vince had dreamed about stuff like this, girls taking an interest in her and touching her, but she had always assumed that such attention would be given to her because she was on a date or attractive in some way. Not because she was adorable!

Another one of the girl's came out with lipstick in one of her hands as the harness was fully secured, the gaudy pink and purple thing was so offensive as she tried to jump forward, but the leash held firm. She twisted about, pushing with her forepaws at the thing, but they didn't work the way her hands did and couldn't get the grip that she really wanted to get on it. Emma picked her up, scooping her high into the air much to the delight of the other girls and actually pinned the former boy right over her leg, her haunches left entirely bare and her ass jutting up in the air while her tail snapped back and forth wildly, resting along her spine.

"Okay, just hold her still, we'll put our school initials on her too! Just so it's easy to tell that she's one of us." Meghan giggled and actually reached out to grab Vince's tail.

"Hey, what are you gonna call her? Does she have a name yet?" Someone asked eagerly as fingers tickled under her chin invasively.

The hold jerked her hips backwards and she ground her teeth together roughly, trying to wiggle forward, but the girl was already moving and the bright red lipstick was brought down against her thick fluffy fur. She couldn't do anything to stop what was happening as she was pinned and the letters SJC were written right along the curve of her ass, bright red and where no one would be able to miss out on the lettering or the fact that she was supposedly a school mascot. She flattened her ears down, it felt waxy and dirty all at once, and only made the girl's giggle as one of them told the girl to add a little heart right up along the line of her spine. They were all too eager to do it, the lipstick making a fat looking heart above the school initials and right below the multi colored harness.

Her entire face was hot red, humiliated by the situation and ready to bite someone if she actually could have, but Emma held her tight and refused to let her escape. Instead, she was given a little bounce when she attempted to turn her head about to bite at the harness. She was heaved up into the hands, her sister's eyes bright with amusement as Vince stared in abject humiliation and horror. She kept her ears flat to her head, feeling her heart beat throbbing in her own ears as her sister leaned forward and gave her a kiss right on the cheek. A kiss that dyed her white fur pink with the lip gloss that had been liberally applied just moments before.

"I think we can call her Snowdrop, doesn't that sound like a great name?" Emma offered with a sly little smile spreading over her features. "I bet you're so excited to be here, aren't you, Snowdrop? You'll give us the best luck ever!"

"She'd better." One of the girl's spoke up with a wink of one eye. "If not, I hear chinchilla's make great fur gloves, though she wouldn't really be more than one glove."

"Well, if she knows what's good for her she'll be rooting for us." Emma stood up with a bounce. " C'mon, Snowdrop, let's see if you actually manage to prove to be GOOD luck...for once."

~ ~ * ~ ~

Vince was secured to one of the benches by virtue of the make shift harness and pinned her pink ears flat to her head as she was forced to watch the game. She never came to Emma's games anymore, she just didn't have an interest, but even she could see how terrible the team was playing. They seemed to be everywhere except where they were supposed to be, all of them darting this way and that wildly, attempting to find an opening and always failing as the ball was shot this way and that. It would have been laughable and she might have even felt a bit of vindication if it weren't for the fact that she wasn't in a situation of utmost humiliation. The pink markings that had been painted onto her fur felt like beacons to anyone that even glanced at her, and there was no hiding as the leash had been tied quite short against the bench.

She couldn't get her head back far enough to chew on the rope, despite the fact that she twisted and rolled about, scrabbling to get a good hold on the stuff. She pushed at the harness, her paws, at least, were able to catch against the fabric and push, but pushing at the fabric didn't get it off her. The girls had tied it well, it was quite tight around her neck and just behind the shoulders, the angle she could use to try and tug it free didn't work as she flipped around and yanked this way and that. She dug her paws on the ground, twisting about and giving a drag and flip, but that only nearly dropped her off the bench and fell off the edge. She scrabbled her paws a few times as she hung from the harness, swinging back and forth as it went taut right along the line of her shoulders.

She tried to drag herself up again, but her paws couldn't get a good grip where she needed them to hold, instead she just swung around so she was facing the teams that were chasing each other back and forth. She saw Emma glance over, her sister saw what was happening, had to have seen the fact that she was strung up, but almost immediately she went right back to the game, chasing the ball to the other end of the field. Vince squeaked and chattered, her teeth snapping together a few times as she started to haul herself upwards, dragging slowly, painfully slowly, up along the edge one inch at a time. Her tail swing around wildly behind her as she hauled herself up, hating that she had to kick her hind legs about, her ass flashing behind her to haul herself up into the air. She felt exposed as she got back into her spot on the bench and lowered her ears miserable to either side of her head.

There were a few giggles from the other side of the match and she turned to glare at the Vipers reserve team who was sitting on a bench and watching her antics. They were a top league and she had noticed that at least one of the girls had been watching her the entire match. It was the one who hadn't played yet, who had a large green snake twisted around her forearm as the team's mascot. She hated that her attempts to get free were being watched, they made her color right along the line of her cheeks as she tried her best to look at what was happening on the field. At least it was a brief distraction from those that were paying attention to her and her pink marked fur.

The other side cheered loudly as she began to settle, stopping her attempts to dig at the harness that refused to budge around her. The opposing team was wiping the field with them, which made her puff her fur up a little bit in pleasure. Emma deserved to lose this game, she was always getting exactly what she wanted out of life, not caring that her brother was being left in shadows. Now she was taking it out on Vince, forcing her into a body that wasn't her own just because she had been an 'inconvenience.' There was another cheer, another goal, while Vince internally cheered on the other side, glaring at her sister the entire time. She was internally willing for Emma to miss a kick or to take a fall, something, anything to make her lose.

There was no such luck, the half time whistle was blown long before there was a chance to see her sister make a miss. Vince couldn't help but feel a stab of disappointment as the girls came rushing towards the bench, all of them with various looks of disappointment. She nearly beamed up at her sister when the girl came to unhook the leash and picked her up far more roughly than she had been handled before. She was nearly flipped up into the air, writhing and squirming in place in protest as the fingers gripped tightly right around her waist and she was taken back to the locker room with the rest of the team.

"Stop squirming!" Emma hissed down at her. "This is all your fault, I'm paying too much attention to you."

_As if that is my fault! She's the one that decided to change me into an animal! _ Vince thought smugly as she was dropped down and heard the coach starting to yell at them from the front of the room.

She deserved to be yelled at, she deserved to lose the game. Vince hadn't asked for this to happen, she certainly hadn't wanted to be made to become some sort of living toy for her sister. She leapt down onto the ground while Emma was distracted and tried to find a way to get her head around to start chewing at the shoe strings. She was at least sure that chinchilla's had teeth large and sharp enough to do real damage. She didn't have a great plan about escaping, she just knew that if she could get free she could likely find her way to someone who knew what had happened. She twisted and jumped about while the girls peeled off some of their uniforms, catching their breaths and trying to cool down. The coach was trying to rouse them, even if they were defeated. She secretly hoped they would tank in the next game just as well as they tanked in the one before it.

She was in the middle of rolling onto her back, doing her best to chew and dig her teeth into the shoe strings when a foot pushed down right against her belly and pinned her in place. She squeaked out in affront, turning her head up and around to see Emma glaring down at her angrily before the foot pinned her more firmly in place. She tried to kick her way out from under the foot, but the toes curled down to squeeze her and pinned her so she couldn't do more than wiggle away. Her sister refused to let her go, holding tight with the sole of her foot, her damp foot, the sweat from the game had made the bare skin damp feeling as it spread against her fur as she tried to wriggle forward. Her attempt only put the toes right above her head, wiggling right along her ears so that she splayed them to either side quite miserably at the attention.

It was strangely intimate to feel the toes rubbing against her stomach, the light strokes pushing along the line and trailing down towards her belly. She used her hind legs to kick up, pushing back against the heel firmly. It didn't help at all, but at least it gave him a sense of being able to fight back against the feel of the damp sweaty feet rubbing against her. Her back was pushed against the ground, lightly rolled back and forth, she felt the damp toes curling against the line of her soft plush fur, teasing through it so that it became more of a constant caress against her nude body, teasing and playful so it made Vince shiver and tense up, sucking in a breath. She pulled her ears down flat to her head, feeling them redden as the curling toes continued to tease against her belly and sides.

"Hey, whatcha doin' to poor Snowdrop? You're going to squish her." One of the girl's spoke up in a whisper as their coach kept outlining the next plays.

"Oh.. uh... just rubbing her for good luck." Emma answered after a moment, tickling the toes against Vince's belly playfully to make her squeak out a protest.

"OH!" The girl brightened. "Well, anything to give us a little extra edge."

"What about an edge?" Someone else spoke up with a bit of interest as the first girl reached over with a foot to rub against Vince's fur.

_Hey! Wait a minute now!! _ Vince squeaked loudly and tried to wiggle away as the other set of toes started to flex against her belly and sides with a little stroke.

The damp toes rubbed against her firmly, stroking and pushing through the soft plush length, being rubbed this way and that as her body was partially rolled over. She tried to struggle free, but the girls only giggled and said something about it tickling. The way the toes rubbed through her fur as she was nearly squished against the ground. She felt them rubbing along her soft lower belly, ruffling right along the pert soft nipples that were jutting up in the air, stroking lightly back and forth, making them harden as another girl added her foot to the mix. They were damp and reeked of sweat and other things that made her wrinkle her nose back, trying to escape their attention as she was ruffled up. One toe even rubbed right over her cheeks and muzzle as she squeaked out, attempting to show her distress at being handled in this way. They didn't help at all as they pushed her harder against the ground and teased this way and that.

The way the toes slipped downwards stimulated her constantly, rubbing and stroking along her nipples, even sliding down right along the soft mound that rested between her legs. She tried to wiggle free far enough to get away from the touch, but it didn't do anything to get her away as more of the girls took notice of what was happening. Toes rubbed right along the length of her newly made folds, making her helplessly shudder in reaction as her plush outer lips were being caressed back and forth. The gentle movements rubbed and spread her lips apart, pushing this way and that while she arched upwards and every part of her body went tense. She squeezed her eyes shut and her forepaws flexed down against the ground, gripping tightly against one of the feet that were working against her constantly.

Her breathing picked up the pace as Vince put her ears back down against her head, her breathing came in short small bursts as the toes kept massaging her bound form. She was rolled back and forth. The movement playful while she was rolled this way and that, being pushed onto her side as one of the girls giggled and used a bare foot to tickle right against her side, the touch moving over the edges and pushing forward right up and over her ears. All the girls were wiggling toes against her one after another, she'd never been touched by so many of girls at one time, or even one at a time, she was twisting and arching. Her toes kicked and fingers grabbed against the line of the feet one after another in an attempt to get free, but they were always changing positions so she couldn't struggle with any amount of success. She was trapped!

"She tickles!" One of the girls giggled happily. "I think she likes us rubbing her."

"Yeah, except look at the wording we put on her." Someone else said as a toe curled right between her legs and she snapped her ears back tightly. Her entire face going dark red.

"Awww, but she's going to be all pink then." A girl retorted before the toes curled a bit more firmly between her hind legs and gave a rub that pushed right along the line of her soft cunny lips.

It made her tremble in place, it felt humiliatingly good to have the feet rubbing her. They weren't hard or even put enough pressure on her to make her want to protest out of pain. She was twisting and turning, rolling about, but that only made the situation worse as more of the girls were rubbing their feet all over her. They strokes brushed through her fur as the sweaty smelly feet left her fur damp feeling when they ran down along stroke towards the base of her tail. It didn't take long before she realized that parts of her body were reacting far more positively to the touches than she was comfortable with. Namely, the fact that her body began to feel swollen right along her loins every time an errant toe tickled down between her legs and made her squeak out unhappily, sliding her whiskers flat back to either side of her cheeks, trembling and shuddering in place. Another stroke and push, a rub that made her cry out when one of the girls pushed her toe and wiggled it about a little bit.

She was horrified to realize that she was growing wet, she could feel it right between her hind legs, the dampness clung along the toes that stroked and rubbed against her. Mostly they were gone too quickly to realize just how wet she was growing, but they still teased against her as each girl seemed eager to get a turn rubbing her for good luck. No part of her body was untouched as the lip stick was smeared all over her back and haunches, coating her white thick fur into a pink blush that was centered right along the curve of her haunches and higher up along the base of her tail. She squeaked unhappily, and then let out another noise as a toe pushed up and her hips gave an involuntary buck when they scrubbed back and forth delicately, tugging along her puffy outer lips.

"Ew! I think she peed on me!" The girl jerked her foot back, the sudden movement making Vince nearly tumble nose over tail. Her ears kept held well back to her head as she tried to scrabble up, only to have Emma's foot push her onto her back.

"I guess she was trying to give you back some luck." Emma giggled and rubbed her toes deliberately right along Vince's puffy cunny lips.

The stroke made her shudder, her eyes squeezed shut while she did her best not to grind up against the touch, a nearly impossible task when all said and done. She had never felt like this in her life, her body was being caressed in just the right spots to make sure she nearly arched and pushed herself against the toe. Her own wetness was gathered up messily, coating the outer edges and making her sister grimace a little before the foot pushed upwards and smeared away the mess against her ruffled chest fur. She felt dirty, abused and filthy from nose to tail. If she could have, she would have run and hidden in a hole somewhere, but she had no such luck.

"Alright, everyone! Let's get out there for the second half!" The coach called out enthusiastically and caused Emma to snatch Vince up from the ground. "Let's show them how we're going to win!"

~ ~ * ~ ~

Vince was almost relieved when they returned her to being tied on the bench, she felt her fur standing up in little tufts and ruffles along the line of her back while she looked around miserably. She didn't know what had happened in the locker room, only that she was absolutely humiliated by how she had reacted. She should have simply been embarrassed and horrified by what had happened, but her body was throbbing and strange feeling, especially between the haunches. No matter how hard she tried to ignore that sensation she still couldn't keep herself from wanting to grind against the bench she was sitting on. She forgot about her attempts to get at the leash to chew her way free, she forgot about everything except her reddened ears and half heartedly watching the game as her sister's team began to dominate the field.

Perhaps it was because she was so distracted by the players on the field that she didn't quite give the attention she needed to on the rest of her surroundings. The bench she had been tied too was one of the ones that was set out of the way, supposedly to keep her from feeling nervous about the rest of the players who were cheering and stomping loudly. She was trying not to grind and shift against the bench when someone flopped down next to her and nearly made her jump up in the air, the harness going tight as she stumbled a few steps backwards and she was rewarded with a laugh as a girl dressed in red and black looked down at her. One of the opposing team.

"So you're the mascot? Man! A fluffy pink and white ball of cotton candy?" The girl giggled to herself while Vince glared up at her angrily and tried to pull away. "Man, she really did a number on you, didn't she, Fluffy?"

She? _ Vince stopped and twitched her ears up at the girl who was grinning hugely down at him. _Does she know?

_ _

"You know, I would have chosen something more fierce to be my mascot, but I guess Emma is more of a pink frilly girlie girl." The girl chattered conversationally and a big hand reached down to give a sudden tug right against the line of her tail.

_Does she know or she just speaking in generalities? _ Vince had no idea, but she tried to give an exaggerated shake of her head. She tried to show that she wasn't an animal, some gesture that might make the girl take pause and take a closer look.

"This is a better mascot, wouldn't you agree?" The girl moved her arm down and Vince squeaked out and lunged back in terror as a large green head was brought down at a level to her body.

The snake that she had seen on the other side of the field had seemed small when she'd glanced across at a distance, but now it was huge looking with just a few inches separating them. It was a clear bright green, like spring leaves, marked with a series of red dots right along the blunt nose and all along the spade shaped head. It was wrapped around the girls' forearm and wound all the way up her upper arm and nearly towards her shoulder. It had to have been at least five feet long, perhaps even longer, with a thick heavy body that was filled with muscles that shifted and adjusted against the girl's skin naturally, the dark eyes fixating on Vince as she pulled back all the way from the girl's arm and shivered her skin and fur. She had never liked snakes when she'd been a human boy, but as a small chinchilla, she felt true fear.

"Aww poor thing, well, since my team is struggling on the field, maybe we should give you're a team a reason to lose." The girl grinned wickedly and started to unwrap the snake from her arm, unwinding it coil after coil as the thing flicked out a long dark tongue to touch the air, scenting it.

Vince tried her best to get away, she pulled and yanked against the harness, her ears pinned flat to her head as she tried to get away from the green coiled snake that was lowered onto the bench between himself and the rival player. She couldn't run while she was tied, she couldn't even reach her harness to yank it off, instead she was forced to remain strained at the end of the leash as the serpent flicked the long tongue back out at her gain, fluttering the twin tips. The alien eyes were dark, almost black, staring back at her without any sort of emotion as she felt her heart rapidly beating against her chest, it was fluttering as swiftly as a humming bird wings. She was going to die here, the beast was going to lunge and twisted about around her body, hugging tightly and squeezing the life from her! The former boy whimpered and cast his eyes up at the girl that had brought the mascot over, but she only grinned and stood up with a giggle and ruffled her ears.

"You two have fun now, make sure to make lots of noise." She advised brightly before bouncing back to her side of the field.

_Wait! She can't just let me die! _ Vince pulled back on herself, forgetting her earlier arousal with fear being left behind as the snake shifted with a slithering sound of scale on scales.

The long coils were shifting open, sliding over the wood as the head extended and the tongue flicked out and brushed against one of her forepaws. She jerked her foot backwards and strained harder, the makeshift leash was straining and struggling to hold her in place. The snake's eyes were glittering with something like interest as the spade shaped head drew back and the body bunched itself up into a gathering of loose coils. The muscles were rippling as the tongue began to flutter out over and over again, tasting the air, curling along the tip, the twin tips dancing this way and that. They nearly brushed against her, the light touch making her whimper and her tail twitched behind her as she strained back harder. The harness dug along her shoulders, biting painfully in place as she whimpered out, feeling the pain building along her curved shoulders.

She splayed her hind legs wide when the slimy long tongue flicked up and suddenly lashed right up against the edge of her muzzle. She tried to shake her head free, jerking it to one side, but the tongue only slipped higher and began to run right along the edge of her ears. It was wet feeling, warm even, stroking inside of them as if sampling and tasting, trying to get a mouthful of her. She flattened them, her breathing coming in pants as the muscular body suddenly lunged forward against her. The sudden hit of the head crashed against her chest, knocking her back as the long green body flung itself out, whipping over and around her, the tail slapping against her side as she squealed out loudly. She tried to scream for Emma, but all that came out was her shrill squeak as coils twisted around her body, one after another, squeezing and twining themselves over her chest.

~ ~ * ~ ~

"I know what you did." The girl hissed right in Emma's face as she came onto the field, making her nearly step back before the ball was thrown into play.

The Vipers were good, but she knew that her team was better, the fact that they were playing so poorly at the first half was mostly due to the fact she had let herself become distracted by making sure that her brother didn't get out of the harness. Now she had a new distraction in the form of a dark haired girl that was coming down the field at her as they fought over the ball. At first, she was utterly clueless about what was being said, but then the dark haired girl ran up against her again as they went tearing down along the field at an all our run, kicking the ball back and forth, batting it towards the goal and she realized that she was being shadowed by Julia, one of the other young magic users in the county, the girl was bouncing along with her pony tail going up and down.

"What.. do you mean?" Emma asked and then let out a yelp as the whistle sounded and she was able to slow down when the referee dropped a flag.

"You think I didn't spot that cute little chinchilla hanging out over there?" Julia giggled and wiped some sweat from her brow. "Is it an ex-boyfriend?"

Julia would be one of the few able to actually listen to magic and feel when it had been cast, such as the fact that she had managed to turn her brother into a small white chinchilla. She furrowed her brows a little bit and dismissed the first rush of unease she felt. Even if Julia decided to tell someone the circumstances were enough to warrant doubt on what she had done. As long as they beat the Vipers the girl would probably just be looked at like she was trying to get back for losing instead of having a real complaint. She schooled her face into neutrality as the other girl kept grinning as if she had a great secret hiding under her belt.

"No! Why would you even ask that?" She snapped and glanced over towards the bench before freezing at the sight of a long green snake twisting around her brother. "What the hell? Go get your ma-"

"Uh-uh, you don't want me to blow the whistle on you, do you?" Julia tossed her hair playfully. "Besides, Stephen hasn't had any fun in absolute ages, not since he cheated on me with that slut Nikki, so I figure it's only right he gets to have some fun."

"Stephen?" Emma stammered and stared at the other girl, her eyes widening a little bit. She recalled the other girl's ex-boyfriend, a college age guy who had been a bit of a bad boy.

"Of course, I didn't know we were so alike, almost makes me wish we were on the same team. Ah well, at least you're giving him a fun afternoon." Julia laughed to herself.

"What do you mean?" Emma asked and pushed her hair out of her eyes. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Sure, sure you don't.. Well, I guess you don't mind is Stephen has some fun. I keep meaning to pick him up a friend to fuck, but I guess he's got a hankering for something with a pulse." She winked brightly, making Emma flush slightly at the implication, but then it was too late. The whistle was blowing loudly and the ball suddenly snapped into play, going past them in a white and black blur.

She had known Stephen had left a while back, there had been a bit of a stink about it since there had been a younger girl had taken off with him and everyone had talked about it. She only remembered because her mother had said that Julia was under suspicion for using magic, but nothing had come of it, it had all been dismissed. Her eyes went back to the bench to see the white chinchilla trying to twist and escape the coils, the movements were fevered and rapid as the snake twisted bout tighter around the bound form. She nearly said something, called out to one of her team mate's to see that their mascot was being caught by the opposing side, but the moment she opened her mouth the ball went flying past her and suddenly one of her friends yelled out at her to pay attention. She could have run over and done something to stop things from getting too far out of control, but doing so might have meant costing the game. A game that her entire team had worked so hard to get to, a game that could mean a championship.

Damn him! _ She thought angrily and lunged towards the ball. It was his fault that she had played badly in the first portion of the game, it was his fault her mind wasn't on winning. She wasn't going to let him ruin this for her! _It's not like the snake's going to kill him, it's Stephen, a person. He can fend for himself!

_ _

She lunged after the ball, swiping it form the other team with a wild kick that threw her body in front of the other girl. She had already come this far, it was Vince's fault that she was in this situation, she had brought it on herself. She wasn't about to risk everything for her!

~ ~ * ~ ~

Vince scrabbled and struggled, she twisted wildly and tried to get free of the hold of the snake that squeezed around her. The coils twisted and turned, wrapping around her chest so that her forepaws were trapped tight against her body as the snake's spade shaped head towards her. The tongue flicked out against her, the twin tips danced this way and that, fluttering and scraping right along the curve of her ears as she struggled to get away. She squeaked wildly, the shrill sounds rising up as the scales caressed against her, tugging and pulling against her. They pinched against her fur strangely, the tugs and contractions taking her breath away as the strange black eyes remained fixated on her. She was going to die, the terror and fear chilled her, but there was nothing she could do about it now.

She kept expecting to feel the sudden squeeze that would cut her breath off, suffocating her before the jaws opened to swallow her head, but it didn't happen. She ended up pillowed in the sun heated body, feeling the weight of it hanging down on her body, the strokes rubbed along her stomach as the scales flicked up and suddenly pushed between her hind legs. She felt the thick coil pushing against her, the slap of the narrow tips hit against her oddly, nearly slapping against her muzzle as the tight muscular body squeezed down. Her breath was pushed out as the tightness compressed her chest and made her open her muzzle, twisting and jerking backwards, kicking with her hind legs as hard as she could before the next squeeze contracted down around her. The length of the long tail that had shoved between her hind legs twisted around her stomach and contracted strangely, suddenly rubbing the scales right along her vulnerable cunny.

The sensation was so unexpected she didn't know what to do, she was trapped in place as she felt the rippling force pushing and scraping against her. It wasn't unpleasant, not in the least bit, it teased and stimulated her, rubbing along the puffy outer lips in directions that made her ears heat up and her cheeks flushed. She tried to pull herself away, but he only bore down against her and stroked the scaled tail back and forth, probing at her. It caressed along the soft furless cunny lips, the gentle rubs worked back and forth, tickling and pulling over soft glistening lips. The rough strokes sending shudders running down the line of her back. The broad scales of the stomach pinched and dragged upwards, the slow movement sending a shudder going down her back, her jaws opening up wide as she heard the crowd erupt in cheering, feeling another squeeze of the coils against her and something scraped against her stomach.

She had been terrified that she was going to be eaten, positive this was the end of her, but in one rippling movement her worries changed. Vince felt something pushing out from between the thick scales, something that wasn't dry and hard and smooth, something slimy and wet that smeared right down along the line of her belly. The stroke pushed upwards over her soft plush belly fur as she twisted, she pushed backwards, her toes shoved backwards against the line of the coiled body that pressed against her. She looked down, her eyes bulging slightly as she realized that the snake was rubbing a long pink-red cock up against her that was pushing from the opening and grinding against her. The sudden jab and rub flashed in front of her eyes as the snake tensed down harder against her, squeezing and clutching, pushing air from her lungs.

_God! No! Eating me was a better idea!! _ She thought and sucked in a breath, the snake only clutched harder, making her breath come in short shallow bursts.

The cock pushed against her, grinding and jabbing through her soft plush fur, leaving strands coating on her as the tail dragged backwards and drew something heavy and slimy over her plush folds. It was fleshy and warm feeling, even for a cold blooded creature it felt warm, the pushing rubbing against her in swift jabs. The coils twisted around her, she was rolled and turned over along her belly, the smooth movements making her cry out as her head was tucked right down against the bench, her ass suddenly pushed in the air. She was being squeezed and held tightly, the movements timed as the cock dragged right between her legs. There were thick ridges and bumps running along the girth, precum that bubbled up and slathered against her as she kicked her hind legs out wildly this way and that. Her toes curled as she tried to jerk forward, eyes bulging when the bulbous cock tip began to pull backwards along her.

Something hot and slimy drooled from the tip, she was being smeared all over with precum, coating her messily, splatters of it were drooling between her thighs as she shuddered, trying to drag her way forward. Her eyes bulged wildly as she felt the swollen tip jabbing against her, the twisting coils tensed and squeezed, holding her painfully in place as it began to nudge and wedge against her. The slimy precum drooled between her legs, pushing between her folds, coating her as the tip began to stuff forward and wedge her open. She shrilled out, her high pitched shriek was lost in the roar of the crowds approval of the game as the cock began to stretch her open wider and wider, straining her inner walls open wider. She was swallowing along the line of the cock, feeling it force inwards, the aching pain began to ripple through her as her walls spread wider and wider.

There was another jet of precum spilled into her, warm feeling and sticky as she shuddered and tried her best to get away, arching her hips higher upwards before the coils tightened around her. The length of the heavy cock was dragging through her as the long body twisted and pulled against her. She was being stroked and teased over, the powerful muscles kneaded around her before another inch was stuffed into her cunny. It hurt, her body was shuddering, even her own wetness was being pushed out over the edges and forcibly shoved out of her by the sheer thickness of the bestial member rubbing through her. Her inner muscles began to caress and stroke along the thick spire, suckling and pulling as she felt the wet smears coating her body. The snake's tongue lashed out against her, fluttering and licking right along the underside of her jaw, causing her to suck in a breath and cry out again.

Vince was horrified to realize that the wetness wasn't entirely made of the precum being smeared through her body, it was also comprised of her earlier arousal. She felt it being smeared over the cock while the shaft sank in deeper and deeper, the slow pull backwards tugged along the inside of her passage and caressed over the nerve riddled passage. She cried out again, squealing, hoping someone would be able to see that she was in trouble, someone had to notice the large green snake wrapped around her! No one came, there was just the roar of the crowd and cheering as the cock drove forward again and was driven by the powerful lunge of the coils wrapping over her. The next forceful thrust impaled her further, her pussy being strained and forced to hug tightly around the girth that was growing larger by the moment. She felt the length of it stroking her, it was actually moving, prehensile as it rubbed upwards and lowered down again with ripples.

Another hot stream of precum spilled deeper, shooting deeper inside of her body as she squeezed her eyes entirely shut and swallowed a whimper. The next stroke backwards yanked the cock from her, nearly pulling it free as the prick tugged it's way backwards with a messy wet sound before the push forward again. There was a wet squelching noise, feeling the way the length of it spreading her wider, the plush soft folds were being pried open as wide as they could go, her stomach was swelling. This wasn't made for her, her body was never designed for the animal that was stuffing its way home, forcing herself to mold and mesh around the length. Every twitch and contraction worked to suckle along him, pulling him in deeper as the tip scrubbed deep within her body, making her respond. It wasn't simply painful, it stimulated her.

Why won't Emma stop him!? She thought wildly and bared her large teeth before the drag backwards pulled from her body again. The slow withdraw pulled nearly all the way out before the coils suddenly snapped down and squeezed, her breath was pushed from her lungs by the tightening coils.

He worked the cock in and out, sawing through her puffy folds, pushing along her so that she had no hope of escape, feeling herself growing slicker by the moment. The spill ran in and mingled with her juices in a thick gooey rush. The snake was lapping at her, the long tongue twisted out and pushed, rubbing along the underside of her chin, on her ears. It was pulling all over her, messy and wet feeling, but nothing compared to the cock that was pumping in and out of her body, the shortening strokes. They were full body thrusts that used the coils to keep her in place and hauled himself forward. She was gasping, swallowing every breath raggedly, trying to keep herself from losing control. Her chest was tightening painfully as she felt the movements growing more rapid, the hard jabs soon sending the thick bulbous tip rubbing right up along the line of her cervical passage. The push making her kick harder, gasping out as he rolled his cock tip against her.

The thickest portion of the base was being pushed in and tugged out, drawing her folds tight, tugging at them demandingly before pushing them forward with another jerk forward. Her entire body was seizing up in the moment, the tongue flicked out and pushed right along the line of her neck and then up towards her ears. She felt it dancing against her, working and rubbing under her chin, tugging in places that made her breath come out in a gasping rush. She was shuddering, body seizing up. Her walls began to suckle and pull along the length of the cock, tightening so that he was struggling to pull backwards again, her muscles holding it. Her stomach rippled and tensed as she splayed her legs open wider, the tail jerking her up higher in the air as the coils tightened too far. She couldn't get in a full breath, she was struggling and gasping, her whiskers were pulled back down against her cheeks. Vince could feel herself growing wetter, it was constantly mixing with the messy spill of precum that was constantly oozing out into her body. It felt so wet, so messy, her cheeks were burning a deep hot red, humiliated and horrified.

The shaft began to thicken inside of her, growing and swelling by the moment, stretching and straining her inner body wide as the cock tip hit right up against her cervical opening again. The length of the coils twisted up and suddenly pushed right up along her muzzle and neck, threatening to cut off all of her air. Her eyes bulged wildly as the cock began to throb and swell wider, straining her walls open, making her feel the way that her inner lining was being pried wide. The snake shivered and twitched, the little shudders that quivered against her while the coils twisted and rubbed over her soft body, the snake's breathing coming out in a rough angry sounding hiss before the cock began to throb and twitch within her grasp.

Vince couldn't get away, her tail was pinched down flat to her back before there was a hot thick stream of something sprayed right up against the narrow opening of her cervix. Rope after rope of vile snake seed was pumped into her violated body as she shrilled out, shuddering and arching herself in the coiled hold as another bubbling rush erupted from the tip of the cock and poured deeper and deeper. It felt warm and heavy inside of her. It was spraying so deep that she could feel it pooling right up against the opening of her cervix. Her body pulsed rhythmically around him, the powerful muscles working to draw in the hot spill of precum deep inside of her. She felt it smearing over her passage, coating her cervix in a hot goopy rush as there was cheering erupting all around them. The loud rise in voices, the excitement in the air only humiliated her further. It was almost as if they were cheering on the snake raping her, applauding the assault to her body as the snake continued to clutch her close.

"HEY! Now that's not nice!" Emma's voice as the only warning Vince had that she was about to be saved before her hands reached down and suddenly wrapped round her bound body and yanked.

The snake twisted and hissed angrily as her sister pulled her free, the cock pulling from her body with a wet lewd noise as it popped out and snake cum splattered right between her plush soft inner thighs. She tried her best to scrabble out of the hands, to run, but Emma held her tight as the snake twisted and wriggled on the bench, flashing the flaccid bestial shaft up at Vince as she was saved. It was monstrous looking, and her inner body contracted in the memory of it stabbing into her body. Not that she needed to look at it to feel the memory, not when her body was drooling thick rivulets of snake cum from her body and running along her inner thighs. She felt filthy, the feel of the scales were still there on her body, her white fur ruffled and stained pink all over where the markings had been rubbed both by the feet and by the scaled form that had wrapped around her. She wanted to bury herself in a hole as was dimly aware that there were others charging up to Emma.

"You really shouldn't have gotten into trouble." Emma rebuked her and gripped her by the scruff. "You nearly cost me the game!"

_The game?! WHO CARES ABOUT THE BLOODY GAME!! _ She thought furiously as she was hung from the hands, twisting and squirming about.

The rest of the team rushed around them both, laughing and hugging each other so that Vince was flung about and suddenly found herself being grabbed up by many hands. She tried to use the chance to escape as they began to chant their team name over and over. Everywhere she went there were hands grabbing at her bound body. They tugged her ears and tail, ruffled her and rubbed fingers into her thick soft fur. She tried to evade them, duck her head down this way and that, but still they tried to hold her and pin her in place as she let out a few shrill noises of protest.

"WE WON!! WE WON!!!" Their voices were so loud that Vince tried to cover her ears with her paws, but she was being flung about so often that she didn't get the chance. Her body felt like one large bruise, aching and uncomfortable.

"She really is good luck! Good going, Snowdrop!" One girl grabbed Vince up and planted a wet kiss right on her nose, making her jerk backwards.

They had won. She had been too wrapped up in the horror of what was happening to her to pay attention, but it was obvious they had made the qualifying match. Emma held her tightly, the hands kneading along her back at time as her sister grinned excitedly and chattered with her team mates. Vince could have escaped in the madness if only Emma had let her guard down, instead she was forced to remain there, bounced and jostled, thrown about and flung this way and that like some sort of rag toy. Her entire body tense as Emma grinned down at her, the light in her sister's eyes almost mocking as she winked to one of her team mates.

"Don't worry, she's going to be here for every game all the way until we win the championships!" Emma promised and gave a firm squeeze, the fingers curling right along Vince's stomach. "Isn't that right, girl? You're not going to miss a single game."

Vince gaped up at her sibling and then shuddered, her ears going hot red as the squeeze on her stomach forced out a thick spill of cum from her overly full belly. As it spilled from her aching cunny lips one of the girl's made a sound of disgust and jerked her hand away.

"I guess she wet herself with excitement." Was the only comment made about the puddle of snake cum that had been squeezed from her.

_Not excitement.. fear. _ Vince thought miserably and hunched her shoulders. The girls only celebrated, leaving her trapped and wondering just how long their luck would last.

Cost Of Laziness

"JACOB! GET DOWN HERE!" The loud voice made Jake jerk in place, nearly falling off the edge of the stacked hay bales. He jumped up with a bit of a yelp and looked around blearily and did his best to figure out where the screaming voice had come...

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Wish Gone Wrong

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A Dragoness' Greed: Chapter 2

Ritcha had prepared herself for a den of pure pleasure, a den of indulgence and sexuality, a place where she would be forced to brace herself just to enter Weranth's lair, but it was not so. The room that she walked into was military in nature and...

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