Merged Worlds 6

Story by shetland on SoFurry

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#6 of Merged Worlds

Merged Worlds 6 by Shetland fixed by Raven Fox: Sixth chapter of the Merged Worlds series. Another male from Everett Washington gets taken by the Photinos with people from his apartment complex. They end up on a pre-industrial planet populated by fox morphs and wolves.

Prologue, three years ago, orbit above of an unknown planet.

"Come on, you picked a great time to crash." Said the vixen looking at the computer readout showing: SYSTEM FAILURE...

She cussed shutting down the computer and rebooting watching as the screen showed the systems being checked. "Oh come on, I got to get to Earth, so I can look around for a mate."

The transport did a violent lurch as it something large kicked it throwing the vixen across the space. Saress got up looking at the same screen showing; WARINING, PROPULSION FAILURE. WARNING, ENTERING PLANETARY ATMOSPHERE...

Surface of the planet, minutes later.

It is nighttime when the old male wolf morph looked at the sky. Palidine watched as the night sky glowed red in color. He watched as the horizon flashed yellow., "I wonder what just happened just know. Something tells me that something from another world just crashed here."

Transport wreckage.

Saress looked at the dead equipment in front of her. The vixen left the transport walking while following a burning smell. Hours later, she is watching a village, with the inhabitants walking around., "I'll just blend in with this group." Saress thought to herself grabbing an outfit lying nearby.

The morphs wonder what town the unusual vixen came from. But they had jobs for her because this vixen seems very smart and had some weird skills. Saress ended up settling in at the town.

Everett Washington, night of the merge when the people are taken.

Royce parked his 1991 Ford Ranger small truck in his parking stall grabbing the two bags of groceries from the Safeway and locked his truck. The forty one year old human male walked to the elevator to call the lift. He waited hearing the machinery moving the car and a few seconds later, the doors opened.

A few minutes later, Royce was putting away the stuff from the store looking at the studio apartment. He lived alone and didn't mind it one bit. The human male doesn't have a girlfriend at the current time. Royce just looked at the apartment and put in a DVD to watch.

That night, around one in the morning.

He was rudely wakened up by someone smashing the door in. Grabbing a twelve inch crescent wrench, the human male confronted the forms going in his apartment., "What the fuck are you guys?" Royce questioned seeing beings that reminded him of Jabbas' guards from Return of the JedI movie.

One of the pig morphs ran to him, but was knocked down by a blow from the wrench. Another one ran to the human and was also knocked down.

Royce kept his wits looking at the last two pigs looking at him. He glared at the remaining two pig morphs tightening his grip on the wrench. The human heard the sound of a bug zapper and he went down on the floor.

Unknown place and time later.

The first thing he saw that he was in a type of room that reminded him of one of the rooms of the V.A. clinic he goes to twice a year to have a twice a year physical. One of the pig morphs walked in glaring at him., "Get on your feet slave!" The pig morph yelled.

"Go fuck yourself, I am nobody's slave pig." Royce answered.

The pig morph touch an area on a type of bracer giving the human an evil grin., "A troublemaker, we have ways in dealing with troublemakers."

He felt a burning pain at his right forearm. Royce tried to pull the metal armband off his arm, he couldn't. The last time the human felt this pain was when he was eight years old accidentally grabbing a soldering iron tip.

"This device slave, is used when we get someone who doesn't cooperate with us. You better listen to us slave or I turn up the heat." The pig morph said with a sneer touching the area again.

Royce felt the arm band cool off and the human glared at the pig. He went to open his mouth to say a few insults, but the pig morph went to touch his armband again. The human shut his mouth and looked at the pig.

"You learn quick slave, now follow me to processing." Said the Photino going to the door.

"I'll listen to you for now, then I'll find a way to get away from you later. First thing, I got to is getting this dam arm band off, then you'll regret calling me a slave." The human thought to himself following the disgusting creature in front of him. Royce noted that he must be in a type of ship by the way the passageway is. He saw different size cables in the overhead and saw shoddy workmanship at some areas.

Minutes later, he was forced into a large room with other humans. Glancing at the different faces, the human saw no one familiar to him. Sighing, Royce went to an open area and sat down looking around for a familiar face. Minutes later, he heard a piece of machinery start up and the room shuddered. Then the human realized that he's on a type of starship.

A few days later, bridge of Photino slave ship.

A warning alarm went off at a console and the male Photino glances at the reading., "Captain, our warp core is overheating, we need to drop out of warp so we can do repairs."

The very obese Photino grunted., "Alright, go to impulse and have the chief engineer start repairs and notify the other ships."

"Yes sir." The helmsman replied sliding the throttles to impulse.

The Photino at the com console let the other ships know of the problem and listen to the reply. He looked at the view screen seeing a lovely planet that looked like the planet Earth, but the planet is ringed., "Much like that planet in the system where we got this load of slaves from." He thought to himself activating the scanning sensors. The pig morph looked at the readings and grinned., "Captain, this planet is an M class. It has life forms like those accused Squibs, but larger." The Photinos' eyes widen., "Wait, there is much larger life forms than those other ones."

Chuckling, the captain looked at the planet with greed. Finding a new race to enslave looks good on a ships' captains' resume., "Plus the bonus in pay and a cut to each slave we take off this planet. That is a lovely nice size planet, might set up a colony." He thought to himself and started giving orders., "Establish an orbit and do a complete scan for any minerals we use. Then contact command and give them the coordinates to this planet. We'll land a shuttle in a bit and see about adding some slaves to our current cargo." The pig morph snickered to himself thinking about the added bonus and glad that his ship picked this area of space to have a breakdown.

An explosion shook the ship and more alarms went off. The lights in the bridge flickered and died along with the screens. The ship groaned and the view screen came back on. In the view screen, the image of the planet grew in size., "Call the other ships here!" Ordered the captain.

"I can't captain, coms are down, there was an explosion in engineering. The ship is starting to enter the atmosphere of this planet. Entry to planet atmosphere one minute." Said the Photino at the com station. He looked at the other pig morphs knowing that surviving a crash landing uncontrolled are slim to none., "Some of the slaves might survive, but we're at the front of the ship and they're near the rear of the ship." The pig morph looked at the image of the planet growing larger in the screen wondering if any of the other ships in this convoy turned around to render them any assistance.

Million miles away, the rest of the convoy.

The last Photino ship exploded sending debris in different directions. Nearby, the IMP ships turned and went to warp carrying away the human cargo they stolen from the Photinos.

Photino ship entering atmosphere.

Royce braced himself against the front wall because he knew when a craft was going down. Almost twenty years ago, he was on an H-2 Lamps helicopter that lost hydraulic pressure to the main rotor causing the helicopter to lose lift. The male human went to the wall at the front and sat down leaning against it.

The ship made strange noises as it entered the planets atmosphere. It groaned and creaked as it went thru the firestorm of reentry. Inside the large room of slaves, Royce looked at the humans telling them to brace against a wall. A few listened to him, but the majority ignored him. He sighed hearing and feeling impacts on the ship as it crashed on the ground. When it stopped, most of the people were flung to the forward wall hitting the male human knocking him out.

Unknown time later.

The pile of bodies moved and an older male with brown hair and green eyes emerged from the bodies. Pity gripped Royces' heart as he surveyed the pile of bodies. He knew that most of them are dead from the injuries he saw. A few people emerged from the pile and called names. The human male did render assistance, but hours later, he left replying., "I am getting this dam arm band off my arm and do some revenge."

He did get the door opened and followed the route he took days ago back to the room. Royce did an evil grin when he saw a familiar male Photino whimpering on the floor., "Oh I am so glad that you're still alive, how about you remove this dam arm band."

The Photino turned to the human., "No slave, go back to the cargo room. A ship is on its way to rescue us." He went to touch his bracer, but the human stepped on the hand.

Royce felt the Photino punch his leg to remove his foot. The human looked around the room seeing an old fire fighting tool, a fire axe. He grabbed the axe and chopped off the Photinos' hand taking the bracer off over the stump. Examining the blood soaked bracer, Royce feel and felt a bump pressing it causing the arm band to fall off his fore arm. The human put it on the Photino touching the area causing the pig morph to squeal like a pig his is. He saw the pig morph grab at an area at his left armpit and he kicked the Photino in the face and stomped on his remaining hand., "What are you grabbing for?"

"Nothing slave, when the rescue ship arrives, I'll see to it that they geld you." Said the Photino with a sneer.

"Oh, I am going to be long gone when that ship gets here. This human was a boy scout and took survivor training while in the military. If this planet has food and water, I'll be ok. Let me see what you been grabbing for." The human said looking at the left armpit. He saw a type of ring on a pin., "You were going to blow yourself up along with me!" Royce yelled at the pig morph and kicked it again.

The Photino looked at him with hatred and said nothing.

"You think that I am a brainless being because my race hasn't done any deep space exploring yet. I am ex-military; I know an explosive device when I see one!" The human yelled pulling the pin and running out of the room.

Ten seconds later, Royce heard a muffled explosion. He exhaled his breath and resumed looking for a way off this ship.

Hours later, outside the ship.

"It's about time I found my way off this ship." The human male said to himself looking at his surroundings. Royce found the crash site rather nice after his time on the ship. He looked at the sky and the forest area the ship crashed at. There were no Photino survivors; some of the bodies looked recently killed from the looks of them. Sitting on a piece of wreckage, the human male thought of his next plan of action. Royce didn't have any knowledge of how to survive on an alien planet. He read some sci-fi fan fiction stories and decided what he's going to do next.

A couple of days later, crash site.

"I'll hike toward that mountain in the distance today." The human said to himself packing a pack he made from material from the Photinos. Royce did the decent thing of burning the bodies of the pig morphs on the ship. Some of the human cargo helped him in that gruesome detail and left. In the last couple days, the survivors of the crash ship from Washington State took their chances in the woods taking most of the rations. Royce managed to hoard a weeks worth when the food was taken off the ship, but some survivors butchered crewmembers from the ship before the bodies were burned. The humans who died in the crash were not touch, but buried with dignity.

Later, Royce made his way to the mountain taking a last look of the Photino slave ship that brought him to this unknown alien world.

A town not far away from the crash site, three hours later.

The male anthro fox ran down the dirt street weaving pass a cart pulled by a large lizard causing the reptile hiss., "Slow down you vulpine!" Yelled the male wolf on the cart.

"Sorry." Replied the fox and resume running down the street. He ran to a building entering it looking at the older male wolf., "Chief, there are strange creatures in the woods!"

The male wolf looks at the young fox morph sighing., "Kuris, how many times I told you not to spread any rumors. Your parents are going to hear about this."

An older male fox walked in the structure., "Sorry Harold, my son is right; a hunting group spotted a group of strange looking bi-pedal beings in the forest near the lake."

The wolf sighed looking at the two vulpines looking at him. He looked at the ceiling thinking to himself. "Get Saress here, I want her to investigate those creatures." Harold saw the expressions of the foxes causing him to sigh., " I know she's weird, but that vixen is one of our best hunters."

"She's not weird, she's from another planet. I heard she just showed up, three years ago after the sky burned during the night." The young fox said looking at his dad.

The older fox slapped the young fox at the back of the head., "She's from a different town son, not from another planet. Where do you hear those rumors?"

Kuris rubbed the back of his head looking at his dad., "Palidine told me that she's from another planet. He said that he went to every known village and town, those people never heard of a vixen named Saress. She's from another planet because vixens don't act like her and she's the only vixen with orange eyes I've ever seen."

"That's enough! Get her here so we can resolve this. Drick, have a talk with your son and tell him to stay away from that old wolf. Palidine in my opinion is starting to go senile; I haven't seen him leave this village in twenty years." The chief said closing the subject.

An hour later, a tall slim vixen walked in the structure looking at the wolf and foxes. She saw the young Todd staring at her with intimidation. Saress knew that there are rumors that the young foxes spread that she's from another planet., "But those rumors are true, I've been stranded on this backwards planet for the last three years when the engine of my personal transport exploded. The only good thing is, I look like the locals." The vixen thought to herself as the chief talked to her.

"Alright Drick, tell her what you told me." Harold said to the older male fox.

Saress listens to the fox's story taking in the details., "Humans from the planet Earth. They have no means of traveling into deep space. The only thing they can do is send a shuttle to high orbit and that's it. Something's going on; I better catch one and find out what's going on at Earth." The vixen thought to herself still listening to the Wolf and foxes. She cleared her throat and grinned. "I'll look into this and report back to you Harold. Any thing else?"

"No, just look around the woods and see if there're any weird looking bi-pedal beings running around the forest. I think there was too much mead drank last night." Harold said watching the vixen nod and left the office.

A few hours later, miles from the crash site.

Royce looked at the terrain noticing something strange. The area looked like the crash site, but there's a structure covered in foliage. He walked to it seeing a type of craft, but it is more beautiful than that ugly transport that brought him here. The human looked the sleek craft over taking in the pretty lines and the ghastly damaged section at the rear.

"Don't move human, turn around with your hands in the air." Said a female voice.

The human turned around and saw what he only saw on furry websites. Standing near him holding a long bow with an arrow knocked is a anthropomorphic vixen with orange catlike eyes., "Just looking, is this craft repairable?" Royce asked looking the vixen over.

Saress relaxed and looked at the human, it's been three years since she saw one., "Total loss human, it would take a repair hanger and two months of work to get that ship going again. The tech level of this planet is what you humans would call King Author days. The high tech on this planet is the village blacksmith; only precise thing he can make is arrowheads and lanterns. I got a few questions for you, how did you get here?"

Royce relaxed when the vixen put away the long bow and told her what happen since that night. He saw her listen to his story and the description of the beings who took him.

"Photinos, they're a race that practices slavery. They leave my race alone because when they try something with my home planet, there are no survivors of that force. Those pigs have this habit of blowing themselves up when they're defeated. There are a few warp capable species we know of, but they don't know about us. We prefer to be by ourselves, but my race is planning to contact the Squibs soon." The vixen saw the humans' puzzled expression., "A race of fennec foxes with the sable coloring of a collie with glowing eyes."

The human male kept his calm demeanor listening to the vixen. He didn't know anything about the strange craft in the crashed Photino ship. Royce thought for a moment to himself looking at the damaged rear section of the lovely ship and then it hit him., "Your ships' engine section exploded and the engineering section exploded on the Photino ship that had me on it. I don't think it's a coincidence that we had the same thing happen to our ships. Being ex-military, I think this planet has a defense system."

Saress knew that the human might be right. She knew that the Photino ships aren't the best quality made, but this is worth investigating., "Can you describe the ship that brought you here?" The vixen listened to the human tell her what he knew. Saress grinned when he told her of the craft in a large room., "Alright, take me to that ship and I'll take a look at those craft you describe." She said to the human going in to her ship.

He watched as the vixen go in the crashed ship. A few minutes later, she came out carrying a pack and handed him a type of pistol. Royce examined the gun noting that it didn't weigh anything. The human looked at her question ally.

"It's a phaser human, set on stun. We need to talk while you lead me to that crashed Photino ship. I agree that this planet might have a type of defense weapon. First we're going to do is see if I can get one of those Photino shuttles flying again. Then, we're going to see if there's a defense weapon on this planet." Saress said to the human.

Royce nodded and leads the vixen to the Photino crash site.

Hours later, Photino ship crash site.

Saress studied the Photino transport and recognizes the class and grinned to herself knowing that this class carries five shuttles in its hanger bay., "I finally will get off this planet, but wait, something shot this ship down." The vixen thought to herself looking at the engineering section seeing a perfect round hole twelve inches in diameter. Memories of three years ago played in her head making her remember feeling an impact on her transport before the engine section exploded. She looked at the human standing next her and urges went thru her. Saress did have sex with human males on her home world before she ended up stranded on this planet. The vixen already decided that she's going to take this human male back on her home world if she ever gets off this planet due to her not having a mate.

He looked at the vixen as she looked the ship over. The human looked her body over stopping at her medium large breasts confined by a type of sleeveless shit. Royce did like the short skirt she is wearing making his penis harden., "Uh, Saress, what class of ship is this?"

"It's a Soar class transport; it carries five F class shuttles. The shuttle is a design they copied from the Squibs. I know this class of shuttle, no, it doesn't have the range to go to Earth, it will make it to my home world. Sorry Royce, it looks like you're going to my planet." She looks at him doing a kind grin., "My home is a lot better than this place, so don't worry. One thing, I am glad I ran into you because this planet has a defense weapon. See that twelve inch diameter hole near the back section. I think we're looking for a type of laser, it's either space borne or land base, I am putting my money on a land base system. So we're going to get a shuttle going and start looking for a weapon."

Royce followed the vixen into the ship, minutes later, they entered the shuttle bay. He relaxed that the shuttles were tied down to the deck with binders. The human male watched as Saress examined the shuttles watching her reaction. Royce saw her grinning at him gesturing him to her.

"This one has full energy cells and we can use it to find the weapon and fly to my home world. I'll explain why we can't go to Earth, my world is one day of hyper space travel compared to the three and a half days going to Earth and I really don't trust Photino technology." Saress said powering up the shuttle doing checks.

The human looked at the pilots' station watching the vixen studying the readouts. He watched as she turned on a few systems and saw her eyes widen surprise., "What's wrong?"

She looked at him with a shocked look., "This planet I think was a Kitsune planet or colony." Saress gestures to the readouts on the pilots' console. "I recognize this energy reading. The laser is land base, but it's ancient. It might be old, but still very deadly. We got to go to it so I can take a look at it. I think it's malfunctioning, it fires at every space craft."

Royce knew what the vixen is thinking, repair the laser targeting computer and reprogram it so it won't fire at them when they take off., "Is there a way to make that laser to make it think that this shuttle is your transport?"

Saress nodded at Royce knowing what the human is thinking., "Yes, I'll take the IFF transponder out of my transport and disable the Photino one on this shuttle. I hope I can fix the targeting computer on that laser, because if the Photinos show up on this planet again, I want the people have a defense against them." The vixen took out a computer in her pack and started typing on it looking at the screen. She put away the computer and looked at the human., "I am glad that my people have Kitsune technology stored on this computer."

"Have you ever seen a Kitsune?" Asked the human.

The vixen shook her head., "No, there hasn't been a sighting of them in centuries. They visited my people hundreds of years ago, one night, they all just disappeared. Even their planet is abandoned. Some of our ships looked for them, but nobody hasn't seen them since. They looked like us with two tails, but larger."

Royce took it all in and followed the vixen out of the bay. Minutes later, they were in a different section of the ship., "What is going on here?" The human asked when Saress led him in the captains' stateroom.

Saress grinned at him., "Ever what knew what happened to some of your people who gone missing?"

The human shrugged looking at the vixen admiring her long brown head hair and her reddish orange pelt.

She runs a finger down his chest licking her nose pad., "Most of your missing persons are living on my planet. We have a male shortage and so vixens like me visit your planet because human males from Earth can make us pregnant. I am thirty one and I tried a few of the locals while I was in heat and nothing happened."

He gets pushed onto the bed gazing at her giving in to her advances toward him. Royce watched as Saress removed her clothing giving him a view of her body. The human male removed his clothes releasing his harden penis and gasped when the vixen sucked on his stiffen organ for a minute. He relaxed when she licked his balls on sucked on one of his testicles. Royce relaxed looking at Saress when she repositions herself over him. The human watches as the vixen lowers herself on his penis looking at her pink colored labia lips touching the tip of his organ. He sighs with pleasure as his penis slides into the vixen.

Saress exhaled feeling Royces' penis enter her. She missed this feeling inside her as the vixen had sex with the human she only meet hours ago. The vixen came from different culture where males are few in numbers making vixens go to other worlds to find a mate. Saress was on such a journey when her transport suffered a computer crash causing her to drop out of hyper space to reset the troublesome computer. The computer was resetting when the ground based laser hit the engine section of her transport. She knew that there will be paperwork or filling up data slates for the lost transport. Then more red tape due to her being missing for three years. Saress did a fox cry as she orgasm.

Royce explored Saress body admiring the white belly breast fur looking at the pink nipples poking thru the white fur on her full breasts. The human male stroked and felt the texture feeling the firmness of them. In the bunch of years of his life, he didn't have luck with women. Royce hated nose rings, eyebrow rings and tattoos on the breasts of human women. The human gazes at the vixen having sex with him looking her over; the only thing on her is a couple of tiny gold hoops on her ears. That's the only thing he tolerates on females, but he found the site cute on the vixen.

Saress lays her body on the human gazing at him., "How about when this is over, I take you to my home as a mate."

The human looks at her vulpine features enjoying the feeling of the furry breasts pressing on hairless body., "Uh, sure, I would enjoy living with you." He answered wondering what he just gotten himself in to. Royce sighed when he felt Saress clenched her vaginal muscles pulling on his penis. The human thought to himself wonder if human females could do the same trick. He decided that he'll never find out because of all the different women he had sex with, this anthropomorphic vixen rates the best sexual encounter he ever had. Royce yelled as he emptied inside the vixen.

She felt his seed splashed inside her and kissed the human. Saress laid on her side feeling the soften organ exit her. The vixen is already missing the feeling she enjoys so much. She held him and fell asleep.

The next day, Photino shuttle flying less than fifty feet above the ground.

The vixen moved the controls and looked at the scanner. She glances ahead at the terrain studying it. A stone structure is miles ahead of the shuttle. Saress studies the terrain around the structure seeing familiar architecture., "There's it is, Kitsunes build structures in that way. They knew of the Photinos, I think that's why they put that ground defense laser on this planet." The vixen said to the human.

He nodded and watched as the structure drew near. Royce took in the details of the structure seeing a large opening. Minutes later, the human is following the vixen into the structure.

Saress held her scanner checking for any security devices and kept her human companion from stepping at a few areas. She saw old Kitsune relics on shelves while they walked down the stone passageway. At a door, the vixen studied it placing her computer on the door, it clicked and opened.

"Wow, it looks like the reflex gun on Pluto from Star Blazers." Exclaimed Royce when he saw the weapon in the large room. Taking in the details, he looked the gun over taking in the construction. The human never saw a weapon like this. There is large cables running up to the base of the fifty foot long gun with a large crystal at the end and at the other end, more crystals with glass tubes going to the gun at the box structure where a breach would be for a regular gun., "Now that's a gun." Said Royce looking the vixen.

The vixen chuckled to herself., "Royce don't touch anything, I am going to take a look at the targeting computer." She said walking to a panel flashing a red light. Saress took off the panel examining the circuitry seeing a few damaged ones. The vixen walked to another area taking out a few circuits out of a box. She replaced the damaged ones on the targeting computer. Saress hooked her computer to the lasers' computer watching the display., "Good, good, it will not fire on Squib ships, our ships and a feline race who became a warp species thirty years ago. Now we go to my ship and change the transponder so it won't fire on us because it's back to original programming firing at Photino ships." The vixen said closing the panel.

Hours later, Saress crash site.

He watched as the vixen walked out of her transport carrying a small box with a bunch of connectors on it. Royce is glad that the vixen is doing that job instead of him. The human wondered what he will be doing at Saress home world when he heard something.

"I knew it, you're from another planet." Said a young male fox coming out of the brush.

Saress was quick grabbing the young fox picking him and looked at him., "You and the other kits were right, I just want to go home. How would you feel if you couldn't get home to your parents?"

Kuris looked at the orange catlike eyes and looked at the hairless being looking at him., "I wouldn't like it and be sad. Who is that Saress?"

"He was taken off his planet and wants to go home. I am going to do that, but first, I half to get a bigger spaceship to take the other hairless beings home. Now do me a favor and go home and don't talk about this to anybody. Soon everything will be back to normal." The vixen said to the young fox putting him down on the ground. She watches as the young fox leaves.

Royce watches and looks at Saress., "I think we better do the transponder switch somewhere else."

The vixen nods in agreement and gets in the shuttle., "I agree, let's move to an area that has nobody at and finish the swap." She gets out of the shuttle again carrying a satchel into the crash transport. A minute later, Saress walks out carrying a different case with a sad look.

Royce follows her in the shuttle watching as a blue white flash engulfs the crashed transport as the shuttle took off.

"I hate to do that, but I had to, Kuris can't keep his muzzle shut. We'll be long gone before he drags an adult to that area.

Hours later, low orbit.

Saress programs the hyper drive computer and engaged the drive. The vixen looks at the human with a grin., "I am out of here, it's going to be nice sleeping in a normal bed again."

Royce nodded looking at the hyperspace tunnel ahead of the shuttle. He wonders what is fate is going to throw at him next as the vixen sets the autopilot. The human grinned as a hand leads him to the back of the shuttle.

Stone structure, surface of planet.


Hydraulics lowered the large laser to its stand by position and the red light on the computer went green.

Shuttle in hyperspace.

Royce watched as Saress changed her outfit. One of the humans' fetishes is watching females change clothing. He watched as the vixen peeled off the one piece outfit showing her slim athletic body.

The vixen saw the human watch her as she removed her outfit., "Another human male with the cloth changing fetish. I can live with that." Saress thought to herself putting on the outfit she was wearing when the vixen crashed on that planet. She zipped it up noticing that it's tight in the breast area. The vixen looked and noticed that her breasts must have grown a little while marooned on that planet. Saress looked at the outfit and at Royce who is staring at her., "Must have been the diet that gave the breast augmentation and I can tell that he doesn't mind it one bit." She thought to herself sitting next to the human to start a conversation with him.

He watched as the vixen changed to a type of one piece outfit that has the coloring of bluish silver. Royce noticed that Saress must have gained inches on her breast size because she couldn't zip the outfit all the way causing the vixen to show some cleavage. The human relaxed as the vixen sat down next to him.

"I need to get some new outfits when I land at home." The vixen said looking at her breasts., "The diet gave me a free breast augmentation, went from medium to medium large." Saress said to the human and put an arm around him.

Royce relaxed and stroked her long brown colored hair., "Heck, to me, your lovely the way you are."

A day later.

Saress dropped the shuttle from hyperspace and doubled check that the transponder is operating. She looked at her home world in the distance and slowed the shuttle transmitting her codes., "I should be getting a response in a minute." The vixen said looking at the planet.

Space station orbiting the planet.

The vixen looked at her screen with a puzzled look and keyed her com., "Maam, I am getting a strange reading. I am showing a Photino F class shuttle, but the IFF transponder is showing a transport that was lost three years ago."

Another vixen walked up looking at the screen and codes scrolled across the transponder signal., "I know those codes; they belong to a friend of mine. I'll take care of this." She says keying the com device.

Shuttle heading to planet.

"Saress, where have you been in the last three years?" Said a voice from the radio.

The vixen grinned., "Katie, are you still a colonel or you're a general now. I've been marooned on a planet for three years and been out of touch. We need to talk, some laws have been recently broken at the sol 3 system and I got a witness of those laws being broken. Sorry about the transport, but I had to borrow this shuttle from the Photinos. They caused some serious problems on two pre warp worlds and I need some help in getting things fixed."

A minute later, there is a reply., "Land your shuttle at bay A-23 and tell me everything. It looks like we'll be exposing ourselves to other non-warp species."

An hour later, an office on the space station.

Royce sat on a really comfortable chair looking around. When they landed at the bay, Saress was taken by an older vixen wearing a military uniform and he was escorted to this office by a young vixen that looked like in her teens. He looked at the vixen staring at him with pale blue colored catlike eyes like a husky with blonde colored head hair.

Jen looked at the human looking him over. She has seen human males on her planet living with vixens. The young vixen who just turned twenty started a conversation., "So, what happened to Earth human?" Jen asked knowing that that this office is bugged.

The human relaxed and told the vixen everything that happened to him since that night. He left out the two sexual encounters with Saress because it was none of anybody's business.

Another office.

Katie sighed when Saress finished her story., "That is not good my friend, the Photinos must of broken thirty different laws and twelve treaties. We decided to only observe Earth and pick any human male who wouldn't be missed. Now they do this mass kidnapping. That slave ship crashing on that planet, that's one mess I am not looking forward in cleaning up, but we got to get those humans off that world soon. I am going to send a H-25 transport to that planet with one of our intelligence ships so we can stay away from those settlements except that one town you lived at."

"We got to get some tech personal to check that laser out. All what I did was replace those damaged circuits on the computer. That laser packs a wallop; it almost blew the rear section off my transport. It did a real number on that Photino slave ship, I claim salvage rights on the remanding four shuttles to cover the replacement of the transport I lost. I hated to destroy that ship, the locals on that planet still knows me as the hunter, so there's not that much contamination done to that society." Saress said to Katie.

The older vixen nodded in agreement. Kits are known to spread wild rumors that adults don't believe. The human male with Saress won't be allowed to set foot on that planet again. Getting Saress to set foot on that planet would take an effort, but a few bribes to make it easier to rejoin society with less red tape might get her to go back to that planet to act as guide with that town., "Have to wear the same clothing as those locals and do some talking. Clean up the mess on that planet first and then find out what happened to the Earth. I am going to spend some time talking to our leaders about this, boy, what a mess this is." Katie thought to herself sighing.

A few days later, an H-25 transport orbiting the pre industrial planet.

On the bridge, Katie ran a hand thru her black colored head hair looking at a screen at the tactical station. The vixen breathed a sigh of relief when the reading showed the laser stowing itself to the standby position., "Ok, it looks like the repairs Saress did days ago is still working." She looks at a security person., "Seth, escort a tech team to that structure housing that laser and check all systems on it. Saress is right, those people living on this planet might be pre-warp, but they don't deserve to be slaves to the Photinos." Katie saw the male fox nod in agreement.

Seth heard Saresss' story of her three years living on this planet and he saw pictures of the of the town the vixen lived at., "I am surprised she's still sane, living that time without running water and luxuries. I myself will go insane." The male fox thought to himself walking off the bridge.

Saress watched as Seth walked off the bridge, she turned her head looking at Royce manning a console. The vixen grinned that her mate was allowed to accompany her on this mission, but he's not allowed to go to the surface. He told her that he has no problem with that because he had enough of pre-industrial worlds. She chuckled to herself replaying that conversation in her mind.

An hour later, laser structure.

Seth looked at the laser whistling an admiration., "That may be a relic, but as Saress said, it's still deadly." The fox thought to himself watching as the team of technicians had panels off checking circuits of the laser and repairing circuits.

A hold of H-25 transport.

Katie looked at the thousands of humans in the hold. Her race has transporter technology and this type of craft has a type transporter that can transport thousands of beings at one time. The vixen watched as scores of her personal treat the humans feeling fury at the Photinos for what they did., "I hope our government does something soon." She thought to herself and walked back to the bridge.

Surface of the planet, a few hours later. A structure at a village.

The male wolf sat at his hand made desk writing on a parchment. He turned his head at the sound of the door opening letting in Saress and another vixen with black head hair., "Saress, what brings you here?"

Saress relaxed and walked up to the desk., "As I promised, all those hairless beings and I mean all of them are off your planet."

Harold looked at the strange vixen., "Kuris told me that he saw you at a crashed spaceship. I can't believe he spreads rumors that you're from another planet. Some adults went to that area and saw the remains of a fire at the place; he's grounded at his house for a week for spreading false stories."

The other vixen with black head hair walked up to him grinning placing a strange object his desk and spoke., "Those kits were right chief, Saress is from another planet and she just did a major clean up. I think that our secret is safe with you, so we will be dropping by once in a while because she just saved your town from an awful fate. Trust me; be glad that she was living at your town during that time. I'll be seeing you soon chief, so keep our secret with you only, plus don't worry about those hairless beings because we just took care of it." The vixens walked out of the structure leaving that strange object.

The wolf picked up the object looking at it. It was a round object gold in color with numbers on it. Harold recognized it as a type of time piece and pocketed it after looking at it.

Five months later, Saresss' new transport near a planet.

Saress looked at the human male sitting next to her. The vixen looked at the planet seeing a large space station orbiting it. Her people decided to contact the felines first for some strange reason. Saress double checks the clocking device and waited looking at the human next to her., "We're waiting for a certain starship, the captain of that starship is known to us and she has a level head. A spy we have planted on a planet told us that she's on her way back from another mission. So we're waiting for a ship called the Lynxsclaw."

Royce stayed silent and nodded seeing Katie seated behind him with Jen. He saw a warp field appeared and a beautiful ship appeared., "Dam, that's a lovely looking ship."

"But you don't want to be at the receiving end of its weapons fire. Arcadia is one of their best starship captains and deadliest. She will be a good friend, but a dangerous enemy." Katie replied looking at the ship., "Drop the cloak."

Bridge of the Lynxsclaw.

"Captain, a small ship just appeared in front of us. I detect no weapons; I think it's a type of transport. Energy reading is neither Photino nor IMP, it's an unknown type. We're looking at a first contact situation." Said the female Squib looking at the sleek looking transport.

The female cougar looked at the screen studying the ship in front of hers. She thought of the ship lovely in appearance and started giving orders., "First contact team to the bridge, opening hailing frequencies." Arcadia ordered and looked at the com officer., "Get admiral Kang on this because I know he'll sulk if he's not in the loop." The cougar sighed to herself thinking., "Just got done dealing with those other felines and now this. My sire told me that there will be days like this."

The screen flickered showing three vixens with a human male. The vixen with black head hair spoke., "I am General Katie of the Vuline armed forces and our government has decided to contact your race and the Squibs. The Photinos just did some recent atrocities to the planet Earth. Plus they contaminated a pre-industrial world."

Arcadia kept her calm demeanor looking at the upper left corner of the view screen seeing an image of admiral Kang with her sire who is grinning., "Oh boy, better not screw this up as Isaac would say, better start being a diplomat again." The cougar thought to herself and directed her gaze hearing the first contact team come on the bridge., "I am Captain Arcadia Adamson of the feline forces, it's a pleasure to meet you. From seeing a human male, I say you ended up with humans from the planet Earth, the Photinos been attacking our colonies. My race along with our Squib allies have been cleaning up a bunch of messes those swine been doing at our sectors."

On the screen of the transport, Royce saw feline morphs with fennec foxes with the coloring of a sable rough collie with light blue glowing eyes., "Never found out how that happens, Squibs are normally a peaceful folk. From observation from some of our spies, they're nasty fighters." Said Katie behind him whispering to him.

The human nodded seeing a group of felines walking onto the bridge with a few of the Squibs. He saw the fennec foxes looking at them whispering among themselves., "Are you sure, you guys never contacted the Squibs?" He whispered to the vixens.

Saress whispered back., "Remember what I said about the Kitsunes, the Squibs did have contact with them and I mentioned that we do look like them. We got to explain to them that were not Kitsunes. That's one of the reasons we're contacting the felines first."

Royce nodded in agreement and made a mental note to have a conversation with one of the Squibs to find out more about those Kitsunes. He stayed quiet and listens to the exchange between the two species.

Epilogue, a few months later, Vuline home world.

Royce put an arm around Saress shoulder gazing at the view of the city. His mate has him as a co-pilot on her transport. Saress explained to him the reason her government contacted the felines and Squibs was they were getting close to some of her peoples outer colonies in their explorations., "Plus they were ready, to bad that we were not the Kitsunes the Squibs thought we were. Just wish we knew what happen to them. The Squibs have them listed as extinct. We have them listed as moved on." The vixen said to him.

"I wonder if they ascended as the ancients did in that Star Gate TV series." The human thought to himself thinking of the time a male fox friend of his showed him archive pictures of the race., "Other than the two tails, they did look like Saress people other than being taller. I can understand the Squibs on that feline ship thinking Saress and Katie were Kitsunes. To bad they are gone; I would love to see a female Kitsune due to the four breasts." He thought to himself feeing Saress putting an arm around his body.

  • The end of this chapter.

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