Dirty Ferret

Story by Darokko on SoFurry

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It seems that my sleazy little ferret just won't stay out of the limelight. Hope you guys enjoy this one

Moondoggie reeked heavily of canine. His new scent was his own fault though, it's what happens when your roommate has a rough day at work and catches you huffing his workout jock when he expected you to have the laundry done. The shirtless ferret held his tail up at an awkward angle as he limped his way down stairs to his apartment's Laundromat with a mesh sack of dirty clothes slung over his shoulder. The room was filled with washers and dryers but no people, which was to be expected at this time, eleven at night wasn't the optimal clothes laundering hour.

He went about the motions, loading up two machines, adding the detergent, avoiding anything that smelled particularly good which might have distracted from his task. The ferret yawned widely as he hopped up onto on the machines he was using and made himself as comfortable as he could. He drew his phone from his pocket to see that he was a included in a group message with his roommate and his new best friend with benefits.

"Yo, your boyfriend forgot to finish my laundry." Biscuit said to start the message.

"Yeah? What did you do to him?" Silas was next to respond.

"I fucked him of course. Didn't get the chance to shower before so he is smelling pretty ripe." Biscuit had typed.

"Lotta sweat and cum in his fur?" Asked Silas.

"C'mon, you really needa ask that?"

Moondoggie would have come up with something snarky to say but, the sound of someone else entering the laundry room pulled his attention away from the screen. The ferret suddenly found his phone much less interesting. A powerfully built but unfamiliar beaver plodded his way into through the door, struggling with what looked like a few weeks worth of dirty clothes in a basket. Judging by the tight tanktop stretched over his chest and the ripped jeans, the beaver was in dire need too. The ferret wanted to stare but the beaver's eyes met his, forcing an half hearted greeting.

"Evenin'." Moondoggie grunted, looking down at his phone once more as he tried to play it cool.

"Oh, hey." Said the beaver coldly, hauling his over filled basket on the nearest washing machine. Moondoggie glanced up from his phone, watching for a while as the beaver quietly and sluggishly loaded the machine before he spoke again.

"Not used to seeing other people washing clothes this late." The ferret started once more. "Means I can't do mine naked." Moondoggie smirked but kept his tone steely.

The beaver made a grimace, glancing over the Moondoggie. "What?"

"It's a joke, keep up or this is gonna be a long evenin'." The ferret said with a shake of his head. "Don't think I've seen you around here before. Just move in?"

"Yeah." The beaver said dismissively, not offering much more.

Moondoggie eyed the rodent then readjusted himself on the washing machine, taking a more attentive position. "So, move in here just because you like the neighborhood?"

The beaver's expression soured while he jammed his clothes into the machine then slammed it shut. "Nope, girlfriend kicked me out." He said curtly, forcing a dollars worth of quarters into the slot.

"I take it not a mutual parting then." Moondoggie said coolly.

"Nah, the bitch was cheating on me." Spat the beaver."With some fucking horse."

Moondoggie whistled and shook his head. "Damnit, I guess she made it pretty clear what she wanted." he chuckled, but the beaver clearly wasn't in the mood for laughing. The beaver planted his hands on the washing machine before him and let his shoulders slump, staring blankly at nothing in particular. A frown crossed the ferret's face after letting out a shallow sigh, looking at the defeated beaver.

"I went though some pretty rough stuff recently, liked a dude who would never feel the same about me." Moondoggie offered, glancing back down to the darkened screen of his phone.

The beaver turned toward the ferret, his brow furrowed. "That's not the same thing. I loved her and she left me, it wasn't some crush." The beaver said, his words carrying a bitter edge.

"True, but at least you got to be with the one you loved. I was always on the outside lookin' in." Moondoggie countered, not watching as the beaver's expression softened.

"Oh." Said the beaver dumbly, straightening himself up. "So, what did you do to help?"

"Sex, lotta sex." Stated Moondoggie bluntly. "But that always helps me."

"Oh." Repeated the beaver.

"Yep. Fucked the guys ex though, we became pretty close." Moondoggie shrugged as he spoke, hopping off the washing machine as is vibrations underneath came to a stop. "By the way, I don't think I caught your name."

"Rodney." Offered the beaver.

"I'm Moondoggie."

"Moondoggie? That's...different." Snorted Rodney.

"Yeah, my folks were well read beach bums." Said the ferret dryly.


"Nothin'." Moondoggie rolled his eyes as he loaded up a dryer with his and his roomate's damp clothes as he moved back to his point. "But yeah, if ya have any cute friends that dig you, I say hit that."

The beaver snorted again. "All the cute girls where her friends."

"Fuck a cute guy then." Added Moondoggie as he started the dryer then took his seat back on the washer.

The beaver shook his head. "Don't have many of those, and none that actually like guys." He scoffed. "Besides, I like women."

"Oi, fuck off." Moondoggie argued, folding his arms as he gave the beaver a dirty look. "I'm pretty damn cute."

Rodney's head snapped toward the ferret again who just cracked as smile as he tossed the thinly veiled offer into the conversation. The beaver shifted slightly and tugged at the webbing between his index and middle fingers as he stared for a short while, unable think of anything good to say.

"Well, I mean I wouldn't call you cute. Maybe handsome." Rodney admitted with a shrug, rubbing at his neck with a weak grin. "I guess kinda hot for a dude."

"Good lord." Scoffed the ferret, running his fingers through his hair." C'mere before you talk yourself out of the blowjob."

The beaver didn't move for time, mulling over the crisis that his sexuality just became. He had always found himself appreciating the male form before, back in college, in gym locker rooms, when he got the chance to watch porn but he never had considered having se-

"Are you just gonna give me that dumb look or are you gonna come here." Repeated Moondoggie, his smirk becoming an annoyed glower. The beaver's legs moved without him noticing at first, taking the a hesitant steps over as he closed the distance between himself and the ferret. Slowly, he came to stand between the ferret's dangling legs, the mustelid wearing a cocky grin on his muzzle.

"That's more like it." Moondoggie said as he leaned forward, his snout just barely touching the beaver's. "Hmph, Ya smell pretty good."

"Uh, thanks?" The beaver responded, giving the ferret an off putting look.

"I like that kinda stuff, sue me." Moondoggie shrugged.

"So like...Guy scents and stuff?" Asked the beaver, his face still twisted in confusion.

"Yeah, if you woulda left your clothes I probably would have stole whatever smelled the best and huffed it until the rinse cycle." Admitted the ferret, reaching a hand forward to delicately rub along the beaver's rounded but firm stomach.

Rodney's cringed yet shifted in place from the attention to his belly, placing his hands on either side of Moondoggie. "My ex hated the smell of my laundry, hard to believe someone would get off to it."

"Clothes are nice and all, but it's so much better from the owner." Moondoggie pressed his nose into the beavers partly exposed chest with little hesitation, taking a slow inhale of the rodent's thick aroma. Rodney was surprised by the ferret's sudden actions but he was more surprised by his own. He cupped a thick paw behind Moondoggie's head, holding the mustelid gingerly while he took slow drags of beaver musk.

"Fffuck do you smell good." Grunted Moondoggie, grinning widely up at Rodney as his head swam. "Bit of a personal question, when was the last time ya showered?"

Rodney kept his hand on the back of Moondoggie head, stroking at the ferret's hair as he answered. "Uh, Probably this afternoon, it's not bad is it?"

"Nah, it's good. Ya still smell like a man without smelling like B.O. Like ya said before, guy scents" Affirmed The ferret as he pushed the beaver back a step. "Now ya know were the best guy scent's are?"

Rodney shrugged and Moondoggie grinned. The ferret climbed off the washing machine throne and went to his knees in front of the beaver. "Gotta better idea of where now?"

The beaver chuckled lowly, as cool sweat started to bead at his brow. "Yeah, but here?" Rodney questioned, wincing as he looked at the door which could be opened so easily from the outside.

"It's late, and if anyone walks in I'll tell them you got first dibs."

Rodney was less than amused by Moondoggie's quip however he found himself not caring as much about getting found with a strange ferret when his fly was loosened and a hand held his goods. Moondoggie hummed in appreciation, fondling the beaver through his tight, green boxers.

"I can tell ya that even I wouldn't be fuckin' around behind your back if I was getting this regularly." Admitted Mooondoggie.

"You haven't even seen it." Scoffed the beaver but, his cock throbbed from to the complement. Moondoggie furrowed his brow before yanking the beaver's boxers down and letting the half hard manhood flop free. The ferret eyed it like a jeweler would a gem, measuring the weight of the darkly colored length then measuring is girth with his fingers and finally testing the foreskin.

"Yup, it's a pretty awesome dick." He said up to Rodney who was half aroused and half tickled.

Without much indication, Moondoggie brought his head down to the partially tumescent shaft and tucked the it cleaning into his muzzle. A sharp gasp rose from Rodney's throat, the beaver gripping the edge of the washing machine. His cock began to pulse, each heart beat filling the veins and flesh with blood and in turn, filling the ferret's mouth. Rodeny unconsciously lurched forward, cramming his swelling shaft into Moondoggie's throat. The ferret gagged hard but reached up to grip the beaver's thigh, holding him in place as he stifled the reflex.

"Sorry." Panted Rodney, beginning to feel weak in the knees.

Moondoggie just shook his head with the rodent's thick member still between his lips. A deep shudder ran down his spine with his nose buried in Rodney's warm pubic fur, taking in the smooth musk in deep breaths before he had to remind himself to get to work. He swallowed around the heavy cock a few times before he dared to begin bobbing his head. He kept his pace slow and measured, tossing curious glances up to the beaver once in a while then turning his attention to the thick slab of dick again. While keeping his head bobbing, he licked along the underside of the endowment, letting his tongue slickly ride from base to tip.

Rodney's jaw dropped and his shoulders sagged as the ferret cradled his shaft within the short muzzle. The lingering sting of his failed relationship all but gone now, replaced by sudden infatuation of the male on his dick. The sweat that started off cold on his brow warmed up thanks to the quiet sounds of Moondoggie's slurping.

"Fuck...All cute guys this good at sucking dick?" Hissed Rodney, letting his chin rest on his chest while he watched the ferret work though lidded eyes.

"Moondoggie pulled the heavy cock from his mouth and wiped his lips off on his forearm. "Not all of 'em, I'm just really good." He said before drawing his tongue over the blunt head of the beaver's tool. A stiff shudder ran up Rodney's spine, precum just starting to drool from his slit.

"Can ya keep going? That feels awesome" Asked Rodney hopefully. Moondoggie merely shrugged and opened his muzzle again, letting his tongue hang from his maw like a red carpet to welcome esteemed guests, but only pink and wetter. Rodney took the hint, bringing his thick, webbed hands down to cup the ferret's head, exhaling as he pushed his throbbing member against the soft tongue. Moondoggie closed his lips around the shaft once more, making sure he had a tight seal before he began to really impress the beaver.

The ferret sucked hard as he could muster, his cheeks hollowing as he picked up the force considerably. Rodney groaned loudly , gripping Moondoggie's head as he bucked hard into the deeply suckling muzzle. Formless sounds of pleasure and panic fell from the beavers lips while Moondoggie serviced him with vigor. Wet and rude sounds found their way out of Moondoggie's maw as he created a tight vacuum around the beaver's cock, swallowing down the thick precum that now oozed from its tip in sticky strands. Rodney could barely recall his ex's name, or even his own at this point but Moondoggie's was slowly being worked into his brain for giving him what was easily the best blow job of his life.

The ferret's nimble fingers reached into the beaver's boxers, cupping the rodent's balls. Well, cupping one of the rodent's balls. Moondoggie grinned at his luck as he rolled a single, heavy organ around in his palm because that's all that would fit. Just as he moves to toy with the other, the sac pulls up tight to the beaver's body, signaling the culmination of their fun.

"Fuck...I'm getting really close." Rodney warned as breath grew short and he began to buck his hips at a feverish pace, the beaver feeling a knot of panic twist in his gut as his climax neared. Moondoggie merely kept his maw locked and slurping around the thrusting shaft, waiting impatiently for his reward. Rodney seized up before he erupted within the warm and wet confines of the ferret's muzzle. Moondoggie tasted the first jet of beaver spunk as it lanced over his tongue and hit the back of his throat in a messy gush, it was thick and heavy and pungent, exactly what he hoped for from Rodney and he wanted more.

Instead of having his muzzle filled with flavorful beaver issue, Rodney yanked his cock free from the silken maw with a deeply frustrated groan, grasping himself around the meaty root of his shaft just time to fire thick volleys of his pleasantly pungent cum along the poor ferret's face and chest. Each new shot was heralded by a visible throb of Rodney's cock and a low groan slipping from his lips. His climax was forceful, voluminous, and criminally quick, his proud rockets reduced to a lazy trickle within the span of a few seconds. Those few seconds were barely enough time for Moondoggie to register the combination of shock, admiration and anger he felt however he recovered faster than the beaver.

"The fuck was that about, man!?" Shouted the ferret, keeping one eye closed tightly as he carefully tired to keep thick beaver cum from dripping into the other. His smooth coat was matted down along his muzzle and forehead by sticky seed while even more cum rolled from his chest down to his stomach. The scent of jock canine was all but drowned out by beaver musk now.

"Fuck, sorry. Its habit. I know my stuff tastes pretty bad." Panted Rodney, loosening his hold on his stiff cock and letting it twitch before him.

"What? You taste pretty good." The ferret grunted as he took his knees off the hard floor, leaning back against the washing machine and not so discreetly adjusting the bulge that tented his shorts.

"Well, my girlfriend never swallowed. She never really lemme finish near her anyway, said my cum was gross." Admitted the beaver, his cock softening up as he spoke.

Moondoggie's eyes narrowed as he studied Rodney's face for a short while then spoke. "Fuck the bitch then."

"Fuck you man, that's my girlfri-" Rodney started only to be cut off.

"Your ex-girlfriend, the chick who cheated on you, who kicked you out." Stated the ferret calmly. "And ya know, I'm glad she kicked your ass out too."

Rodney balled his fist, ready to pound the ferret and not in the pleasant way.

"Because you wound up meeting a sleazy asshole like me who blows guys while he waiting for his laundry. Listen, it sounds like this girl wasn't the best for a guy like you anyway, I bet you're all wound up in yourself, not leaving your place and perving on her social media shit."

The beaver's anger begin to ease as he allowed himself a small nod.

"Right, you should come hang with some of my friends, that is if you don't mind a bunch of sexy bastards." Moondoggie finished with slight shrug, but the slight motion coaxed an pearl of cum to roll into his eye. The ferret hissed sharply as he squeezed his eye shut. "Motherfucker!"

A short chuckle followed by a deep belly laugh rumbled out of Rodney as he placed a paw on the writhing ferret's shoulder. Moondoggie opened his reddened eye, baring his teeth at the beaver.

"Sorry." Said the beaver with a faint smile.

"Fuck you. Put your dick away for a second, you're helping me clean up." Ordered Moondoggie as he stumbled his way out of the laundryroom. Rodney tucked his cock back into his pants and zipped up, following closely behind the ferret as he lead to his apartment.

Moondoggie opened the front door to find Biscuit stripped down his boxers with a controller in his hands. The dog looked up to the ferret, catching the especially heady scent of beaver seed covering up his own on the small mustelid. His eyes then moved to Rodney, the mutt easily gathering that Moondoggie had made a new friend. A slight smirk crossed his muzzle as he acknowledged the beaver with a nod of his head before turning his attention back to the TV.

"I'll get the laundry, don't worry about it." Biscuit said, only to get a terse grunt from Moondoggie as a response.

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