The Key to Infiltration is the Proper Disguise

Story by Serathin on SoFurry

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Sometimes the most unconventional means are the best to diplomacy, as well as espionage.

While this isn't transformation per se I consider it as much, the theme is rather bizarre and somewhat experimental so I hope you enjoy.

Night had fallen upon the kingdom of Thalreith, home of a primarily canine race that had gone from a scattered nation of packs to one banner under an alpha wolf named Thalros. When he had named himself the Prime Alpha the others quickly fell in line, choosing to unite the packs instead of the potential bloody war that would have followed. With their newfound unity they had suddenly found themselves ever watchful of their neighbors, primarily a race of reptilians that shared a border in their southern jungle. It was because of this that many people were at unrest, especially when whispers that the older race had come to conquer them floated on the wind.

None of that really mattered to Sander, the young wolf that was one of few in the recently built inn of the capital. Instead he focused on the pint of spirits that he had bought and looked out at the moon that had begun to climb into the sky overhead. He had been a castle servant for the newly crowned Prime Alpha ever since his pack and come into power, and while it wasn't a particularly bad job he was part of the later shift that tended to the night time needs of the strong males and females that dwelled within the castle. Though he had never personally been asked he had heard rumors that some of the servants were asked to perform sexual favors to the point where males had been asked to raise their tails to other males. His stomach churned at the thought, not in fear but in anxiety that when he heard that sort of thing was happening it aroused him slightly...

"You must be in pretty deep thought." A voice suddenly said next to the canine that caused him to jump slightly. He turned to see the smiling visage of a drake next to him, one of the types of reptiles from the Southern Kingdom that were smaller and sleeker then their horned draconic counterparts. They were the ones that were primarily seen in their own kingdom as merchants, though to see one in the capital was rare as the candlelight glinted off his dark green scales. "I had asked if this seat was taken twice but you didn't answer, seeing how that's an improvement on the reaction I got from some of your brethren I decided to take a chance."

"I'm sorry sir, I was in thought." Sander replied bashfully. "Don't mind the others, many believe that any scaled creature from the south is here for the sole purpose of overthrowing our kingdom."

"I think it would take more than little old me to get that job done." The reptile replied with a chuckle. "I'm just up here to try and get a foothold in the area before my competitors, I sell magical wares and I hear that your new King is quite the proficient magic user. Of course he would have to be I imagine, being able to bring all the tribes of the wolf lands under his control. Name's Kresh by the way."

"I'm Sander." The wolf replied, surprised at how talkative the other male was. "And yes, you'd be right."

Kresh nodded and took a drink from his glass. "I have to say all of your kind are rather fierce in their own rights." The drake continued on. "Powerful warriors, shamans... I don't know what your kind are afraid of, even if you did have to go to war with someone else it would be a fight to the death and there wouldn't be much left. Nah, I think that diplomacy would be the far better options, don't you think?"

Sander just nodded and went back to his drink, allowing the reptile to continue on with his talking. Every so often he would glance from the reptile up to the outside, hoping that he would be able to politely leave when the time came. It appeared that the foreigner was rather fascinated with the wolf culture and Sander did his best to answer any of the questions that he had, even when the reptile asked why he seemed very distracted. All the wolf said was that he was supposed to go to work relatively soon, which seemed to sate the curious drake's curiosity for the moment.

"Well, I suppose I should leave you be then." Kresh said as he stood up, though he paused and put a clawtip to his lip. "Although... since you've been friendly to me so far I was wondering, well, nah, I won't ask."

"Ask what?" Sander asked, curious.

"Well, I've already tried to get a room for the night here but that stuck-up innkeeper said that he didn't have any room for me." Kresh replied. "I personally think its bunk, but it leaves open a great opportunity for you. Since you'll be off for work anyway I wonder if perhaps I could bed down in your home? I promise you won't even know I was there and I'll give you the two gold pieces that I was going to try and bribe the innkeeper with to let me at least stay in his barn. What do you say?"

Sander gulped slightly as he watched the drake pull out two shiny gold coins, more than he could make in months of services. A small voice in his head debated on letting a foreigner stay in his quarters, but eventually his want overcame any fear he had and he nodded his head yes. The drake grinned widely and asked him to lead the way and after a quick check on the moon's position to make sure he had time Sander led him through the village. Along the way he got a number of looks, some curious, most scornful, but he tried to ignore them as he walked through the stone paths to the modest wooden home he had.

"I know it's probably not what you're used to." Sander apologized as he allowed the drake in before he closed the door behind him. "I do have a little food in the larder if you're hungry, for two gold the least I can do is let you have access to the- mfffh!" The wolf's instructions were silenced as a pair of scaly lips pressed against his as soon as he turned around, his entire body shuddering at the sudden show of affection. His hands pressed against the strong, hard chest of the reptile as he felt the male's tongue push into his mouth and dance with his own and by the time they finally separated both men were out of breath.

"What was that..." The wolf trailed off as the lust of such an action hit his mind and body like a rock, nearly falling to the floor had Kresh not wrapped his arms around him. He had never been kissed before, neither by male nor female, but he hadn't expected his first time to be quite so intense. When he finally found his voice again he tried to tell the drake that he couldn't do this and that he had to go, but a couple of simple shushes and the canine found himself dragged to his bedroom before he was thrown on top of it.

Sander was still confused as he managed to get onto his back, looking up at the lustful smile of the drake above him who had begun to remove his garb. Even though the wolf felt in full control of his faculties he couldn't stand to get off of the bed, his eyes still glued as more and more of the green scales of his sudden lover were revealed. He wanted to ask what was happening and why he suddenly felt a burning arousal in his loins when Kresh pulled down the last of the cloth covering him and revealed his scaled groin. The wolf's mouth went wide as he stared down the impressive length of the other male, which jutted straight out at him as Kresh began to stroke it.

When Sander finally found his voice again the other male had climbed into his bed and began to strip the clothing off of him as well. "I don't think I could handle you." Was all that came out of the wolf's mouth as his furred chest was exposed which rose and sank quickly with the sheer adrenaline of the moment. The drake's smile just grew even wider and a sudden yank nearly pulled Sander off the bed as his own groin was revealed to be just as hard, if not a bit smaller, then his counterpart.

"I think I have just the thing." Kresh replied as he reached over the side of the bed and rummaged in his satchel until he pulled out a crystal bottle with a blue liquid inside it. "One of the best lubes ever produced. Now try and relax, I promise not only will you be back to work on time but with one of the biggest smiles on your face ever."

"Did you plan for this?" Sander replied as he watched the drake slather the liquid on his genitals, which caused him to look away in a slight huff. "I hope you don't think you can take advantage of me because of the gold you're paying me for the room."

"You mean you don't come with the room?" Kresh joked. "If you weren't into it you'd never have let it get this far, so just enjoy the ride."

Sander continued to stare at him for a second and finally nodded, throwing caution to the wind. If the experience felt anything like how they started he could see why some of the males preferred to have their tails raised instead of being with a woman. He watched as Kresh emptied the last of the bottle before he grabbed Sander's furry inner thighs and spread them apart, revealing the tight pink tailhole between them. The wolf braced himself as he watched the scaled body of the drake slide up his until the tip pressed against the tight pucker of muscle. As soon as the lubricant rubbed onto his flesh he suddenly felt the area relax and the tip was popped inside his body that caused him to moan loudly.

Even with just the tip Sander could feel his toes curl, his arms wrapped around the drake's plated neck as he tried to breathe and allow the male inside him. Never in his dreams had he thought he would have a reptile in his bed, much less inside him, but the more the thick rod of flesh slid inside of him the less he cared. The lube seemed to do its job marvelously, any first moments of pain that he had heard from the others was dulled to nothing and left him only with the purest bliss as he couldn't help but watch the drake's cock sink into his body. His back arched and his legs lifted into the air as he was penetrated deeper and deeper, finally his entire body shuddered and his cock spurted a few drops of pre as it rubbed against a particularly sensitive region of flesh. The drake seemed to expect this and once he hit the spot rubbed the tip of his member over it a few times before he continued to push his hips forward.

Finally after what seemed like forever Sander suddenly felt the scaled hips of the other male press against his cheeks, the wolf looked down amazed as the entirety of his first cock was buried completely inside of him. Sander gasped and wiggled on the bed as Kresh seemed to hold his position, the wolf's inner walls clamping down hard on the intruder which caused even more pleasure to burn through his body. Then the drake began to slowly and rhythmically move his hips and the cock buried deeply in the other male's tailhole with an almost agonizingly lustful slowness. There was little that Sander could do but try to buck back and get Kresh's maleness even deeper inside him, in the back of his mind realizing just how quickly he had taken to tail-raising and how much he enjoyed how thoroughly filled he felt as the drake mated him.

As time went on Sander began to notice something peculiar over the haze of lust that their copulation had created. His own member had begun to dribble a steady stream of pre ever since his initial penetration, but as the pool of liquid increased on his groin it had gone from a milky white to a clear-blue color. His groin and stomach also seemed slightly distorted, as Kresh thrusted harder and faster into him his stomach and groin went from firmly taking it to sloshing slightly. Even though he never had anything special in terms of abs what little muscle he had there seemed to soften even more as the flesh beneath it rolled like a wave with each pounding his tailhole took.

In a sudden move Kresh quickly pulled out of the bottoming wolf which caused Sander to yelp slightly from the sudden emptiness in his hole. He was about to ask between pants what was wrong when the drake put his snout against the orifice which had also began to leak the same fluid as his cock. The curious canine had started to wonder if he was about to get rimmed with the drake suddenly pushed his head forward. Sander let out a loud gasping moan as nearly the entire muzzle of the reptile disappeared inside him and caused his cock to shoot a load of the transparent blue liquid into the air. The wolf squirmed as the drake continued his relentless push into the canine's body, the fur of his groin and lower stomach pushed out as Kresh grabbed Sander's legs and used them to continue his push forward.

Sander tried to yell out but as soon as he took a breath in it felt like he had just taken in a lungful of water. More of the same gel-like material gushed out of his mouth as Kresh's head was now clearly outlined under the fur of his stomach as his body shuddered from such a large object inside him. He tried to pull away or roll off the bed but his arms and legs just flopped around as the thick fluid started to pour out of his mouth, pushed out by the invading body. When the drake reached his shoulders Sander feared he would be ripped in half but his tailhole seemed to stretch impossibly wide in order to allow the scaled creature deeper in.

By now all Sander could do was watch in horror as he looked like some sort of monster, his normal wolf body oozing clear fluid from his mouth, ears, and eyes as the top half of a lizard creature bulged out his stomach and chest while the bottom half of the reptile kicked and squirmed. The worst part the canine realized as he watched Kresh's hands suddenly push out his chest and shoulders before they could clearly be seen bulging out his arms was that it still all felt intensely good. His cock throbbed hard as more and more liquid shot out of it while the drake's hips slipped into his tailhole, a big gush of clear gel flowing out of his mouth as more of his liquefied body was replaced with solid flesh beneath it. He could see and feel the reptilian head pushing just below his neck as Kresh's rock-hard cock slid into his tailhole before it popped into the canine flesh of his own member.

Sander's lost all control at the feeling of another's maleness inside his own and his eyes squeezed shut as he came hard. The orgasm rushed through his entire body as his throat swelled with the shape of the reptile's head, the wolf's muzzle opening wide as the last of the goo was pushed out through his nostrils and ears before the flood finally stopped. As the wolf's eyes opened once more they had the outline of a reptilian pupil on it as a pair of scaled lips could be seen pressing slightly out beyond the canine muzzle before Sander's hands reached up and tucked them back in. Sander tried to shout, tried to run for help, but his entire body felt like it was beyond his control as it began to move on his own.

"Not too bad." Kresh's voice said from inside Sander's body before he coughed and adjusted his throat. "That spell was very much worth the time and effort." This time the voice sounded almost exactly like the wolf's as a wide grin spread across the canine muzzle while Sander saw his hands get wiggled in front of him. "The tail room leaves a little bit to be offered but nothing can be done about that."

Sander could only watch as the drake that controlled his body from the inside reached down and pulled out the same crystal vial from before. "I am sorry that I have to use you like this Sander." Kresh apologized in Sander's voice while he put the mouth of the open bottle against the puddle of goo and watched as the liquid was sucked inside. "Your King is quite shrewd, he has wards that would disperse the strongest of magics and if our kingdoms went to war it would be a slaughter on both sides. This spell, however, is completely undetectable, and if all goes well our two kingdoms will be one without a single life lost. Once I complete my mission I will vacate your body and you can reclaim the essence that I've collected in this bottle, I promise."

Sander felt less then reassured as the last of what used to be his body was gathered in the glass reliquary before it was stoppered and put into his own bag. With the last evidence that he had been bodyjacked cleared away Kresh put on Sander's clothes and gave himself one last cursory glance over before he walked to the door. "I have to say I'm really beginning to enjoy wolf bodies in every sense of the word." Kresh snickered as he ran a hand through his fur, which caused both of them to shudder before they made their way to the castle.


Half an hour later Sander was inside the castle, as well as the drake that was inside controlling his body. He passed by other wolven servants and more than once they had struck up a conversation with him, Sander hoped that one of them would figure out his predicament and warn someone but Kresh replied almost perfectly to each of them. "I have insight into your memories as well as your body." The reptile explained in a whisper as they moved passed the servant's area and into the castle proper, a slight tingle passing through the marks on his body as he moved through the wards that kept the pack safe. "One of perks of the spell that I used on you."

Sander's thoughts froze as the drake's reveal sank in; not only was the reptile using his body to get into the castle but his memories as well. Things started to become clearer as they made their way into the Alpha's chambers, the place where Sander had worked the majority of his hours. Kresh's target was obviously the alpha, whom he saw sit in a small, magically created pool of hot water. The huge wolf seemed to notice him come in and curled a finger at him to beckon him forward. As Sander's body moved forward he thought that he would be reprimanded for his lateness, only to be told to grab the pitcher of wine by the table and refill his glass.

"I don't think that you would mind that I started without you." Thalros said with a smirk as Kresh slowly pulled out a small vial from his pocket and discreetly dumped the contents into the pitcher. "All this pampering by servants, no wonder the other kingdom's nobles are soft and weak. Sander, if I ever ask you to put a spoon to my mouth so that I can eat my supper I want you and the others to try and rip me apart so that I can remember how I got here in the first place."

Sander screamed in his mind for Thalros to check the wine magically as it was poured into his cup, but sadly he knew that it wouldn't do any good. All the mentally-trapped wolf could do was watch as his alpha downed half the glass before he asked for a refill, which the reptile in his body was more than willing to provide. As Thalros continued to relax the other wolf began to do his duties, preparing the bed for the night and providing more drink and food when his alpha asked it of him. When the moon reached its zenith in the sky Thalros suddenly grunted, which caused Kresh to look towards him and allowed Sander to see as well.

"Sander, my towel please." Thalros said with another grunt as he held out his arm, his soaked fur dripping against the hard stone before it disappeared. At first Sander thought that the devious reptile had poisoned the other canine, but as the alpha wolf took the cloth and wrapped it around him while he got out of the water he realized he was having completely different bodily problems. The thick material tented out several inches as he looked away slightly. "It appears I seem to be having a bit of an arousal problem."

"It's not that concerning, my alpha." Kresh replied as he tried to hide a grin off the wolf's face as he led the bigger male to the bed, who had started to walk funny with what he guessed was arousal from the fabric rubbing against his sensitive flesh. "I'm sure you're not the first male in this pack to get hard, and with leading an entire kingdom filled with other alpha wolves I'm sure the... need arises from time to time when you don't have an audience. Why don't you lie down and I'll find one of the females to service you."

To Sander's surprise Thalros shook his head and grabbed him by the hand, beginning to pant as he looked at him with lustful eyes. "I can't wait, I need to take care of this NOW." The smaller wolf let out a small yelp as he was twisted around and pushed forward until his white furred stomach was pressed against the bed sheets. "Gods Sander, I have to be inside you, spread your legs and raise your tail."

"Anything you need, my alpha." Sander was shocked as he felt the thick tool press against his leg as he was pushed even further forward until his exposed rump was high in the air and his pants were crudely pulled down. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that Thalros would even consider being a tailraiser, but even now he could feel the same wanton gropes and licks that he himself had experienced only a few hours ago. Whatever the drake had dosed him with seemed to work like a charm, for the second time tonight he began to feel the slick flesh of a male cock spread apart his pert backside.

As Kresh let out a loud groan and Sander felt his vision blur from the sheer pleasure a thought hit him that caused an even greater joy to fill him. The way the drake had taken over his body before involved him being on top, but even with whatever the reptile dosed him with Sander knew the alpha wolf would never let anyone near his hole to even suggest the possibility of submission. His psyche relaxed as he realized all the drake was going to get was a ravage fucking that he was going to also be able to experience, although after that he would still have to figure out how to excise the reptile from his body. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted as he felt Thalros push in several inches at once which caused him to claw at the bed.

Sander could feel Kresh smile even more and suddenly the lizard in a wolf's skin climbed forward, popping the thick red cock with an audible pop and an even more audible deep growl. "This is no position for the leader of the wolves." Kresh said as he took off his own clothes until he was completely naked as well. "Lie down on your back and I'll give you an experience you'll never forget."

"Sander, I didn't know you were so 'experienced'." Thalros said with a playful growl as he seemed to loosen up a bit at the revelation and situated himself to where he laid back on the bed with his cock sticking straight up in the air. "Had I known perhaps we could have done this earlier. For now though if you don't start servicing me I'm gonna-"

The well-muscled wolf didn't even get a chance to finish his sentence as Kresh swung his leg around Thalros' body and angled his tailhole against the thick flesh before he pushed down. As soon as the tip popped past his tight ring of muscle the alpha tensed for a second before his body completely relaxed, a loud whine escaping his lips while Kresh's canine covered form let gravity impale him on the spire of flesh beneath him. Kresh whimpered slightly as he took the entire thing in a few seconds, his own cock jutting out as the fur of their groins met together.

"It gets even better." Kresh said as he reached into the satchael he had hung on the side of the bed and pulled out a glowing vial of green fluid. "This is something that I had picked up just in case I got lucky, it's supposed to enhance the sensations ten-fold of anyone touching you. I didn't think you'd be the one to receive this, but I would be happy if you would."

Thalros grabbed Kresh by the wrist and look of concern swept over his face, something that caused Sander to hope that his alpha would see through the charade even with his dick buried completely in his body. "I typically don't trust any magics that I personally haven't vetted myself." Thalros said as he stared into the eyes of the wolf and seemingly into the reptile's behind it. Shane could feel Kresh try to defuse the situation by subtly squeezing his cheeks around the sensitive flesh inside his tailhole, which caused the bigger wolf to shudder. "Gods... alright, let's do it, it doesn't have the stench of death and I can reverse anything else."

Sander groaned inwardly as Kresh grinned and nodded. The wolf-skinned reptile poured the entirety of the contents of the bottle in his hands before he began to massage it into the alpha's fur. Thalros let out a groan and gripped the sheets behind him as the magic seeped into his fur, his already lustful body completely amped up as he began to push his hips up into the wolf body that pinned him down. Thalros writhed on the bed as he wrapped his arms around Sander's body and pressed him closer while he arched his hips up to keep thrusting into him. He was so enraptured he hardly noticed as his chest seemed to sink slightly from the weight, or that the other wolf's muzzle seemed to distort and grow thicker as his entire body shifted.

Even though he wasn't in control Sander could hardly focus on anything but the thick cock inside his body as the reptilian body beneath his skin began to show more and more. He could still hear Thalros' heavy pants, though as he continued to push harder and harder it began to be tinged with a gurgling noise. By the time the first of the bright green gel began to run past his lips and out his ears the alpha's eyes snapped open, just in time to see a very reptilian muzzle spreading open the maw of his wolf servant. Before he could do anything Kresh darted down and pushed his head into the bigger male's mouth and had managed to get his snout all the way to the top of his throat before he encountered any resistance.

Sander began to lose feeling in his legs as his throat and head bulged with the powerful shoulders of the drake as he continued to wiggle into the weakened body of the wolf beneath him. More green fluid leaked from Thalros' eyes as Kresh's head stretched out his throat to impossible proportions while his shoulders rested against the other male's lips. At first Sander thought he would rip the larger wolf open but with the same magical elasticity the skin popped passed his mouth and the reptile's head could be seen in sharp relief in Thalros' furry chest.

Suddenly Sander was thrown off the bed, the cock that had been lodged deeply in his tailhole and the drake that was still half in his body both slid out of him and he crumpled into a heap on the edge of the bed. He could still see as Thalros continued to struggle with the lizard that continued to crawl inside him, copious amounts of green slime leaking out of the wolf's tailhole and cock. Even though normally the alpha wolf could have easily repelled such an attack the powerful magic had seeped completely into his body and before long Kresh's hips and cock pressed against the alpha's mouth as the drake's head curled up in the furry, distended stomach before it began to move back upwards. As the tail and feet still hung out of the wolf's mouth Sander could see Thalros' eyes grow glassy and distant for a second as Kresh's head made its way up the already bulged out neck.

With one final hip thrust that expelled a gush of green gel Kresh's feet and tail slid into the stretched maw of the wolf before the drake's head took its place. For a few seconds the drake's maw hung out past the wolf's teeth as he waited for his own body to slide into the arms and legs of his new skin, Sander able to watch as the normally thick wolf tail grew even moreso as all the appendages slid into place. For a few seconds the reptilian cock could be seen throbbing against the skin of the wolf's thigh before Kresh reached down with his new powerful hands and adjusted it until it slid into the canine appendage like some lewd condom. Once the last of Thalros' body had been perfectly put into place the newly disguised reptile picked up the empty green bottle and used it to suck up the equally green liquid before he put it on the nearby nightstand next to the window.

"Perfect, just perfect." Kresh said as he smoothed down the thick fur that adorned his new muscles before he looked down at the empty skin that he had just vacated. "Oh, don't think I forgot about you, let me go ahead and fulfill my end of the bargain as a thank you for being such a good sport."

Sander tried to watch as the reptile in his alpha's body walked past him and he heard the clink of glass before something was pressed against his lips. Suddenly his deflated maw was filled with something that caused it to puff up, followed closely by his head and then neck as he felt control return to his tongue and muzzle. He looked down to see the same blue bottle he had originally thought to be full of lube in his maw as the last of the contents were emptied, the magic suffusing his form and expanding his body until it looked somewhat normal again. Once he got up and examined himself further he realized that his nails were a bit more curved and a light dusting of red scales were on them, and his entire body was a little bit bigger with muscle though it retained a litheness to it.

"Since you know my secret it would make sense that I take you on as my full time servant." Kresh said as he watched Sander look at him slightly perplexed, flexing his body. "I'm sure we can get along just fine, especially with my magic still coursing through your veins, until my cousin comes up from the Southern Marshes and we can work out a contract that will benefit both kingdoms. Until then I'll just enjoy this cushy, magically enhanced body, as well as yours. Speaking of such, time to experience sex on the other side of this little wolf duo."

As Kresh pulled Sander into a deep kiss he failed to notice a furred hand poke out from behind the curtain, silently grabbing the green bottle before it disappeared back into the thick folds...

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