Maylon University's Epidemic Part 2: Calm Before the Storm

Story by Otherfur on SoFurry

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#2 of Maylon Epidemic

Written by: Otherfur

(Not based on actual places, events, or people)

+18 gay, male story

Another fluff chapter to establish setting and transitions.

This story won't stay vanilla, it will contain mild fetishes.

(Long overdue, but I'm hoping this will break my lack of motivation!)

Beeping. A faint beeping was the first stimuli Josh began to register. Rhythmic beeping, familiar, almost like a... heart monitor? The realization caused Josh to jump upright, gasping for breath, staring ahead. He was in a hospital room, blue tinted, with the heart monitor picking up his frenzied state with a more rapid beeping.

"Oh Christ" He mouthed to himself. "What did he do to me?" Josh slumped forward, bringing his hand to his face when his fingertips brushed across a bandage. Panic set in again as Josh scanned for reason he had a bandage around his forehead, rediscovering the wound he sustained in the back of his head. He fell backwards in defeat, only to aggravate the wound on the stiff pillow under him.

Not a moment later a doctor speed walked into the room, slowing down from a slight jog.

"Hey, you're awake, good. You scared us for a moment, how are you feeling, any pain?"

"My head is sore, uh, that's all I think."

"And what's your name?"

"Josh... Want am I doing here?"

"Hold on. Play any sports when you were young?"

"Soccer. Usually left back, but you didn't an-"

"Who's our Vice President?"

"Something with a B, Boehner... Biden? What's he have to do with this?"

"No detectable amnesia. Some slight swelling and abrasions, mostly bruises. We did some scanning while you were unconscious, luckily for you your injuries are not sub-dermal. No skull damage. What do you remember from earlier today?"

Flashbacks flooded Josh's memory. The encounter in the park between classes. The man who approached him. How he followed Josh, came onto him, forced him to the ground, the stripping, and... Josh shuffled his butt, readjusting it and the scrubs covering them. The thought made him wince, remembering how intimate the unwelcomed guest became.

"I remember some bum, he tried to rob me or something before pushing me to the pavement. I passed out." Josh muttered, only telling a half-truth while shaking his head in his hand.

"Well your wallet was recovered, along with your cellphone, a few feet away from where you were." The doctor continued "There was cash inside, along with your University ID, Driver's License, a debit card, and credit card."

Josh recalled that the man didn't want money, which left the attacker with one motive, the one he wanted to avoid mentioning.

"A young woman discovered you on the park pathway, the assailant wasn't seen. Your shorts, footwear, and shirt were in another pile."

"What about my boxers?" Josh asked.

"They were pulled dow-"

"God FUCKING Dammit!" Josh yelled, disturbing the neighboring holding rooms. He didn't want to hear that last bit.

The doctor paused, waiting for a response before proceeding. "We had you checked for any residual and didn't find anything, although you were likely penetrated."

"Noooooo!" Josh nearly sobbed, face becoming flushed from embarrassment. His anal virginity was taken by some dirty creep, and who knows what kind of rash might develop, not that he'd know about such a subject.

"The ordeal won't be considered a crime without your permission. The city police have been alerted to your possible sexual assault. The staff here will call the station before you're released if you wish to pursue".

Josh weighed his options. Did he want to deal with an investigation and the humility of having to discuss what happened again? Would the University catch wind of what occurred and get involved? Would they even catch his assaulter, and with what evidence? His physical appearance was hazy. Should Josh do the right thing and possibly prevent repeat crimes? Should he attempt ending the ordeal at the hospital? He had classes to return to. Worst of all, what were the odds of his fellow college undergrads finding out? Even with implied anonymity, stories travel as fast as they did in high school.

"I'll... decide on my way out."

"Since you're on a parental guardian's medical insurance, we'll have to get into contact with a guardian before you're discharged." If everything goes smoothly, you should be we to go within an hour after some follow up exams are finalized."

"I'm not on good terms with my mother and father. They won't give you trouble with the co-pay. Just... tell them I was mugged, nothing else please."

"Do you have anyone who can pick you up?" The doctor asked.

"My roommate, Shaun. He can give me a ride back to my dorm." Josh scanned the room for a clock, finding one above the doorway. It read 3:42pm, meaning Shaun's Friday courses should be finished.

Shaun arrived at the Maylon General Hospital around 4:30pm, a twenty minute ride from campus to the downtown area where the hospital resided. Within a few minutes, Josh walked out the hospital's front doors and spotted Shaun's 90's pickup truck near the front of the parking lot. Josh jumped into the passenger's seat, clothed in his brown shorts and blue pastel shorts from earlier in the day.

Shaun was slightly shorter than Josh, at 5'9'', but slightly older at 21. His hair was kept in a longer than average, sandy-blond crew cut. He wore jeans, flip-flops, and a sleeveless shirt from preparing to unwind for the day before Josh called him.

Shaun continued to look forward until Josh broke the silence. "Didn't feel like meeting me inside?"

Shaun quipped back "Want me to hold your hand too? You told me you were fine" and followed up with a slight laugh.

"Not in the mood man, I already got mugged today and left with this souvenir on my head."

"Lose any money?" Shaun asked.

"Enough to cut short on food for the week." Josh lied. Maybe then Shaun wouldn't ask any further.

"I can always lend you some."

"No, it's fine, I have enough savings, just wasn't planning on using it."

Shaun started up the truck, beginning the journey to campus. The conversation was quiet between the two. Josh often avoided any details about what happened in the park, still embarrassed as hell trying to make sense of what happened.

"You're so lucky we beat rush hour, I'd kill you if you got me stuck in traffic you know, would'a messed up my evening schedule." Josh said before pulling into the dorm parking.

The dorms in this area were male-only, an initiative anti-rape activists pressured onto Maylon a few years back. Female dorms were across campus, while the limited co-ed was always filled first by seniors with priority dorm selections.

Josh rolled his eyes. "Nah, I'm lucky because you would have whined about it the entire time, and that's worse than any threat you throw at me."

Josh headed inside, exiting the truck and climbing the stairs to the second story.

"You're welcome, prick." Was Shaun's only response.

Josh opened his dorm door and plopped down on the living room couch, making sure to turn on Netflix, cycling through to find any series he had been neglecting. Shaun stood over Josh before asking if Josh needed anything before he left him on the couch in favor of getting an evening workout at the gym. Josh declined, saying he only needed a rest and aspirin, which he had, and to that Shaun headed out.

Josh spent the majority of the next four hours watching a combination of Archer and Game of Thrones while occasionally letting him mind wander and observe his dorm. The dorm was built for four in mind, with a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, two sinks, and four bedrooms. Josh was lucky, or unlucky, enough to have one roommate bail a week into the semester for unknown reasons, and the fourth room to not be taken. This left Josh and Shaun to have their own bathrooms and use the empty bedrooms for storage.

The sun had already set, Shaun had returned from the gym to resign himself to listening to music in his room, and Josh had enough of Netflix, calling an end to his eventful day.

Josh's room was decorated with a combination of sports posters, memories of high school achievements, and countless books accumulated from his past semesters, which he never bothered to sell.

Josh plopped down into his bed and shed his clothes from the day, throwing them into a laundry basket and opting to keep his boxers on. The time spent in bed allowed him to reflect on the day, what exactly occurred, and who had assaulted him in the park. Josh began to doze off, just as before, when recounting the moments the man leaned over him. Josh rubbed his hand across his own chest to rub between his navel and pink nipples, nearly in sync with how the man rubbed his tongue across Josh's chest several times. To end it all off, Josh moved south idly, pulling his excited shaft through his boxers with ease from the still missing button. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and slowly pumped in rhythm to how the man was frotting, recalling the act in more vivid detail, all in a subconscious state.

What Josh had failed to notice under the sheets this time was the skin around the base of his shaft beginning to bunch up and ride up his more sensitive cock. Josh passed out, giving in to the pleasure, only to discover the path he'd been set down tomorrow.

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