PI Isaac Case #1 chapter 5

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#5 of PI Isaac Case #1

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I am amazed I got here without crashing into something. With everything that happen at the school, I just glad this should be my last stop, Gemini memorial hospital. Twenty stories tall, each floor holding around thirty rooms, and the place where most people affected by a violent crime end up. If Kate's sister was assaulted, this would be place she would end up.

The sky was covered in crimson, making the building look like it was inflames. The sight of this just made it more eerie. Please don't tell me it gets worse. I parked as close as I could get to the main entrance, but the closes I could get was halfway across the parking lot. Jumping out of my car, I hurried toward the door.

I turned my phone back on and immediately looked for the text Niko sent me. I needed to learn Kate's last name if I needed to see her sister. I clicked on the text Niko sent me, learned Kate's last name, and then put it back in my pocket.

The lobby was just as you expected, busy. People sitting in chairs reading magazines or doing something with their phones. The hyena at the front desk is the person I need to talk to, so I approached like I did while I was still an officer. "Hello, I am Isaac, I am an investigator, and I am looking for a Miss Copper who is staying here."

"Room 524." Quicker than I thought.

"Thank you." Going thought the double doors. There wasn't much activity in the halls, the nurses past me without a second glance. So far nothing bad has happened. One of the nurses was about to enter the elevator when I yelled "hold".

"What floor?" she asks as I slipped in.

"The fifth please." She pressed the button and the elevator rose.

The elevated stopped on the fifth floor and I got off. I knew where to look for the room. At the elevator turn right, left, right, and it would be the 4 from the right.

The room was where it was, on the side of the door is the name of the occupant 'Angela Copper'. I took a breath before I knocked. I needed to be polite, on the odd chance Angela was awake or had a visitor, when no response came I entered.

Iexpected the worst when I entered but the raccoon in the bed was not in bad a shape as I thought. She was had a cast on her arm and leg, cover with messages like 'recover soon' and 'we will help' on it. Parts that were visible was covered in bruises and swollen.

I got a sick feeling in my stomach. Whenever I look at a person like Angela, I feel so sad and ill. I want to help, but there is nothing I can do. I can't heal wounds, ease the pain of what a victim went though, it is so frustrating.

Ineeded to recompose myself, I needed to see the diagnostic sheets, something about what Nate said bother me. He said 'that Angela told Kate the name of one of her attackers, Archie, who then told police', that seem odd to me. The sheets should explain it better than I could.

The sheets where on the other side of the room, by a pile of gifts her visitors left. I wasted no time flipping thought the reports. The reports are detailed on her injuries, multiple blows to the head, possible brain damage. Multiple fractures, manly on the left and right side on the body. These injuries seem too inconsistent to be done by a single person, so there one point for multiple attacker theory. At the very least three people of different builds to make some of these injuries. If she wakes up she would go through rehab, psychologist, nightmares, basically a living hell for a year at least. I hope she has the will to do so, others didn't. Please, if me catching the bastards who did this give her the strength to face life after this, let me find them.

The page after had a comment by ether the doctor or nurse. 'Blood was found on the inner thigh, we believe the blood belong to the victim, bruises and marks in the vagina also suggest the victim was also sexually assaulted. No other DNA was found.' I lost it a moment, to do this on top of assault. Did they do it to all their victims? The though alone could make me vomit. When I find them I am going to, turn them into the police. My job is to find the culprit and make sure he goes to court for this. I am a Detective not an Executioner, thought beating the bastards to hell and back should be okay.

The door to the room open, whatever thought I had been broken by the appearance of the Gothic raccoon I saw at school. She seemed shocked to see me here, but who wouldn't. We just stared at each other, waiting for the other to say something to brake the suffocating silence. At some point the girl, Kate, spook first, "what the hell are you doing here?"

"I am Isaac, a Private Investigator, I came to follow up a lead."

"For that bitch?" I don't think she is talking about Taylor this time.

"No, I am looking into the disappearance of Xander Young."

"Xander is not here, so leave." Maybe I should have left sooner.

"But I still need to talk to you"

"Nate should have explained we had no contact with Xander since winter break."

"He did, but I needed to conform it with you as well."

"It is conformed, so leave." Did she just get pissed? I need info on Xander, but if I can't get her focused we will be here for hours, and I still need to pick up Niko.

I decided it would better to make some lie or excuse for her to talk. "Kate, I have heard that Xandermight have info on the attacks." Even if a lie, it did its job, Kate was now focused on me. Kate said nothing as she planted herself in the chair. I took the chair across from her. "Kate, do you know your right when being interrogated?" Many people do not know about their rights involving interrogation, so I thought I should get that out of the way.

"Yeah I know them."

"Good that makes it easier on us." I didn't know where to start on this interrogation, I figure getting info on Xander would be simpler. "What did you know about Xander?"

"He was a cougar, dressed nice, was an honor student, and was deciding what college to go to."

"Is that all you know?"

"Yeah." Her body language said something was up. She should know more than that.

"Well how did you and Xander meet?"

"Though the tutor system."

"The tutor system? Is that some program at school?"

"Yeah, seniors who has enough credits to graduate can sign up for this program to teach other students." Kate signed, "Supposedly, signing up and improving the students grades is good when you apply to college." Makes sense.

"Did Xander just tutored you or was there others with you?"

"Xandertutored me, Nate, and Ditz in the same subject. If he tutored other people in a different subject, I wouldn't know." Alright, it mostly matches what Nate said, so she can't be lying about that.

"Did you only see Xander when he was tutoring you?"

"Not much, I saw him in the halls and talk with him at times, but not really looking for him." Seems reasonable. "Now it is my turn," She leaned forward, "what does any of this have to do with my sister?"

She had a point. I need to give a believable answer. "I was informed that Xander might have a connection to the people who did this assault, so I am looking into it."

"Then you are barking up the wrong tree." Huh? "Xander is not much for crime and violence. Some people believe Xander is a snitch." That seems odd.

"Did he do anything to be called such?"

"I never saw it, but I heard that it was him that got Lector in jail." Lector, that's someone I haven't heard before.

"Who is Lector?"

"Lector is an ass who put a teacher's car on fire." That seems drastic. "They Xander was the one who tipped of the police. Because this wasn't his first time, Lector is in jail without bail till his trial." Lector might be a good lead to follow at some point, I made a note to follow it.

I had enough of Xander, next was to move onto the next subject. "Okay, now can I ask about Archie?"

Kate's expression soured dramatically, "what do you need to know?" anything really.

"Let's start with his personality, what was he like?"

"A drama queen." Not very informative. "He likes the sound of his own voice and hate to be interrupted." Better, but not much.

"Was he the sort to react violently?"

"Apparently." That is not good at all.

"Ms. Copper, I need you to think, does Archie have a temper or act violent?"

"You see for yourself!" she pointed to Angela, but I didn't follow. "Does the condition my sister in say he was violent?" it almost looks like she was going to break.

"Ms. Copper, I will rephrase the question, has Archie done anything this violent before the attack on your sister happen? I want you to think for at least half a minute before you answer."

Her face changed to bewilder, "what the hell are you applying?"

I sighed, "Ms. Copper, I heard that when Angela came to, she told you Archie attacked her then she went back to sleep. In my opinion that is a load of crap."

"The fuck" she grabbed me by my collar, "What the fuck are you saying you bitch?" what is with the name calling today?

"I am saying it is impossible what you said happen, plain and simple."

"Where's your proof?" she was furious, nostrils flaring, eyes widen, but I was completely calm. This always happen, so I don't react to a person acting like this.

"Common sense," I said, "it was easy to find the faults with a thought." I got up, she had let me go as I rose. "If you read the diagnostic report you would understand right." I hold them out but she refused to look at them, "so you have read them.

"I still don't get your point, I can still see what wrong with my sister just by looking at her!"

I placed the reports down. I would have to explain everything. "You know what was damaged, right? Not only the body but the head as well." I paused to let it sink in. "That was hit multiple time in the assault, now answer me, what is the term for a blow to the head?"

"What does this shit have to do with anything?" Her snarl still didn't affect me

"The answer is a concoction. As a result, Angela would not be able to clearly remember the time of the attack or anyone who was involved." Kate was shocked, but I didn't let up. "Second, she is in no condition to talk. Most of her bones are broken and she is incredible pain. So how would a doctor help in that situation?"

I saw that Kate realized what I was getting at, she didn't even speck.

"Seems you got it, the answer is drugs and high grade stuff as that. If your sister woke up once after the attack, her first word would not be a name of her attacker, it would be of complete confusion to the situation."

Kate mumbled something.

"Can you repeat that?"

She Exploded. "I said shut the fuck up youpiece of shit bitch." The swears are continuing to rise aren't they. "You know nothing about what happen so how can you even to pretend to know. You think my sister lied, then why. You're a detective, right? Then show proof. Come on show it. Pull that proof out your ass right now and show me my sister is a liar."

"Her phone." Kate was dumbstruck. "You want proof go through her phone."

"The fuck. That all the shit you have to say. What would my sister's phone got to do with anything?"

"You said to prove your sister is a liar, then go through her phone."

"Speck words, bitch, not crap." May whatever strength I have prevented me from slapping this girl.

"Fine, I will put my theory down. You have seen her before the attack, the people who attacked her called her to lure her to a location. She didn't want you to know so she used Archie as an excuse. When she was found you used Archie since it was the person your sister was said she was going to see. That is what I think, so prove me wrong."

Kate's eyes looked distant, like she was trying to remembering something. Her knees gave way and fell. She didn't cry, scream, cures, just silence.

I put a business card on the table, "If you find anything, call me." before closing the door I added, "it is not easy, but then this kind of shit never is."

I was probably scowling the whole way out, all the people who looked at me turn away immediately. This day can't get worse, right? A clock at the front desk said 7:05, shit's got worse.

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