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So this is a story I wrote after watching the Jurassic World movie, and as soon as I saw the Indominus Rex, I was instantly drawn to her. So much so I wanted to imagine having adventures with her and such. So I wrote this. I had fun writing it. Needless to say this contains spoilers from the movie. And for those who have seen the move it contains footage not seen in said movie.

A fan fiction I wrote inspired by the new Jurassic world movie. I'll be uploading this in parts since I would assume most don't have time to come here and read

Roark and the Indominus Rex.


A world where dinosaurs are brought back to life. One island is home to several thousand species of dinosaur, from theropods. Quadrupeds, Fliers. everything. All from a mosquito frozen in time in amber.

After years of havoc wreaking dinosaurs. They seem to finally get things under control, or so they believe, they open Jurassic world. Business is going well, but the people are no longer impressed at the fact that there are now living breathing dinosaurs walking a single island. So those who work on the island, decide they would attempt genome splicing. As they seemed to have gotten it right. They begin to create what they believe the people want, something powerful. Something great. Something with teeth.

They succeed in creating their great beast, a hybrid made up of several different animals both dinosaur and modern. They had created. Indominus Rex.

Part 1 Indominus Rex awakens.

Roark was also a creation of the human's. He was molded after the wyverm. A dragon which had wings on it's arms rather than on their back. Roark's egg was lain by a great Tyrannosaurus named Kharma, he did not quite resemble his mother nor his father. Instead he had a crocodile shaped snout, and he had wings like that of a bat. They were unsure of why he was as he was. Though they accepted him as he was. His mother and father raised him as their own. He came from the egg lain by his mother. That was good enough for them, along with his father. They raised him a few short weeks teaching to communicate with them over a period of a few months. One day the humans who created him track him down. His mother and father valiantly fought them off though they subdued his parents and netted Roark. They succeeded and captured him along with his mother. It was quite traumatic for the three of them. He was raised in captivity in a Colosseum type structure. He eventually learned to use his wings and learned to fly, he would interact with his captive humans often, he studied them until he was able to master their language. Astonished by his prowess he is given the right to roam the island as he grew up. A few years later he returned to his captive place, he was somewhat as big as a Deinonychus. He noticed a young female that had resembled a tyrannosaur he landed to greet the mysterious creature. Its mouth covered with blood as it ate a fresh kill, he looked over to see a carcass that looked similar to her. She looked him over as intently as he did her. Walking toward one another like to outlaws.

He attempted to communicate with it, speaking in tyrannosaur as he guessed she was. Though before he said anything she began to speak many other different animal languages to him, his eyes widened.

"What are you?" He said in Tyrannosaur.

"I could ask you the same thing, if I cared enough to know." She said with a good deal of sass. With a slight smile as blood dripped from her mouth. He seemed to like her sassy attitude. She began to circle around him to look for an opportunity to strike. He kept his eyes on her the entire time.

"Did you just cannibalize your own brother?" Roark had to ask.

She walked up to him and sized him up, she was slightly taller than him. "I did." She replied. "Do you have a problem with that?" She added.

"Depends on what the reason was." Roark said back.

"He would have done the same thing to me. That good enough reason?" She said as she continue to eye him.

Roark could not help but smile a bit being so close to his new interest. Though the smile carried nerviousness. She towered over him, he reared up to try to match her size.

Roark noticed she was quite muscular for someone so young. She walked up on him, trying to force him back with her weight alone. They were now chest to chest, his heart pounding not in fear but in admiration. Female theropods were well known to over power most males. Roark pushed back barely making her move at all. She chuckled. "Adorable." She said mockingly, as she bulldozed him back into a tree. Pinning him against it. He lowered his head and sniffed her, her sent was mysterious to him in ever way.

"You smell of every creature that lives on this rock." Roark said. "And blood." He added.

"And? So what? If you think this idle chatter will make me find some sort of interest in you. You're sadly mistaken. You'll have my interest if you can best me in combat." She snarled back, as she put one of her claws around his neck.

"As you wish my dear." He replied as she squeezed a bit. "My you are strong for being so young." He added.

"Flattery won't save you either." She said as she picked him up with a single arm and tossed him in the air, Roark used his wings to hover. As she ran at him. As she was about to snare him with her jaws. He flapped his wings and somersaulted over her. She ran passed him as he landed.

"I don't really know who, or what I am." She said back, I intend to find out. I smell those creatures as well, and they resonate in me, when I get out of this thing. I will track them down and make them tell me what they know." She replied, as they were now back to back.

Roark looked on watching as she pondered to her self, looking around the perimeter. They heard footsteps coming from the balcony. As Roark faced away from her, she spun her self around, Roark attempted to fly off but she caught him by the leg and slammed him down. She bit down on his leg, a bit of blood trickled down his leg as she sank her teeth into him. He did his best not to yelp at the pain, as his blood went down the side of her mouth. She let him go leaving one of her teeth embedded in his leg, as she looked back at the human.

It was Director Clair, Roark's interest looked back at Clair, Roark took the opportunity to escape. Roark had decided to fly up and perch himself on a near by branch.

"You should count yourself lucky. I do not get so easily distracted most of the time." She said with a smirk. She said watching as he licked his wounds. She laughed a bit at him. "Oh poor thing. Did that little bite of mine hurt?" She said to him.

"N-No," He said looking away trying to hide it. "I just wanted to get a bit of space between you and I for the moment. It does not hurt in the slightest." He said as he continued licking.

"For some reason I don't believe you." She said as she watched Roark's leg continue to bleed. She huffed and looked back at Clair.

"One day I will devour that creature. " She said allowed. She looked back at Roark.

"Are you aware one of my teeth is stuck in your leg"

He nodded at her."I see it as a nice battle scar, and something to remember you by as well. So I intend to leave it in. Though I do hope this will not be the last time we meet."

"Next time I won't go so easy on you." She said threateningly.

He couldn't help but admire her tenacity.

"You call that easy? I'd hate to see what you're like when you are serious. " He said chuckling a bit.

"I must admit the fact you did not make much noise when I bit you is impressive.

"If you are not going to tell me what you are, do you at least have a name?" Roark replied.

"What would be the point of knowing the name of the one who will end you?" She retorted.

"I suppose you are right. Well, since you defeated me, I believe I am inclined to give you my name. You may call me Roark. I am called a wyvern. I may just hang around and observe you." Roark said as he flapped his wings and started to fly off.

"Hey! Roark!" She said getting his attention.

He looked back.

"I do not have a name, nor do I know what I am. But if it will put you at ease I will attempt to find out and tell you before I end you." She said. He nodded and flew off, he flew out of the dome.

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Part II The great escape.

4 years later. Roark had grown he was almost as large as a T-rex. He had enjoyed his times flying around the island checking in to see his interest every now and then. He had been flying to see his interest to see humans working on her structure, they watched as he flew toward them. He decided he would hang around just to watch her. He noticed Clair landing in a chopper with a man piloting it. They got out and walked towards the dome Roark landed behind them. The man was a bit startled by Roark's size.

"You reek of spices good sir, do you eat the curry that grows here I presume?" Roark said.

"You can talk?" He replied.

"Yes I can, though my English as you call it is not quite perfected. I am called Roark."

"Oh yes I remember you now. I didn't expect you to be able to talk with us. I am Dr. Hannon I own this island." Hannon replied.

"If you own this rock, perhaps you or miss Clair could tell me who or what is that strange dinosaur in there?" Roark asked.

So you met her did you?" Clair said.

"Indeed, she is quite a good fighter. She had me pinned down before you distracted her enough for me to escape her clutches. Must say it is oddly arousing to have a female like her dominate me like that." He said.

"I will tell you what she is at the same time that I tell Mr. Hannon. " She said back. Roark nodded and walked with them inside the building. Clair told them how visitors viewed the dinos as not exciting so she and a team of scientists created her from various animals from around the world. "They wanted something stronger, more powerful. With teeth. Something scary." She said as she walked up to the glass. "We created. Indominus Rex." She said proudly.

"Are you implying I'm not scary?" Roark said somewhat pretending to be offended.

"Please your as frightening as a bird." She said smugly.

"Well if you wanted something scary, you should look in a mirror. Bah Zing" He said as he raised his claw to Hannon. Who looked back not sure what Roark was doing. "I assumed you would be the type who slapped limbs when telling a joke."

Roark replied.

"Oh I see." Chuckling a bit as he hesitantly raised his hand to slap Roark's open palm. Roark pulled back.

"Ah forget it, nothing ruins a joke qiute like when you have to explain it." He said back sticking his tongue out, and started to walk away. He felt an icy glare coming from the woods, he turned around to see his interest staring at him with an almost angry look. She had also grown quite large, taller than that of a T-rex. He perched on a branch somewhat near her but not quite with in her reach.

"What's got your tail in a knot?" He asked, trying to break her icy stare.

"I saw you talking with your masters." She retorted. They both watched as a piece of carrion was dragged in with a crane and dropped. She left it be, "I despise that wretched thing, those things up there think they can appease me by giving me these morsels. I do not want to be fed. I want to hunt for my food. " She said looking at it.

"Well I could bring you something live to hunt if you want." Roark replied.

"There would be no sport in it. Once it reaches those walls it'd have to back track. Making it too easy for me to catch it." She replied.

"Very well then." Roark said, as he flew over to it, landing in front of it.

"What do you think you are doing? She said a bit agitated.

"Well if you don't want it, no sense letting it go to waste." Roark replied.

"Now you wait just a minute. She said walking up on him making him back away. She stomped her foot on the carcass. "I destroyed you last time we met, I dominated you. And I am still dominate over you! So I will tell you, when and what you can eat in my territory!" She said as she lowered her head down on the carrion and took a big chunk out of it, looking down at Roark as she did. He smiled a bit at though, his stomach was a bit rumbly. She sighed and picked up the carcass, she tore a piece of it off and threw it at him. "There happy?" She said roaring at him.

"Very, thank you." Surprised that she'd actually shared her food with him.

To the humans observing it was just nonsensical roaring. They watched as they ate together Roark sitting in near arms reach of his interest.

"Don't knock up my Indominus Rex, Roark." Clair said. "I didn't have this place built to have our scariest attraction lay eggs in the presence of the audience.

He choked on the carcass, he pounded on his chest a bit and forced it out.

She watched as he choked. "What did they say?" Indominus asked.

"Nothing, nothing at all." He said his face glowing bright red being as white as she was.

She raised an eye at him. "Right. So did they tell you anything about me?" She inquired further. "I didn't give you some of my food for nothing. Tell me what they told you.

Clair and Hannon got to da choppah. And left the structure and Roark behind.

Roark regained his composer and looked back at her. "Well they've named you Indominus Rex." Roark replied.

"I see, a fitting name they mean to call me the dominant queen. I believe it suits me well. What else did you find out? Did you discover why I smell like every creature on this rock? As you put it." She retorted.

"Well you." Before he could start to speak. Roark noticed three humans inside the structure." Indominus's attention was also drawn to them.

"Well now isn't this interesting. I hide my body temperature, leave a few marks on the wall and they think I've escaped." She said a loud.

"Clever girl. This should be good." Roark said as he watched her quietly stalk them. She waited until they realized what she was doing. She watched as they turned to try to run away and ambushed them. Chasing them toward the door, watching as they ran for it to get away and attempting to leave her inside. She grabs and devours one of the men. She crashes through the door. Roark perched on top of the structure and saw the two surviving men run for two vehicles. One hid underneath, while the other hid in front of the hood. She easily spots the fat human and throws the car at Roark. He grabbed it with one arm and threw it behind him to the other side of the closure, it exploded. She looked back and smiled.

"So you have gotten stronger I see. "She said.

"I could say the same to you, Indom." Roark retorted. She huffed and began looking for the other human.

"That's your pet name for me is it? Whatever, did you see where the other one went?" She asked.

"What fun would you have with the man if told you." Roark replied

"So you have no intention of helping me?" She growled back.

"Are you feeling alright dear? You're asking for help?" He replied with a smirk. "Give the man a bit of credit, he is much more ingenious than the fat one you stuffed your face with." Roark replied.

She snorted at him. "Whatever I shall find him my self." She said as she combed over the ground itching close to him, lowering her self to the ground exposing her rump to Roark's view, he could not help but peak. Roark got the smell of gas. He realized the man covered himself in gasoline to mask his human scent.

"Brilliant man." He said quietly.

She looked back at Roark. "Whatever, I am free of this prison. Time to see what there is to offer here on this island, as you called it. Maybe there will be some real food out here." She said as she walked forward losing interest in the man she was after. "Follow me if you wish, I don't care just don't get in my way." She said warning him. She walked off pretty quickly.

Part III

Round 2.

Roark watched as the man crawled out from under the car and sigh. Roark landed quietly behind him. "Very impressive." He said scaring the day lights out of the man.

"A talking dinosaur, now I've seen everything. Damn it Clair what monstrosity are you going to make next. He said as he started to back peddle and run away.

"I wouldn't go that way, unless you want Indom to catch you. You'd be safest here." Roark said laughing a bit. "Not many humans I see are as intuitive with there surroundings as you seem to be. What is your name human?" Roark inquired further.

"Owen, I learned that being a navy seal." The man replied. "And who, and what are you? Are you related to the Indominus Rex? " He added.

"I see a navy seal, I've read about that, amongst the most elitest of humans, that explains it. As for me I am called Roark, no I'm not related to Indominus. I was hatched and raised by two tyrannosaurs. Though I have come to learn by reading your books, that I am a wyvern." Roark replied. "Pleasure to meet you Mr. Owen." He said extending his claw.

"Wait a minute. How are you able to speak and read our language? How do you know what I am? How did Clair and her team mates manage to create a dinosaur capable of being sentient?" He said scratching his head.

"Inquisitive as well, I do like it when creatures ask questions. When I was taken from my mother and father, I was raised in the same structure as I guess you could call my acquaintance, however thanks to these wings of mine, I was able to do more. I perched on a near by tree when I learned to fly and watched you humans talk from an early age and picked up on the language over time, I was then allowed to leave to make room for Indom, in which I found an old library at an old ruins called Jurassic Park, and taught myself how to read. I believe that answers the first two questions, as well as how I know it is customary to shake limbs with your kind. The other questions are a bit harder to answer. I don't really know how I was brought into this world and how I was able to be sentient. I believe I have always been." Roark replied as he continued to keep his claw out stretched.

"We shake hands with people we trust. Key word there, People. " Owen retorted. "Your girl friend just ate two of my own. You obviously saw everything that happened and chose to do nothing. You are the last thing on this island I would ever want to shake hands with." He said as he turned away from Roark leaving him hanging.

"I wouldn't go far as calling her a friend just yet. In case you didn't see it, she threw one of your vehicles at me. She and I have always had a sort of rivalry, first day we met she completely dominated me. Which I must admit I found, as you humans say. Arousing."

"Right so Clair's team created a kinky dinosaur." Owen retorted as he kept walking. "If we ever cross paths again. I'll kill you. I'm only letting you go now, because you didn't tell your bitch where I was." Owen added.

"Thanks I suppose. But I am still bigger than you. I could kill you in the most vile of ways. So forgive me if I don't think of you as a threat to me. I didn't tell her where you were, because she looked like she was having fun playing with you, and I'd really hate to spoil her fun, I would also thank you to not call her names. Though if hunting me and her down is the path you want to choose, so be it. Next time you run into her I will be sure to point her in your direction. Though if you run into me again, I might just decide to have fun with you myself. Oh I can hardly wait to see how this turns out." Roark replied laughing a bit as he took off, as Owen walked off. Roark took off to see if he could spot Indominus Rex. He smelled blood, and knew it was her doing and followed the trail. He perched on a tree and looked around. He spotted a chunk of flesh on the ground that had a flashing light embedded in it.

"My what might this be." He said as he sniffed it and watched it blink and make noises. He could smell her scent on it.

Suddenly he felt the icy stare glaring at him. He could not quite pick up where it was coming from. Suddenly something rushed him from behind. He turned and dodged as Indominus Rex was about to ensnare him in her jaws. He spun to avoid it, she swung a claw at him, he blocked it.

"He was under the other vehicle if you were curious." Roark said as she continued to slash at him, as he continued to block. She then grabbed his arm as he blocked, she then back handed him against a tree. She rushed at him. He flew up diagonally and perched on her back. He noticed the big hole in her back matching the chunk of flesh he found. It was bleeding quite a bit. She paused and looked back at him.

"They put that thing in my back when I was born. " She said implying the glowing blinking thing.

"What do you suppose it is?" She asked as she spun around to try to grab him. As they seemed to be sizing each other up before begining to fight.

He ducked under her, and landed behind her, now back to back once again.

"If I had to guess. It is a tracking device. In other words. The humans would use it to find you." Roark said as they both turned around.

"This gives me an idea. They will come looking for me. And when they do. I will kill them all. And perhaps that human that escaped will be with them." She replied.

"For now though." She said as she swung her claw at him. "Let's fight!" She Roared.

Roark blocking and holding on to it. While she grabbed his as he was swinging at her for a counter strike. They locked claws with one another. They'd grappled one another. A test of strength began. Both trying to push one another back. Indominus Rex still somewhat taller than Roark. He showed off his strength to her by lifting her off her feet and slamming her on her back. Still grappled to one another. He laid over top of her trying to keep her pinned down. She rolled over to her side and stepped over Roark and got back to her feet, Roark now beneath her she then displayed her own strength and lifted his entire body and put him back on his feet.

She replied as she reared up and began to push him back. Neither one loosening their grip for a second until she pushed him hard against a tree, he slipped to the side of the tree Roark used the momentum to make her fall to the ground. They fell to the ground together, Roark could feel her body beneath his. She reared up pushing him off her. Both now eying each other down.

"Last time you could bearly push me around. Now you are lifting me up off the ground. You've done a lot in the past 4 years." Indominus Rex said smiling a bit.

Roark bowed his head a bit thanking her for the complement.

"And you're still as strong as ever. However. I have picked up a few new tricks." He said as he blew smoke from his nostrals. Flames began to creep out of his mouth as he opened it slowly growling softly. He reared his head back locking his eyes on the Insominus Rex preparing to unlesh his flames upon her, undetored she ran right to him and grabbed his muzzle just before he opened his mouth, she ducked under as the flames backed up in his mouth and shot out of his nose. She put her other claw around his neck and choke slammed him down to the ground on his back. He was choking a bit on the smoke and coughed.

"That is a very interesting trick. Fire breathing." She said.

Roark got up and let all the smoke out of his mouth. "How did you know to grab my mouth to make the flames backdraft?" Roark had to ask.

"You gave me enough time to figure it out. Now then shall we continue?" She said with a smile. "I want to see what else you've learned."

He nodded, not quite sure what else to throw at her. He looked her over looking for weak spots, the one he knew was on her back. But he knew she would not make getting to it easy for him. She was still close enough for her to close the distance to grab his mouth if he tried his fire again.

"Come on Roark! Bring it to me." She roared at him. He roared back at her and charged in at her. She readied herself, as he slammed into her, she braced herself and picked up his whole body and threw him into the air. He used that momentum to fly over her and land on her back. He readied his fire attack once more.

Her eyes widened, as she awaited him to burn her alive. Instead he stopped and got off her and backed off and perched on a near by tree.

"Why did you let me go?" She snarled back.

"We have company." Roark replied.

She growled as she heard foot steps in the distance and crept behind some branches. Her skin changing color to match them.

"You are amazing." Roark said to her.

"Flattery will not save you. You're next when I'm done with these lot. She said as she set a sort of trap for them to allow them to find her clump of flash with the transmitter in it. They got silent, Roark observing from the branch he was perched on. She was still as a log. The eerie silence filling the woods. Roark watched humans armed with non lethal weapons. Which made him almost want to laugh. He watched as they took her bait. Giving them a few seconds of life before making her presence known.

"It can Camouflage!" The leader yelled as he ran away from her though she was already close enough to him, she grabbed him and crushed him with her jaws. Everyone try as they might could not bring her down, they used cattle prods on her which only alerted their position to her. They got a net around her muzzle, which she pulled off with ease. And destroyed every last one of them.

She looked back at Roark and beckoned him over with her talons. He could not help but resist her call. She rested on her side and allowed Roark to sit beside her.

"What is it?" Roark had to ask with his gaurd up.

"You can relax, we shall continue our fight another time. I need to know what they told you back there. Not just my name, but. What I am." Indominus Rex replied.

"Well it was some what brief, from what they said. They referred to you as a Hybrid. Which if I remember is something made up of several different creatures." Roark said back.

"What does that mean?" She inquired further.

"It means you are a little bit of everything. There's no clear way to really explain it." Roark replied.

"I suppose you are right. What about you then. You said you were called a wyvern. What does that mean?" She said back.

"Well as I told you, I'm come to learn that I am called a Wyvern. My story might not be the same as yours. When I was a hatchling. I lived with my mother Kharma, and my father Turok. One day the humans came and took me and my mother away from my father. We were in seperete vehicals so half way to that park up ahead, they took different roads. I was taken to the place you grew up in. I assume she went to that park to be some sort of attraction to the humans.

These wings of mine were all that saved me from having to live there and only there. My mind was sharp. I learned how to use these wings and perched on the branch everytime those humans came to see me, and I watched them talk. Its how I learned to talk to them, when they found out they taught me how to speak it better, after that they told me I would be allowed to leave in order to make room for you, and your brother. First thing I did was try to go find my father, they told me my mother had forgotten me, and that I'd be better not to see her. So I didn't, I'm still looking for my father though. I still never understood why I was taken to that structure." He said.

I found what used to be something called Jurassic Park. It had a library, I taught myself how to read, one particular book had a picture of me on it. Well not me, but a depiction of my species, one of which breathed fire. As I read it, things started to come to me." Roark said.

"What sort of things?" She replied.

"Well as I read that book, I looked myself over and realized this was what I am. Though my mother and father are both Tyrannosaurs, I was born this way, I have their blood coursing through me though. Of that I am sure. But its like these humans saw this creature in this book. And created me in its image for some odd reason. I suppose they wanted me as some part of attraction like my mother. But when I showed sentience and began to talk they seemed to lose interest.

"I suppose they wanted you to scare the other humans who came saw you, as they wanted me and your mother too. So what about being able to breathe fire? Can any thing else on this island do that? Do the humans know you can?" Indominus replied.

"I don't know if any other dinosaur can breathe fire. They didn't know I could breathe fire though. I didn't even know I could. I felt a pressure build in my lungs one night, when I coughed smoke came from my mouth. I was confused, and a bit frightened. So I tried to exspell it and that night I breathed fire for the first time. I don't know if that makes sense or not though. You're the only living creature here that knows I can do this."

You're right. What you just said is complete nonsense. Though I suppose I am glad to know I'm not the only one trying to figure myself out." Indominus said unsure.

"It is nonsense, I don't understand it myself. Maybe one day I will, and I am sure that you will figure yourself out too. Your resolve seems more obtainable than mine any way." Roark replied. He couldn't help but see the wound on her back. "Does it hurt?" Roark had to ask.

She looked back at it.

"It is bothersome but its not too bad. A flesh wound for freedom is a fair trade." She looked forward. "Instincts tell me I should be licking it, but I can't quite reach it."

"I'll lick it for you if you like." Roark replied.

She huffed. "Do as you please. Just don't burn me." She said as she looked away. Roark lowered his head to the wound and began licking it, cleaning it from any dirt or debris that'd gotten into it. She looked back at him and noticed her tooth still embedded in his leg from when they first met. She looked forward and rested her head on the ground. He was done licking her wound. She turned around and looked at Roark, she then placed her head beneath his chin, and rubbed against him.

"What are you?" Before Roark could finish she put her claws over his muzzle.

"You talk too much." She said as she continued to nuzzle him and hum. He had never seen her so affectionate. The full moon seemed to bring something out of her. He could not resist her caress , he returned the nuzzle, and mounted her. She allowed it and lifted her tail. He pressed his own beneath it, his head now red with passion, he gently bit on the back of her neck and positioned himself, and began to mate with his queen. Soft roars were heard between them. From her pleasurable moans from her biting on one of Roark's ear fins. Feeling one another's breath on each other. There bodies synchronizing on such a beautiful night. One final thrust as they both continued to grunt in pleasure. As they reached climax together. Her cloaca gripping Roark's not allowing it to leave to spill not a single drop of Roarks essence. She whipped his head around and bit down hard on his neck. Not hard enough to break it, but to let him know she was still the dominant queen. He would not want it any other way. As they laid together in their ecstasy. Roark slowly pulling out of her, her cloaca wanting to hold on to it tightly as it slipped out. They rested there as she left her tail a bit in the air to allow a breeze to stimulate her more. Enjoying every moment of the orgasm they shared. They laid there in silence for the moment. This was the most relaxed Roark had seen her. Roark laid beside her still laying somewhat on top of her. There tails still entwined. She licked the blood from Roarks neck from her bites. She laid her head down next to his and fell asleep. He gave her a lick on the side of her head and also went to sleep.

Part IV

Indominus Rampage.

The sun raised slowly creeping into the woods. Indominus Rex woke to see Roark still next to her. She moved from beneath him with out disturbing him and looked out, seeing what was around her. The Forrest they were in was elevated enough to see to the meadow. She spotted more humans crawling into spheres. Along with other dinosaurs. She looked down at Roark.

"You are the only one I've ever known that showed me such passion both in battle and the love you showed me last night. For this I will not kill you this time. Farewell Roark. I am going to reclaim this island as my own. And be the queen I was meant to be." She said allowed as she walked off.

Roark awoke a little while after she did, he looked around and found her gone. He picked her sent up going away from him. He hadn't heard what she said but figured he would give her the space she wanted, let her enjoy her freedom. He flew up into the sky he noticed an aura in the air. Something beckoned him toward a cave. He landed and stood at the entrance. He picked up the sent of a Tyrannosaurus inside.

"Hello?" Roark said in that language.

"Roark? Is that you?" Said a weak voice.

A male T-rex the size of Roark limped to the entrance and greeted him.

"Oh I am so glad I could see you this last time." He said softly as he nuzzled the side of Roark's face greeting him. He laid down in front of him at the front of the cave. "My you have grown quite a bit before those creatures separated us." He added.

"Father I'm glad to see you as well. But what do you mean for the last time?" He said as he laid with him. He noticed a big hole running through his leg, and a few other gashes on him. The hole in his leg looked infected. He also looked thin. "What happened to you?" Roark said with worry." He said looking it over.

"A hunt for a tri horn gone wrong for me. Nothing more, it is the risk we carnivores take every time we hunt." He replied.

"But don't worry about me, tell me what you have been doing these past few years. Do I smell a female on you?" He said smiling a bit. Roark's head turned a bit red. "Oh I do! You found your self a mate didn't you."

Roark nodded a bit scratching his head. Roark's head was now bright red again.

"Father!" He said a bit embarrassed. "I um, well." He said nervous.

He chuckled. "Don't be so modest about it. I remember when I took your mom for the first time she was a wild one.

"Dad!" Roark said again. "I don't need to know how I got here father." He said chuckling.

Thil laughing with him. "Who ever it is that won your heard must mean a lot to you. Especially if you took it that far." He said pausing to push on Roark with his head.

"Father!" He said covering his face with a wing. He used his head to push it away to make Roark face him. He smiled back.

"She is pretty special to me, she is called Indominus Rex. I call her Indom. She is pretty vicious, but I like that about her."

"I'm glad you found someone to give your heart to. Ho, my boy Roark I'm so proud of you." He said as he reared up and put him under his chin. Roark relished in the moment. He had longed to see his father again. If it was the last time he saw him, Roark was glad to know Thil still knew him, and still loved him. He looked him over and noticed a tooth in his leg. "So is that from your interest?" He said nosing it. Roark nodded.

"The tooth is covered in the blood of her own kin. She killed her own sibling, she is not just viscous. She is cruel. The path she will go down. She will lead you to follow her into her own demise. Be careful my son." His father replied.

"I know she is cruel, she could very easily kill me. She had the chance to do so this morning while I was asleep beside her." Roark said back.

"Just be careful my son." He replied.

"I will father. How long have you got you wrecken?" Roark said back.

"I don't see myself living past this day." Thil said as he reared his head up. "I smell so much blood in the meadows. Your mate is killing anything she sees. So much good meat going to waste. Bring one of them to me if you would, I'd rather not die hungry." Thil said finishing.

"Yes father." He said as he let him up. Roark licked his head and took off. He soared over the meadow, a trail of blood from her carnage was unbelievable. He spotted an inguanadon. He landed on its body, gripping it with his talons and lifted it into the air. He looked at all the destruction Indominus Rex had made, all the blood all the carnage. All of them killed not for food. But because she could. He began to see what his father saw in her. He flew back with the body in his talons and set it down next to his father who got up a bit.

"I see what you mean. She killed all of those dinosaurs for no reason other than she could." Roark said first. "How can my heart want someone like that." He asked.

"It is your heart my son. If she's anything like your mother, your Indom possesses a spark of light that only you can see. If you love her as much as you showed her eventually that light will shine brighter than any flame. Not to mention you had your ways with one another last night so you would feel attached to her more than ever. You need to at least make her see that what she is doing is not right. That it is Evil, even from my stand point. Not even your mother was as cruel." Thil replied as he began to eat some of the Iguanadon. "You should eat too son." He added. With that He and Roark ate a last meal together. It was a tender moment between father and son.

"Where is mother these days?" Thil asked.

"When we were taken we got to two separate paths. We watched as the vehicles pulled us away. Clair the one who was in charge of my well being at the moment told me they treat her pretty well I would say, so though they split the three of us apart. She is doing just fine." Roark replied".

"Glad to hear that. If you plan to go there tell Kharma I still love her." He said as he continued to eat.

"One of the humans told me that mother might not remember me. So though I was granted freedom. I never did seek her out." Roark said.

"Oh son. If I didn't forget you even as you walked into my cave. I doubt she would forget you. You should go see her when you leave the cave." He replied.

"The humans have her as some sort of main attraction there. I doubt they would let me through. Plus they know I am sided with Indominus by now." Roark said back.

"Doesn't hurt to try. Thil said looking at him. "I will try father." Roark said. Thil nodded at him.

A few hours later as they sat at the front of the cave with the nice breeze coming in. They shared their last moments together. "My son Roark. I love you." He said as he licked the top of his head. "Remember me always." Thil said

"I love you too father." Roark replied as he returned the lick. He looked back at him and smiled. He laid his head down, and there he stayed. He licked him on the head one last time, and looked around the cave. He noticed one of his canine teeth laying on the ground. He picked it up. It had a small hole in it, he made a necklace with some bones he found from some of his father's meals and put it around his neck. A piece of his father would always be with him. He returned to his fathers corpse, and used his flame and burned it to ash, so that his body would not go to the scavengers.

He looked out of the cave and heard Indominus Rex roar. A couple of kids were in a sphere, with her standing behind them. She bashed her head at them and ran them into a tribe of ankylasaurs. All of them stood to the side ready to fight her. She was all to happy to accept their challenge. He lifted on of them who was swinging their tail at her full force, non of the blows seeming to affect her. She grabbed it by its neck and choke slammed it on its back, she stepped on its belly and chewed his throat out. She then walked to the kids who were upside down in the sphere.

Roark watched as she picked the sphere up and slammed it down repeatedly until it broke. They jumped out and started to run. She chased after them, they made their way to the edge of a water fall. He watched as they jumped before she could snare them. She looked down and waited for them to surface. Roark took the opportunity to stare at her rump that was in clear view to him at a closer view. His head cocked to the side and turning a bit red at the sight of her. She lost interest in the kids and turned around and walked by him. She noticed his red face and realized what he'd been staring at.

"You got all you were going to get of me last night." She retorted as she walked away from him. "Now leave me alone. What we did last night was a one time thing. That was the point of the fire wasn't it? You never intended to burn me with it did you?" She said back.

"I did not." Roark said admittedly. "It was meant to impress you." He added. He calmed down, "I saw all the carnage you did out there. Was that really necessary?" Roark had to ask as he flew above her as she walked.

"They challenged me, they wanted to drive me away. I do not back down from a fight, you know me well enough to know that. So you have some nerve to ask me if it was necessary." Indominus said back facing forward not paying attention to him. He continued to follow her a bit. "Be on your way Roark." She said as she scouted the area.

"That human you were looking for the other day is near by." Roark replied.

"I know, I can smell just as well as you can. That's why I'm here. Last chance Roark. Be on your way." She said with a bit more tone.

"As you wish my queen." He said as he flew up. He watched from a far as she stalked him near a shed. Not quite able to reach him. She smashed into the building and tried to eat him. Him and Clair ran as fast as they could, Roark looked down to see humans entering it with deadly weapons. Indominus was still inside while Owen and Clair had already left. Roark entered the dome. Indominus looked at him. He was not going to allow them to kill her. They attempted to flank her. They surrounded her all of them pointing their guns at her. Roark landed beside her.

"Thought I told you to get lost." She said smiling back. Roark said nothing as he raised his wings. One of them drew a pistol and pointed it at Roark, and fired. His head jerked back looking at the Indominus as he caught the bullet in his mouth with his teeth. "Show off." She said huffing at him. He moved forward showing the man who shot him the same thing. He gasped as Roark spat the bullet at the man's feet.

"You are not going to harm Indominus." He said in their language. Making them all gasp.

"You can speak our language. You must be the devil. Only fitting he would pick a bride as ugly as that." Said the man that shot Roark.

Roark raised one of his winged hands and gave him the middle finger. "Well if you intend to do something, come on." Roark said as he challenged the man that shot him. He emptied his entire clip at him, he used his wings to deflect them, he jumped at him and ran his talons through his chest as he landed. He kicked him off at a few of the other men. The men all targeted Roark after that. Indominus decided she would watch this time as the men walked around her and surrounded Roark.

"You're not going to help me?" Roark said.

"You feeling alright dear? You're asking me for help." She retorted as she backed away to watch.

"About time you let me have some fun." He said back. They readied their guns.

"Well?" He said challenging them.

They all fired at the same time, Roark flapped his wings as hard as he could to make a dust devil around him which made the bullets fly off course and hit the ground rather than him. He then rushed a few of them and roared as he killed more of them, one he bit down on with his mouth. He spit out his flesh.

"How can you stomach these things Indom? So bony, and bitter." He said wiping his tongue with his wing. She said nothing though continuing to watch as Roark fought for her.

On of them pointed an RPG at him. Roark looked in there direction. As a rocket propelled grenade fired at him. Roark used his wings to make a gust of wind making it slow down enough for Roark to stop it with his bare hands with out making it explode, he threw it back at the man who ran from it as it exploded making him fly into a tree.

"Hey fuck face! Eat this!" Said a man with a flame thrower and fired at him.

"Alrighty then."Roark said as he ingested the flames into his mouth. "Your turn. He said as he unleashed a bigger flame from his throat. And incinerated the human. He looked back at Indominus and blew a smoke ring in her direction, still showing no signs of being impressed. The humans turned and ran as they realized they couldn't win. He watched as they left. Though Indominus Rex was blocking their exit and finished them off. She looked back at Roark as he spun a bit and flapped his wings out word to shake off the blood. He looked back at the Indominus Rex as the light made him sparkle in a bit of red. "Are you not entertained?" He shouted as he looked up and let out a roar and a blast of fire escape his mouth.

Part 5;


"So you can not only breathe fire, but suck it in as well?" Indominus said.

"Actually that was the first time I attempted that." Roark replied.

"So you sucked in fire not knowing if you could spit it out?" She said raising an eye.

Roark nodded. "Yep." He said quickly.

"Some times I wonder if you're really intelligent or if you just happen to get lucky most of the time." She said as she sighed a bit.

"I'd say I'm pretty lucky considering." He said with a bit of a snicker.

Her eyes widened at his audacity. "Shut up Roark." She said as she turned away from him.

She noticed a lot of pterosaurs in the area. She could speak their language as well. She told them to go out and get rid of as many humans in the park as they could. They roared not wanting to challenge her. They flew up into the air, and towards a chopper that had Mr. Hannon inside. The Pterosaurs attacked the men in the chopper as they shot at them with a mini-gun mounted on it, they got in and took them out. The chopper crashing and exploding behind Indominus Rex.

"Fair well curry man." Roark said. He started to fly off.

"Now where are you going?" She said.

"I need to do something. He said as he looked back. She noticed a tooth hanging around his neck. Then back at his face which wore a bit of a sad look.

"That tooth is from T-rex isn't it? It smells like a male, a burned male, was it your father's?" She asked.

Roark looked forward. "Yes he was. I was drawn to him in a cave not far from here. Last time I saw him I was but a hatchling. The humans came and separated me and my mother from him. I am glad to have seen him one last time. To be sure nothing would eat his corpse I burned his body. It was sad to see him go just as we reunited. I took out that feeling of loss, rage, sadness. Everything, on those men. So I am going to go find my mother, and chase those humans off this island. These humans break everything they touch, and try destroy what they can't." Roark said. "So what ever it is you want to do on this island, if you'll have me. I'm with you." He said.

What do you mean, drawn to him?" She had to ask.

"I have the ability to sense things. Its how I knew you were in those bushes before you attacked me. Your eyes burn right through me when you stare at me."

"I did wonder about how you knew where I was. As for your request, I want to claim the entire thing as my own." She replied. "And yes, I will have you. Honestly there's no other creature I would rather have by my side than you." She added.

"Why do you always chase me off then?" Roark had to ask.

"You talk too much." She replied.

Roark had a look on his face from that. "Now then lets get going, if we are not met with any more distractions we should reach that park before nightfall." Roark nodded and flew out the door with her. "Fly on up ahead. If you see anything come back." She added. Roark nodded once more and flew into the sky. Two of the baddest creatures to ever roam the island teaming up to take on the island itself. The two of them made their way toward the park, as the sun began to set. Roark noticed movement in the woods, vehicles and a bunch of Raptors with Owen leading them. Roark flew down to Indominus Rex.

"We have company they'll be on top of us in about 15 minutes. They have Raptors with them as well." Roark said.

"They intend to take me down with Raptors? Fools." She said laughing at them. As she kept walking. " Roark flew beside her.

"What do you have in mind?" He asked.

"You shall see. Your part is just to watch my back, make sure none of the humans sneak up on me from behind." Indominus Rex replied.

"Alright, I think I know you enough to know what you have in mind. Though to be sure the human called Owen the one whose eluded you should be our first target. I have a feeling he is some how leading the raptors." Roark said back.

"I'll leave him to you then." She replied. Roark nodded.

The humans drew close, Roark could smell the two kids Indominus was playing with inside the larger vehicle. Roark landed in front of Owen.

"So we meet again, Mr. Owen." Roark said making them stop, the raptors surrounded him.

Roark looked at them as they stood in front of Owen, "He is our leader, if you mean to harm him. You will first go through us." The beta raptor said.

"You're letting a human lead you into slaughter." Roark said back.

"You underestimate us. We are the raptor squad. We are the defenders of this island. I don't know what or who you are, but we will not allow you to do what you intend to do to our leader. So who are you and what?" They added.

"I am called Roark, and I am a wyvern. And who might you lot be?" He replied.

"I am called Blue." The beta said.

"That is Charlie, Echo and Delta. I ask you again, do you mean our leader harm?" Blue said finishing.

"I do not mean him harm, just yet. In their tongue. He looked back at Owen, not worried about the raptors.

"You and your human friends should leave this island. Me and Indom are reclaiming it as our own." He looked at the Raptors.

"Why follow a human, this weak little man with a neck you could snap as easily as a twig." Roark said to them.

"Reclaiming it as yours you say? Why?" Owen said.

"Your kind have done nothing but cause us all misery. The fact these raptors are so blind to that is astonishing. You must have snatched them from their pack and raised them from the egg if they follow you so." Roark retorted. "Leave now and we can avoid any further carnage. Or proceed, and my queen and I will destroy all of you." Roark said threatening. Clair got out of the vehicle and looked at Roark.

Miss Clair. Roark said surprised to see her in the mist of this. "You really should not be here." He said looking away from her.

"Why are you with the Indominus Rex?" Clair shouted.

"Because, she and I want the same thing. Granted she wants you all dead, I want you all gone so you cannot tear any more of us from our loved ones.

I met my father after all these years since I was just leaving hatchling hood, and becoming a juvenile. It was the last time I saw him. You and your kind. Robbed me of growing with a great father, and a great mother. You took Indom. And Isolated her from such things. She killed her own brother and never understood why. I never understood why. So this is your one and only chance to leave this island and never return. Gather all of your kind and leave." Roark said. "

Owen walked up to Roark

"We can't allow that fucking bitch of yours to continue to wreak havoc on the inhabitants. You really believe she will stop after we're gone? She wants this island to her self, that means she will not hesitate to eradicate every other species here. That includes you if she decides you're in her way. And when she's done with that, then what? She becomes bored and decides she wants to take over the entire planet. If we don't stop her here. Innocent lives could be lost to her. " Owen replied loudly. "I mean if she is a great piece of tail for you then I understand, but you can do way better man." He added.

Roark's eyes widened at his audacity. "I asked you to keep her name out of your mouth. She is my mate, and I am with her till the end. We have a common goal, together. Nothing, and I mean nothing. Will stop us." He said looking at Owen and his Raptors.

"Now Insult her once more and I will burn everyone of you to the ground." Am I clear." He said as he expelled smoke from his nostrils.

"You didn't tell me it could breathe fire." Owen said to Clair who shrugged.

"Well then I guess since you're here. We'll take you down first." Owen said with a smirk, he raised his hand telling the raptors to attack. Roark looked at the raptors.

"Today is your lucky day." He said as he flew up to avoid them, he then flew forward. They and the humans gave chase. Roark was leading them straight to Indominus Rex. He made a sound to signal to her that he was close. She was in position as he stopped in front of her, the raptors and the humans stopping as well. Indominus Rex walked out from behind the bushes and confronted the Raptors, she spoke in their tongue.

"Listen to me. I am taking this island back from the humans. You and your pack would be able to help us greatly." Indominus Rex said.

"Why should we trust you, those humans have treated us with nothing but respect, accept for one. The humans are trusting us to take you down and restore peace." Said Blue.

"You trust those humans eh? How many times have you been allowed to roam freely out side of your cages. I bet they kept you locked up most of the time. Not because they respect you, but because they fear you. They know you could take those talons of yours and gut them like the fish they are.

In the end, its not about any of us. It is always about them." Indominus replied.

"May I add something my queen?" Roark said.

"Sure." She said.

"Thank you. She is both right and wrong about caring about their own kind." Roark started. Indominus shifted her gaze at him.

"Those creatures you see will go to war. Against each other. Everything they do usually revolves around green colored paper they call Money, and they do anything, and I mean anything to get more of it. These humans used my own mother to get more of it, they tore me away from her and my father. You think they won't hurt you? You have no idea." Roark said. He looked at Indominus Rex and nodded.

"Well said. That is one of the best reasons to kick them all off this island. They keep Roark's mother to make them more money. You don't think they would use you, and your offspring for the same reason. So stand with us, and take back this island with us." Indominus said finishing.

Blue looked back at her pack, then back at Indominus Rex. Roark watched the look on the humans faces turn to into an oh shit look.

"We're with you Queen Indominus." The raptors said, accepting her as their leader. She commanded they attack them, while she and Roark made their way to the park. The humans perused them, a few raptors stayed behind to hold them off. While Roark, Blue, Delta, and the Indominus walked on. As they were walking through the tall grass, Roark spotted one of them with an RPG and fired it at Delta. Roark quickly jumped in front of Delta and incinerated the rocket with his fire. Roark managed to make it look like an explosion. Delta ran with Roark. As Echo and Charlie held them back. As they escaped.

Part VI


Delta looked at Roark.

"You saved my life." Delta said. "Thank you." He added.

"Don't mention it." Roark replied.

"Where did you learn to do that? Spit fire like that I mean?" Delta had to ask as the other raptors regrouped. They walked around Roark as Delta asked his question. Roark gave them the same answer he gave Indominus Rex.

"I guess Indominus would have had you burn us alive if we had not gone with her huh?" Charlie said.

"I do not need Roark to kill for me, so no. I would have killed you myself." Indominus replied.

Blue looked back at Roark. She noticed the tooth around his neck and the one in his leg. She could feel his heart was torn. "So what's with those teeth?" She asked.

Roark looked at her. "The one around my neck is from my father, he passed today. The one in my leg, came from Indom when we first met." He replied.

"So you kept a tooth in your leg for however many years ago you met? That can't be comfortable, why not put it with the one on your neck." She inquired further. She reached up and pulled it out. Making him gasp at the sight. She used her talon to make a small hole big enough to fit the rope. "Now it can scar like a normal wound and you still get to keep the tooth." She said smiling.

"Thanks I suppose." He said not really wanting the tooth out.

"It wouldn't take me to see that tooth as a weak spot. If you had decided to fight with me and my squad, that would have been our primary target." Blue added.

"She is correct." Indominus said still looking forward. "I'd have no use for you if you were wounded." She said as they neared their target.


"Thank you for that then. I tend to get a bit sentimental about things. "Roark replied.

"That is Blue for you. "Charlie said. "She is always the one that will look out for her team. There is no one better to lead us than her. No disrespect miss Indom."

"Well Roark, looks like you finally met a group that gab as much as you do." Indom said with a bit of sarcasm.

Blue walked a bit ahead of Roark, leaving him with Charlie. "So what is your secret?" He asked Roark. "To winning a females heart I mean."

He asked.

"There is no secret, though I don't quite know if I've one the heart of my queen just yet." Roark said. "All you need to do is show your queen how much you. Your heart will always guide you in what to do." Roark said back to him.

"Thank you Roark, I will remember that." He said.

Roark picked up the scent of his mother near by. He sighed a bit as he realized she might not remember him. Would she oppose his queen, or would she rule with her. The feeling of uncertainty washed over him like a tsunami. He looked up at Indominus who was still facing forward. They made it to the park, where Clair, Owen and the two kids were, they were running into a building. Indominus spotted them, as Charlie and Echo rejoined them.

"Go after them. Do what you want with the female and the little ones. But leave the man to me." Indominus said to the raptors. They nodded accept for Blue.

"What shall I do Indom?" Roark asked.

"You said you were looking for your mother here right? Go ahead and find her." Indominus said.

"Well I've been thinking about it. I worry what would happen if you two crossed paths." Roark replied.

"If you side with her, I'll understand." Indominus Rex said back. "Just lead her away from this area and I will spare her. Come back to me when or if you have relocated her." She added.

"Thank you, my queen." Roark replied. She watched as Roark flew away.

Part VII,

The last stand.

He closed in on her location. He heard a lot of commotion coming from the lab. He landed in front of his mother's container. He looked for a way inside, he flew up and noticed there was no ceiling, he landed on the ground.

"Mother?" Roark said a bit loud. Though no response was given.

He decided to call her by name.

"Kharma!" He shouted. It seemed to do the trick as he heard the sound of her foot steps going toward him. The moon light shined down on them. She stopped and looked at Roark.

"Who or, what are you?" She demanded.

"And what makes you thinks you are worthy to call me by my name?"

"Its me, Roark. I'm your son." Roark replied a bit surprised she didn't recognize me.

"I'm sorry, I think you have me confused for someone else. Get out!" She said. Roark looked down a bit upset. He realized it was a bit dark so he used his fire to light a bunch of nearby logs to give them some light. His face in clear view to her.

"I think I would remember hatching a fire breathing young one. I really think you are confused, though you know my name so I will give you one last chance to make sense before I eat you here and now."

Roark had to think of something he knew he couldn't let her stay stuck here, and risk Indominus and her fighting to the death.

"I had a feeling you might not remember me. I didn't want to believe that." He said looking down, he spotted his father's tooth. "Well if you do not remember me. Do you remember a tyrannosaur named Thil?" He said.

She snapped her head at him. "How do you know that name. "She said looking closer at him. She then noticed the teeth around his neck. One of which was his fathers. She sniffed at it, she knew it so very well an unmistakable scent.

She looked back at Roark's face. She slowly started to remember. "Roark, the son that could fly. I remember now but I never knew you could breathe fite. The humans, they came and took you away from me. They must have done horrible things to you after they took you and I away from Thil. They split us apart. I remember now. Those horrible creatures divided us. I suppose it was too horrible to remember." She said

"Is your father here too?" Kharma asked?

"No, he did tell me to tell you he still loved you." Roark replied as he put the tooth in his claws.

"You mean he?" Kharma had to ask. Roark nodded. A tear rolled down her face. Roark placed his head beneath hers.

"Don't cry mother. I'm going to if you do." He said as he started to sniffle, happy his mother remembered him.

"Did you eat his body to make sure no one else would be able to." Kharma asked.

"No I burned his body, so that not even the maggots could feed on his body." Roark replied. Kharma nodded in approval.

"I will ask you do the same for me when my time comes." She said back. Roark nodded though hoped that would not be soon.

He decided to tell her what was going on. About him, and Indominus was taking this island back.

"Alright, count me in. Its about time these humans let us alone. So how are we getting out of here. Don't suppose you're strong enough to lift me are you?" Kharma replied.

"I could try, he said as he got on her back and attempted to lift. As he was about to the door opened. "Or we could just walk out the door." He said, though he noticed behind it was Clair.

"What are you doing here you cursid woman?" Roark shouted at her.

"You know your girl friend, needs to be stopped. Your mother, might be the only one that can stop her if you wont." Clair replied.

"Why can't you just leave things be. Why wont you all just get off this rock and leave us alone." Roark shouted back.

Kharma looked back at Roark. "I think I understood what that human said. There is something horrible over there." Kharma said.

"Please mother, don't fight her. I love her." Roark said pleading with her.

Kharma looked back at her son. "Listen to me. If you really want to take this island and make it habitable. She must not be allowed to be on it either." She replied.

Roark looked down and got off his mother's back. "You do what you must. I don't want to side against her." Roark retorted.

"I'm sorry you feel that way son. Maybe when she is gone, you will see it is better this way." She replied as she ran with Clair to meet the Indominus Rex.

He flew after them. He could not believe what was going to happen. He was going to have to burn either his mother, or his queen by nights end. Uncertainty reaching its climax. Making him Roar louder than he'd ever done before. The entire island could have heard the lament with in his roar. Indominus heard it as well. As Kharma and Indominus Rex met face to face. Indominus looked back at Roark. "I am sorry Roark." Indominus said to him as he watched as the two monsters collided. The raptors that were with them had turned against her as well. A great battle had ensued. He watched from the top as Kharma lifted Indominus by her neck and threw her into the building the building collapsing and raining glass below.

As Kharma walked over to see if she was dead, Indominus got up and grabbed Kharma by the back of her neck and slammed her hard on her stomach. She then ran her through the small structures destroying them. As she rolled Kharma on her back to go for her throat. Blue stood atop of the rubble, letting out a battle cry, Indominus looked in Blue's direction which allowed Kharma to get Indominus by the neck and pick herself up, Indominus spun herself and threw Kharma off her. Blue ran over her body and on to Indominus slashing at her repeatedly. While Kharma also went to work on her. They had completely over powered her, slamming her against a guard rail. Roark flew over to her.

"Stop, that's enough. It doesn't have to end liked this. Roark said as he watched Indominus writhing in pain struggling to get up, wanting to keep fighting.

"Yes it does Roark. I will not stop, I can never stop. Not until I have my vengeance. This island will be mine. And all that oppose me. Must Die!" She shouted as she got up and roared at Blue and Kharma, as she was about to continue. A mosasaur lept out of the water and snatched Indominus in its jaws and smashed her between them.

"INDOMINUS!" Roark shouted as he went after her as the Mosasaur dragged her under. Kharma ran over and grabbed him by the tail with her mouth.

"No son, let her go! This must end!" Kharma shouted.

Roark used one of his claws to cut part of his tail off to escape his mother, and dived in after Indominus Rex. The creature let her go as he circled around to get her where he wanted her. Roark swam to her as fast as he could. And got her out of the way just as the mosasaur was about to bite her in two. He surfaced and tried to swim with her on his back to the shore. The mosasaur right behind them.

"Roark, let me go." Indominus said.

"No I refuse, I will not let it end like this." He said as he was determined to get them out alive. The mosasaur quickly gaining on them. Roark got out from underneath Indom and on her back, he grabbed her shoulders with his talons and flapped his wings as hard as he could. He managed to lift her heavy frame out of the water and into the air, The mosasaur lept out of the water at them trying to grab them. Roark rotated them around and unleashed a ball of fire which the mosasaur caught in its mouth. It let out a roar as it missed and splashed back into the water. His mother, as well as Blue watching in amazement, as did the humans.

They were hovering in the air now, Roark had no idea where to go.

"Roark just let me go." Indominus shouted.

"Just let me die." She shouted.

"No, I won't. I will not give up on you." He shouted as her weight started to pull him down.

"Roark, we will both die if you keep holding on to me any longer." She said a bit softly.

"Then we'll die together!" Roark yelled back.

"Now shut up and let me think." He added. He looked around and spotted the beach beyond the walls of the park and flew toward it. As he decended he landed a bit hard. They laid there on the beach for a moment. He looked back at Indominus who was bleeding badly, her body was mangled from the crushing bite of the mosasaur.

"Indominus. Hang on please. It can't end this way." He said as he began to cry on her shoulder.

She looked back at him and grabbed him with her claw. She pinned him down with the bit of strength she still had. "Roark, my incredible Roark, how else was this supposed to end?" She said softly. Roark laid next to her. "These last few days. They could not have been better. I finally got to taste freedom. I was able to lay with the only creature I ever cared about. You, were the only one that ever looked my direction with out fear, the only one daring enough to fight me You were the only one that could ever understand me. I can die, in peace knowing I was not alone in this world. You the only one to stand by my side even as I die." Indominus said as she started to fade.

Roark burying his head on hers. "I love you too, my queen. I always have. I always." Her claw muzzled him before he could finish.

"You talk too much." She said as her claw fell from his face and slumped to the ground. As she laid silent, on the verge of death. Roark felt something in him, a light glowing on his claw. Instinct telling him to pace his claw on her head. Roark did so the white light radiated across her body. Her bones cracking back into place, the wounds on her body closing. She opened her eyes and raised her head.

"Roark, what did you do to me?" She asked.

"I don't know." He said a bit as he was a bit light headed.

She looked at her back. "Even the wound I gave myself is gone. This is incredible. She said as she let out a bit of a laugh. "Now I can go back and there and."

Roark put his claws over her muzzle before she could finish. "You talk to much too." He said. "I don't know what it was I did, but it left me drained. Instincts are telling me what I did, was not something that was done with no cost. I think I just gave you half of my remaining years of life, so why don't we used this, to just be together. Be happy, grow old. Together. "He said as his face began to turn a bit red.

"Fine." she said as she sighed. "What do we do now then? How can we do any of that. Surely your mother and those humans will be looking for us. They know you can breathe fire. They're not just going to let us go until they know we are dead." She replied. "You really should have let me go, you sacrificed a chance to rekindle with your mother. You could have just let me be and found redemption among them, they might have spared you as they did your mother. I could smell it on her breath that she ate and killed many humans, and was not killed for it." She added.

"I could have found redemption yes, I could have begged for my life." He replied. "But my life just wouldn't be the same without you in it. What do we do now is a good question though." He added.

She looked back at him. "I suppose I understand why you didn't not tell me your feelings before this. I think I would have called you weak and tried to kill you like I did those raptors if you had. But then I would probably been as lost with out you as you would be with out me. So, I suppose we will try things your way for now." She replied. He was about to open his maw to say something, but she grabbed it with her claw.

"Shut up Roark." She said as she placed her head beneath his head, and flipped him onto his back. She laid her body over his, just enough to feel one another. She spread his legs and laid her rump over his tail, enticing him to erect into her. They laid on the beach together.

"I ever tell you I love it when you dominate me?" Roark had to say.

"I know you do." She said as she laid completely on him and rested her body upon his. As he slowly erected into her body, he turned her over to her side, so they both had leverage. As he tried to go for the back of her neck. She reared her head and snared the back of his neck and bit down on him gently. Making him growl a bit in pleasure. As she pulled him into her. The slow tender climax of one another. As she dominated how he would have her at almost every turn. Though allowing him to feel every inch of her body, from her tail, to her feet, to the tip of her snout. As she felt him the same way. If they were to melt they would melt into one another. As the moon began to set, they let out one roar of passion as the two orgasmed in-sync. Roark letting his fire out into the air. They laid together, her cloaca not allowing him to leave her body. She laid on her stomach as Roark laid on her back. Still inside her. She rested beside him as the sun began to rise. Roark remained quiet enjoying this moment while it lasted.

He looked down at his Indominus Rex who was fast asleep. He licked the top of her head and laid down with her. Listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean together.

They heard the Roar of Kharma over the sea. Calling for her son. Roark looked at Indominus Rex, and nodded allowing him to leave to see her. He nodded back at her and flew to Kharma who was waiting at the top of the observatory. Blue stood ontop of the telescope pod.

"Oh my son I am so glad you're alive. I don't think I could bare it if I'd lost you forever." She said as she put him under her head.

"Don't you ever do something that stupid again." She said as she brought her head down hard on the top of his knocking him down. Making him yelp a bit at the sharp pain. He scratched his head.

"So is she dead?" Kharma had to ask.

Unsure what they would do if they knew she wasn't. "Yes, she is no more." Roark said.

"Don't lie." Blue said as she jumped on his shoulder. "I can smell her scent all over you. Unless you had your way with her corpse I'm not buying it. Tell us what happened after you shot that fireball at that other dinosaur." Blue said.

Roark explained it as best he could. They didn't quite understand it. Roark did not either. No book he ever read mentioned a creature that could use its own life to save the life of another. Which was what he said.

"I swear, I will do what I can to bring her out of the darkness. Please just give me a chance to change her, show her right from wrong. Dad would never have given up on you I am sure." Roark said.

Kharma looked her son in the eyes.

"Very well, I will leave her to you. If she goes back to her old ways. It will rest on you to stop her." She replied.

"Thank you mother." Roark said back happy.

"You're mother might trust you." Said blue. "But she killed my entire group she. And You. Manipulated us into following you. I won't forget that. Next time I see her, next time I see you! You're both mine." Blue said as she scoffed at Roark. She bowed her head to Kharma and ran off.

"Wait." Roark said to Blue. "Everything I told you about those humans, was not made up. Go to the place called Jurassic park, go to the library there teach yourself to read, or I will help you if you want. Then tell me that again." Roark replied.

"Alright, I will." She scoffed again, and ran off into the woods.

Roark looked back at his mother.

"Are you going to be okay? Indom did quite a number on you." He asked concerned.

"I'll be fine. These scars will heal. Go on back to your Indom. I just wanted to make sure you were alright." Kharma said. Roark nodded and hugged his mother once more and flew back to the beach. He saw Indominus Rex standing over a fresh corpse. She realized she was eatting it. Which was a good sign. He landed next to her. She looked back and invited him to join her, he accepted her invitation and ate with his queen. A new beginning, at last.

The End!